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10 Best Wall Mount Range Hood

If you are looking for a new wall mount range hood, there’s no need to look further. And if you need support in deciding which one is best for you, allow me to help by providing some insight into the best wall mount range hoods on the market.

The best Range hoods exhaust hot air and gases, control odors, capture grease, and add light to your cooktop. These wall-mounted range hoods come in various styles, widths, colors, and finishes. As a result, they fit into any kitchen design or layout and complement your kitchen décor.

This Best range hood features a high-powered motor with dual halogen lights to efficiently remove any smoke or steam while cooking. In addition, the built-in timer allows you to set the fan to operate for a set period, and the built-in delay shutoff provides ventilation while cooking is completed.

Also, a Non-duct range hood filters the air with a quality range hood so you and your family can enjoy a cleaner, fresher kitchen without odor or smoke. With a high-quality non-duct range hood, the filtering system will keep the air in your kitchen fresh and clean.

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What Is a Wall Mounted Rangehood?

What Is a Wall Mounted RangehoodA wall-mounted rangehood is also known as a canopy or a chimney rangehood. It usually consists of a metal hood that hangs directly on the wall and above your cooktop, with metal filters to catch any grease droplets.

It is an integral part of a powerful and efficient cooking ventilation installation above your stove. The range hood has either ducting infrastructure exiting the rear to ventilate the room or recirculation capability with charcoal filters to trap odors.

Some countries like Australia and Canada call a wall-mounted range hood a chimney or canopy hood. There are also ceiling-mounted range hoods, island range hoods, slideout range hoods, and retractable range hoods.

Meanwhile, Wall-mounted range hoods are hung on the wall above your cooktop, with ductwork running up and through the ceiling or outside. You can also choose a ductless range hood if your kitchen does not have the space for ductwork.

Where Do Wall Mounted Range Hoods Vent?

Wall-mounted range hoods are a decorative and useful appliance. Most have an exhaust blower motor to push smoke, grease, and cooking odors up through a duct in the wall to the outside of your home or business. 

You can choose how you want your range hood to vent: straight out the back, to the right or left at an angle, up through the ceiling, or into another room. Which wall-mounted range hood you choose will depend on what tier of the model you want (budget or high-end) and how you want it to vent.

Generally, Wall-mounted range hoods vent through an external wall. Usually, a hole is introduced into a wall behind the cooker from where the range hood can be fitted. A duct is then connected via a flexible sheet metal sleeve to an external wall to remove fumes or steam.

You should vent your wall-mounted range hood through the roof for best positioning.

How Do You Mount a Range Hood to the Wall?

You can mount your range hood to the wall with an optional power source (a power source). Different installation methods may be needed due to the type of range hood you have. To secure a range hood flush mount to the wall, use a screwdriver and drilling holes to attach screws. If you have an under-cabinet range hood, try using bolts that fit through the mounting plate into the hood’s frame.

Attaching a range hood to your wall is a fairly simple task, but ensuring you are doing so safely is important. 

You’ll want to ensure that you’ve got proper space above the hood to avoid damaging your cabinets. Once all necessary supplies are gathered, you can start by attaching the mounting brackets to the wall. Ensure that the hood is level before attaching it, and then plug it in once attached.

However, there are several safety considerations to consider when installing a range hood. First, call a professional for service if the appliance connects to flammable materials, has damaged electrical cords or plugs, or if it needs repair or adjustment of any working parts.

Types of Wall Mount Range Hoods

Types of Wall Mount Range HoodsThere are three types of wall mount range hoods. The fan and motor placement define each: Vented, Ductless, or Convertible. Each type of range hood has its benefits.

1. Vented Range Hoods

Vented Range Hoods are among the most popular choices for getting rid of steam, smoke, and smells. They’re typically rated by the size of the fan blower that pulls air through it. For example, a 250 CFM range hood can remove 250 cubic feet of air from your kitchen every minute.

Vented range hoods are connected to a duct in your home that leads outside, so they pull the smoke and odors outside your house. Vented range hoods offer the most effective way to extract cooking smoke and odors.

This type comes with a metal duct installed on the back of the hood and extends through an exterior wall. These units vent air to the outside via ductwork, protecting your kitchen from grease, smoke, and odor build-up. 

A vented range hood is a great choice if you do more deep-frying or stir-frying with a wok. It can effectively remove the large amounts of smoke and grease produced by these cooking methods. If you have a professional gas range, vented hoods are the way to go. 

2. Ductless Range Hoods

Ductless Range Hoods, or ductless recirculating range hoods, do not vent outside. Instead of releasing the air back into your kitchen, they use charcoal filters to neutralize smells and return clean air back into the kitchen. Ductless Range Hoods are popular on islands and other ranges that are not near an outside wall where you can vent the range hood.

Because they do not require the installation of a vent in an exterior wall, they are flexible to install and are a better option for kitchens without an exterior wall.

Ductless range hoods are a popular option because they cost less to install and don’t poke a hole through the wall of your home. They also take up less space above the stove and produce less noise. However, they’re more visible than their vented counterparts because of their charcoal filters, which need replacement every six months due to the frequent activation.

In addition, a ducted hood has a fan that directs the grease, smoke, and steam out of a duct that leads outdoors. It is preferable if your kitchen is connected to a laundry room or garage because the smells can easily be carried into those rooms through an overhead duct.

3. Convertible Range Hoods

A Convertible range hood can vent into a duct with three different vents: Vertical, Horizontal, and the newer recirculation. The benefit of this style range hood is that you can choose how it is vented into your home after installation.

They are typically equipped with filters to trap grease and don’t require ducting. However, the filters must be cleaned regularly to prevent excessive build-up of grease that could lead to a fire hazard. You will need an additional insert for your convertible range hood to increase efficiency.

A convertible range hood can be installed to vent to the outside or a ductless range hood (duct-less is only an option if your range supports this type of installation). Convertible range hoods are generally lower in price than vented and will provide greater flexibility when installing the range hood. Typically, a convertible range hood will use charcoal filters to clean the air and vent it back into the kitchen.

Advantages of Using Wall Mount Range Hoods in Kitchen

Provides effective ventilation

A great ventilation system is a key to a good kitchen. Wall mount range hoods are a great way to ventilate your kitchen and remove toxic fumes, smoke, grease particles, heat, and steam from your stove while keeping your kitchen clean and refreshing.

It is a fact that wall mount range hoods are the most commonly used ventilation system for cooking. There are several reasons for which wall-mounted hoods help to keep the kitchen fresh and clean. These vents could be easily installed on your kitchen wall, making them ideal to use. 

These hoods perform best when you have a proper space in the kitchen, and wall-mounted hoods are best suited for that.

Space Management

Wall mount range hoods can be set up against the wall, making them perfect for small kitchens or those that lack enough space for other fixtures such as under cabinet range hoods. In addition, Wall mount range hoods are designed for ease of use, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. 

A traditional hood doesn’t have this advantage. The wall mount range hood can be installed at a height that leaves most of the counter space clear. If some people are tall, this style is better for them. Kitchen engineers and designers figure out how a homeowner wants to use their space before designing it.

It reduces grease build-up inside the cabinets

A wall mount range hood works wonders for your kitchen. It reduces grease build-up inside the cabinets and keeps them looking cleaner for longer.

Easy to clean

 An easy installation process of the wall mount range hood also gives you the freedom to clean these ventilators in real-time with less effort simply.

It reduces the stress on air conditioning systems

It reduces the stress on air conditioning systems, which helps to achieve greater energy efficiency. Wall mount kitchen hoods will also assist in keeping warm air out of the house and ultimately make cooling much easier.

What Type of Range Hood Is Best?

Once you’ve determined which type of range hood will be right for your home and choose the right size, you’ll face a few different installation options. 

The easiest type to install is a top vent range hood. However, it can only be used if you have an overhead cabinet. Otherwise, you may choose to have a professional install a ventless range hood to avoid dealing with an external exhaust system.  

A ductless range hood is even easier to install, as they’re simply plugged into an electrical outlet. The best performing range hoods are the ones that are just what you’re looking for. They have to be durable and good-looking and function well for your needs.

The best type of range hood depends on your kitchen layout and cooking style. 

Is Higher CFM Better for Range Hood?

A range hood should have a CFM (cubic feet per minute) higher than the BTUs of your stove. The capture area and airflow rate measure a hood’s effectiveness. The more the air it moves, the better it will work. Airflow can be adjusted by adding or reducing ductwork in the exhaust system.

In general, the higher the CFM of your range hood, the more effective it will be at removing unwanted particles. When shopping for a range hood, keep in mind how often you cook and what type of cooking you do. A higher CFM will work best in spaces that frequently cook with high heat or strong odors, while lower CFMs will work just as effectively in lower-use areas.

Meanwhile, It also depends on the size of your range and your kitchen layout. The general rule of thumb is that its size needs to be approximately twice that of the range. So if your burner is 30″ wide, you’ll want a range hood that’s about 60″.

However, higher CFM means better clearing the air quickly. But ventilation needs, preferences, and cooking habits vary, so finding an acceptable balance with a lower CFM is possible. Consider sound level, size, budget, and style when making your selection.

How Do I Choose a Range Hood for My Wall?

Choosing the right range hood is key to successfully clearing your kitchen of unwanted air pollutants. To avoid confusion and improper sizing, please follow this procedure: Determine the surrounding wall types by length and width, then select the proper model for your application. 

You also want to consider features such as the type of filters (dishwasher safe, aluminum, or stainless steel), heat lamps, blower CFM rating, and whether you want a convertible range hood capable of being used as either recirculating or venting range hood. 

Additionally, there are several factors to consider, such as height and material. The style, width, and CFM are additional considerations.

What Is a Good CFM for a Range Hood?

A range hood vented to the outside needs at least 100 cfm, probably more, depending on your cooktop and oven size. The best filterless range hoods have higher capacity fans, typically two or three, that can move 150 to 600 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air through them.

Meanwhile, the amount of air replaced by the range hood each minute is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Ideally, you will have an airflow of 100 cfm or more. Therefore, a home’s kitchen range may need a larger range hood than a smaller apartment’s kitchen.

For a range hood at least 30 inches wide, look for a fan with a CFM (cubic feet per minute) between 400 and 1,000. For smaller fans, the CFM should be higher, up to 1,200. KitchenAid® Wall mount canopy range hoods offer even more control by optimizing blower performance depending on the cooktop position.

What Is a Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood?

A convertible wall mount range hood can be installed in two different ways. The first way is ductless with a carbon filter for homes without an existing built-in ducting system. The second way will be vented to the outside through an exterior wall, but not directly through the roof or attic. It provides you with the most options possible by using an optional carbon filter and easily transitioning to a ducted installation of your choice.

A convertible range hood is mounted on the wall above your stove. To operate, they use a fan to draw air in and vent it out of the home through a duct or recirculate it back into the kitchen using carbon filters.

It features adjustable venting, allowing you to control how you and your hood work together. The most common types of convertible venting are ductless, ceiling, and wall-mounted. Each method has its advantages, including filtering efficiency and noise levels.

The Best Wall Mount Range Hood Buying Guide

The Best Wall Mount Range Hood Buying GuideFiguring out the best wall mount range hood for your kitchen can be tricky with all the different options today. This guide will help you through the main points of consideration, such as size and power, to help you choose the best wall mount range hood for your home or business.

1. Size

Range hood size always depends on the size of the cooktop. Whether you are buying a wall mount or island version, it’s important to ensure that the entire cooktop surface is included in its coverage range.

Range hoods have several shapes and sizes, from small under-cabinet models to grand range hoods that go over larger cooking islands. There are two ways to measure range hood size: the first is the overall width of the hood, then there is the width of the fan. This measurement often determines how powerful your range hood will be. 

Additionally, you’ll want to consider your ceiling height and over the cooktop. Range hoods that are too big or too small can throw off the balance of your kitchen design.

Note: Range hoods are designed to sit over a gas or electric stove in the kitchen. They come in different sizes, between 18 and 48 inches wide. To find one that fits your range, check the width of the cooktop and choose a range hood that has the same footprint or is slightly wider.

2. The Range Hood CFM

A fan’s potency is ranked with the CFM or cubic feet per minute. The higher the number, the stronger the exhaust system (although under 400 is pretty average).

The power of a fan is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Therefore, the ventilation should move at least 100 CFM per linear foot of the cooktop. A range hood 36 inches wide needs a 360 CFM fan, one 48 inches wide should have 480 CFM, and so on.

When you see a range hood you want to purchase; the CFM level will be listed in the product specs.

3. Filter Type

One of the main things to consider is the range hood’s filter type. These filters trap grease, fumes, and smoke particles from the air when cooking on the stovetop. Here we explain how to choose the best filter for your range hood.

There are two different types of range hood filters. The first type is a wire mesh filter that uses metal to catch grease and debris. You can find these in a variety of sizes. Many manufacturers sell replacement filters for their wire mesh filters, but you will also be able to purchase generic filters as well. 

The second type of filter is a plain solid aluminum one. It will often have a grease coating on the underside to help remove grease from the air and with extra protection to the fan motor under your hood.

However, All range hoods either recirculate air back into the kitchen or vent air to the outside. Recirculating range hoods require charcoal filters that help remove odors and clean the air before recirculating it. 

4. Design

Even if you’re not a cooking expert, the style and design of your kitchen range hood can make a difference in your kitchen’s appearance and overall performance.

Kitchen wall mount range hoods come in a variety of designs and styles. They have different opening mechanisms, speed settings, lighting options, materials, and noise levels. A kitchen hood with a great design can effectively remove steam, smoke, and odors from your kitchen, leaving the air clean for cooking and entertaining.

While all range hoods are designed to do the same job, they don’t have to all look the same. It is an attractive part of wall mount range hoods: these sleek and minimalist pieces can add beauty to any kitchen.

5. Accents

Every cook has their style, which should be expressed in the kitchen. From sleek stainless steel to a vintage-inspired copper, KitchenReviews lets you choose from many colors and finishes for your range hood.

There are three things to consider when you’re shopping for a wall mount range hood: style, ventilation type, mechanism, and features. 

6. Remote control

Control a wall-mount range hood from anywhere in the kitchen or remotely with remote control.

We suggest getting a wall mount range hood with remote control if you’re tired of your knees’ up and down movement every time you want to power on the range hood. They’re easy to use, allowing you to turn on or off from anywhere in the room. They also have many different settings so that you can fine-tune your cooking environment as needed.

They are especially useful for larger or older homes where kitchen ventilation is hard to achieve. But some things may make a wall-mount range hood better than others, like the remotes that come with it. In addition, remote control on the range hood will allow you to operate the exhaust fan even when you are far away, which is especially nice if you have kids or pets in the house.

7. Ducted Vs Ductless

Ducted range hoods eliminate all grease, oils, and smoke by using ducts to push exhaust out of your kitchen through an external wall. Therefore, if you have a ducted range hood in your home kitchen, you don’t need to buy additional filters since they are not required.

It’s important to know the benefits of each – and that you can’t always choose between the two. For example, a wall-mount hood that’s ducted vents outdoors is a great option for vented appliances like ovens and stoves because it captures and removes smoke, grease, moisture, odors, heat, and steam from the environment. 

A ductless hood, on the other hand, works great in a kitchen without a ventilated hood above the stove or range. It filters indoor air through a charcoal filter and recirculates it back into the room.

With a ducted system, your range hood will ventilate to the outside, providing you with an odorless kitchen. If a ducted range hood is a right choice for your kitchen, you should determine if you have an external vent. Homes built before the 1980s rarely have external vents. If you don’t have one, installing a vent fan while installing your range hood is important.

A ductless range hood can be hung or otherwise mounted in a desirable location and connected to a standard Electrical outlet. They provide venting and filtration for smoke and various gases when cooking food.

8. Noise Level

Noise level is another important factor to consider when buying a wall mount range hood. The noise level of wall-mounted hoods can vary from 60dBa to 90dBa based on the fan speed. Unfortunately, most people disregard this critical aspect while selecting the right product for their kitchen. 

Since it plays an important role in your daily kitchen activities, you should consider this factor before purchasing. The noise level on a range hood is measured in CFM. The higher the CFM number, the stronger the motor. If you have a very large open kitchen and do a lot of cooking at once, a high CFM range hood would be your best option.

However, The more expensive the hood is, the higher likelihood it will have a quieter operation. Therefore, if you are budget-constrained, you might want to consider an under cabinet range hood that typically runs quieter than wall mount range hoods because they draw less air (500 cfm or less).

9. Lighting

If you stay longer in your kitchen and rely on your hood under cabinet range to improve your indoor air quality, lighting is an important feature to consider when shopping for one. Whether trying to identify ingredients, see clearly across the room, or enhance the ambiance with decorative lighting, there are options for every style and function.

Whether you want just a simple, unobtrusive bulb or a sleek recessed light that matches your other stainless steel appliances, lighting options for your wall mount range hood can add style efficiency and even improve the ambiance in the kitchen.

 LED lights are more energy-efficient and last longer than incandescent bulbs. Some models offer two lighting settings for everyday cooking and a brighter option for dimmer spaces.

If you want the range hood to look less like an appliance, go for a model that features super-efficient LEDs. These lights can display virtually any color or highlight your backsplash without distracting from its look.

1O. Control Panel

The control panel is the key to operating all of the functions of your wall mount range hood. Most modern units have electronic touch control panels that keep the device sleek and easy to clean while adding a contemporary touch. 

It should be easy to reach and navigate, so you don’t need to spend time looking up instructions when you’re in the middle of cooking an elaborate dinner for a crowd or cleaning up greasy pots and pans after dinner.

You should choose a wall mount range hood with a well-lit, easy-to-read control panel. It will allow you to operate the hood while cooking, even in very dim light. A good control panel will also be made of materials that can easily be wiped down, such as stainless steel.

11. Mounting Height

The height of your wall-mount range hood is important for two reasons. First, it will affect which size wall-mount range you can use in your kitchen. A vent hood that’s too short or too tall for your cooktop will look out of place in the kitchen and maybe fall short when properly drawing smoke out of the kitchen.

Always consider the height of your mount before you buy. The height of your range hood should be positioned between 24 to 30 inches above the stove. Ensuring that you don’t mount the fan too high to block your vision while cooking or too low would result in inadequate purification. If you are growing tall plants near your kitchen areas, it is advised to consider that too when choosing a good positioning height for your mounted range hood.

If installing 18″ above your cooking surface is not convenient, check that the model will support a different installation height.

Generally, wall mount range hoods have to be powerful enough to cover the amount of heat generated by a conventional cooktop, oven, or stove. But before investing in a new range hood, first, consider the type of cooking you’ll be doing. For example, deep frying, Grilling on gas, Over-the-range microwaves don’t have the power to vent smoke from your kitchen; these applications require powerful range hoods with good ventilation.

The Best Wall Mount Range Hood Brands


ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is an industry leader in professional ranges production. Their commitment to quality products and world-class service has allowed them to become not only one of the largest manufacturers of range hoods but also the most recognized brand within their industry.

Their range hoods and wall-mounted hoods come in different sizes and configurations, including island range hoods and ducted or ventless hoods. They also offer accessories, such as chimney extensions, extra filters, and remote blowers to make your hood more efficient.

Also, their range hoods are exceptionally quiet, efficient, seamless, and stunningly beautiful. They are handcrafted to provide you with 3-speed fan control, high-quality stainless steel construction, and top-quality Italian motors that last years and years.


FOTILE was founded by a team of engineers who previously worked for Midea Group for 20 years. It is the number 1 brand in China, and it is a fast-growing brand in the United States. The FOTILE kitchen appliances are well known for their high quality, reliable performance, and aesthetic appeal.

Their range hoods are more than a kitchen appliance. With breakthrough technology, they make your entire home smarter & healthier. The innovative technologies engineered into every aspect of FOTILE products demonstrate our dedication to the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. From the quietest ventilation to the smart way food is cooked, The company provides you with well-thought-out solutions that streamline everyday life and create spaces for you and your loved ones to enjoy together.

In addition, FOTILE Kitchenware has focused on researching and developing the core technology for over twenty years. As a result, it has been at the industry’s top position in terms of patents, utility models, and designs. The company has won more than ten awards from domestic and international authoritative institutions, including Reddot Design Award, iF Design Award, German IF Design Award, National Excellent Product Award, and National High-tech Enterprise Certification.


CAVALIERE Range Hoods is known throughout the industry for its high quality, innovative design, and affordable prices.

Their range hoods are made of high-quality materials for a definitive look. Equipped with a high CFM rating and dishwasher-safe baffle filters, the brand ensures that you have a powerful, dependable range hood to meet your needs. 

CAVALIERE also has many stylish options to choose from—so you can find one that fits your design taste. For example, Cavaliere range hoods are known for their elegant and reliable products; the range hoods manufactured by this company have the great feature of being quiet. Furthermore, the material used to manufacture this product is from Italy, which means that the material used is of high quality and will last for a longer time.

10 Best Wall Mount Range Hoods Reviews

1. FIREGAS Wall Mount Range Hood

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The FIREGAS Wall Mount Range Hood is known for its unique yet stylish design. It comes with a remote control that enables you to operate the range hood. In addition, the hood features a powerful motor and high CFM that give it a great performance. 

In addition, there is a 3-speed fan control which helps you adjust the fan speed according to your preferences. Finally, you can wash it without any worries as it’s dishwasher safe.

The Wall Mount Range Hood is a 30-inch wall mount range hood with a 12 ft. duct pipe. It is electronically controlled and can be operated by remote control.

The 3-layer aluminum filters are easy to clean up, and the noise level is less than 65DB at high speed. In addition, it comes with a conversion kit for ductless venting and a 5ft long flexible duct coating with zinc available for installation both vertically or horizontally.

It is easy to clean. The built-in one fan with two-speed levels works efficiently and quietly.

2. Cosmo 63175S 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood

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The Cosmo 63175S 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood is a 3 Speed Range Hood with Push-button control, Energy-efficient 2-watt LEDs bulbs to illuminate your entire cooktop surface brightly, and Twin Centrifugal Motors; this hood quickly ventilates your kitchen with less noise and sounds of competing range hoods. 

It is rated among the quietest range hoods on the market; this powerful hood is perfect for your home.

An optional carbon filter kit (CFK4) may be used to ventilate your home without external venting. A sleek touch panel with back-lit buttons makes it easy to adjust fan speed, turn on lights, and set a timer when cooking. Quiet yet powerful, this range hood has 3-speed fan control that can reach up to 190 CFM with ease and whisper-quiet operation at less than 65db at max speed.

This high-quality stainless steel oven vent comes with 2 ultra-quiet dual chimney fans and can be vented for powerful extraction.

3. IKTCH 36-inch Wall Mount Range Hood

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The IKTCH 36-inch stainless steel wall-mounted range hood features a modern European design with LED lights. This range hood compost with high-quality stainless steel, with 19 gauge thickness and 430SS grade. The 3-speed motor delivers up to 400 CFM while working with quiet operation at less than 65db at max speed.

With a 36-inch width and a depth of only 20 inches, it will fit well over a standard 2-burner stove. The color is black and suits most kitchen tops or walls. It is one of the most popular wall mount hoods on the market for under $500. 

4. Cosmo COS-668AS750 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood

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The Cosmo COS-668AS750 30 in. wall mount range hood has a contemporary stainless steel finish, touch-sensitive panel, and LED lights that look great in any modern kitchen. It combines European design with performance excellence to deliver an impressive range hood. 

The quiet motor pulls in over 750 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air from the cooking surface while four dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filters remove any leftover pollutants. Two-level lighting keeps your stove illuminated at night without being overly bright, so your kitchen looks like a high-end restaurant. The sleek body and easy-to-clean permanent filters make it ideal for any busy home kitchen. 

Also, the COS-668AS750 will surely fit the bill for those looking for elegant, under cabinet range hoods that are both powerful and quiet. If you want to replace the old range hood, Cosmo offers easy installation of all their units and conversion kits from original ducted ones to ductless options so you can choose which one works best for you.

Cosmo COS-668AS750 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood provides powerful ventilation with up to 400 CFM of suction. Three-speed settings make it easy to eliminate smoke and odors, while dishwasher-safe baffle filters catch grease and oil efficiently. 

Cosmo offers a range hood constructed of premium 430 brushed stainless steel and includes a chimney set. The large 30 x 19.75 in. size fits your cooktop perfectly and is energy efficient using LED lighting and modern using touch-sensitive controls.

5. SNDOAS Range Hood 30 inches, Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

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This high-quality range hood is the perfect choice for under cabinet ventilation in your home. Its classic design and durable construction complement any kitchen. The sleek stainless steel body of the appliance is easy to wipe clean. Features: 3-Speed Push Button: The SNDOAS range hood features a 3-speed push-button fan, boasting a maximum of 420 cubic feet per minute of exhaust power. 

Easy Installation: It comes with all the necessary accessories for the installation, including an installation template, damper, mounting hardware, screws, and chimney extensions. 

Three Filters: It comes with three interchangeable filter types. Two carbon filters purify the air by removing and eliminating grease, odors, and smoke. Two aluminum filters absorb oil and trap cooking waste for quick and easy cleaning. 

It is designed for high-end style and performance; this wall mount range hood can be vented or non-vented. This modern hood is ideal for heavy cooking, this modern hood has three fan speeds to clear the air quickly and easily, and an eco-efficient LED light illuminates your cooktop.

6. KOBE RAX2136SQB-1 Brillia 36-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

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KOBE RAX2136SQB-1 Brillia 36-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood is a beautiful range hood with phenomenal features. This appliance is constructed of high-quality material, durable and long-lasting. It is perfect for a family kitchen; the sleek design will please your eyes every time you look at it.

The KOBE Brillia RAX2136SQB-1 has a sleek, modern, and elegant design that enhances the look and feel of any kitchen. In addition, this 36-inch model is equipped with the exceptionally quiet operation; 3-speed mechanical push button, 750 CFM internal blower, dishwasher safe baffle filters, a bright LED lights to vividly illuminate your cooktop for better visibility. 

With its seamless design, high-quality stainless steel finish, and ultra-quiet operation, it is easy to see why KOBE Range Hoods are considered the best in the industry.

 Finally, the range hood includes professional-grade baffle filters coated in a protective finish to ensure durability and keep oil build-up at bay.

7. Broan-NuTone BWP2304SS convertible Wall-Mount Range Hood

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This range hood will help to make you feel good about your kitchen. The design of the Broan-NuTone BWP2304SS Convertible Wall-Mount Pyramidal Chimney Range Hood is engineered to be as stylish as it is functional. Its unique pyramid shape arcs gently over the cooking area, and its advanced halogen lighting system ensures that it provides more than adequate lighting. In addition, its 450 CFM motor is both quiet and powerful.

The three-speed levels provide ventilation options to meet your needs, along with the simple convenience of dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh grease filters and a handy removable grease tray to simplify cleaning. This unit also includes a beautiful stainless steel finish and blue LED light indicators to enhance your kitchen decor.

8. FOTILE JQG7505 30″ Under-Cabinet or Wall-Mount Range Hood

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The elegant stainless steel Fotile JQG7505 30″ under-cabinet or wall-mount range hood operates whisper-quiet at only 0.3 sones. The unit effortlessly clears the air with a centrifugal blower, while the seamless design facilitates easy clean up: Simply wipe and store the dishwasher-safe filters. As a result, ensure healthier indoor air quality and leave your home smelling fresher than ever.

The FOTILE JQG7505 30″ Range Hood is a 30-inch under-cabinet or wall mount range hood that measures exactly 30 inches in width, 20.08 inches in depth, and 10.04 inches in height. The cooking ventilation by this unit is done via a 600CFM turbo motor, which has the power to eliminate up to 75% of the steam out of the air while cooking while simultaneously eliminating up to 99.7% of smoke, oils vapors, and other food smells. Since it has a 600CFM motor, it also features amazing delicacy through its delicate, distinctive range hood filter mesh construction.

Durable and reliable kitchen range hoods can take a beating over the years. With that being said, the FOTILE JQG7505 Wall-Mount Range Hood is the right choice for you. Its lifetime warranty includes 1 year for installation and parts replacement 10 years for free motor replacement.

9. HisoHu Wall Mount Range Hood with Ducted / Ductless Convertible Duct

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The HisoHu Chimney Wall Mount Range Hood with Ducted / Ductless Convertible Duct, 30 Inch Stainless Steel Vent Hood. This wall mount range hood is a perfect combination of strength and style. The modern design, durability, and refined lines are confident to coordinate with any kitchen decor.

If you want an under-cabinet model without a high budget, this HisoHu 30 inch range hood is the best choice for you. HisoHu 30″ range hood offers a 3-speed push button with a maximum of 780 CFM that easily removes smoke from your kitchen, clears the air for a better breathing cooking environment, and provides a clear view.

The multi-layer filters will effectively remove the smoke and grease, creating a healthy kitchen environment. The 30-inch width fits your kitchen area well. It’s easy to clean after use—a perfect addition to any kitchen.

10. Frigidaire FHWC3660LS 36 Glass Canopy Wall-Mount Hood

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The Frigidaire FHWC3660LS 36 Glass Canopy Wall-Mount Hood is an elegant and highly functional addition to your kitchen. Capable of removing smoke, odors, and even unwanted moisture. This appliance complements your stovetop with its monochrome design. It also has bright LED lights that illuminate your cooktop so you can better monitor your meals.

 This model doesn’t have an energy-efficient design. However, it does offer one feature that would compensate for this disadvantage. The unit’s structural strength is 10 times more durable than other kitchen hoods.

This hood helps keep your kitchen well ventilated while keeping food odors at bay. It has easy installation and retains its spot among the sturdiest built-in island range hoods around.


Contrary to popular belief, choosing a wall mount range hood can be difficult if you do not know what to look for. So, to make the work more easier and fast for you and remove the guess-work involved, The list above is about the 10 best wall mount range hoods in the market. 

The most important features you should consider when picking out a wall mount range hood are its size, configuration, build quality, and style. Think about which features are most needed by you and go from there.

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