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2022 Best Blender Under 100- Quality and Affordable Tools

Blenders are one of the most important appliances in every household due to their versatility and multitasking functions. There are several blenders with different models, designs, styles, and price ranges; you might not necessarily break the bank because you want to get a decent blender. Choosing an affordable blender might be challenging, but we have helped you select the best blender under 100 dollars with high-quality components with efficiency.

Are you looking for the best blender under $100? Ninja Professional Countertop Blender will help make soup, cake mixtures, green smoothies,s and grind all food items put into it. Mini blender performs well but might not be perfect for blending pulverize seeds and making nut butter. Professional grade blenders perform high functions but can be very expensive, causing many people unable to afford them.

There is always one particular feature or function you will need in your next blender; after knowing it’s best, you just lookout for this feature in the listed mini blenders. You can still get the best blender even if you are on a tight budget, as all you need is to set out your requirement. We have found out the basic requirement of blender users, which fuel our research on affordable blenders. The selected blenders in this article come with a very reasonable price, nice design, durability, and motor power. They can equally do an excellent job, though with limited features regardless of their cost. Continue reading for the full detail on products, buying guide, advantages, and maintenance tips.

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1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

2. NutriBullet Pro

3. Ninja Professional Plus Blender

4. NutriBullet Pro Plus

5. NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender [/su_box]

Best Affordable Blender

best affordable blender


1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

The Ninja professional blender is made to help you process you various drinks, smoothies and fruit drink. It comes with 1000 watts to help the blender speed and power. You can get all you need to do with the blender ranging from pureeing, crushing, and blending.

Multipurpose Blade

The blender blade is built for multitasking. You can blend ingredients, fruits, and ice with the blade as it is made for pureeing, ice crushing, and many more. You won’t have to wait for long before you can get your favorite food ready.

Big Blender Jar

If you are the type that wants a blender that can serve you and your family at a time, then this is perfect for you. With the 72-ounce container size, you can do a lot at once without wasting time. You can serve everyone from the first batch of your smoothie, Margaritas, and creamy drink.

Efficient Motor Power

The motor power couple with the 6 blade makes the blender work with high performance. You can conveniently blend ice into snow and other ingredients to make your favorite smoothie and sauces.

Easy to Clean

With just a wipe on the motor base with a damp cloth after every use will continue making the blend look neat and ready for the subsequent use

Other Features and Functions

  • 72-ounce jar with a 64-ounce liquid capacity
  • 1000 watts
  • 4 manual speed
  • Can make Frozen drinks, frozen treats, smoothies, Sauces, Dips & Sides


  • BPA-free Plastic Container


  • None

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2. NutriBullet Pro

This blender is a personal blender that you can be mobile with. It is compact and performs well in blending your various ingredients.

Motor power

The blender comes with 900 watts of motor power. The 900 watts is optimized for high speed. It’s perfect for grinding seeds, fruit and kale. It delivers 100% lifestyle through processing greens. You don’t need to worry about the tough seed, as the blender will do perfectly well in crushing them.

Stainless Steel Extractor Blades

The extractor blade is made with stainless steel. This is to make the blade strong and sharp to grind ingredients. The blade lasts longer without being blunt.

Easy Cleaning

It’s easy to clean as removable parts are dishwasher safe. You can twist off the blade for washing. Be careful with the blade when washing; leave the components to dry after cleaning before storing them.

Other Features and Functions

  • BPA-free plastic cup
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 32 oz Cup
  • 2 to-go lid
  • 2 lip ring


  • It comes with and recipe book
  • It is portable


  • None

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3. Ninja Professional Plus Blender

The blender comes with a superpower of 1400 watts with a blade built to blend your ingredients smoothly. The motor power makes it easier for the blender to get the job done in record time.

Auto-iQ programs

This auto-IQ program makes the blender unique and special—the 3 preset setting for smoothies, frozen drinks, and ice cream. 

All you need to do is just make the switch with a single button

Crushing Blade

With the 6 blades, you can rest assured of a smooth blending. It can handle hard ingredients and crush ice if you want to make snow.

Big Pitcher

It’s a family-size blender with a 72-ounce size container. All your ingredients can go in at the same time for a perfect blending. Everyone waiting can be served together.

Other feature and function

  • Comes with Recipe Guide
  • 64 oz. maximum liquid capacity
  • Plastic Pitcher


  • Dishwasher blades and pitcher


  • Not design to blend hot ingredients
  • It does not have a food processor bowl available

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4. NutriBullet Pro Plus

The pro plus version of this blender comes with extra features and functions. It is specially made as a nutrient extractor. The pulse function also gives salsas lovers the opportunity to prepare their favorite with this blender.

Pulse Button

This button can be used to pre-program the blender for what you want to blend. The pulse button allows you to prepare salsas with excellent results.


The blades give your ingredient a smooth texture. It grinds to your taste without leaving any part untouched. 


The automatic shut-off also makes the blender spectacular for every user. Without touching it, shut it off after blending your ingredients.

Other features and functions

  • Mess-free, resealable To-Go Lid
  • Easy to clean with safe dishwasher components
  • 1200 Watt
  • 32-ounce cup
  • Weight 8.38 pounds


  • Good speed
  • An auto-stop is great


  • None

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5. NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender

This product comes with lots of functions like a nutrient extractor and 3 different blending speed and a thick pitcher top allow you make your favorite hot soap. It also has a large container to serve you and your family on the go.

Precision Speed

With the 1200 horsepower, you can be sure of setting the different speeds on the blender. You have 3 precision speed settings on the blender, leaving you to choose the particular speed limit that will suit your ingredient. Making nut butter and soup becomes easier to prepare with this blender.


The blender comes with a blade constructed with stainless steel. It is strong and sharp to crush your ingredient till they get smooth. The blade doesn’t get spoil nor blunt as it lasts long and remains sharp

BPA-Free Pitcher

The pitcher is made with plastic. For the sake of users’ health, this pitcher is BPA-free. You don’t have to worry if any chemical will leach into your food or drink. The plastic can withstand the process of making hot soup

Hot foods

The container is compatible with any kind of hot soup you want to prepare with it. The pitcher won’t crack or dull but remain clear without stain

Other Features and Functions

Its pulse enhanced

  • Nutrient extraction technology
  • The pitcher is dishwasher safe
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 1200 watt motor base
  • 64 oz blender pitcher
  • Vented lid cap
  • 1 Tamper
  • Weight is 9.37 pounds


  • It comes with a recipe book


  • No lid locking mechanism

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6. Oster Pro Blender

One distinct functions of this blender are its dual-directional blade. You can spin the blade to the right and left to achieve a perfect blending. Also, it has a 7-speed function with 3 smart settings. The fully functional blender will help you minimize mistakes and errors with the multifunctional settings.

Dual Direction Blade

You can spin forward and backward. This allows the blender to give a perfect grinder to your ingredient. The blade gets the job done better if it spins right and left. Some food requires this, and this blender will be a perfect match.

Smart Settings

Then blender is technologically driven through its preprogrammed settings. You can program it in 3 different modes for different foods as required. Foods like salsa can be conveniently prepared with pulse functions.

Glass Jar

This will be a good choice for glass lovers; the blender comes with a 6-cup boroclass glass, giving you a clear view of your ingredient as it blends. It is strong and lasts long, but you will make sure that it doesn’t fall off the ground to avoid breaking it.

Other Features and Functions

  • Includes 5-Cup Food Processor Bowl
  • preprogrammed settings for smoothies, salsas, and milkshakes
  • Seven speeds
  •  900 watts
  • 16 Inches Cord


  • It has a sturdy base


  • The glass jar requires extra care

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7. WantJoin Professional Blender

The large container is a plus as you can blend a larger amount of frozen drinks and ice. 

Time setting button

You can set the time you want your food to blend even before starting it. The blender will automatically stop at the exact time you set. This will give you time to do other things while you have your food blend.

High Horsepower

The blender is full of blending power with 1800W power. The motor capacity blends fast with a smooth texture to your taste. The blade complements the motor effort with 30,000 RPM. Brink on your hard ingredients, and be sure of this blender crushing them all.

Easy Cleaning

Having a blender to clean after making a drink for the family might be frustrating. You don’t have to worry as the blender is easy to wash. Make sure the water on it dries up after clean before storing them.

Other Features and Functions

  • 2L Thickened PC container 
  •  Tamper
  • Ice mincing                                                          
  • Compression resistance


  • Very versatile


  • Make noise when in use

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8. KitchenAid Blender

This blender is specially constructed to crush ice. It has a set design for ice crushing to make your smoothie a tasty one. Other ingredients will also blend well.

Ice-Crush setting

This blender works so well when it comes to ice crushing; with 10 seconds, it will get the job done.

Asymmetric blade

The blade is constructed after discoveries about how easy ice can be crush within seconds. It crushes everything as the blade comes with 4 angles which help it pull ice into the centre for a perfect crushing.

3-speed options

You can get the exact texture you want your ingredient to come out with. The 3-speed option will give you the kind of output you want

Slow Start

For you to avoid splattering, some ingredient requires a slow start for it to first break into pieces. Then it will pick up to speed base on the selected speed setting to bleed the ingredients

Other Features and Functions

  • 48-oz plastic jar
  • Lid With Ingredient Cap
  • Intelli-Speed Motor Control
  • 8.13 pounds weight


  • It blends smoothies so well
  • Not heavy to lift


  • None

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9. Instant Pot Ace Plus Blender

Instant pot ace plus blender is manufacture by one of the top brands in kitchen appliances. This blender comes with a lot of unique features to deliver the best. It is convenient to use with its touch screen display where you can control set the blender speed with just a touch

10-in-1 one-touch buttons

There are 10 different settings available on the blender for different ingredients and soup-like salsa, hot soup, margaritas, etc. With just a touch, you can switch from one setting to another. It’s easy, and you can see it through the LED display on the blender.

Hot Heating Element 

This feature makes it possible to prepare your favorite hot soup without any fault. The hot heating element works better than blade friction. The container withstand heat without cracking or breaking

Other features and Function

  • 26, 500 rpm motor with high torque
  •  Ice crushing program
  • 120 volt 60-hertz power supply
  • Includes advanced microprocessor
  • 54oz/ 1.6L borosilicate glass pitcher
  • keep food warm for up to 2 hours
  •  One-touch control display screen
  • 10 adjustable speed


  • Serves as cooking & beverage blender
  • The blender can boil water
  • This blender has an app where you can download a whole lot of recipes


  • Blades are not removable

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10. NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender

This blender is made with high technology with a hand-free feature. Have a very high motor with 1700 watt. This will help you improve your health as you will blend greens due to the blender’s convenient usability.

Nutrition Extractor

It is build to extract 99% of the nutrient out of your fruit and greens. It doesn’t leave any nutrient behind. The better part of juicing is to extract nutrients and not just ordinary liquid. Juicing will add great benefits to our body system.

Hands-Free SMART Technology

This feature allows the blender to deliver appropriately without any guesswork—the automatic on and of guarantees a perfect blending with the best texture.

Easy to clean 

All removable parts are dishwasher safe; you can simply wash the blade with soapy water and rinse. Be careful while doing this to avoid any cut on your hands.

Other Feature and Functions

  • Heating cycle for soups & sauces
  • 1700 watt 
  • 2.3 Horsepower Motor
  • RX was designed to be used with 120 volts
  • Nature’s Prescription for optimum health book


  • It shuts off on its own after it blends your drink
  • It is portable for small counter space


  • None

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Best Cheap Blender – Buyer’s Guide

best cheap blender

You will need to look out for some requirements when shopping if you want to get a decent blender that will serve you. Those functions and spec are listed below:


For a blender to perform well in blending your food well, it must have a large motor with high wattage for high speed; the higher the watt, the higher the speed. Blenders with low wattage tend to be weak in blending certain ingredients like frozen food and ice. If you are considering any blender, make sure it has at least 1000-2000 wattage power. With this, you can be sure of having a blender that could crush tough ingredient to your taste. 


The role of a blade in a blender can not be ignored as it does the active job of crushing and grinding food item put inside of it. Blender won’t be able to provide a good output if its blades are dull or blunt. Blade determines how smooth the outcome of your blends will be. For this reason, you will need to look out for blades with good material like stainless steel with at least 4 sharp edges strong enough to cut through ingredients. Also, check if the blade part is available if you want to change it after extensive use.


Your budget is a major decider here, whether you are looking for a $100 blender or even a lesser one. You don’t necessarily need to go broke as a result of getting a blender. There is always a blender for every budget but with more features and strength than the other so try to look at the available.


Capacity matters when choosing a blender. If you are the type with a large family that will want to be served simultaneously, you will need at least a 50 ounces capacity blender. And if you only want a blender for yourself alone, you can go for a lesser pitcher size that is lightweight and mobile. 


Blender pitcher comes in different shapes and designs. Some come as plastic or glass. Both are good, but each also has its shortcoming; Glass pitcher looks cool and attractive but can be heavy. Blender with glass is known to be expensive and can break if not properly handle. The plastic pitcher is most preferred by many because of its affordability, durability, and lightweight. It also has its setback as it can get crack and cloudy after prolonged use, though some pitcher is made with shatterproof materials which are durable enough to withstand cracks and pressure. Try to look out for BPA-free plastic pitcher for the sake of your health.


It’s better to always go for a product with a warranty as a machine can be very unpredictable, and that’s why you should always check for warranty policies on the product as the warranty policy that covers a product might not be the same for another similar product. Several brands give different warranty years to their product ranging from 1year – 10 years. You should go with the product with a more extended year of warranty to the longer the warranty, the durable the product.


Size can be considered based on different factors. If you do much at a go with a blender, that it’s preferable; you get a bigger one. A giant blender is understood to come with a bigger engine and blades. With a big blender, you can do your blending once instead of twice or thrice with a smaller one. But if you have limited space on your cabinet or only want a personal blender, then a moderate-size one will suit you. You can also check for blender dimension after measuring the space you intend to store to know if it will fit into it after purchase.


Everybody wants a blender that will last longer and give you value for your money. Try to look out for the quality of the blender through material use and users comment and reviews. Getting blenders from brands with a good reputation can be assured too.

Ease of Cleaning

Blenders now come with a self-cleaning feature to save you from another round of stress. You can also look out for blenders that the removable accessory is dishwasher safe.

Easy to use

Blender with a good interface will save you from guesswork. It should be easy to use without any complicating operating mode.

Power Cord

The cord connecting the blender with the power source is also something to consider. If it is lengthy, you will change the blender’s position and keep it far from the electric socket.

Noise Level

Noise level is another factor to consider when buying a blender. Some blender produces high noise when been use which some are a little bit quiet. It all depends on the motor capacity.

How to use a blender

blender under 100Knowing how to use a blender will not only make your work easier but help you achieve the best result. We have put down step by step ways to follow for successful usage of your new and hold blender

1. Plug the blender cord into the electric socket

The first step is to plug the blender to confirm if it’s in good condition. Ensure your hands and the environment you place the blender is dry and not wet before doing this. A failure to do this might lead to being electrocuted.`

2. Pour your ingredient and liquid into it

You must have prepared your ingredients or any food item you want to blend. Pour them into the container, and if you are blending a piece of ice or another wet thing, it’s better to add little water so it can blend well in a shorter time.

3. Close the container with the lid

Every blender container always has a lid cover; some even come with a smaller removable lid in the middle if you want to add ingredient during the blending process. After covering it then you place your hand on it. Some blender comes with a tight cover which you won’t need to put your hand on it after covering

4. Press on control the start button to blend

By this time, you must have known where to start the blender and control the speed through the speed button made available on the blender. Please switch it on and begin the blending process. Please note that it is risky to put and metal object inside the container when the blender is working; instead, stop the blender, add what you want to add, and stair it before turning it on again.

5. Open the Cover to collect the blended food

At this point, you are sure the ingredient is well blended, off the blender and open the lid cover to pour the blended food out. You will need a tamper to scrape the remnant in the container.

6. Clean up the blender

Remove the container from the base for cleaning. Put the container under running water and wash with dishwasher soap. The blade at the bottom of the container can be very sharp most time, so be mindful not to cut your hand while washing. Only wipe the base engine with a wet towel and never put it under running water to clean. Leave them to dry before you store them.


How to clean a blender

best blender under 100Cleaning of blenders is essential, especially after every use. Here are the step by step on how to clean a blender

Step 1

Put some water in the container, then add dish soap or distilled white vinegar(don’t put the two together at the same time)

Step 2

Start the blender from the lowest to the highest for like 30-60 seconds

Step 3

Remove the container from the base to pour away the liquid content. Rinse it with water immediately. Place it upside down to dry for some minute, or just use a clean, dry towel to dry it to save time. 

Step 4

Assemble it and store it against your subsequent use

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a cheap blender?

Sometimes it’s not about how cheap a blender is but how functional is it. Most blenders are affordable and functional. Just try to do your search diligently, and you will find some good blenders below $100.

Are glass blenders better than plastic?

Both have their respective advantage and disadvantages. Glass jars remain in their true nature for a more extended period without scratching or changing color regardless of the rate of ice crushed. The plastic jar, on the other hand, looks more durable; it won’t break even if it falls off to the ground, and most comes with BPA-free material.

Is 600w enough for a blender?

Basically, it depends on what you are going to be doing with a 600-watt blender. It will work for moderate blending, especially if it has a small jar that will and accommodate a small ingredient at once.

Are plastic blenders toxic?

Plastic blenders can be toxic only if it is constructed with BPA material. This material can be very dangerous to human health if it finds its way into foods. But the good news is that most blenders with plastic are BPA-free. Take your time to read through the product description before making any plastic blender purchase.

What is the best wattage for a blender?

The best wattage for a blender starts from 1000 watts upward. Blenders with watts below 1000 might not perform certain functions like blinding of tough ingredients and ice. You might not get the desired texture. Always check for blender motor horsepower before buying.


Affordable blenders can also serve you well. Our product review and buying guide should help you make the right decision on the best blender under 100 that will meet your needs. It’s important to use the above information like motor power, blades, functions, speeds, ease of cleaning, glass or plastic jar, pitcher size, and if components are dishwasher safe to pick the best product for yourself.

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