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Picanha Recipe

Picanha Recipe

If you’re looking to cook up an authentic taste of Brazil, this picanha recipe may be what you need! This beef steak dish isn’t just delicious — it’s also incredibly easy to prepare. What Is Picanha? Picanha translates to “little cow” or “small cow” because the cut is so small. The name comes from the …

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Bologna Recipe

Smoked Bologna Recipe

Smoking food isn’t new. It goes back as far as ancient Rome where they used to smoke meats like pork belly in order to preserve them. Today, we still enjoy this tradition with many different kinds of meat, but one that has become popular over the years is bologna. This deliciously fatty cured sausage is …

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Salpicao Recipe

Salpicao (also known as “shredded chicken with bacon” or “chicken salad”) is a popular Spanish-American dish that’s typically prepared by shredding cooked chicken breast into small pieces, mixing them with chopped green bell peppers, onions, black olives, celery, and tomatoes in a bowl, adding salt and pepper, and then topping it all off with crumbled …

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