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Does Blendtec 575 have a Preprogrammed settings?

Blendtec is a big brand kitchen appliance industry with a high reputation and quality products. They understand users’ needs, and that’s why they introduced new technological features and functions like Preprogrammed settings in their blenders. One of their blender that comes with great features is Blendtec 575, with advanced functions and usability.

Are you looking for an affordable high-performance blender? Blendtec Classic 575 comes with a fancy look and a unique style; it is durable and capable of processing ice cube to snow with a 3 peak horsepower, stainless steel blade, and 1560-watt motor to make it possible for you to have a chilled smoothie. It includes a spoonula that can be used to collect ingredients from any part of the blender container to avoid waste with a personalized-sized smoothie jar.

The 5 preset speed is all you need to blend any kind of ingredient from soft to tough ingredients to make smoothies, salsas, hot soups, and more. It is multi-functional and easy to operate with a user-friendly function button. Its design is modern to fit every kitchen design regardless of the color or art, as the blender comes with 5 different colors depending on the one you will love to go with.

 It is dishwasher safe to save you the stress of washing by hand, with its great feature and functionality. It’s still very affordable compare to other brands with similar features.

blendtec classic 575 reviewBlendtec Classic 575 Blender

Features and Specifications

  • Patented blade
  • Large batches BPA-free jar
  • 36-ounce blending capacity (wet or dry)
  • 2 Year comprehensive warranty
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Thicker stainless-steel forged blade
  • LED display
  • 4 preprogrammed cycles 
  • 5-speed manual control


  • It is powerful and multi-functional
  • User-friendly Touchpad interface
  • Sleek design and 6 color options


  • Limited four preprogrammed cycles
  • It too loud for some people

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Blendtec Classic 575 – Buyers Guide

blendtec 575 reviewVersatility

The blender is multipurpose and performs in various capacities ranging from tough ingredients like nuts, frozen banana, and ice cube by crushing them to a smooth texture. It comes with a spoonula that can be used to push down ingredients back to the center of the jar where the blade is located.

The Container

The blender is made from Tritan copolyester turned into a wild side Jar enough to blend your ingredient at once with its blending vortex capacity that changes when blending as there is no limit to what the blender can grind smoothly. The other version of the container is its 4 side that looks like a square which generates heat from the blade friction to produce hot soup without the container been affected.

 The blade is attached to the jar base, making it fixed with the container, but it can put the whole container into a dishwasher machine to clean it up after use.


The blade is made from laser-cut stainless and comes with two wings used for crushing anything put into it, though; it might not be sharp and won’t cut your hand when washing, but what the blade needed most is power from the blade motor. The blades are attached to the container and not removable. The blade is dishwasher safe alongside the container.

Lid Cover

The lid cover is two-in-one as it has a small removable lid in the middle attached with the bigger lid cover. It has vented shafts that allow steam to go out whenever you are preparing hot soup with the blender.

Cord Compartment

The blender cord with 2.9 ft is long enough to keep you a bit far from blending. The blender has a cord compartment on it after every use; it’s advisable to roll the cord back to the compartment.

Pulse Function

It has a pulse function that automatically runs at speed 7 and can blend dense food. The blender can be very loud if it’s at a maximum speed, while the blenders work quietly at their lowest speed.

Preprogrammed mode

The preprogrammed setting making it possible to have a smoothie cycle mode which time is adjustable as the default speed is run for 50 seconds but can be increased to 60 or 90 depending on what you want; you need to know that you won’t be able to control the blender speed during speed until it reaches the set seconds then stop.

There is another cycle that can be used to perform self-cleaning on the blender. These same cycles can prepare hot soup and your favorite smoothie for your and the household. All you have to do is wash and put your ingredient into the container, then press the dedicated smoothie buttons, leave it to do other things then come back to have your smoothie ready.


This blender is one of the powerful blenders you find around as it comes with a 3 peak horsepower and a 1725 watt moto to give the blade all the power it needs for it to do well in efficiently pulverizes and crushing ingredients like hard nut and ice with leaving any part within the jar untouched. The blender is protected against overheating with its inbuilt cooling technology that keeps the blender base always remain cool.

Ease of Cleaning

First, the blender container is dishwasher safe making the cleaning a flexible one; it has another simple way of cleaning with its self-cleaning function, which is one of the preprogrammed cycles of the blender. You need to add little water and dishwasher soap to press the cleaning button and leave it until the cycle is completed.

Remove the container to pour the soapy dirty water in the sink, then rinse it under running water, and that’s all. The blender base is also easy to clean with the smooth surface of the blender base as there are no knobs or switches on it. You can wipe any spill dirt on it with a towel.


Blendtec put an eight years warranty on Blendtec 575. The eight years show how durable the blender is as it can last beyond eight years without any technical problem if adequately maintained. It also comes with the manufacturer’s 30 days money guarantee policy if the blender has any issue with the said days.  

Control Panel      

The simplicity and modern design of the blender control panel make it a user-friendly interface. It has a blue LED display with a touchpad that can be used to put the blender in the function you want and display the count down seconds when blending. You can gently press the pad to start and stop. the blender, the pads also serve for the 5-speed function and the preprogrammed blending cycle       

Blendtec Replacement Jar

, blendtec replacement jarBlendtec blender has varieties of Blendtec jars to work with. Food/ingredients are either soft or hard, and there is some ingredient that requires a special container for a perfect blending. One of the best things about Blendtec is making their blender compatible with all the containers, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Just identify the one that will serve you and go for it.

The tamper might not be needed as Blendtec has designed the jar to push all ingredients to the center where the blade is located. The blade is strong enough to serve you till you stop blending. The different Blendtec jar is as follows:

 Blendtec FourSide Jar

Product Specification

  • No tamper/plunger needed
  • 75 oz Volume jar with 32 oz blending capacity (wet or dry
  • Includes blunt safety blade
  • BPA-free and impact resistant
  • Easy-open gripper lid 
  • Jar measurement markings
  • 3-year Comprehensive warranty

Compatibility: Compatible with all Blendtec blenders except Blendtec mix n’ Blend models

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Blendtec WildSide Jar

Product Specification

  • Patented 5-sided jar 
  • Made from durable polyester
  • 3 corners for simple pouring
  • Lightweight jar
  • BPA-free and impact resistant
  • 1 Year comprehensive warranty

Compatibility: works with all Blendtec blenders except with Blendtec mix n’ Blend models

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Blendtec Replacement Jar – Product Reviews

Blendtec Classic 5751. Wildside Jar

This jar is the most powerful jar among all Blendtec jars; it is an excellent choice to blend hard ingredients. It comes with a fifth side with a vortex that pushes the ingredient down to the jar center where the blade can be found.

2. Twister Jar

This 37oz jar is another container that is chosen base on its capacity to crush tough ingredients like nut butter and bread dough. You can use a tamper with it as the lid cover has a smaller lid at the middle, which you can remove during blending to use the tamper.

 3. Classic FourSide Container

This jar comes with a new blender. It has a square sharp with a vortex that pushes down ingredients automatically without the need for a tamper. It is a bit less in price smaller in size compare to the Wildside jar. 

Look at the blender jar above and choose the one that suits your blending style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Blendtec blender worth it?

Blendtec blenders come with a modern look and technologically enhanced functions like the digital LED display on the blender’s base. With all these unique features, Blendtec blenders are worth it.

Why is Blendtec so expensive?

With all its features and functions, Blendtec blender is affordable compared to other brands with a similar product. With the price, the blender is still a better option in terms of durability and versatility.

What does a Blendtec do?

 This blender recognizes the need and trend for a digitized blender. Blendtec blender has a LED display feature with a self-cleaning function. Its motor is strong enough to aid the blade in blending any ingredient you put into it.

How long should a Blendtec last?

Blendtec blenders have one of the longest warranty years, indicating that the product is durable and can last longer than the warranty years. Their warranty covers within 8-12 years. The parts last longer, including the base motor

Can I put boiling water in Blendtec?

When it comes to Blendtec blender, you should be careful about putting a hot substance into it. Don’t put boiling water into the Blendtec jar. Don’t let your ingredient temperature be more than 46°C. Again don’t put boiling water into the jar.


It is a fact that Blendtec blenders are beautiful and good looking, it also comes with super motor, touchpad controls and efficient blades that is reliable and efficient. Choosing Blendtec 575 isn’t the wrong choice as you are sure of getting value for your money as it has a long-year warranty. It can be expensive but if you want a powerful blender for multipurpose, stick with the Blendtec classic 575.

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