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Best Mini Fridge-Top 10 Product Review

Mini fridges are convenient, compact, and easy to use with a freezer compartment. Water, juice, and wine get cold and ready to drink even at the comfort corner of your bedroom. The best mini fridge consumes less energy, smart and flexible design. It includes absorption cooling technology that operates at very minimal noise without notice. 

Do you need the best mini fridge?  RCA Mini Refrigerator is at the top of our list, it can be used in offices, bedrooms, rec rooms, and school hostels as it doesn’t occupy large space. It is used in preserving food and beverages to get them to remain refreshed. Mini fridges come with a full range of temperature-control features and are comparable in quality to standard refrigerators.

 Try looking out for a mini-fridge with a top energy efficiency rating to save your household or office from paying a higher electricity bill. Mini fridge shares the same single door with the whole fridge as only a few come with a separate door for the freezer. Mini fridge with glass or stainless steel door tends to be costlier. Avoid putting your mini-fridge under a scorching sun or close to a major heat source; this does affect the cooling performance of the fridge. Some do come with a single cooling temperature and either an on/off switch. 

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1. RCA Mini Refrigerator

2. Sevenstars Compact Refrigerator

3. Midea Compact All Refrigerator

4. Danby Compact Refrigerator

5. Cooluli Mini Fridge  [/su_box]

Best Mini Fridge

small mini fridge

1. RCA Mini Refrigerator

This mini-fridge is portable and can be used at home, offices, dorm room, and kitchen. It is a 3.2 CU foot refrigerator and a compressor cooling system for a better cool temperature for drinks and food items. It comes with a freezer compartment that you can store your frozen food to preserve.

Reversible Door

The reversible makes it possible to place the fridge at any location with your room or office as you can open the door to the right and left. With this, you are not limited to a particular position, even if not convenient for you. If you have a specific room or kitchen layout or style, this reversible door fridge is a perfect one for you.

Compressor Cooling System

The compressor system gives the fridge high cooling performance. The temperature cool temperature won’t fluctuate even in scorching weather, leaving your drinks and water chilled for your consumption at any time of the day. The adjustable thermostat is there for your to keep the fridge temperature at optimum.

Adjustable lever Feet

This feature makes it possible to a balance fridge even if the surface has been placed on is not smooth. You can easily adjust the feet to get a balance even on a slopy floor

Other Features and Functions

  • Two adjustable interior racks
  • Built-in freezer
  • Door bracket
  • Inbuilt temperature control
  • Consume less energy
  •  2 Liter bottle holder


  •  The sleek design with any room setting


  • Make a little noise every half hour

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2. Sevenstars Compact Refrigerator

Seventars is a leading brand with a top-quality product. The fridge is a 4.3 Cu Ft refrigerator, less noise and performs well in chilling your drink and beverages.

Less Noise

This mini fridge can be used in any environment, be it home or office. It emits less noise leaving the environment quiet and serene. The mini fridge can be placed in your bedroom without disturbing your sleep; If placed under your desk in the office, you can rest assured that it won’t disturb your fellow staff.

Temperature Control

You can control the inner temperature by rotating the thermostat depending on what you want. The temperature control gives you the option to choose between 0-7 temperature modes. The temperature remains at the mode you place the temperature knob regardless of external temperature.

Reversible Door

You can choose to swing the doot to either left or right, depending on your choice. You don’t have to be forced to place in the fridge in a particular position; the door has a compartment behind it for both cans and bottled wine storage.

Other features and functions

  • It comes with a removable and adjustable glass Shelf
  • Recessed handle 


  • It comes with a freezer compartment


  • No lock

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3. Midea Compact All Refrigerator

Midea mini-fridge is designed to make life easier and enjoyable. You can store your beverages, water and beer and get it chilled at any point in time.

Mechanical switch

With the adjustable temperature control knob, you can adjust the inner temperature from 1℃-10℃ by yourself to suit yourself. The internal temperature is uniformly spread without any part cooler than the other.

Internal slide-out wire shelf

It has an internal slide-out wire shelve in which you can use to arrange your drink correctly. It does not only give coordination makes cleaning very easy without stress.

Adjustable Legs

No matter the unbalanced floor or surface, the legs can be adjusted to get the fridge balance, and if you want some height for the fridge, you can also adjust the legs.

Reversible Door

The option opens you to the choice of whether you are opening to the left or right side. It also helps you to retain your habit or style.

Other features and functions

  • Very Quite
  •  Energy Star certified
  • Recessed handle
  • Easy for Storage and Cleaning


  • Come with an inner freezer
  • Quite and cold


  • None

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4. Danby Compact Refrigerator 

Danby compact mini fridge comes with a separate freezer with a separate door. It has a cooling system of 3.1 CU ft with an interior light to help you see through at night. This product is a perfect choice for homes, offices, bars and rec-rooms.

Separate Freezer Compartment

The separate freezer section allows to preserve more frozen foods with larger space compare to single door mini-fridge. Items in the freezer compartment remain frozen longer because of its separate door that remains close even when the fridge door is open.

Spotless Steel Finish

You don’t have to worry and touch stains on the fridge. The steel finish makes the fridge a breeze and remains clean at every point. The finished design also blends with any environment it has been placed.

Reversible Door

The door is reversible, making it possible for you to open in a convenient direction due to your positioning. You can place it in and location and direction and also suitable for those with limited space.

Other features and Functions

  • Vegetable crisper and cover
  • One full width tempered glass shelf
  • Energy-Star compliant
  • manual defrosting system
  • Integrated door handle
  • CanStor beverage dispensing system
  • Smooth back design


  • Independent freezer section
  • Its quite 


  • None

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5. Cooluli Mini Fridge 

This multi-functional mini fridge comes with a switch mode that takes it from cooling to warming. It is efficient, durable, and can be used at homes, offices, and cars to store drinks, beauty products, and medication.

Lightweight for Mobility

It is portable in size and can be moved around free due to its weight. Going for trips, vacations, and tours with it as you can carry it with the handle along with you. This 10-Liter mini fridge is a great companion anywhere you go.

Switch from Cooling to Warming

You have the option of choosing between cooling or warming depending on the item you are putting into the fridge. Not all items can withstand high freezing point. With one quick switch on the refrigerator, you can change the inner temperature.

Stylish Design

The beautifully sleek and front glass design makes it attractive and fit for any environment without been bothered. It can also be used for a mini party, vacation, tailgate parties, and road trips.

Other Features and Functions

  • Dual-voltage Infinity (AC 100–240V/12V)
  • Advanced EcoMax technology
  • Consume less energy
  • Thermoelectric Infinity
  • Molded foldaway top handle
  • Less noise
  • Two adjustable/removable shelves
  • Spring-lock on the door handle
  •  AC & DC power cords


  • Works anywhere in the world
  • It is mobile


  • None

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6. Euhomy Mini fridge 

This mini fridge brings you a two-way temperature experience in cooling or warming your food items and all your skincare products. It keeps your fruits fresh and preserved.

Skin Care and Cosmetics Storage

As a female, this mini fridge will do a lot more in helping you preserve your cosmetics without any worry about the likes of perfume, lipstick, and cream spoiling due to high temperature. Every female looks forward to this kind of fridge to store their precious and expensive skincare product and keep it away from the reach of children.

Very Quiet

This mini fridge performs well with less noise. It can be placed anywhere around the house and office. The sound is kept as low as 28-48db. It also comes with ABS material used to make the product surfaces shine brighter.

Multi Usage

This mini fridge can be used at home and can also be used in your car. It has two power modes for plugging into a power source at home and in-car, respectively. You can connect it to a 120-240V source of power at home and a 12-24V car power supply.

Warming and Cooling Option

You will have the option to choose either a cooling or warm temperature for your fridge as this is made possible due to the inbuilt semiconductor technology as you can adjust the temperature from 32°F-149°F. 

Other Features and Functions

  •  A small handle on the top of the cosmetic fridge
  •  Internal partitions and side baskets 
  • Prevent water loss of fruit and affect the taste


  • This fridge can be used to store breast milk


  • None

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7. Frigidaire Mini Fridge

Frigidaire Mini Fridge comes with a small freezer compartment with an ice cube tray. It has a slide-out shelve to help you arrange your drinks and other items the way you want. It’s a compressor cooling system to produce high cooling temperature and at the same time consume less energy.

Temperature Adjustment

What you are putting into the mini-fridge will determine what temperature you will set as the temperature to get a water cold is different from preserving medication. The temperature settings range from -2’ to 2’ Celsius.

Freezer Compartment

The mini-fridge comes with a top freezer compartment that can be used to preserve frozen food. It can be used to make ice cubes. 

Large Inner Space

The inner part of the min fridge is enough to contain your food item to an extent. It is portable and occupies little space, but it is designed to accommodate more items

Other Features and Functions

  • Adjustable Legs
  • Reversible Door
  • Flat-back design
  • Stylish stainless steel finish
  • invisible door handle
  •  Low energy consumption
  • Door Basket For 2liters Bottles


  •  Temperature is stable


  • No interior light.

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8. Cooluli Portable Makeup Skincare Fridge 

It’s a dual-core cooling system with a semiconductor operation. It is quiet and consumes less energy.

Advanced Dual-Core

Energy is being saved efficiently, and the fridge works well regardless of external temperature. It works quietly without disturbing your ear.

Digital Temperature Control

You can easily control the inner temperature with just a touch of a button. It is adjustable to fit the items you are putting in. The digital thermostat displays the temperature unit to make you see and know when to adjust appropriately with just a press.

Lightweight and Mobile

Cooluli mini-fridge is lightweight to enable you to carry around and change the position at will without needing any extra strength. You won’t have to need an extra hand to move it anywhere

Features and Functions

  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Includes Cooler and Warmer
  • North American electrical standards


  • It can be used in Truck and SUV
  • Shelves are removable


  • None

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9. Cooluli Vibe Black 15LE Mini Fridge 

Cooluli Vibe Black 15LE Mini Fridge comes with a magnetic blackboard front to bring back the old-school vibe by adding objects or writing on the surface. You can switch from warmer to cooler base on what you desire.

Magnetic & Blackboard Front

The mini-fridge help brings back the old fun experience of putting a magnetic-designed object on the surface of fridges. You can also write on it to serve as a reminder for future events or appointments. It can be used in the office, at home, and on road trips.

Switch from Cooling to Warming

You can have different kinds of items to put in the mini-fridge, which requires different temperatures. It comes with a switch you could press for a quick change over from cooling to warming and vice versa.

Other Features and Functions

  • Dual-voltage(110-240V/12V) 
  • Consume less energy
  • Molded foldaway top handle 
  • Includes: AC & DC power cords
  • Two adjustable/removable shelve


  • You can place your magnetic sticker on it


  • None

10. RCA RFR441 Fridge

RCA fridge is a 4.5 cubic foot refrigerator and freezer; the door is reversible with a dairy rack behind it. The space-saving flush back design is unique with an adjustable temperature button.

Features and Functions

  • 4.5 Cu Ft Capacity
  • Built-in can dispenser 
  • Freezer compartment
  • Ice tray
  • Reversible door
  • Tempered glass shelves
  • Adjustable feet
  • Adjustable thermostats
  • compressor cooling system


  • Luxurious stainless steel door


  • None

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Type of Mini Fridge

There are different types of mini-fridges, there are different categories which are due to some specification. The followings are the different types of mini-fridge.

Under-the-counter Mini Fridges

Under the counter mini fridge can easily be fixed into a standard kitchen counter as it comes in small and larger sizes. Depend on where you want to place it; The bigger mini fridge can be placed in an open space in the kitchen of a living room, while the small one can fit int0 a kitchen counter and place it in the bedroom. The bigger is larger by 3 inches than the small ones. Under counter mini fridge come with a single door, and some come in two-door as one is for the freezer compartment separately. The freezer can contain a medium size of frozen pizzas. The mini fridge with a single door only comes with an icebox that can preserve your frozen food. Some come with additional features like a crisper box.

Mid-Sized Mini Fridges

This type of fridge is bigger between 24-27 inches. They are built to under dining room table and office desk. It has more space to contain water and drinks with adjustable temperature dials. Its have a limit it can take and how well it can preserve food item from getting spoil. Midsize mini-fridges are often the choice for break rooms and dorm rooms as it will be more convenient to take or put things in if placed on a table or countertop. 

Smaller Cube-Shaped Mini Fridges 

Smaller cube-shaped mini-fridge are very small in 17-19 inches and weigh between 35 and 55 pounds. It takes small items for storage as it uses portable thermoelectric warmers and coolers. It doesn’t take much space as the fridge can be placed on a desk or under your bed. For those who want a mini-fridge for a work cubicle or bedroom, considering the portability and convenience of this type of fridge will work. It is mobile as you can plug it into your car to wherever you are going to as it runs on both AC 110V and DC 12V. With your car’s USB 2A power pack or accessory port, you can get it connected.

Portable Mini Fridge – Buyer’s Guide

portable mini fridgeYou will need to check for some features in the mini-fridge you want to buy. Features like interior and exterior size, storage capacity, portability, organization, number of doors, energy consumption, and accessories


You are going for a mini-fridge because you want it portable and fit into the space you have available. Measure the space you have before picking a mini-fridge. It also depends on the type and quantity of what you want to store in it as it can only work if you are storing fewer items like drinks and snacks in it. If that doesn’t work for them, you might need to consider a bigger fridge.

Freezer Space

If your primary reason for buying a mini-fridge is to use the freezer, you might be going with the wrong choice because they are not designed for longer storage but regular consumable foods. Mini fridge with a single door comes with a full or half icebox capable of preserving frozen food for a short period and can’t maintain accurate freezing temperatures.

While the bigger ones come with two separate doors with a freezer that is a bit bigger than the single door fridge, the two-door models do have an inbuilt thermostat which makes them maintain better temperature control than single-door models. Your choice for either of the two sizes depends on what you want to use the freezer space to store. If you already have a standard fridge, then a refrigerator without a freezer option will be okay for you as they consume less power, easy to maintain, and perfect for a beverage cooler.

Reversible Door

The reversible feature of a fridge might not be a major factor; if you have minimal space, you can consider looking out for a fridge with a reversible door; you can change the door to the direction you want it to swing the door. With this, changing the position of your fridge won’t be a thing of worry.

Door Bin Storage

Have storage bin behind fridge stop help you create more space and storage option. It should have a roller bin that can hold cans or 1-2 liter bottles. To get the best of this, you must have a uniform size of cans or bottled water as you will be arranging them vertically. An average mini fridge door should contain 6-9 cans. Some mini fridges come with locking doors, which might be beneficial in an environment with many people, including children.


You will need to check whether the mini-fridge has two adjustable shelves, as it is better to have shelves that are adjustable for easy cleaning and item arrangement. Some mini-fridge does come with wire shelving with rack slots that can be adjusted to accommodate taller items horizontally. 

Glass shelve is also an option for some mini-fridge; it makes cleaning very easy but very delicate. Mini fridge with glass shelve cost more compare to the ones with wire shelves.

Adjustable Legs

This will be needed if the surface you are placing the mini-fridge is not balanced. You will be able to raise or lower each of the legs to give the fridge a balance stand. You will need to read through product information well to ensure that most fridges don’t come with it.

Cooling Systems

Mini fridge cooling system uses either compressor or thermoelectric. A mini-fridge that uses a compressor to power its cooling system is far better and performs well like a regular fridge. The ones with Thermoelectric powered mini fridge also perform well but not as the ones with compressor cooling system.

Energy Consumption

Mini fridges consume less energy than full-size ones. They run on 120-volt A/C electric power; that why it’s advisable for those who want to minimize their energy consumption to go for a mini-fridge certified by Energy Star. Mini fridges are designed to be mobile as you can take them along in your cars and RVs when going on a trip, tour or vacation. They come with a D/C adapter that you can plug into your vehicle to run on the car battery.

How to Clean Small Mini Fridge

mini fridge for bedroomCleaning your mini-fridge once in 2 weeks will not only keep your fridge interior clean and smelling fresh but save your fruits and veggies from being contaminated with bacteria. Sometimes you might have spilled milk and spoilt perishable item; you must clean the fridge immediately. Here is the step-by-step procedure to clean your mini-fridge.

Materials need are a Clean towel, hot soapy water, White Distilled Vinegar, a bucket, and a soft sponge.

Step 1

Take out all items in the fridge, including the shelving, drawer, and all other removable parts.

Step 2

Wash the shelving and drawer with a form and hot soapy water with your hand. Rinse them and place them on a clean tabletop to dry, or use a clean and dry towel on them.

Step 3

Put a small quantity of White Distilled Vinegar in clean water, then scrub with a soft sponge on the inner surfaces of the fridge with the vinegar solution.

Step 4

Wipe the inner surfaces with hot, soapy water, then wipe with clean water to remove the soap odor. Use a toothbrush designated for cleaning or toothpicks to reach cracks and crevices you can’t get to with a cloth.

Step 5

Dry the inner surfaces with a clean towel.

Step 6

Put the shelves and drawer back to the fridge, then return all other items you took out but make sure you clean them properly before returning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mini-fridges worth it?

Mini fridges have a lot of advantages that make them worth it. They consume less energy without causing an increase in your electricity bill. You can take the Mini fridge along to anywhere you are going by just plugging it into your vehicle.

Is it dangerous to have a mini-fridge in your room?

Having a mini-fridge inside your room doesn’t pose any threat to life. They don’t emit high heat, and the noise is very low and won’t disturb your sleep. You need to place it in a safe corner and not allow children to play with the wire connection.

Are mini-fridges cold enough?

Mini fridges are not as cold as kitchen fridges, but they maintain a suitable temperature capable of getting your water and beverages cold. Min I fridge that comes with compressor cooling system do a lot better in getting your items to get cold.

Where should you not put a mini-fridge?

The positioning and location you put your mini-fridge matter as there are several do and don’t regard that. Please don’t place a mini-fridge near a heat source, Don’t bend the mini-fridge, don’t block the fridge with any object that can obstruct its ventilation. Please place it in an open space.

Can you leave a mini-fridge on overnight?

A mini-fridge can run overnight without any danger attached, but it is not ideal to leave it working without any item in it. In such a situation, it best you turn it off from the source of power.


Our product review and buying guide on the best mini fridge will help you choose the perfect mini fridge that suits your style. Mini fridges are portable, consume less energy, mobile, and have a door lock. Read product information to get the specification you want as not all mini-fridges have the same spec.

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