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9 Best whole house water filter for well – 2022 Reviews

Filtration system for the whole house, also known as point-of-entry (POE) water filtration systems is to clean and filter contaminants like E. Coli, protozoa, and some viruses from well water. It also removes hard water minerals, such as Calcium, magnesium, and iron. The best whole house water filter for well removes these harmful microorganisms.

Do you need the best whole house water filter for well? Aquasana Whole House Well Filter System comes with a good filtration system that improves the taste of your water, healthy-looking hair, and skin by treating and removing various harmful contaminants from your water. A good whole house filtration will do a lot more in helping you remove hard sediments, impurities, and reduced hardness.

Water plays a significant role in every household, and it is used for cooking, bathing, and cleaning dishes and cloth. We have picked the very best based on some key factors to ease your buying decision. Continue reading other top products on the market

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1. Aquasana Whole House Well Filter System

2. Aquaboon big blue water filter

3. APEC Water System

4. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Water Filter System

5. iSpring 2-Stage Water Filtration System [/su_box]

Best whole house water filter for well

whole house water filtration system for well water1. Aquasana Whole House Well Filter System

Aquasana filter is explicitly constructed to remove well water contaminants like viruses and bacteria. It comes with a starlight UV filtration. It removes 97% of all Chlorine and other harmful contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides, rust, and metal particles. You are sure of getting clean and healthy water from all your home taps with this filter.

Upgraded Carbon Media

The upgraded carbon is to remove any form of contaminants in your water. It is combined with a UV purifier and Scale Control Media which leave healthy minerals in the water after removing all kinds of lead, mercury, herbicide, and any form of impurity sediment.

High Performance

It’s of 2 tanks support water to contact the contaminant grabbing media, which prevents clogging on the filter channel. The high tech used in manufacturing the filter is geared toward increasing filter media performance.

Top Grade Components

All its components in the installation kit are conditioner tank, filter tank, post-filter, and brass fittings. Other parts that make the installation possible are a 20″ pre-filter, bend support, and warranty. The product comes with a complete installation kit.

Easy To maintain

It is cost-effective and performs excellently. There is no draining or back flushing needed, with the standard rate of usage though depending on the millions of gallons used, you should change the inner filter every three months.


It has a post filter

Has a salt free filtration



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2. Aquaboon big blue water filter

This filter offers flexibility and the capacity to meet a large water consumption household with its pressure gauge. It provides plenty of water that can be used for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Big Blue Water House

The large water housing makes it possible to distribute water sufficiently without any break and slow water. It will enable water to circulate throughout the household water pipe without delay or any stoppage.

Top Quality

The high-quality water system is made with polypropylene. It releases water with high flow and removes heavy sediment. The product is specially made for well water chemicals and other impurity removals. It can use for commercial and industrial purposes.

Easy to Use

The product design is constructed to give security while using it. You can use the pressure release button to change the Cartridge easily. It is tightly fixed as you won’t experience outbursts or leakage due to the Double O-rig it is manufactured with. It meets with whole house water filter standard with prolonged durability.

Simple Installation Process

It is one of the filters that can be installed without professional skills if you follow the installation manual strictly.


Double O-ring

Large filtration capacity



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3. APEC Water System

Apec water reverse osmosis system is certified and America’s No.1 rated water filter brand to deliver clean and healthy water at an affordable price. It improves the taste of your water for drinking. Simultaneously, the 5 stage filtration system is made with a high level of contaminant rejection rate with high-level performance for a more extended period.

High Carbon Block

The double carbon blocks are carefully designed to remove Chlorine and other forms of chemicals from your water to make it drinkable. The filter is made with a thick carbon surface to filter water without delay in supplying the treated water to various water pipes for use.

High-Quality Water

The taste of your water will be improved, giving you refreshing water without impurity after removing 99% of Chlorine, foul odor and taste, toxic fluoride, arsenic, lead, and chromium. It will guarantee your household pure and healthy water for all kinds of consumption.

Tight Fitting

It is constructed to avoid any leaking after fitting it into your house. The fitting parts teeth are produced with stainless steel for a firm and tight grip. The unique o-ring prevents any leakage with its leak-proof seal. With this super advantage, you should worry less about water littering your floor as you can fix the filter anywhere within your home.

Easy Installation 

It is a straightforward process of installation. Follow the installation manual or watch a video of this product on video. And also, maintaining this brand cost less


WQA Certified System

Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis



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4. iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Water Filter System

This filter comes with a 6 stage system. Every stage is designed to remove contaminants, improve and make your water clean for domestic uses.

Water Softener

The filter alkaline remineralization filter comes in a 6 stage filtration by creating balanced alkalinity in your water. This gives your water a better taste while drinking. The RO membrane removes any contaminants and water pollutants.

NSF Certified

The filter is certified for standard by NSF against NSF 58/ANSI for TDS reduction. It’s designed to filter your water through an ultra-safe Reverse Osmosis to make your water clean and healthy for drinking. It removes contaminants like Lead, Chlorine, fluoride, and arsenic.

Easy Installation

All you need is to read the instruction manual. It fit under a standard kitchen sink or any best position within the house that best suit you.

Multi-Layer System

This particular system gives complete filtration through the removal of over 1,000 contaminants likers Asbestos, mercury, and sodium.


Reverse Osmosis feature

Alkaline Remineralization



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5. iSpring 2-Stage Water Filtration System

Ispring filtration system transforms your water into a high-quality one making it drinkable and usable for cooking, washing, and bathing.

Two Filtration Stage

This stages filtration system is crafted to remove heavy metal particles like iron and manganese using a very high coconut shell carbon with a compact technology impact. The system eliminates terrible taste and odor from your water. It also removes 99% chlorine and herbicides as your family is protected and your water tap and faucet last longer.

Carbon block filter

It is a unique feature that removes well water impurities; The efficiency is top-notch with coconut shell carbon in removing contaminants that may be dangerous to human health if ingested.

Filter Capacity

This product can filter up to 50,000 gallons. The filter can last you for at least 6months without you worrying about changing or replacing any part.


Coconut shell activated carbon filter

Easy DIY Installation



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6. iFilters Whole House Filter 

The filter comes with a dual filtration system that reduces elements like Dirt and sand plus chemicals like Chlorine and bad odor. It has a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute which is okay for standard household usage. It delivers a maximum level of performance at an affordable price

2 Stage Filtration

The first stage is the sediment filter which removes all kinds of heavy metals particles which the second stage is the carbon filter. It works well when installing at the point of entry to your home pipes and the point of use, like under your kitchen sink or close to the dishwasher machine.

Easy View

The filter housing is made with clear and transparent housing that allows you to see the Cartridge’s performance level. You will see when the Cartridge is dirty and the appropriate time to change it.

Pressure Relief Button

Changing the filter cartridge has been made simple and stressful less with the relief bottom. All you need is to press it to pull out the Cartridge for a replacement. The Cartridge can last for 6months before replacement. But not that the level of water usage also determines the replacement time of the filter cartridge.

Low maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining this filter after purchase is relatively low. You won’t have to spend money replacing the water heater, laundry machine, and other appliances as they are protected against ash chemicals that can affect sensitive valves and seals.


5-micron rated filtration

Polypropylene Sediment filter



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7. Culligan Whole House Water Filter

Culligan filter removes Dirt and silt from your water. You need clean and healthy water for your cooking and any other domestic activities that require water use.

Perfect for Homes

It is a perfect match for home users as it protects pipes, metal taps, and other appliances that use water from sediment that can gradually damage them.

Remove Sediment

It is designed to remove all kinds of sediment like rust, sand, and silt. It is very dangerous to have these substances in your home water, and that’s why you need this filter to keep yourself safe and secure your household’s health.

Extra Features

 It comes with a stainless steel reinforced inlet and outlet connectors. It also includes a bypass 

valve and a battery-operated timer for filter replacement


certified by WQA



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8. SimPure Spin Down Sediment Filter

This whole house water filter purifies your water with its pre-filter feature that traps sediment. It assures you of getting purer water in your household. No particles will reach your pipes and taps, and other home appliances, making you spend nothing or less on plumbing maintenance.


This filter prevents contaminants and all forms of sediment from getting the various pipes within the household. Contaminants like Calcium, Dirt, rust, and sand granules. All you need is to open the drain valve for like 30 seconds to flush sediments and clean all water channels in other to have an effective filtering effect.

Safe Material

Materials used have been certified by NSF and SGS – BPA FREE. Its 40-micron food-grade stainless steel filter is to remove large particles from entering your home through water pipes. The inbuilt clear screen filter can withstand pressure just as it is anti-freezing and hammer-resistant strength.

Compatibility and Installation

It is compatible with any kind of water source are system. However, it is best suited for municipal water. If you are to use it for well water, you will have to change the filter to a 200pm filter element. The ease of installation is worthy of knowing as you can install it yourself or call a professional if you don’t wish to handle it.


No clogging

Filtration Accuracy



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9. Whirlpool Central Water Filtration System

This filter keeps your mind rest on maintenance as the central filtration system clean and drain its internal filter all by itself. It provides more hygienic and healthy water for drinking, bathing, and washing while contaminants like Chlorine have been removed.

No Filter Replacement

This high-performing central water filter automatically flushes and cleans its filter every 14days. With this, you don’t need to bother about changing the filter for the product’s entire lifespan.

Unlimited Gallons

It filters total gallons of water as a guarantee of getting clean and healthy water in any amount at any time.

Remove Contaminants

This certified water filter removes 40 contaminants and microorganisms like Chlorine and other contaminants. You can go to sleep after installing.

Easy Installation

Its bypass valve feature makes it possible to maintain equal level pressure across all household water pipes. You will need the installation manual to help you find it challenging to do it yourself.


No filter changing

DIY Installation



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Whole house water filtration system for well water: Buyer’s Guide

whole house water filter for well systemBefore buying a whole house water filter, some key factors need to be considered. Household spaces are not the same, so different house filter will be required by different homes, just as the water consumption rate of your household is to be considered during the search for the best whole house filter

1. Water Quality

You will first need to test your water quality by knowing the type of contaminants in your water. If you use well water as your water source, you should send a sample of your water to an independent lab for testing to get a comprehensive report on the state of your water. Or better still, you can purchase a water testing kid to detect the hard water level, iron, heavy metals, and other impurities

2. Water Filter Types

A whole house water filter should remove Chlorine, chloramine, magnesium, sulfur, sediments, disinfection byproducts, and other contaminants that cause bad odor and taste. Some filters are carbon-based and KDF filtration systems that remove bacterial and algae. One with a water softener feature will provide soft water. Doing a home water filter analysis will help you detect the particular contaminants you want your filter to deal with in your water. If you get a filter with a copper-zinc might be perfect for you or a UV filtration system that removes all bacterial while carbon filtration system removes Chlorine plus sediments and leave your well water healthy for you and your family.

3. Flow Rate

A whole house filter should be able to supply water at 10-15 gpm(GPM, or gallons per minute, is the metric that represents flow rate), which is an average speed rate for every house appliances that use water like a kitchen faucet, bathroom shower, washing machine, and dishwasher. Some produce fewer gallons of water per minute; if you have a large household, you should refrain from such a product. If you get the perfect one, you won’t need to worry about insufficient water supply or any form of fluctuation.

4. Micron Rating

Micron rating is very vital when looking our a perfect whole house filtration system. With a good micron rating, a filter can remove a large number of contaminants. Always look out of 50 as it efficiently removes fluoride, chemicals, bacterial, and lead. Some other suitable microns are 25, 10,1, and It is worthy of note that the lower that micron rating, the lower the output water pressure

5. Water Filter Cost

The cost of the filter should be the same as your set budget. The consideration should not be on price alone but with its life span and filter/cartridge replacement cost. A filter with a larger media tank tends to be costlier than the ones that filter less than 1,000,000 gallons of water. Its cost of maintenance, in the long run, should be considered. Water filters with Cartridge are cheaper, but you will have to change the filter every 6 months.

6. Space

Water filters for the whole house are always bigger compare to the likes of faucet filters. You will need a space to place the filter conveniently, so you will need enough space to accommodate it.

7. Water consumption rate

The level of water consumption of your household is a big determinant in the kind of filter you are getting that will serve along. A large family will go for one with a large water filtration capacity, which will last long. The cheaper filter may not give you both and may lead to changing Cartridge often, which is not good economically.

8. Product certification

The household filter should be certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) OR WQA (Water Quali-ty Association) with the seal on it. This means the filter has showcased and proved its product to use as long as it passes vigorous testing. If a product is not certified, it doesn’t make the product inferior or less quality as some can’t afford NSF OR WQA standard but rather go with a trusted independent lab.

9. Life Span

The life span of the filter is as important as installation. Time and convenience in changing Cartridge often are crucial factors to look out for. You can go for a filter that will last for about six months before you can change it Cartridge, but if you are not bothered with changing Cartridge every month, then you know the ones to go for. Your maintenance culture can also enhance the longevity of your filtration system.

10. Maintenance Simplicity

The more you maintain a device, the more it’s possible to last long. Changing the Cartridge shouldn’t b a nightmare, so try read the product review to get the replacement tips to know if you can afford to go with the product. Cleaning the filter or replacing the required regular cleaning to prolong the device with high performance

Types of Drinking Water Contaminants

Chemical contaminants

Chemical contaminants that can be found in our water are pesticides, bleach, toxins by bacteria, and nitrogens.

Physical contaminants

 Human errors or natural occurrences cause these contaminants. Contaminants like sediments from soil erosion and organic substance suspended by rivers or lakes.

Biological contaminants

These are mostly aquatic microorganisms found in water, like viruses, bacteria, and protozoan.

How to install a whole house water filter for well system

whole house well water filtration system reviewsInstalling a whole-house filter is quite different from the likes of a faucet filter. It requires some plumbing skill, but you have all the tools needed like fittings, tubing, and a pipe cutter. It is something you can do if you follow this installation process.

1. Read the product manual to know how to activate the device

2. Off the water from the source

3. Drain the remaining water in the pipe

4. Cur the main water line water you want to fix it

5. insert shut off valves on both sides of the filtration system for easy cleaning

6. Rejoin the whole house filter with the pipes and make sure all are facing the right direction

7. Now, turn on the water from the source

8. Open the valves but leave the bypass closed

9. if there is any leak at this point, use the Teflon tape

10. leave the water running for minutes in other to flush the entire water system

How to maintain whole house water filtration system

best whole house water filtration systemWhen you use a water filtration system like tank media, then you don’t need too much maintenance, just the sediment filter that needs replacements when due. But if your water filtration system is a cartridge base, then a close watch is needed regularly to keep it in top performance. All you need is to change the filter/cartridge regularly.

1. Turn off the water supply on both sides and the inlet valve

2. Drain all the water in the filtration system and pipes

3. Remove the filter housing, then take out the old filter and put the new one

4. Wash the filter house with soap or bleach solution, rinse it with water, and apply lubricant before fixing it back.

5. On the water back to the filter

6. Check if there is any leakage; if there is, use Teflon tape.

7. Leave the water running through the new filter for minutes.

Why you need a whole house water filtration and softener system

Based on data, most municipal and city water is contaminated with one contaminant to another. Most of these contaminants are harmful, but some can be dangerous to your health if accumulated in the body. That’s why you need to get a water filter for your household to protect your entire family’s health.

You use water in so many ways and for many things. If you think taking bottled water is enough to protect you from water contaminants, then have you considered activities like cooking, washing your veggies, and bathing. If you escape by not drinking, then you can’t escape using it for cooking or bathing. The best remedy is to get a whole house water filtration system in place.

You need a central filter to filter water from the source to protect your home water pipe and faucets from damages due to the high volume of iron in unfiltered water. With this, you will spend less on repair and reduce maintenance costs too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best whole house water filter system for well water?

 A whole house water filter with a UV(Ultraviolet) system is the best water filtration system you can be sure of getting the job done. These filters work perfectly with well water and eliminate 99% of contaminants.

What micron filter is best for well water?

The generally accepted filter for well water is a ceramic filter. It protects your water from all kinds of contaminants that can found in well water.

Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It?

Depending on what you are using the water for. But generally, a whole house water filter helps remove sediments and chemicals that can affect one’s health. It will be worth every cost you put on it.

Is it better to have a well or city water?

From the natural point of view, well water is better than city water because you have total control over your water source without any unseen chemicals. An individual manages city water as they treat it with chemicals. 

Do I need a sediment filter for well water?

Well, water filters with sediment filtration do well in removing heavy particles by making the water safe to drink and bathe.


Owning a private water source like well water is a good initiative, but the state of the water takes a lot of effort. A whole house water filtration system for well water will protect you and your family, give you are healthy life. If you wish to prolong your household’s healthy living culture, you need the best whole house water filter for well. You will need to get a filter that will serve you for a more extended period. Put the size of your family into consideration before buying any filter. A larger household will require a filter that can process more than a million gallons before you think of filter replacement.

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