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Best food steamer BPA free reviews -2022 Top rated

Food steaming is one of the best healthy cooking methods that have come to stay. It helps in preserving food’s flavor and nutrients without adding cooking water. This method makes the food nutrient remains inside the food. And for this to be achievable, a food steamer is needed. This article on the best food steamer BPA free reviews has shown us how the steaming method is a better cooking method.

Are you searching for the best food steamer BPA free reviews? BPA-free steamers like BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer is produced to safeguard your health as it provides a quick and easy alternative to frying and baking food. This chemical is very damaging to human health. It can slowly seep into the food containers; being exposed to this chemical in items we use poses a threat of infertility, cardiovascular illness, cancer, learning inability, and many more.

BPA means Bisphenol-A; this chemical is mainly used in producing plastic products like food containers, water bottles, and some food steamers. This material is purposely used for making plastic products hard.  This side effect resulted in medical experts’ recommendation that your kitchen items like food steamer must be BPA-free. That is why you need to have a piece of comprehensive information about the plastic materials used as part of the kitchen item you intend to purchase.

To live a healthy life is one of the most precious things you must not neglect, and that’s why you must not overlook or ignore what is happening around you, which directly or indirectly affects your life in one way or the order.

Select Your Steamer: Electric vs. Stove

Having a better understanding of the kind of food steamer you are using is very important and helpful in the long run. There are two kinds of food steamer that are generally used.

Steamer Basket

The steamer basket is the most common method of steaming veggie. The simple way of using this steamer basket is by placing it into a pot or pan the use on a stove or a microwave. This is how it works; you add a little water to the pot, then put your veggies into the basket and close the lid to the pot firmly. As you heat the pot and the water boils, the veggies in the basket get cooked. The time of cooking vegetables differs by cooking it softly just as it depends on the veggies too.

Electric Steamer

The electric steamer has a similar method to a steam basket; it doesn’t need to be attached to any other item to give the required job on your countertop. All you need is to add water the put in the veggies, and close. Press the right button on the steamer to get the job done. Electric steamers come in different sizes, and it all depends on the quantity of food or the number of people you are feeding that will determine the size you will be getting. Above all, always read the product description to help you make the right buying decision.

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1. BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer

2. Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi-Cooker/Steamer

3. Instant Zest 20 Cup Rice Cooker, Steamer

4. Aroma 14-Cup Steamer

5. Steami – Bamboo Steamer Basket  [/su_box]

Best food steamer BPA free

instant pot steamer basket substitute

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the best food steamer BPA-free. Our research has made us recognize the best food steamer that is listed below.

1. BELLA Two Tier Food Steamer

This steamer gives you the option of cooking a different kind of food at the same time. The two baskets are transparent and allow you to see what you are steaming.

Design and Timer

The design brings out the versatility of this steamer. It has 2 tier levels that allow you to perform multiple functions with your cooking. The timer is a unique feature that would enable you to set the appropriate time for your food without letting the food overcooked or undone. The construction includes two containers with lids and a grain tray.

Water Reservoir

Water is a crucial part of the steaming process. This steamer reservoir has a window that shows you the water level in the steamer tank. With this feature, you don’t need to guess if the water will dry up soon or not.

Heating System

Steaming time, whether quick or slow, determines a cooking time. The heating system allows your food to start cooking in seconds. You can steam with this heating system from red meat to fish, vegetables, shellfish, and poultry.

Two basket cooking system

Separating two different food types will allow you to prepare other dishes and let the foods retain their ingredient and taste, like separating meat and vegetable, heating through the basket, and keeping their original flavour and freshness.

Special Features

Features like auto-shutoff help in shutting off when the set time is reached. Steam basket and rice cup are easy to wash and dishwasher safe too.

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2. Presto 06003 Options Electric Multi-Cooker/Steamer

Presto cookware performs different functions with its heavy cast aluminon element. The heat controller allows you to set steaming time for your food as you can easily do other things without worrying about the food. It has a non-stick interior and exterior for releasing food seamlessly.

Heat Control Button

The control button is to regulate food steamer. Different foods have different cooking duration. It allows moderate cooking in as much you know the appropriate cooking time of the food.

Lift-and-drain basket

The drain basket is to leave the food dry without any water sticking to the food. The drain basket is light-weighted and moveable easily. It is detachable with wase.

North American Electrical Standards

This agency put in the effort to standardize appliances with a set standard measure for high quality to meet consumers’ needs. This steamer comes with very high performance to meet all your cooking needs.

Heavy cast aluminum 

Heat conduction is one of the advantages of cast aluminum material, where heat is spread around the steam through steaming. It also gets cold quickly after use and won’t get rust like the normal ones.

Non-Stick and Glass lid

Premium non-stick interior and exterior make it stand out. The glass lid is transparent and allows you to see through the cover and monitor the cooking process.

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3. Instant Zest 20 Cup Rice Cooker, Steamer

It is made to serve as a rice steaming cooker and other foods like veggies, cabbages, fish, and dumplings. The delay helps in making your rice remain warm till you are ready to serve it. Zest is highly digitized.

Smart programs

Cooking with the steamer has been made easy with the innovative inbuilt program to make cooking super-fast. It is specially built to cook any grains to your taste. Grains like millet, farro and freekeh, polenta, barley, rice pudding, and hearty grains like wheat berries. Some grains which require lots of cooking time are best to be cook with this food steamer.


Some steamers perform multiple functions, and this steamer is not different. It comes with a display screen that allows you to know how the food is cooking with a display of the process level. It also doubles as a warmer for food as it is built-in protection against heat.


Some other accessories come with the steamer, which includes a steamer tray plus rice measuring cups. It also comes with a non-stick ceramic-coated 20-quart pot and rice spoon. They are all dishwasher safe and easy to store

Voltage and Inner pot

Another feature is the inner pot; it is thick with a non-stick coating to deliver better cooking with food sticking to the steamer. 120 volt 60 Hertz is the power supply(for those in North America). If you are buying from other countries, kindly check to adjust.


  • It cooks quickly and well
  • Non-stick interior
  • Cooking all kind of rice
  • The interface is straightforward to navigate


  • The lid and gasket are not removable

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4. Aroma 14-Cup Steamer

The aroma steamer is built to function as a rice cooker and other functions like steaming jambalaya, oatmeal, soup, stew, and merchili. It is digitally designed to switch to its keep warm setting immediately after steaming foods to keep food warm till you are ready to serve it.

Double Capacity

It can carry out the steamer activities can be carried out with the steamer all at the same time. You can cook rice and at the same time steam veggie and meat. It allows you to perform multiple activities with the steamer. It helps you save time and stress.

Non-stick inner and clear lid

The glass cover is transparent and allows you to see through the glass and monitor the food’s progress. It prevents you frequently from opening the lid to avoid the steamer temperature been affected.

Prepare a larger rice cup.

Much more rice is being prepared to range from 4-24 cups of cooked rice. It is ideal for large families for extensive cooking. one-touch operation switches to warm your food for several minutes even after cooking automatically


Some additional accessories come with it to make your cooking experience easy and enjoyable. It includes a measuring cup, steam tray, and a spatula to scrap you serve your food nicely.


  • Simple design
  • Glass lit not attached to the steamer
  • Makes great brown rice
  • Cook very fast


  • None

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5. Steami – Bamboo Steamer Basket

A traditional steamer basket to meet your cuisine choice. The design is simple, with 100% natural bamboo to help you with all your regular recipes.

Better Tasting Food

Steaming has always been an excellent way to maintain veggies’ fresh flavors like potatoes, cabbage, and carrots. The water vapor is supplied from below. A pot of boiling water should work well. Steaming maintains new flavors in vegetables like carrots, potatoes, asparagus, and cabbage. Meats and seafood come out tender and never overcooked!

Safe on any type of cookware 

All come in complete natural bamboo that is eco-friendly and BPA-free. It is unique that you don’t need to worry about any chemical release into your food. The water vapor is supplied from below after placing it in a pot of boiling water should work well.


Ten ich two-level design is the beauty of it. The racks are interchangeable can be manually rotated with a hand when steaming to help the cooking process and regulate temperature. They can be stacked and fixed on top of each other, and with ample space, cooking a full meal is possible.


Cleaning up is very easy; the pre-cut parchment liners make food not stick to the bamboo steamer. Cutting your parchment to your desired size can’t be a threat as it is straightforward to do.


  • Makes food taste better and natural
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • It can be hand wash and air dry


  • None

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6. Aicok Food Steamer

Aicok food steamer is made from BPA-free material; it comes with an excellent sizable space that allows you to cook different things at the same time as you wish. It is the perfect device for preparing vegetables, fish, and steamed meat.

3-Tier Steamer Baskets

Steamer baskets are in three tiers to accommodate your different choices of cooking at a time. The steamer baskets are BPA-free which is an added advantage to safeguarding your health from inimical chemical material.

The baskets can resist high temperatures up to 284-degree F. The capacity allows you to cook veggies, fish, baby food, egg, or rice and still have the best taste out of it separately and combine when ready.

Auto Shut Off

The set timer is adjustable to up to 60min to cook. It is effortless to navigate the timer buttons. It automatically designed to indicate when there is no more water in it by turn the indicator to zero, and a bell will sound before the steamer goes off. It is unique on the part of this food steamer as it allows you to go about another housekeep with less worry about if the food will get burnt or overcooked.

Fast Heat Up

800W heat power has been specially designed to make the steamer heat quickly and cook evenly. With this feature, cooking with multiple pots for a single have been eradicated. All you need is to put your separately in the layers and heat them all at once as you make delicious meals in minutes. Choosing steaming over boiling makes you retain veggie’s nutrients instead of losing them to boiling water.

High Performance and Easy to clean

When it comes to high-quality performance, the steamer is a sure bet. It steams fast with a shorter steaming time; the updated manual is included for your use. It can be hand wash in warm water and then air dry.


  • Two side water intakes
  • Auto shut-off when the cycle is completed
  • It is sizable
  • It has the timer feature


  • None

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7. Cuisinart Digital Glass Steamer

Cuisinart’s new kooks come with a transparent glass lid where you can see through. It is built to steam food from the top without leaving any part undone by cooking evenly.

Powerful steam system

Healthy cooking is what everyone is seeking after, and Cuisinart’s new Cook Fresh Digital Glass Steamer is one top steamer that is safe and BPA-free. The space is large enough to prepare food for many to satisfaction.

Digital Control

Full digital capacity with LCD starts and stops plus reheat button. These are to ease stress and ensure the perfect delivery of delicious food every time. Though you can adjust & steam your food to your liking.

Easy to Clean

The steamer is dishwasher safe, the glass lid and the stainless steel with the steaming tray are all easy to wash and dishwasher secure.

Removable Water Tank

The water tank is removable just as the steaming try is too. The steamer is a 1-liter water tank, and it conveniently lifts off to fill or replace the water inside the tank.


  • It is sizable
  • Easy to use
  • Very fast
  • Gives a better taste than boiling and frying


  • None

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8. Microwave Glass Steamer

Microwave glass steamer is individually hand-processed in Cleveland, Ohio. It is made of borosilicate glass and heat resistance of up to 600 degrees; it is BPA and silicon-free.

Heavy Duty and Durable

When you look for a healthier way to cook your food, a steamer in a glass bowl and lid is one of the best you can put your money on. It is heavy-duty and 100% glass with thick borosilicate. These materials put together to make a steamer can conduct heat ranging from -40 to 600 degree F

Plastic Free

Many people have discovered the danger attached to using any dorm of inclusive plastic product. It is necessary to provide a non-plastic steamer to ensure a safe cook alongside a delicious meal.

Good Alternative

When it comes to getting a perfect alternative to microwave, this steamer fills the gap by producing healthy food with a steaming option.


  • Design is ingeniously simple
  • Excellent performance
  • Medium size


  • None

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9. Secura 2 Stainless Steel Food Steamer

Secura stainless steamer is designed for everyone graving for the healthy cooking method. The steamer cooks fast and safe time for other activities. It is big enough to cook family food conveniently.

Stainless with Cool Handle

Secura handle is designed to remain calm even at the top steaming point. Each layer is made with stainless steel up to 800 watts.


The 800-watt steaming system makes it possible for the steaming machine to deliver steam from top-down with an analog panel to enhance the food steamer’s functionality.


Steamer with 2 tiers leaves you with an option. You can decide to cook two different meals in the steamer and combine after that. It has an anti-scalding handle and a clear water line.

Special Features

Many unique features come with this steamer, like anti-dry protection, auto shut off once no more water in the steamer. The choice to steam your food retains nutrients and eliminates the need for cooking oils.


  • Has a Clearwater line.
  • Non-slip upper lid knob
  • Anti-scalding handle.
  • Functions well


  • None

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The Buying Guide For Food Steamer Bpa Free

instant pot steamer basket

Every buyer goes online with a mindset of what he wants to buy. Knowing what to buy is not enough, but to learn things required in the product to meet your purchase standard. Buyers guide is to help you make the right buying decision as it makes selection easy.

BPA Free Ceramic

When purchasing a food steamer, one thing should be on the first list of what to look out for, which is if it is BPA-free or not. Most time, it’s always on product description. Most BPA-free steamers are made from one of two materials which are stainless steel and glass. Not only do these allow you to enjoy a BPA-free cooking experience, but they are also much sturdier than plastic ones. Knowing it doesn’t come with a BPA material is a step in the right direction in protecting yourself and safeguarding your health.


The capacity it comes with is crucial; the ability is determined by how much food it can hold and cook. The capacity should be significant to contain your ingredient and make a meal for the household. The ability of a steamer can vary from 5 quarts and to 9.5 quarts. It all depends on the family size or those you want to feed; that will determine the size you will be going for.

If you go for a large size one, it will serve even when what you want to steam is small, but if the steamer is small, it won’t help you whenever you needed something more significant.


The steamers come in different forms like steamer baskets, electric steamers, and microwave steamers.

Steamer basket

This is always of high maintenance to be able to keep them in high performance. All components are to be handle with care; it requires a measurable water level.

Electric steamer

This is easy to operate because it is digitally made with lots of improved and innovative options. It is easy to put in your ingredients without a particular procedure; you can customize the setting to suit your need. Electric steamers are more expensive than the non-electric ones

More steaming pot/bowl

Food steamer comes in different forms, some come with just one bowl, and some come with 2-3 layers. Both are good but have advantages over the other. The one with layers will help you make different meals on the go. Also, look out for whether the separate compartments are stackable. Consider the number of people you cook for to make the right choice of steamer form.

Functionality Features

LED display/Timer. This is one of the development Technology gave us. A crucial part of a good steamer It is so vital that steamer makes steaming easy and timing. It’s meant to show when the food put into it is ready or not.

Auto shut-off. You will always add water to what you will be putting into a steamer, as it best work with that. This feature enables the steamer to off itself when the water in it is getting g dried up. It avoids overcooking.

Water level indicator

The bowl of the steamer will have some lines that show quantity measurement at every level. With this, you can add the required water quantity for every meal you want to steam.

Steaming speed

Some steamer is faster than the other. There is a standard cooking time for steaming veggies, eggs, meats, and fish. It is advisable to go with the one that gets the job done in lesser time. You don’t have to spend all your time on steaming due to a slow steaming machine.


Food steamer has one similarity to another. But it is vital to go for the one with more function and less price, look for a model with all the features you need, and then compare its price with other similarly priced steamers. There are expensive and affordable options. What you want is a steamer that fits right into your budget and gives you value for your money. With this, you save cost you can use in getting other kitchen items.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning a steaming machine might be very stressful, and that’s why you should go for the one with the ones that have the dishwasher safe for its part. Meaning you can quickly put the pieces like trays and steaming bowl in a dishwasher.


It can’t be overlooked when looking out for the best food steamer to go for; sometimes, the product’s warranty can be put side by side with the price. A product with a more extended warranty is a good choice as you also new to read the product details carefully to avoid after buying regrets.

 Types of Steamers

There are three major categories of food steamer; you choose between different models, making it possible to select anyone. It will suit your steaming ingredient and your kitchen.

The Standard Model

This kind of food steamer is made to enclose the stem inside of it by not letting it escape into the air from start to finish. Most of it is a steel steamer and free of BPA; they are designed to come in 2-3 layers. It guaranteed a good cook like meat fish, vegetables and a lot more.

The Bamboo Model

This model is different in design and style. It comes with a touch of culture and tradition with the double baskets on the two layers, with a water bowl below the steamer. The model is a bit expensive because of the art and cultural form it comes with.

The Specialized Model

This type of steamer is digitally made. It comes with several digital features like a timer and LCD screen, making it more unique to other models. These features give you total control by monitoring and controlling the steaming process to cook to your taste. Examples are BPA-free microwave steamer with LCD.

How to Use a Steamer

, instant pot steamer basket silicone

The food steamer is not too complicated to use as minimal, or no expertise is needed. Steaming is a better way to cook your food and still preserve 99% of the food ingredient. It is mainly known to be used in preparing vegetables. Many women and chef have always been faced with the challenge of learning how to use food steamer. The followings are what we can put together to help you.

Step 1

Boil the Water

It is advisable to boil the water you want to use. First, this is to ensure that your food retains its flavour when steaming.

Step 2

Prepare Your Ingredients

Your fine line of action in this stage is first to wash your vegetables, poultry meat, and fish are thoroughly cleaned before placing them into the steamer. Adding seasoning is next only if it is needed.

Step 3

Add Water

Add a measurable quantity of water. Most food steamer, especially the digitally enhanced ones, come with measurement indicators to help know the amount of water being added. Don’t put too much water as this can affect the mar your effort in delivering a good meal.

Step 4

Set the Timer

You will need to know the required time to steam your food; different food requires different timing to come out perfect and good. It is mainly applicable to digital food steamer where you will only set the cooking time, and when the time set is reached, the steamer stops.

Steaming Tips

Type of Foods. Foods that are to bed steam are lean fish, skinless chicken breast, and vegetables. Cut all this in a considerable size to aid how fast it will steam.


Make sure you add water to the steamer so that it will last throughout the entire steaming duration. Be sure to add water whenever you notice that the water is getting dry. A failure to do this will cause the pot to scorch, damaging the pot or steamer.

Food Arrangement

Arranging the food according to size is very important. The biggest basket should be placed from the bottom of the food steamer. It would help if you gave some spaces in-between to allow the steam to circulate well to make the food cook evenly.

Please don’t put your face close to the steaming machine

when opening it as the steam coming out can be very hot and can burn your face.

Don’t open the steamer too frequently by trying to check the food

It can cause a temperature drop in the steamer, which may cause the steamer to always start the temperature build-up from point zero

What Can You Cook in a Steamer?

Food steamer cooks several foods, but most peoples get them for veggie steaming. It is a fact that steaming is the best method to preserve food nutrients than other cooking methods. It prevents losing food nutrients to water; that’s why people prefer steaming boiling.


The vegetable is naturally soft and quickly lost its nutrient to water; this has now called for steaming to preserve the nutrient. All vegetables can be cook in a steamer.


Meat that must be steam must be a tender one; not all meat can be steam to get the result, tough ones as they will require the hotter temperature to get cooked. Steaming maintain a moisture level than baking or roasting. You can add seasoning to the water in the steamer or season the meat directly and steam.


Fish is one of the foods perfect to be cook with a steamer, it is relatively soft, and higher heat from other cooking methods will only leave it bad and over soft after cooking.


Another food suitable for steaming is an egg. It doesn’t require too much heat, but moderate steaming will do. Either for home or commercial use.


The digital steamers we have around help steam poultry meat like breasts, legs, thighs, and whole wings. The mean needs to reach 170 degrees F

Frequently Asked Questions

Are our plastic food steamers safe?

Some plastic steamer carries BPA-free on their description, but truth be told, plastic is not safe in cooking with it. Even if it’s BPA-free, it can still release other forms of chemicals into food.

Are food steamers healthy?

Steaming has been accepted to be one of the most healthy of cooking, most especially veggies. It is because it retains more nutrients than boiling or frying.

Are electric steamers any good?

Electric steamers are known for their space and multiple baskets. With a big basket, you can steam a whole lot for many people to eat. It is very safe and healthy.

What can I cook in an electric steamer?

Top on the list are:


Meat and fish




Are steamers suitable for cooking?

Steaming is a traditional way of cooking that has come to stay. It’s an excellent method of cooking which you won’t lose food nutrients or taste to water.


We have assembled the Best food steamer BPA-free above. Steaming is one of the healthiest methods of cooking. As a result of low heat intensity, fewer nutrients are lost in the cooking process. We all need a free BPA-free steamer for our health. They steam meal without oil in less time. Without a doubt, we have several BPA-free food steamers, but with our best food steamer BPA free reviews, we are sure to have helped you in making the best buying decision. The model above gives excellent value for money.




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