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The Best Personal Blender for Crushing Ice – Affordable Blenders

When you want to buy a new blender for crushing ice, there are several things you need to consider. Blenders that don’t crush ice well can be frustrating. However, even if you’re only making drinks a few times a year for parties, you want them to turn out okay, so buying the best personal blender for crushing ice is all you need.

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is the best personal blender for crushing ice to create delicious, nutritious smoothies, shakes, and soups. It features a pulse function plus 900 watts of power that delivers smoother consistency blending and crushing results than leading 600-watt personal blenders. 

With a personal blender, you can take your smoothies and shakes on the go with our top-of-the-line blender. They are Powerful yet portable as they are perfect for making all kinds of drinks. 

Types of Personal Blenders

There are two kinds of personal blenders, electric and battery-powered personal blenders.

Battery-powered personal blender

A battery blender does not need electricity to work; you can use it for light blendings like baby food with a full charge battery blender. However, it’s not advisable to use a battery blender for crushing ice.

Electrical personal blender

Personal blenders are also a type of electric blender. They are usually single-serve, although a few models have multi-serve capacities. For the most part, they can only make smaller portions, and they’re not designed to handle larger loads. Personal blenders are great for shaking up your smoothies or making homemade baby food but aren’t meant to chop ice or make bread dough.

Can a Personal Blender Crush Ice?

Can a Personal Blender Crush IceIt depends on the motor’s power situated in the base of the blender unit. In general, a blender with a higher power rating will be able to crush ice more effectively than one with a lower rating. 

Ice crushing typically calls for harder blades than those required for other blending habits, so many blenders offer extra ice-crushing blades and their standard array of accessories.

Although it can but just not the best way to use it, the blade design of a personal blender is best suited for smoothies. This is because it has to work much harder than a countertop blender with a larger capacity and a more powerful motor to crush ice, thus resulting in lower performance on the blender’s other functions and possible overheating of the motor.

How Powerful Are Personal Blenders

A personal blender is a good way to blend up smoothies and other healthy treats. It is much smaller than a full-size blender, making it easier to store and less expensive. However, they have a small capacity and require a fast rotation for blending thicker ingredients.

However, personal blenders are powerful enough to crush ice, blend frozen fruit and make vegetable purees.

Additionally, they are fairly powerful, with most having 450 to 500 watts at peak. For example, Blendtec Total Blender Classic’s motor has a peak power of 1200 watts. Still, the machine uses that only when needed, and once it reaches the food desired consistency, it reduces the power considerably.

Meanwhile, Personal blenders tend to be powered by motors that range from 300 watts to 800 watts. How important wattage depends on what you are blending. For lighter tasks, including smoothies made from frozen ingredients only, a 300-watt blender is fine. 

Higher wattage will ensure that ingredients blend smoothly if you are interested in making smoothies from raw fruits and vegetables or even nut butter and other dense blends. The Ninja BL688 Professional Blender is one example of a high-performing personal blender with a strong 1000-watt motor.

Can You Put Frozen Fruit in a Personal Blender?

You can put and crush frozen fruit in a personal blender. Frozen fruit makes better-tasting smoothies than fresh because frozen fruit’s effect is more similar to homemade ice cream. Before you throw the fruit into your blender, though, remember several things to get the best results: Make sure that your frozen fruit is defrosted. 

When you take out your frozen product from the freezer and then toss it straight into your personal blender, it combines with the heat of the operation. As a result, it will melt too quickly, causing a negative effect on the operation of your device. Let it rest for approximately 5–10 minutes at room temperature to ensure it’s not too cold when you use it. 

If you want to use frozen fruit within an hour of taking it out of storage or have only a short time in which to prepare your food or beverage, try taking advantage of other methods to defrost your product quicker.

A personal blender is an excellent choice for blending frozen fruit. Add at least a few ice cubes or some cold water for optimal results.

Are Personal Blenders Generally Bpa-Plastic Free? 

BPA-free plastic is an additive that makes plastic harder, easier to process, and less permeable. As a result, many people want to avoid BPA in food containers/utensils, etc.

It is no longer the go-to plastic for blender manufacturers. It includes personal blenders as well. Most companies are now using high-quality, food-grade materials in their production.

BPA-free plastic may be used for the same type of products. However, most blenders and personal-size blenders use Tritan, which is also BPA-free. Sometimes personal blenders or conventional blenders will have a plastic jar with a number 5 on the bottom of the container. 

In most cases, the answer is yes. Personal blender jars are generally made of glass, plastic, stainless steel, or materials. Glass is the most durable and safest material for storing beverages because it is inert, meaning it doesn’t react with acidity or heat. 

Glass is the only beverage storage material considered safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How Long Do Personal Blenders Last? 

Personal blenders usually last around 2-6 years, but various features can affect this. However, if kept in good condition, you should expect your blender to last for about 2-6 years.

Although a personal blender is lightweight, it is still a kitchen appliance, and as with all kitchen appliances, the lifespan depends on how frequently you use it and how well you care for it. For example, if you use your personal blender daily to make smoothies or shakes or grind coffee beans or spices, you will need a new one within two years. 

Some will last longer than two years, but in general, it’s best to plan on needing replacement parts within the first 2 to 3 years.

What Is a Good Brand for a Personal Blender?

What Is a Good Brand for a Personal BlenderPersonal blenders are usually smaller and easier to operate than your conventional kitchen blender, but they serve a similar purpose. They can blend delicious drinks, smoothies, and more with ease. In addition, personal Blenders allow you to take your smoothie or breakfast drink on the go, giving you a healthy option for a hand-held snack or meal replacement.

There are so many personal blender brands it’s hard to know where to begin. Some top-rated personal blenders include Blendtec, Nutribullet, Ninja, and Vitamix. It would be helpful if you were looking for a powerful blender with a large capacity and easy-to-use and clean features.

The best brand for personal blenders is the Magic Bullet express blender and mixer system. It is low cost, very easy to use, and is extremely popular with consumers. Although the market is full of good brands, a few unique features still make this stand out from all the rest.

It’s also powerful enough that it does a good job of chopping through frozen fruits and is still capable of turning them into nice, thick smoothies.

Personal Blender for Crushing Ice Buying Guide

Buying one of the best personal blenders for crushing ice will allow you to create crushed-ice drinks right in your home. Each model has its strengths and weaknesses; we researched expert and user reviews to determine which models are best and what type of usage they would be good for.

Blending Power

A good blender can do many different things, but crushing ice is one of the most popular uses. So look for a blender with a powerful motor to get the best possible crushed ice. Check for a blender with at least 500 watts of power and make sure it has a high-quality blade that won’t easily dull or break. 

Also, before you buy a blender, consider if you want to also use it for other foods, such as thick sauces and smoothies. If so, look for a model with accessories such as tall cups and travel lids.

If speed and convenience are important to you, consider one with a strong motor (up to 400 watts) rather than one that’s simply designed as a single-tasker.

With higher the wattage, the higher the power your blender has. You don’t need a blender than one with 1,000 watts to make smoothies, process nuts and other hard ingredients, and crush ice. However, if you will be blending smoothies frequently and want a more powerful motor, it may be worth paying more to get the job done quickly and easily.


The blades are the part of a blender that crushes and chops the ice. So while they’re not the only component in the system that matters, they’re one of the most important ones.

Ice-crushing blades are those that have sharp edges and do a good job of chopping ice into small bits. Stainless steel is a good blade material as it is durable, resistant to rust, and less likely to dull during ice crushing.

Some blenders have stainless steel blades, which efficiently crush ice and frozen fruit. Others have diamond-shaped blades that cut through ice cubes cleanly and quickly without producing too much noise.

However, It’s important to ensure the blender has blades that can crush ice into perfect snow, or else you’ll be left with chunks of ice in your smoothie.


Containers are typically made of plastic, Glassglass, or stainless steel. Depending on your needs, you can choose a container that holds anywhere from 10 to 18 ounces. They should have sturdy lids and be designed for easy cleaning.

A powerful blender will contain a jar, usually with a handle. Containers are non-removable but can be made of glass or plastic/polycarbonate. A good container will be flexible, durable, and easy to clean. Most containers let you pulse at low speed and tell you when they’re full with fill lines.

However, When buying a personal blender, it’s important to consider the size of the container. If you need to take your blender on the go, look for a model with a locking lid and carry cup.

Ease of Use

It’s fairly easy to use a personal blender; you just put your ingredients in the blender, put the top on, turn it on and blend. It’s also easy to clean: most parts are dishwasher-safe.

When you are looking for a blender to meet your needs, there are certain features you need to consider. For example, if you’re looking to crush ice or make smoothies, you might consider a blender with preset settings for crushing ice or making smoothies at the touch of a button. 

You might also want to consider features like pulse or pre-programmed functions that offer added control over the texture of your blend.

While most blenders have a few settings like “ice crush” and “smoothie,” our top picks also had easy-to-read labels, a clear lid that showed whether the contents were blending, and handles or buttons that were comfortable and easy to press.


For most people, easy-to-use electronic controls are key. Choose simple on/off switches and speed dials, or opt for advanced touchscreen panels that let you decide what the blender should do and when it should stop.

Blwnser controls that are easy and intuitive to use are always a good choice; they’re less likely to frustrate you when you’re blending up your smoothie in a hurry. They can also help you control the texture of your drink by varying the speed of the blades, which is especially useful for preparing soups in your blender.

Most personal blenders are controlled by a single on/off button. Some have additional pulse buttons that control the blending process to achieve a finer or coarser blend.

 If you’re buying a blender primarily for crushing ice, it’s crucial to make sure you have a user-friendly control system. Cheaper models can have buttons that can be confusing or jammed. Blenders in the $70 to $150 range usually have simple dial controls, while the higher-priced blenders can have a touchscreen and Smart-Tech capabilities to adjust blending speeds.

Accessories & Attachments

Consider your accessories and attachments when buying a personal blender that crushes ice. Some include a Travel mug, Personal blender cup, Food processor or mini food processor attachment, Ice crusher blade attachment.

However, The number of accessories and attachments that come with a personal blender vary from one to the next. For example, some personal blenders come with additional blending cups, but you might need to purchase these separately. The same goes for travel lids and travel mugs. Other features, such as a tampered wand or food processor attachment, help add more versatility to your blender and are more useful in daily meal preparation.

Note: what a blender can do will depend on its accessories and attachments. When considering which blender to buy, think of what you can add to it and how that might change how you use it. 

10 Best Personal Blender for Crushing Ice Review

1. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies 

No products found.

Hamilton Beach Blender with 14oz Travel Cup, Model 51101 single-serve blender that makes personalized smoothies and shakes, includes a travel lid, so it’s easy to take your drink on the go. This Hamilton Beach personal blender is easy to use and perfect for small living spaces.

The Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender delivers all the delicious-tasting flavors of restaurant smoothies and frozen drinks at a fraction of the price. Designed for Quick One-Person Drinks, this blender features a stainless steel blade that quickly crushes ice to make your favorite icy beverages, including smoothies and frozen drinks. 

Its lightweight, compact design is portable and ideal for taking on the go. The blending jar is designed to fit comfortably in most car cup holders. In addition, this personal blender comes complete with a 14 oz. It is a blending jar that doubles as a travel cup with a lid, making it easy to bring your favorite drinks along in the car or on the go.

The blender also has a thermal fuse that prevents it from overheating, so you don t have to worry about it blowing up or overheating. 

2. HERRCHEF Smoothie Blender

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The HERRCHEF Smoothie Blender is equipped with a compact and chic body and 3 different colors, making it a perfect small blender for your home or office use. As an ice-crushing blender and a perfect smoothie maker, it will meet all your demands of DIY yogurt drinks, protein shakes, juice blends, and more.

It is designed for maximum convenience and can serve as a blender for shakes and smoothies, a blender for travel, or a blender for the office – wherever you might need it. Perfect sized blender fits comfortably under most cabinets; powerful 350-watt makes quick and easy work of blending vegetables and fruits.

3. Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

No products found.

The Magic Bullet replaces a food processor and coffee grinder while occupying only the space of a coffee mug. It is portable on your countertop for instant meals and snacks. Load the ingredients into the short cup before Twisting on the cross or flat blade, place on the base before pressing down to blend.

It is the fastest, easiest solution for making nutrient-packed smoothies. Load it up with your favorite fruit, then push, twist, and blend your way to a healthier lifestyle. Quick and simple to use and clean, you’ll be able to make nutritious, low-calorie drinks in no time.

4. Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

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The Oster My Blend Blender has made healthy living simple and convenient. This 250-watt blender whips up your favorite smoothies; protein shakes, and more straight into the 20-ounce BPA-free portable sport bottle. Features include powerful ice crushing blades and a dishwasher-safe blending jar.

The powerful 250-watt motor crushes ice instantly and also offers one-touch blending action. This personal blender will become your next favorite kitchen appliance with its sleek design and exceptional performance. It even comes with an additional sports bottle for taking your beverages wherever you go.

5. REDMOND Powerful Smoothie Blender 

No products found.

REDMOND Smoothie Blender is a great product that lets you make your favorite smoothies, shakes, margaritas, or baby food in 20 seconds. The blender contains two portable bottles perfect for your home and office use. A portable bottle connects directly to the blade base, so it’s perfectly easy to blend and run.

The blenders combine power and efficiency with 2 speeds control, pulse function, 6 stainless steel blades, and 1000 watts of power. Blend a wide variety of delicious drinks like smoothies, shakes, and more with a single touch of the button.

This blender comes with a portable, BPA Free bottle, which means you can take it with you wherever you go. The bottle’s design makes it easy to drink your smoothie directly from the source, eliminating the need for unnecessary, messy transfer. The base features two speeds and a pulse button that fills all your blending needs, while its durable steel blades do the hard work for you.

6. KOIOS PRO 850W Bullet Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

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Powered by a high-torque 850W motor and a unique one-touch blending function, the KOIOS PRO 850W Blender can effortlessly crush ice, seeds, skins, and stems for creamy fruit and vegetable smoothies. In addition, the blender features a unique blending function that allows it to stop automatically once the food is blended, unlike other blenders that require you to hold down the button for as long as you want it to blend.

The Koios Pro 850w Bullet Blender is powerful enough to crush your next smoothie challenge! Using our uniquely designed, interlocking, razor-sharp stainless blades powered by the most powerful motor, you now have perfect control over how coarse or fine you blend or grind your ingredients. You’ll be impressed at how quickly and easily we blend your ingredients into a perfectly smooth consistency. 

It is so versatile it can also crush ice and make perfect chunks of frozen fruit and vegetables for an even more unique creation.

7. WATSMAR Portable Blender

No products found.

The WATSMAR Portable Blender, also called Personal blender/ Mini blender/ Travel blender, is a small but powerful blender that can easily blend fruits, vegetables, protein shakes, and green smoothies with you and family members. Your smoothies will be available in less than one minute with 6pcs 3D blades. Only 15oz in weight and 380ml in size are good for travel, hiking, camping, and other on-the-go occasions.

 It comes with a 1x 4000mAh rechargeable battery and a USB cable. The rechargeable design allows you to take it anywhere even if there is no power outlet. Easy to carry, making drinks in your sports bottles at home or outdoors

With the 520mAh long-lasting battery and food-grade materials, your smoothies are safe to drink at any time and anywhere.

8. Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle

No products found.

The blender is one of the best personal blenders for crushing ice for mixing fruit and vegetable smoothies. It provides smooth blending and whipping action, ideal for preparing healthy meals in your kitchen or enjoying on the go. The Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle is also a perfect complement to any kitchen automatic or manual juicer. It transfers the pureed results effortlessly without a lot of clean-up.

This Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle is extremely portable, making it perfect for travel, sports, and long workdays away from home. It chops, grinds and blends in seconds, giving you quick access to the foods your body needs to perform at its best. 

Unlike other personal blenders that leave large chunks of food or ice floating around the bottle, this blender breaks down the ingredients so fine that you can even take it on the go without stirring.

9. Mueller Ultra Bullet Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

No products found.

The Mueller UltraBullet Blender with Travel Cup is perfect for quickly, easily, and efficiently blending drinks and smoothies. It features a 1000 watt motor, a unique design that keeps the blades spinning to prevent jams, and a smaller cross blade for chopping vegetables, fruit, superfoods. 

The blender includes two large 25 oz. Cups for use at home or on the go with travel lids. All parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe for quick clean-up. The Mueller UltraBullet comes bundled with an additional 15 oz. Travel cup with lid.

Also, The tapered design of the 1-touch button allows you to easily blend and pulverize ingredients from frozen fruit to baby food, protein shakes, and more. Ice cubes are no longer needed because the powerful motor, coupled with an all-metal blade, crushes cubes into snow in seconds.

The blender features a powerful motor and advanced stainless steel blades that deliver accurate and consistent results. It is safe to use with high-quality standards with corrosion-resistant BPA-free material. It has variable speed control with 12 blending speeds that can be used according to your preference.

10. Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes

No products found.

The Ninja Personal Blender packs a powerful punch on the go. Its 700-Watt power pod allows you to blend the perfect smoothie, crush ice, and make fresh dressings or sauces in a flash. And with its two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups with spout lids, you can take your creations to school or work or toss them in your gym bag.

Ninja Fit is a single-serve blender perfect for blending and nutrient extracting. These unique blender features are 700 watts of power, three speeds, easy to clean and dishwasher safe, shatter-resistant plastic cups, and BPA-free.

The Nutri Ninja makes healthy, delicious drinks within seconds, effortlessly crushing ice and frozen fruits into creamy smoothies. Make individual drinks to take on the go or blend & divide among cups and store in your fridge for deliciousness all week long.


Buyers should carefully consider what they plan to use the personal blender because not all models are suited for crushing ice. Fortunately, this post on the best personal blender for crushing ice will help you make an informed decision. These models are versatile enough to handle many buyers’ crushing and blending needs.

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