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Can I Use A Cooling Rack In The Oven? Here Is How You Can Use It

Can I use a cooling rack in the oven? Yes, you can. However, let’s dive a bit deeper and focus on how you can use cooling racks and if they do make a difference in the quality of your baked dishes.

You can use a cooling rack in the oven, but it depends on what brand of rack you have. The best is to use a cooling rack, also called a wire cooling rack. If there is a label indicating that it is safe for oven use, you should be fine.

 If there isn’t any label or instruction, you should probably stick with how it should be used.

What are cooling racks?

What are cooling racksA cooling rack is a mesh, wire, or metal grid that holds food above a container or sink to drain dripping moisture and allow air circulation around the food. 

The purpose of cooling racks is the same as that of colanders; they allow water or other liquids to run off foods and protect foods from overheating.

When pan-frying or grilling foods, it helps the grease, oil, or fat drain away from the food after it’s cooked. 

It is helpful when cooking for large groups because of its ability to fit on most burners or in an oven. Cooling racks are also great.

Be sure to follow the instruction booklet with your rack since they may have specific instructions for its use.

Types of Cooling Rack

Types of Cooling RackCooling racks come in various styles, from square to rectangular to round and open slat racks to closed slat racks. 

They are constructed with various materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, chrome-plated steel sheet metal, and even bamboo for natural cooling. 

Here is some information to know about the materials used in constructing cooling racks

1. Aluminum cooling racks

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This type of cooling rack is sturdy, lightweight, and can be used with an oven, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave.

It is versatile and convenient with rust-resistant ability. It is lightweight and easy to clean and can be easily stacked or arranged.

Aluminum racks last for years while maintaining superior strength and rigidity.

2. Stainless steel cooling rack

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Stainless steel cooling racks are the perfect way to contain spills. Great for catching grease drippings.

While cooking on your grill or smoker, they’re also great for containing dry goods while they cool down.

The smooth surface of this type of cooling makes them easy to clean and sanitize after use.

This type of cooling rack prevents the bottom of food from getting soggy; It can stand up to heavy use.

3. Chrome-plated cooling racks

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A chrome-plated steel wire cooling rack will help you cool down your meal after baking, cooking, or any other treatment.

It can cook anything from meat, seafood, and poultry to cakes, pies, and cookies. It is easy to clean and mostly dishwasher safe.

This type of rack can easily withstand temperatures of up to 500°F and hold up for years of use.

Can I put a cooling rack in the oven?

Can I put a cooling rack in the ovenIt would be best if you did not put a cooling rack directly in a hot oven. The heat from the rack would melt the plastic, and it would cause scratches on the pan. 

Take a cookie cooling rack and set it on a pizza pan or cookie sheet. Then place the baking pan on top of the cooling rack. If you need more ventilation, you can also put aluminum foil underneath the pan.

For safe usage of cooling racks with an oven, it’s advisable to go for racks with safe oven labels on them. With this, you should have any worries about whether to put it on or not.

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Can I use a coated cooling rack in the oven?

You can use a coated cooling rack in the oven. It is made of anodized aluminum, which is rust-resistant. The coating helps the cooling rack from sticking to food during the cooking process.

If your oven is heated correctly, the coating will not melt. However, it depends on the coating; like a glaze or non-stick coating, it will eventually wear off or begin to flake over time.

For safety, it should be cleaned thoroughly before use by removing any debris or food particles. 

Its cooking time should be short since aluminum reduces conductivity and tends to warp at high temperatures. I would not expect a coated rack to last very long if used regularly in an oven.

It is better to use in an oven at a temperature below 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

How can I tell if a cooling rack is oven-safe?

How can I tell if a cooling rack is oven-safeAn oven-safe cooling rack is a rack that has been specially designed and built and can stand up to extreme heat and cold so you can place it in the oven.

Before using a cooling rack in the oven, the first thing you need to do before using a cooling rack is to read the product description; if the item doesn’t carry any indication as oven-safe, don’t use it with the oven.

However, if it does say oven-safe, we recommend taking note of the different metal types and temperatures at which the cooling racks will work properly.

The shape of the rack is also another way to tell if it’s oven-safe. Square or rectangular racks are always oven-safe because they have four flat sides so that heat can reach the food from all angles. As long as the entire rack is metal, it should be fine.

If using metal, the material will say on it somewhere, usually on the bottom where it’s stamped “Oven Safe.” If using glass, be sure to verify with the manufacturer.

Ways to use a cooling rack 

Ways to use a cooling rack To Smoke Meat or Fish

A Cooling Rack is perfect for smoking meat or fish because you can easily control the smoke by placing the beef above or beneath the cooling rack. 

It helps to eliminate smoke when desired and helps to create smoke when desired. Using a cooling rack also makes room for your food to cook more evenly by allowing the smoke to circulate on all sides of your food.

When used as a smoker, meat or fish can be placed directly on the cool rack above indirect heat to penetrate smoke without cooking the outer layers. 

Some racks are specifically to work as smokers, with drip pans positioned underneath to capture fat drippings.

For Basting meats or poultry

One of the ways to use a cooling rack involves roasting or cooking meat or vegetables and basting. It helps you baste a turkey or a ham and also make desserts easily on it. 

Whether you want to roast a chicken or make a layer cake, using a cooling rack will help you get your baking done conveniently and easily, and cleanly.

Pour the sauce onto the rack and turn it over onto your serving dish. For broiling, place the food on the rack and position it directly under the broiler.

For Crispier Baked Foods

A cooling rack is a perfect tool for making crisper cookies and other desserts, such as cakes and pastries.

It allows hot air to circulate around the dessert instead of just blowing upward from underneath. 

With this, it helps make crispier cookies and creates a beautiful, golden-brown crust on your desserts.

Slide them off the pan or baking sheets and onto a rack before cooling to make baked crispier with it. With the air circulating underneath, the excess moisture evaporates faster. 

There are times when you want to cool foods without refrigerating because cold air will cause condensation. Placing cooled cookies, cupcakes, or brownies on a rack overnight instead of in an airtight container allows air to circulate around them, which also inhibits mold from growing.

To bake Oven Bacon

It is perfect for preparing and cooking bacon in the oven, but other ways to use it are. Beyond slicing up a slab of bacon, place your cooling rack on your kitchen counter and put fruit or vegetables on it to air dry. 

You can also use the rack to create candy and appetizers like bacon-wrapped cheese balls by arranging pieces of candy and treats on them. It frees up your stovetop and makes cleanup easier.

Traditional wire racks tend to buckle under the weight of the bacon or even crumble right out of the oven. To avoid this problem, try using a cooling rack instead. 

The rounded edges of a cooling rack will keep all your bacon flat on the tray while still supporting its weight.

Can You Use Cookie Cooling Rack in Oven?

Most cookie cooling racks are not safe to use in the oven, but there is an exception. If the rack has feet, it can’t be used in the oven because of the heat generated. The feet would melt, and there is no need to cook cookies directly on a cooling rack.

However, all conventional cookie cooling racks are made out of aluminum. Aluminum is a thermal conductor, which means that it absorbs heat from the kitchen more efficiently than, say, glass, plastic or stainless steel cookie cooling rack, which just conducts heat from one point to another point without absorbing much. 

So if youre going to use a cookie cooling rack while baking cookies or other foods at high temperatures, you should use one made out of thermal conducting material like aluminum, so it can absorb the high temperatures, distribute the heat evenly across the top, and bottom of your food and thus make your kitchen cleaner with less mess as well as maintain sufficient heat for cooking purposes.

Can You Use a Chrome Cooling Rack in the Oven?

You can use a standard chrome cooling rack in the oven. Cover it with a sheet of aluminum foil for easy clean-up afterward.

Chrome Cooling Racks are made with rust-resistant, solid wire construction and must-have for every kitchen. Great for baking turkey or chicken, these sturdy racks prevent food from sitting in water and having a soggy texture.

Moreso, a chrome steel cooling rack is made of solid steel, which is quite flexible when the temperature is under 500° F. When the track temperature goes higher than 550°F, it will start to deform faster. At 700°F, you might find that this cooling rack has changed shape and got shorter and shorter. It’s up to you to explore how high the racks can resist as it used in your oven or grill.

Can Black Cooling Racks Go in the Oven

Yes, black metal cooling racks can go in the oven. As long as you put the heavy-duty ones but NEVER put a baking pan on them, it will mess up the pan.

But you should be aware that not all of them are designed for that purpose. The interior coating is not as thick and may wear off quickly if put into a hot oven. Look for shelving specifically designed for oven use.

Can I Bake on Wire Rack?

It is safe to cook on a wire rack. Baking on the wire rack allows heat to circulate all around the food instead of underneath, like cooking in the oven.

However, they are generally not used in a domestic kitchen since they take up too much space, and many other pans will not fit around them.

Baking rack vs cooling rack

Baking racks support an item while it bakes in the oven, While Cooling racks are to be used after you bake something to allow the food to cool off quicker. 

It is to prevent your food from being soggy from sitting in a pool of hot air. If you want to keep your baked goods crisp and delicious, then a cooling rack is for you.

Baking rack

Baking racks are placed on the bottom of baking pans to prevent food from soaking in grease, grilling gadgets to cook evenly, and draining fried foods.

It usually consists of 4 to 8 sloped levels, which are placed one over the other to place the food you want to bake on top of them. 

You can also purchase a single-level baking pan which provides you with a convenient and straightforward cooking experience like grilling and roasting.

Cooling rack

A cooling rack is a metal wire rack whose purpose is to allow air to circulate the food it holds, thus cooling. It is often used between steps of preparation rather than baking or cooking immediately.

It can use it in combination with another cooling solution to allow said liquid to drain away from the food item being cooled.

They are commonly used in kitchens and for baking and cooking and can be made of any material, such as aluminium, steel, wood, and silicone. It’s in several shapes and sizes, depending upon the functions they serve.

Frequently Asked Question

Can wire cooling racks be used in the oven?

Wire cooling racks can be used in the oven, but they may warp and melt. The best way to protect a cooling rack from heat damage is to use a pan underneath it when placing it in an oven.

Can I bake chicken on a cooling rack?

You can bake chicken on a cooling rack. Just make sure it is placed on a parchment-lined baking sheet, and the rack isn’t completely submerged in the chicken’s juices. The rack allows the heat and steam to circulate and flavor to baste the chicken as it cooks.

Is a cooling rack necessary?

It is important to have a cooling rack for baking because it allows air to circulate food to prevent moisture from condensing and changing the item’s appearance. Having air circulation also stops the formation of mold or bacteria if your house tends to be humid.

What can I use as a cooling rack?

A cookie, baking, or cooling rack can be used for cooling items. Heavy-duty racks made from aluminum or stainless steel are great, but you might even use a cooling rack from a toaster oven, old window screen, or grill rack. 

You can also use baking sheets, cooling racks that fit into your toaster oven or microwave or cooling racks specially designed for the freezer.

Why do my cakes stick to the cooling rack?

Suppose your cakes cool for at least 10 minutes on the wire rack before removing them. If you remove them too soon, they will fall apart or crack on the bottom. The solution involves coating the cooling rack with non-stick cooking spray or lightly dusting it with flour before placing the cake on it for cooling.


Can I use a cooling rack in the oven? A cooling rack is typically used for cooling baked goods after baking in the oven. This cooling method will keep the outer parts of the cookies or bread crisp while preventing steam from making it soggy. While most cooling racks can be used in the oven, some racks are better suited than others for this particular job.

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