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How To Make Cranberry Juice Taste Better

If you are looking for how to make pure cranberry juice taste better then you’ve found the right place! There is nothing tastier in the universe than pure, fruit juice. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how to make cranberry juice taste better.

To make pure cranberry juice taste better, it is necessary to improve its thick consistency. This can be done simply by adding a dash of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. The slight sourness from the lemon will serve as a counterpoint to the sweetness in the drink. Adding water can also improve the taste of cranberry juice, making it more appealing to the taste buds.

Additionally, you can enjoy a glass of pure cranberry juice without the bitter aftertaste and the sugar. You just need a few raspberries, a dash of vanilla extract, and some crushed ice.

However, cranberry juice is considered a natural diuretic, a highly recommended juice by doctors and nutritionists. It is an effective remedy for occasional constipation, bladder and kidney infections, cystitis, and leucorrhea in women.

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What is pure cranberry juice?

What is pure cranberry juicePure cranberry juice, sometimes referred to as ‘100% cranberry juice’, is the term for 100% pure fruit juice made from fresh, crushed, or frozen cranberries. Fresh berries are gently heated before being passed through a juicing machine that separates the juice from the pulp.

It contains the juice of organically grown cranberries. It is a full-spectrum, organic, raw fruit and vegetable juice that is made from fresh organic cranberries with all their naturally occurring nutrients, enzymes, and cofactors. Pure Cranberry Juice supports urinary tract health.

Moreso it is the richest natural source of antioxidants and proanthocyanidins, compounds that have been proven to fight free radicals that cause cell damage, cardiovascular disease, and premature aging.

Is cranberry juice good for you?

Cranberry juice is beneficial for those with urinary tract infections. It decreases the stickiness of E. coli so it can leave the body and decrease the number of bacteria in the urinary bladder. 

Though it does not cure an infection, it helps to flush out bacteria giving the immune system a chance to work better.

If you feel a cold or flu coming on, drink a glass to help stop it from dead in its tracks. It is not only delicious, but it is incredibly healthy and can help to ease many health problems. 

Is Cranberry Juice Bitter?

Cranberry juice can be bitter, which is often due to the way it’s processed. There are lots of ways to sweeten up your cranberry juice, though.

For instance, you can try adding lime or orange juice to your cranberry juice. These juices can cancel out some of the bitterness in cranberry juice, but they work well with the flavor profile of cranberries.

You can also add some honey to your cranberry juice. It will help sweeten the drink without becoming overpoweringly sweet like some other sweetening options.

You might also want to try adding a little bit of cinnamon or ginger to your cranberry juice if you find it too bitter. These spices are very strong and spicy, so they will overpower the bitterness of the cranberry juice and make it more palatable for you.

6 Ways To Make Cranberry Juice Taste Better

Cranberry juice is an excellent way to get more vitamins and nutrients into your diet. However, many people find the taste too strong. So if you enjoy cranberry juice but don’t care for the taste, here are five ways to help you make this healthy beverage taste better.

1. Add some Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener and can make just about any store-bought juice tastes better. Add honey to your cranberry mix until it’s masked the juice’s tartness without being too sweet.

This recipe is good for making your cranberry juice or making a jar of store-bought juice taste better, and it’s simple to put together. Just make sure you choose mild honey because honey that is too strong will overpower the delicate flavor of the berries.

2. Add Sugar

If you want to make cranberry juice taste better, just add natural sugar. Natural sugar is a non-nutritive sweetener that will enhance the flavors of your cranberry juice drink.

Cranberry juice can be a little tart, but that’s easy to fix, and it only takes two ingredients: cranberries and sugar.

So when your cranberries are mashed up, add some sugar—generally about 1/4 of a cup for every cup of juice you want, but feel free to adjust to your preferred level of sweetness.

Stir it until you see that the sugar dissolves, and you’re ready to go.

3. Use Sweeteners

Adding sweeteners to cranberry juice will enhance the sweetness while decreasing the tartness. Depending on how you want the juice to taste, you can use different sweeteners. You can add sugar or honey, for example. However, if you want something healthier, you could try agave nectar or stevia instead.

The best way to add these sweeteners to your cranberry juice is by first making a simple syrup: In a saucepan over low heat, dissolve equal parts sugar and water (you can start with 1/2 cup of each). Then add the simple syrup, little by little, to your cranberry juice until it tastes as sweet as you like.

4. Add Another Fruit Juice

 If you want a way to make your cranberry juice taste better, try mixing it with another fruit juice. Cranberry juice can be pretty tart and acidic, so adding a little sweetness from another fruit juice can help balance that out. You’ll get the benefits of both juices, and you’ll have a tasty treat.

5. Sprinkle in Salt

Add some sprinkles to your cranberry juice. A pinch of salt will better the taste of your cranberry.

As with so many things, it’s all about balance—even in your glass. Cranberry juice is famous for having a sharp flavor profile and being more sour than sweet. But don’t despair! A pinch of salt can neutralize some of that overwhelming pucker.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get a small bowl and a spoonful of salt (a teaspoon will do).
  2. Start by stirring in a few grains, then swish the liquid around your mouth before swallowing to see if you like the result.
  3. If it’s still too sour, add another sprinkle or two to the glass and try again. You can continue till you’ve reached your ideal balance.

6. Cut some cucumber into it

Cranberry juice is delicious, but we understand that it sometimes needs a little extra. Luckily, the solution is simple: cucumbers!

You have to cut some cucumber into your cranberry juice and let it soak for a few minutes. The cucumber will add some sweetness, but not too much—just enough to make it. 

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How to make cranberry juice taste good

Cranberry juice on its own can taste quite sour. But it can be made to taste sweeter, healthier, and more delicious by modifying your recipe to include an array of convenient accessories such as ice cubes, sugar, water, and mixers (for example orange juice or sparkling water), and refrigerating the drink until it has partially frozen.

Moreso, the flavor of pure cranberry juice is bitter. If you add sugar, it lessens the bitterness, but many people like the taste of pure, unsweetened cranberry juice. Here are steps that can make pure, unsweetened cranberry juice taste better.

How to Drink Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a great way to get your daily vitamins and minerals. It’s also delicious.

Here are some tips for drinking cranberry juice:

1. Cranberry juice can be served chilled or at room temperature. Serving it chilled will make it taste more like a cocktail and help you feel like you’re drinking something special, but room temperature is just as good.

2. If you’re not a fan of the taste of cranberry juice, try adding some club soda or seltzer water to your glass before pouring in the cranberry juice so that the drink isn’t too sweet on its own. You can also add a dash of lemon or lime juice if you want to add some more flavor without making it too sweet.

3. You can also try adding fruit juices like orange juice or apple cider vinegar for extra health benefits.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your cranberry juice experience:

Choose your juice wisely.

There are many different kinds of cranberry juices, but not all of them are created equal. If you’re looking for something healthy and delicious, choose a brand that is 100% pure cranberry juice—not just “cranberry flavored.”

Add some fizz if you want to drink

Why settle for flat water when you can have carbonated water? Cranberries contain natural acids that give them their signature tart flavor, which means they will also produce bubbles when mixed with carbonated water (or soda). 

It can be a fun way to add some extra excitement to your drinking experience.

How to make cranberry juice sweeter with sugar

Here are simple steps to sweeten cranberry juice with sugar so it is more pleasant to drink. 

The best way to make pure cranberry juice taste less tart and more like fresh cranberries are to add natural sweeteners like honey and/or agave nectar. 

But the problem is that if you add too much sweetness, the cranberry juice will lose its freshness, and taste overall too sweet. So add two teaspoons of sugar and a dash of salt for every cup of cranberry juice that you’d like to sweeten and mix thoroughly.

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How to make cranberry juice taste good without sugar

How to make cranberry juice taste good without sugarMaking cranberry juice sweet can be accomplished in several ways, either by adding more cranberries to your juice or you may also add banana, honey, apple, lemon, or lime juice, maple syrup, or agave nectar. Adding just a small amount of one of these ingredients will mask the bitter flavor of cranberry juice and make it taste much better.  

Add bananas

Add as much banana as you like to get the taste of cranberry juice that’s right for you. Simply peel and mash a banana and throw it into the juicer machine with your cranberries.

Cranberry juice concentrate contains 326 mg of potassium per 1 tbsp (18g) so adding this fruit will help dilute the acidity levels found in the cranberry juice helping to create a more balanced juice that isn’t too sour.

However, you can also add sweetness and flavor to your cranberry juice by adding frozen bananas. Frozen bananas provide a sweet flavor that pairs nicely with bitter juices. Bananas also provide a thicker texture and creamier consistency than fresh bananas, making them the perfect option if you’re trying to make creamy juice smoothies without using yogurt.


Add a splash of honey. this will give the cranberry juice a nice flavor while also cutting down on the need for added sugar. Adding honey creates a sweeter taste, but you lose the tartness of the cranberries.

Moreso, The honey will add additional sweetness, as well as an extra hint of tanginess as it won’t make your teeth hurt and it is good for you because it’s natural.


Add apple cider to cranberry juice to make it less bitter and sweeter when drinking, especially in the case of cranberry juice cocktails. The sour bite of cranberry juice is perfectly tempered by crisp, tart apples when combined in just the right ratio. 

By adding an apple can get rid of the sourness, which will not only make it more delicious but also healthier.

Water or Soda Water

Cranberries are naturally sweet but can become quite tart when mixed with water. The additional water causes the cranberries to release more natural sweetness, making the juice taste sweeter than it is.

However, the fresher the cranberries, the more acidic they are and the more bitter they taste.

Add fresh lemon or lime juice

Add fresh lemon or lime juice to cranberry juice as it will make the juice tastes good. It will make the flavor tarter.

Boil water Put 1 cup of cranberry juice in a saucepan. Squeeze the juice from 1/2 lemon or lime into the cranberry juice. Put 1/4 cup of sugar into the pan. Stir until all the sugar dissolves. Boil for 5 minutes. Put in a fridge before serving.

Celery or Cucumber

Both of these ingredients are also known as powerful fat fighters, the potassium in celery supports weight loss even more than its ability to balance blood pressure effectively. Cucumbers contain diuretic properties, which assist with excess water retention by the body. When combined, this recipe ensures that each sip is satisfying and flavorful.

Add maple syrup or agave nectar

Cranberry juice has an unusual flavor, sometimes described as sour and bitter. Add either maple syrup or agave nectar and the cranberry taste will be toned down as well as provide a slight sweetness


Include sweeteners in your cranberry juice recipes to help spread the flavor and make them more flavorful. The best options are real fruit juice, such as pineapple juice; or some other real-fruit-based sweetener such as maple syrup. Avoid using artificial sweeteners of any kind, including ones used in diet soda or “sugar-free” items.

Add Another Fruit Juice

Cranberry juice can taste mighty sour on its own, but you can reduce the tartness by adding other juices. As a general guide, try starting with 10% cranberry and 90% juice. Don’t use frozen or canned juices for making cranberry-based cocktails; these contain preservatives and won’t mix as smoothly.

This will cancel out the bitterness of the cranberry and it will taste much better.

Water or Soda Water

Try adding either water or soda water to your juice. This technique works especially well in cranberry juice cocktails and cranberry apple juice. 

This technique works especially well in cranberry juice cocktails and cranberry apples they are naturally sweet but can become quite tart when mixed with water. The additional water in the recipe causes the cranberries to release more natural sweetness, making the juice taste sweeter than it is.

However, If you add sugar to them, you are making them taste worse. 


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Turn to a Smoothie

To make your Cranberry juice taste good without sugar, try blending some of it with orange juice. This will give a sweeter taste and turn the juice into a smoothie.

Sometimes you might not like the taste of fresh cranberries at all but you can retain their many health benefits by adding some other ingredients that will convert it to a smoothie.

Cranberry Juice with sugar is a delicious combination and can be made quickly and easily. 

How to make Cranberry Juice with sugar – Step by step guide

How to make Cranberry Juice with sugarHere are the steps to follow to make this unique drink:  

1. Thoroughly wash 4 cups of cranberries.   

2. Put cranberries into a saucepan with 10 cups of water.

3. Boil until cranberries begin popping and skins separate from the fruit.

4. Mash the berries up through a sieve using a potato masher or wooden spoon, leaving only the seeds and skins behind in the sieve.

5. Return the pulp to the pan and stir it into 1 cup of sugar until all the sugar is dissolved.   

6. Serve hot or cold over ice (optional).    

Note: Cranberries have a tart and sweet taste. The fuller flavor comes from the fruit’s rich content of malic acid. This healthy fruit should be eaten whole or as cranberry juice.

How to make Cranberry Juice without sugar

To make Cranberry Juice without sugar, you will need the following:

  • 2 cups fresh or frozen cranberries
  • 1 apple or pear, cut into small chunks with skin on (optional). 
  • water 
  • lemon juice (or lime juice)


Here are the necessary steps to make cranberry juice at home: 

Step 1: Rinse your ingredients 

Step 2: Put all your juicing ingredients into your juicer

Step 3: Put all ingredients in a bowl, and stir well. 

Step 4: Also, add salt to taste. 

Step 5: Put everything through the juicer, so it creates juice. 

Step 6: Add water to taste, if needed (optional). 

Step 7: Pour the juice into 2 cups and serve.

What can you mix with cranberry juice to make it taste better?

What can you mix with cranberry juice to make it taste betterThe unpleasant part of cranberry juice is the natural acidity caused by the food preservative benzoic acid. You can make cranberry juice milder and sweeter by adding other juices to it.

To make the taste better, try these mixes: Cranberry-Coconut Juice, Cranberry-Apple Juice, or Cranberry-Mango Juice.

You can also mix it with orange juice, the flavor will be a lot less bitter and won’t make your eyes water quite as much.

Additionally, mixing cranberry juice with other juices can enhance the flavor of this tangy beverage. Try mixing cranberry juice with pineapple or orange juice. You can also add a splash of cranberry juice to lemonade or iced tea.

Also, try to cut the flavor of cranberry juice with orange or grapefruit juice.  Adding a slice of lemon, lime, or other fruit to your glass will also do the job.

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How to make cranberry juice less bitter

By following these simple steps, cranberry juice can be made less bitter: Add cranberry juice to a saucepan. Use four times the amount of water or cranberry juice as cranberry concentrate. A ratio of one part water or juice to one part concentrate will make a less bitter fruit juice.

Also, you can make sweet, robust, and 100% pure cranberry juice by adding natural orange flavor and a touch of natural stevia. 

Finally, mixing a spoonful of honey with cranberry juice, or adding other fruits will prevent or eliminate any bitter result after preparation.

Cranberry Juice Benefits

Cranberry juice is a source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic polyphenols. 

It provides the body with a multitude of vitamins and minerals 

It helps prevent urinary tract infections

Cranberry juice contains a naturally occurring compound called proanthocyanidin, which help prevent or heal bladder and other urinary tract infections

It also prevents cystitis and helps protect kidney function

Then pale-pink-colored liquid has many potential health benefits.

How to drink pure cranberry juice

How to drink pure cranberry juiceThe best way to enjoy pure cranberry juice is to make them yourself. Cranberry juice contains only 30 calories per cup, is low in fat, and has no added sugar, carbohydrates, or protein

Here are some easy steps to help you drink pure cranberry juice: 

1. Put cranberry juice in a cup. 

2. Drink cranberry juice every day, in place of sugary mixers and soft drinks.

 3. Replenish lost vitamins and minerals. 

4. Prevent or treat UTIs before they start

What to Mix with Cranberry Juice Nonalcoholic

Mixing Cranberry juice with other solutions is a nice option and can create very tasty spirits. Lemonade and Cranberry Juice go together in harmony. Mix apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, ginger, lemonade water, or simply what you like

Also, try mixing fresh cranberries with lemonade. You’ll be amazed by how well the two mix! Moreover, most fruit juices, particularly apples and cranberries, go well when mixed for drinking.

However, Cranberry juice is used to treat kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and gallstones. It is also used to prevent bladder cancer in women. the sugar found in cranberries can aggravate the symptoms of diabetes, especially when taken in large amounts. Can also have negative interactions with several medications, especially muscle relaxants.

How to Make Cranberry Juice Taste Better for Uti

Cranberry juice is very good for treating urinary tract infections, but sometimes it can taste very bitter. Here are some tips to help your cranberry juice taste better and reduce bitterness.

It can be super healthy for our bodies. Cranberry has some natural antibiotics in it. However, cranberry juice can taste quite sour and most people do not like its taste. 

If you are going to add honey, I would highly recommend adding chia seeds to it as well. Chia seeds will thicken your juice which is a nice texture change up and also helps relieve the tart/sourness of the juice. It takes me about 15 minutes to prepare this baby food and at least 10 minutes unless I am making mushroom soup with my chia seeds.

For UTI, a glass of cranberry juice with 6 teaspoons of sugar dissolved in it is a good idea. Cranberry juice should be drunk with every meal and especially before going to bed.

How Do You Take the Bitterness Out of Cranberry Juice?

Cranberry juice tastes bitter to most people, but you can easily take the bitterness out of cranberry juice.

Here is a simple trick to take the bitterness out of cranberry juice. Instead of heating or freezing your juice before drinking, you should simply pour it through a cheesecloth or fine-mesh strainer to remove any lingering particles. Cranberries have thousands of tiny seeds that taste extremely bitter, so filtering these seeds allows you to avoid any nasty aftertaste in your cup.

Also, You can put it in the freezer overnight, this will cause the juice to form crystals, and when you add the cranberry juice back into a drink it makes it sweeter. Another way is to add ten drops of vanilla extract per glass of cranberry juice.

The secret is to freeze fresh cranberries before making your juice. That way the natural pectin in the berries doesn’t become bitter tasting.

Why Is My Cranberry Juice Bitter?

Your cranberry juice may taste more bitter than you would like because it may have a high number of proanthocyanidins (PACs) in it. This acid prevents bacteria from growing and causing urinary tract infections. 

It also has been known to help prevent heart disease, stomach ulcers, and kidney stones. Some people may be sensitive to the taste of PACs and choose to dilute them with water. Others may find that their body gets used to the taste over time.

Additionally, your cranberry juice may taste bitter if it is too acidic. This is called tartness and can be due to a number of factors, including the type of cranberry being used, how much sugar has been added, how fresh the juice is, and how long it has been stored.

Is Cranberry Juice Bitter or Sweet?

Cranberry juice is both bitter and sweet depending on its variety. Although most are sweet, some are a bit more bitter than others. 

It has a tart and sour hint to it before going sweet. The reason for this is that cranberries are berries that need an acidic medium to grow. The tart nature of the juice comes from the acidity of the cranberry, which is what is needed by the cranberry plant to survive and thrive. 

However, you must know the difference between cranberries, cranberry juice, and cranberry sauce as these are not the same. 

Can You Drink Straight Cranberry Juice?

Drinking straight cranberry juice is one of the healthiest ways you can protect your urinary tract from becoming dysfunctional and treat existing bladder or urinary tract infections.

While cranberry juice comes with a host of health benefits, it also has properties that could be bad for your heart.

To reap cranberry’s protective benefits and avoid its potentially dangerous effects on heart health, keep in mind that it’s best to consume this fruit in moderation.

However, if you are looking to enjoy plain cranberry juice as a cocktail alternative or for more medicinal purposes, such as to treat a UTI or prevent kidney stones, it is best to consult your doctor.

How Much Cranberry Juice Should You Drink a Day?

The recommended amount of cranberry juice to drink a day depends on the condition that you are treating. Research studies have shown that drinking two 8-ounce glasses or two 12-ounce bottles of cranberry juice a day can help control urinary tract infections, including infections in women with recurrent UTIs. 

For the prevention of recurrent UTIs in women, the American Academy of Family Physicians recommends drinking an 8-ounce glass or 2 12-ounce bottles a day. Drinking cranberry juice may be especially effective if taken at the same time as antibiotics, during initial treatment, and for 3 days after finishing your antibiotic treatment.

The University of Wisconsin study found that cranberry juice or proanthocyanidins prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder by preventing the spread of mutated cystitis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cranberry juice do for the female body?

Cranberry juice could protect the body against harmful bacteria, helping women achieve a healthy urinary tract. Drinking cranberry juice as part of a daily diet may prevent recurrent urinary tract infections in women, according to a small new study. The findings further reinforce the health benefits of cranberries, which are commonly known to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Can you drink straight cranberry juice?

You can drink straight cranberry juice (as long as it’s 100% juice). What makes cranberry juice so good in a mixed drink is its taste. Drinking the juice directly is best because it has no added sugars or flavorings, which might be high in calories and undesirable ingredients. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to other types of alcohol, try infused cranberry vodka.

Is cranberry juice good on your period?

Cranberry juice can be good for your period. It can help prevent your period from being terrible. It is low in calories and since there’s no sugar on a period, cranberries could be a great alternative to sweeteners.

Is cranberry juice Good for Weight Loss?

You might want to consider adding cranberry juice to your weight loss plan. It’s not going to make a huge difference on its own if you’re not making other healthy choices, but it will certainly help boost your overall health while you’re working on losing weight because the better your overall health is, the easier it will be for you to lose weight.


If you have tried cranberry juice before, you must be familiar with the rather strong and bitter taste of this nutrient-rich juice. Because of its high levels of vitamin C and other antioxidant flavonoids, cranberry has been linked to numerous health benefits. The drawback though is the dreaded sour, bitter taste that many people find hard to swallow. However, the step-by-step guide above on how to make cranberry juice taste better will help you better your juice taste for a refreshing taste.

What is pure cranberry juice

Make Cranberry Juice

To make pure cranberry juice taste better, it is necessary to improve its thick consistency.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Make Cranberry Juice
Servings: 4
Calories: 52kcal


  • 1 Jar
  • 1 Pan


  • 1 lb cranberries fresh
  • 1 quart water
  • sugar


  • Fresh or frozen red-ripe cranberries should be washed and drained.
  • In a big pan, mix cranberries and water.
  • up to a boil.
  • Cook berries at a lower temperature until they burst.
  • Juice should be strained through a thin cheesecloth-lined strainer.
  • Juice can be sweetened to your preference.
  • Reheat the juice to almost boiling but not quite.
  • Place in jars.
  • Before cooling, give it some time.



Calories: 52kcal | Carbohydrates: 14g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 0.1g | Saturated Fat: 0.01g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 0.02g | Sodium: 14mg | Potassium: 91mg | Fiber: 4g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 68IU | Vitamin C: 16mg | Calcium: 16mg | Iron: 0.3mg
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