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In n Out Sauce Recipe

Do you love In-n-Out Burger, but want to enjoy their famous hamburger and fries without having to eat at one of their restaurants?

If so, then this article is for you.

In n Out Sauce Recipe

What Are The Main Ingredients For An InNOut Sauce Recipe?

The first thing that comes to mind when people think about eating at In-N-Out Burger is probably not the secret recipe for their tasty sauces.

But in fact, there actually is a secret ingredient that goes into making all those amazing flavors found in the restaurant’s signature sauces.

In addition to beef patties, cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, and ketchup, it takes only five basic ingredients to create what many consider to be some of America’s best food.

These include:

  • Butter/Margarine (or Oil)
  • Mayo
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Onions
  • Sugar

This simple formula creates a rich flavor which will leave anyone with a craving for In-N-Out Burgers asking “what did they put in my burger?!”

Ingredients Used by Other Fast Food Restaurants

While these ingredients may seem like a pretty standard list of items used in most fast food recipes, there are other places where these same exact ingredients can be found.

For example, McDonald’s uses similar amounts of butter or oil, salt, sugar, and onions as well.

And while we won’t go into too much detail on how to cook using the above ingredients here, if you’re interested in learning more about cooking basics, check out our beginner’s guide to cooking.

How Much Mayonnaise Does An InNOut Sauce Recipe Typically Require?

The key ingredient in making any In-n-Out burger dish is its signature sauce.

It’s made up of various spices and other ingredients including onion powder, garlic salt, paprika, mustard seeds, and brown sugar.

The amount required depends on what kind of In-n-Out burger you would like to try.

The most common type of In-n-Out burger is called a Double-Double, which has two patties with cheese inside.

A standard size order of that includes six pieces of french fries and three slices of American cheese.

For those who don’t have time to stop by the restaurant, or just prefer to cook their food at home, here’s how much each item from an In-n-Out menu costs.

  • In-n-out double cheeseburger (6 pieces): $3.69
  • In-n-out double cheeseburger with lettuce (8 pieces): $4.99
  • In-n-out double cheeseburger with tomato (12 pieces): $7.49
  • In-n-out double cheeseburger with spicy fries (16 pieces): $9.89

As you can see, ordering a Double-Double meal will cost you about $10 if you get all the items included.

However, there’s no need to spend that much money when you know how to create your own homemade version of a delicious In-n-Out burger using only a few basic ingredients.

Here, we’ll show you how to make a simple yet tasty In-n-Out sauce recipe using just three ingredients.

In n Out Sauce Recipe

How Long Does It Take To Prepare An InNOut Sauce Recipe?

The process of making your very own homemade version of In-n-Out’s signature sauce takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

The first step in preparing an In-n-Out sauce recipe is to measure all ingredients accurately into a bowl with a measuring cup or spoon.

  • Add 1/4 teaspoon salt per tablespoon of mayo (about 2 teaspoons).
  • Stir everything together well until combined thoroughly.
  • Pour mixture into another container with a lid.
  • Refrigerate overnight before using.

In addition to the above steps, there are some other things that must be done properly when following an In-n-out recipe, such as:

  • Preparation time should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Use only fresh ingredients.
  • Do not use pre-made sauces or mixes.
  • If you plan on adding meat toppings to your In-n-Out cheeseburgers, do not add any additional seasoning or condiments.
  • When cooking In-n-Out cheeseburgers, cook them over medium heat.
  • Cooking time should not exceed 6 minutes each side.

Once you have followed these instructions, you will be able to create your very own In-n-Out burger sauce at home.

Does An InNOut Sauce Recipe Need To Be Refrigerated After Preparation?

In-N-Out has been around since 1948 when Harry Anderson opened his first restaurant in Baldwin Park, California.

Since that time, the company has grown into more than 600 locations across America, making them one of the largest quick service food chains in the world.

The company’s signature product is its “secret” burger sauce which they now sell as part of the official menu at each location.

The popularity of In-n-out Burger sauce has made it a coveted item among consumers looking to recreate the flavor of their favorite fast food chain.

It can also help people who are trying to stay away from unhealthy junk foods by substituting some of these items with healthier options like fresh vegetables or lean protein meat alternatives.

Since many people don’t have access to In-n-out burger locations, however, there is only so much they can do to satisfy their cravings.

Fortunately, the process of creating an authentic In-n-out burger sauce recipe isn’t too difficult if you know how to follow the steps correctly.

Let’s look at what makes up the most common In-n-out burger sauce recipe.

  • Ingredients – This step will vary depending on whether or not you choose to use pre-made ingredients (like those found at grocery stores) or create your own homemade versions from scratch.
  • Cooking method – There are two different methods for cooking the sauce, either using a stove top or in a microwave oven.
  • You may find instructions on the website detailing which method works best for your needs.
  • Portion size – How big should you portion your In-n-out sauce recipe? For the average adult, we recommend about 2 tablespoons per serving.
  • However, if you plan to share, you might consider doubling the amount listed here.

Is It Possible To Make A Vegan Version Of An InNOut Sauce Recipe?

In addition to being able to make your very own In-n-Out burger at home, you can also use a similar recipe to create your own homemade sauces.

The company has been known to have a few different flavors of its proprietary sauce that are served on top of each burger (they’re called “secret ingredients”), but if you don’t mind trying something new, you might try making some of these recipes instead.

  • Original In-n-Out Sauce Recipe
  • Spicy Cajun Burger Sauce Recipe
  • Sweet Chili Chicken Ranch Burgers Recipe

What do I need to know about creating my own In-n-out Burger sauce at home?

If you’ve never made your own food before, then there may be a bit of trial and error involved when it comes to creating your own sauces.

For example, you will first need to decide which flavor of In-n-Out burger sauce you would like to replicate, as well as what type of meat or vegetable toppings you would like placed upon your burger.

Next, you should consider how much sauce you will need to prepare.

You could purchase a jar of the original In-n-Out sauce, but if you don’t mind trying something new, you could always experiment with other sauces from the restaurant.

Keep in mind that most of the time, the amount of sauce needed to dip your burger into is less than a tablespoon, though you may want to double check the amounts listed below to ensure they work appropriately.

In n Out Sauce Recipe

Does An InNOut Sauce Recipe Require Any Special Kitchen Tools Or Appliances?

InNOut sauces are available at all In-n-Outs across America, as well as on the company’s official website.

While they have several different kinds of sauces that can be used to top off your burger (or other food item), the most common type is called “secret recipe” because they don’t publicly share this information with customers.

However, if you do some digging around online, you may find someone who has posted a step-by-step guide showing how to recreate the flavor using ingredients found in grocery stores.

Even better than that, though, is when people post pictures of themselves eating their homemade versions of this iconic fast-food sauce.

While many will argue over whether or not these recipes really work, we think it’s safe to say that they do exist.

After all, InNOut makes a lot of money from selling their sauces, and they wouldn’t keep doing that unless it was effective.

Plus, you never know what kind of person might stumble upon this page.

So, does anyone actually try to recreate the flavor of an InNOut secret recipe? To answer that question, let’s take a look at two methods: cooking and blending.

  • Cooking method: This involves making a batch of sauce by following the instructions written down somewhere on the internet.
  • These instructions usually involve boiling various types of vegetables along with spices and herbs until everything is cooked through.
  • Blending method: For this process, all you need is a blender and a few basic ingredients like ketchup, mustard, onions, garlic, and salt and pepper.

How to Make Secret Recipe Sauce Using Cooking Method

The first thing you’ll need to do before starting the actual recipe is to gather up all the ingredients needed.

Then, start adding them into a pot or pan.

The key here is to add enough water to cover whatever is being added.

Once you’ve done that, turn the heat on high and bring the solution to a boil.

Once it starts boiling, reduce the heat to medium, and continue simmering while stirring often.

You should cook the items in the mixture for about 15 minutes, which is typically long enough to get everything tender.

Afterward, strain out the solids, and pour the liquid back into the same pot or pan.

Add more water if necessary to create a smooth consistency.

Next, transfer the contents into another container for storage.

When you’re ready to use, simply reheat the sauce until hot.

It takes no time at all to prepare this recipe, since there aren’t too many steps involved.

How to Blend InNOut Secret Recipe Sauce With Blender

If you prefer to make your own InNOut sauce using a blender instead of a stovetop, you can follow these simple steps:

  • First, fill the blender halfway full of ice cubes and water.
  • Then, add the rest of the ingredients into the pitcher.
  • Mix thoroughly.
  • Pour the entire blend into a bowl.
  • Strain the mixture through cheesecloth or a strainer lined with paper towels.
  • Repeat the previous step three times.
  • Finally, place the strained mixture back into the blender.

You now have your very own InNOut secret recipe sauce.

All you have left to do is store it properly and wait for your next craving to hit hard.

What Are Some Health Benefits Associated With An InNOut Sauce Recipe?

There isn’t much research available regarding the health benefits of InNOut sauces, but according to Dr.

Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch, the main ingredient in these sauces is soybean oil.

Soybeans contain phytoestrogens, which are plant hormones known to cause cancer.

So, while it’s true that InNOut doesn’t specifically state that their products contain soybean oil, it also doesn’t explicitly state that they don’t either.

However, if you were to read the ingredients list on the packaging, you would see that they indeed contain soybean oil.

In addition, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) states that foods containing trans fats shouldn’t be eaten by consumers due to concerns regarding heart disease and stroke risk.

Therefore, it seems likely that InNOut uses soybean oil in its products.

As far as nutritional content goes, however, there isn’t anything significant to report.

That said, if you choose to go this route, you could always substitute the regular white onion for a red onion or vice versa.

Red onions reportedly contains higher levels of antioxidants compared to white onions, so swapping the former for the latter could help boost overall antioxidant intake.

Of course, you could also opt to just buy some already made InNOut sauce from the store.

They only cost $1 per bottle, so why bother trying to make your own?

Are There Any Health Benefits Associated With An InNOut Sauce Recipe?

InNOut has been around since 1960 when it was founded by Harry Snyder’s father Ray.

The company started as a simple drive through restaurant that sold hot dogs and sodas.

As time went on, they added more food items like burgers, chicken sandwiches, and even salads.

Today, InNOut now serves over 1 billion hamburgers per year, making them one of America’s most popular quick service chains.

The popularity of InNOut comes from its unique menu options.

With everything from vegan and vegetarian options to gluten free and low fat offerings, InNOut offers something for everyone.

And while eating In-N-Out isn’t exactly healthy, many people feel great after eating one of their tasty burgers.

One such person who loves In-N-Out is former NFL player Jay Glazer.

He told GQ Magazine, “I have never had a meal I didn’t love, ever, and I always order the same thing.

It’s just amazing how good these things are.”

But why do some people feel better after eating one of their burgers?

Is it because of the ingredients used in each sandwich?

Or is it due to the way that In-N-Out prepares their meals?

Let’s take a look at what makes up the In-N-Out burger and see if we can find anything that could provide health benefits!

1. What is an In-N-Out burger made from?

While most people know the answer to this question – beef patties topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, mayo, and ketchup – they might not realize the exact process behind getting those burgers onto the grill to be served.

Here’s what In-N-Out does differently than other burger joints:

  • They use fresh ground beef instead of frozen ground meat (that’s likely why the patties are smaller)
  • Their patties are cooked using a patty press machine which flattens the pattie into a perfect circular shape before cooking, resulting in a uniform thickness and cook time
  • To prevent burning during the grilling process, In-N-Out cooks their patties with a custom designed flat top grill (see below).
  • This prevents the edges of the patties from charring too quickly and helps ensure that the inside doesn’t overcook faster than the outside.
  • After being grilled, the patties are placed on a bun that’s pre-baked in a separate oven (instead of waiting for the patties to cool down and place them directly between two buns) to help maintain the temperature throughout the entire assembly process
  • Finally, In-N-Out uses only real cheeses and no additives.

Because of all of the above steps, the average In-N-Out burger contains less than 200 calories, 6 grams of saturated fat, and 8 grams of protein per serving.

2. How long does it take to prepare an In-N-Out burger?

If you’ve ever eaten at In-N-Out, you probably noticed that the line moves pretty quickly.

That’s because they don’t allow customers to customize their orders.

They simply ask you what toppings and sauces you would like on your burger, and let the ordering system handle the rest.

On average, it takes about 5 minutes to get your burger ready, including the preparation time.

3. Are In-N-Outs safe to eat?

Many people wonder whether In-N-Out is safe to eat.

While there haven’t been any reports of illnesses related to In-N-Out burgers, they aren’t completely risk-free either.

For example, In-N-Out uses raw eggs in their products.

Raw eggs can carry salmonella bacteria, which can cause serious illness or death if consumed improperly.

However, In-N-Out uses pasteurized eggs in their products.

Another concern is the amount of sodium in their foods.

A single burger contains approximately 440 mg of sodium, which is higher than the recommended daily intake of 2,300 mg.

Sodium consumption can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, kidney damage, and osteoporosis among other conditions.

To counteract this, try adding extra veggies and fruits to your meal to reduce overall sodium content.

4. Can In-N-Out serve food allergens?

Although In-N-Out currently does not offer dairy-based milk shakes, they will accommodate anyone who needs to avoid certain ingredients in their food.

Allergic reaction symptoms include difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of lips, tongue, throat, or mouth, wheezing, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Anyone suffering from allergies should contact their local manager immediately to discuss accommodations.

5. Can In-N-Out serve vegetarians/vegans?

Yes, In-N-Out allows vegans to eat at their restaurants.

Just be sure to call ahead to confirm your request and they will give you specific instructions on how to create a vegan meal.

6. Do In-N-Out burgers come with artificial preservatives?

No, not really.

Most of the flavors found in In-N-Out’s sauces are natural and organic.

These include mustard, ketchup, relish, onion, and garlic.

Their signature brown gravy is also 100% allergen-friendly.

7. Can you drink alcohol at In-N-Out?

You betcha! You can actually purchase beer, wine, and mixed drinks at In-N-Out.

They even sell non-alcoholic beverages like lemonade, iced tea, coffee, water, soda, and juice.

8. How much does an In-N-Out burger cost?

It depends where you live.

The price varies greatly depending on location, seasonality, and demand.

But generally speaking, the prices range between $3-$5 dollars.

As mentioned earlier, you can choose from several different types of burgers.

Some examples include the double quarter pounder ($3), triple quarter pounder ($4), double cheeseburger ($3.69), and double bacon cheeseburger ($4.39).

Each of these choices includes various toppings like lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and condiments like ketchup or mustard.


In-n-Out Burger

Type of Food: Hamburger

Restaurant Name: In-n-out Burger (

Location: California, United States

Menu Price: $4 – 5.00 USD per item

The Best Fast-Food Restaurant in America

  • How do I get my hands on some free In-N-Out Burger coupons?

If you’ve never been to an In-n-out restaurant before, you have likely seen it on many television shows and movies that feature scenes set in California.

The golden arches are iconic symbols of American culture, and they can be found all over the country as well as internationally.

Some people even travel from state to state just to visit these places because they know how good the food tastes.

What makes In-n-Out different than other fast-food chains?

You may think that if you go into an In-n-out restaurant, you will find yourself eating exactly what they serve at every location.

This isn’t true.

In-n-out offers unique menu items and specialties that aren’t available anywhere else.

One example of something they offer that no other chain has is the “Baconator.”

It comes topped with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and jalapeño peppers.

You can choose whether or not you want the meat inside the bun covered in sauce, too.

Other specialty items include the Double-Double, which consists of two patties stacked between two buns instead of three, and the Animal Style Fries, which come topped with pepper jack cheese, barbecue sauce, and shredded cheddar cheese.

There’s also a large drink size option called the Big Kahuna Bowl, where you get a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or water along with your meal.

Where can I buy In-n-Out sauces online?

There are countless ways to purchase In-n-out sauces online.

Here are a few options:


Amazon sells several types of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from less than a dollar up to more than ten dollars depending on the type of sauce you select.


eBay sellers often sell a variety of In-n-out sauces ranging from about a dollar to upwards of thirty dollars each.

Be sure to check eBay seller ratings before purchasing though.


Walmart carries both regular and spicy In-n-out sauces.

They usually run around five bucks apiece.

These sauces come in smaller containers compared to Amazon and eBay.


Target sells both regular and spicy In-n-out sauces, although prices vary based on the brand.

Regular In-n-out sauces cost less than five dollars while spicy ones are priced slightly higher.


Kroger sells regular and spicy In-n-out sauces, however, prices vary greatly depending on the brand.

Cheeseburgers & Hot Dogs

These sites list everything from cheeseburgers to french fries.

You can see what products are offered by clicking on the links below.

Burger King

Burger King offers a wide selection of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices start at less than a dollar and can reach upwards of forty dollars.


McDonald’s sells only one type of In-n-out sauce, the regular kind.


Costco sells six varieties of In-n-out sauces.

Prices range from under a dollar to over twenty dollars.


Walgreens sells four varieties of In-n-out sauces.

Prices range from under a dollar to almost fifteen dollars.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy sells eight varieties of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from under a dollar to over fifteen dollars.

Rite Aid

Rite Aid sells seven varieties of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from under a dollar to over fifteen dollars.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle sells nine varieties of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from under a dollar to over fifteen dollars.


Supervalu sells fourteen varieties of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from under a dollar to over fifteen dollars.

Publix Super Markets

Publix Supermarkets sells eleven varieties of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from under a dollar to over fifteen dollars.


Wegman’s sells twelve varieties of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from under a dollar to over fifteen dollars.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market sells eight varieties of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from under a dollar to over fifteen dollars.

Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms sells fourteen varieties of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from under a dollar to over fifteen dollars.


Safeway sells twelve varieties of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from under a dollar to over fifteen dollars.


Albertsons sells thirteen varieties of In-n-out sauces including regular, spicy, and sweet.

Prices range from under a dollar to over fifteen dollars.

In n Out Sauce Recipe

In n Out Sauce

The combination of sweet and tangy is incredible. It tastes like Thousand Island dressing but is SO MUCH BETTER. This sauce is used on a variety of foods, including burgers, fries, and pickles.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Course: Sauce
Cuisine: American
Keyword: In n Out Sauce
Servings: 6
Calories: 146kcal


  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 3 tablespoons ketchup
  • 2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons white vinegar distilled


  • Stir together all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  • Refrigerate (covered) for an hour before serving for the best flavor.



Calories: 146kcal | Carbohydrates: 5g | Protein: 0.3g | Fat: 14g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 8g | Monounsaturated Fat: 3g | Trans Fat: 0.03g | Cholesterol: 8mg | Sodium: 227mg | Potassium: 26mg | Fiber: 0.1g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 112IU | Vitamin C: 0.4mg | Calcium: 3mg | Iron: 0.1mg
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