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Jägermeister Cold Brew Recipe

There are a number of ways to enjoy a cold brew coffee beverage.

There’s the traditional way of steeping ground coffee in hot water, then filtering it and taking it out of the refrigerator for serving.

Or there’s the cold brew drip coffee method that involves using a French press and waiting a few hours for the coffee to steep.

While these two methods are great, they aren’t ideal for creating an alcoholic beverage.

You can’t refrigerate cold brew coffee and you’re limited to what type of coffee you can use.

But you can still create a cold brew with any type of coffee and create a unique beverage.

What ingredients are needed to make a Jägermeister Cold Brew?

Jägermeister is a German liqueur with roots in the Bavarian region of Germany.

It’s famous for its strong herbal flavor and was first made by distilling beer.

Jägermeister Cold Brew Recipe

How long does it take to make a Jägermeister Cold Brew?

It takes a while to make a Jägermeister Cold Brew.

It’s not necessarily impossible to make in a short period of time, but it will take you some time.

You’ll need to start by mixing your cold brew coffee base and liqueur.

Then you’ll need to let the mixture sit for a few hours.

Then you’ll need to drink (or pour) it.

What are the steps for creating a Jägermeister Cold Brew?

Here’s how to create a Jägermeister Cold Brew.

First, you’re going to want to purchase Jägermeister liqueur.

This is your base recipe, and it’s the best way to get the Jägermeister flavor.

Depending on how much of it you want in your cold brew beverage, you can adjust the amount in your recipe.

Next, you’re going to want to pick out some coffee beans.

Fill a large container with coffee beans, then add two cups of water per cup of coffee beans.

Next, it’s time to add in your Jägermeister liqueur.

This is where you’ll add the sweet and savory flavors found in a Jägermeister drink.

Start by adding 2 teaspoons of Jägermeister liqueur for every cup of coffee beans, then stir thoroughly and let it sit for at least four hours.

After four hours or so, you’re going to want to filter the mixture through a cheesecloth or paper towel.

This will strain out any extra solids or pieces of coffee bean and allow your cold brew coffee base to be ready for serving.

Now that your cold brew coffee base is ready, it’s time to add any other ingredients you want into the drink.

You can add any type of extract, spices and even fruit juice if you want a true jägermeister flavor.

Jägermeister Cold Brew Recipe

What is the recommended ratio of Jägermeister to other ingredients for a Jägermeister Cold Brew?

As mentioned above, there are a few different methods of making cold brew coffee.

The cold drip coffee method can be done with any coffee, and the traditional hot water-steeped method works well with coffee beans, whole beans or ground coffee.

But when it comes to the more popular cold brew coffee method, you need to use coffee that has been roasted and ground with the appropriate ratio of caffeine to acidity.

As of this writing, a single cup of regular ground decaffeinated coffee has 15 mg of caffeine and 95 mg of alkalizing acids.

If you want to make your own decaf cold brew coffee for a great tasting cold brew, then you’re going to want to use decaffeinated beans.

In addition to the caffeine content in the decaffeinated beans, you need to know about citric acid levels.

Unlike other types of acids found in coffee, citric acid has the ability to make your stomach acidity increase, which helps you absorb the caffeine from the beans.

By using high-quality decaffeinated coffee beans, you can create a nitrogen-rich cold brew that will have an even higher amount of caffeine than regular brewed coffee.

This is because decaf beans have an overabundance of citric acid naturally present in them.

Can different types of coffee be used in a Jägermeister Cold Brew?

Different types of coffee have different flavors and consistencies.

For cold brews, you’ll want your coffee to be as strong as possible, so that the other flavors from the Jägermeister liqueur will come through.

You want to make sure that you’re using a dark roast coffee to give the best results.

Also, if you were hoping for a cold brew with a strong coffee flavor, then you need to use a coffee that is very strong in its own right.

A medium or light roast coffee won’t do well in a cold brew because it isn’t strong enough.

There are two main types of coffee that can be used in cold brew recipes: regular black coffee and dark roast coffee.

Regular black coffee is roasted more lightly than regular coffee beans, which gives it a softer flavor.

Dark roast coffee has been roasted longer to bring out its most flavorful qualities.

To make your Jägermeister Cold Brew, you’ll need to use dark roast coffee and a strong cold brew coffee base.

Jägermeister Cold Brew Recipe

Are there any variations of the Jägermeister Cold Brew recipe?

The Jägermeister company has its own version of the cold brew recipe.

It’s called the Original Jägermeister Cold Brew.

It’s made using a basic cold brew coffee recipe and regular spirits.

But there are other variations.

The classic home brew method involves using two parts vodka and one part coffee to create your cold brew beverage.

But there are also variations that use more coffee.

For instance, you can add as little as one part coffee to one part vodka.

Or you can go as high as four parts coffee to one part vodka.

The strength of the alcohol used in these versions will depend on what type of spirit you use.

If the spirit is higher proof, you’ll need less coffee to achieve the same strength.

If it’s lower proof, you might need to add more coffee to get the same strength.

Are there any special instructions to follow when making a Jägermeister Cold Brew?

Jägermeister is a liqueur with a very sweet flavor.

If you’re using straight coffee for this drink, that sweetness will be present, but it’s generally light enough to blend in with the other flavors of the drink.

If you decide to use sugar or honey in your cold brew, you shouldn’t worry about the sweetness.

A little bit of honey or sugar will always add something to a drink, and it won’t detract from the other flavors.

You can definitely use different types of coffee when making cold brew.

If you don’t want the coffee to be too strong, you’ll want to make sure it’s light-roasted.

You can make your own coffee at home or use any coffee you like.

Whatever type of coffee you use, make sure that it’s got a nice taste and isn’t too bitter.

What is the best way to serve a Jägermeister Cold Brew?

One of the best ways to serve a Jägermeister cold brew is in a chilled glass.

Instead of using hot coffee, which would ruin the delicate liqueur, this cold brew recipe uses cold brew coffee.

The milk and sugar are added just prior to serving so the coffee doesn’t cool too quickly.

This gives you the best tasting cold brew possible without the bitterness of cold brewed coffee.

The best way to serve this drink is with a spoon.

However, you can also use a cocktail shaker or even shake it up in a container.

It’s best to mix it right before serving so you don’t over-chill it.

What are some interesting flavor combinations to try with a Jägermeister Cold Brew?

There are so many flavor combinations you can use with a Jägermeister Cold Brew that it’s hard to know where to start.

If you’re looking for something more savory, then an aged steak and bacon jägermeister cold brew is the perfect choice.

If you’re craving sweet and fruity, then go for a sweet tamarind jägermeister cold brew.

These are just two examples of the many different ways you could end up creating a Jägermeister Cold Brew.

Here are some other great combinations to try:

  • A spicy Bloody Mary Jägermeister Cold Brew with a spiked rim
  • A blueberry pancake breakfast style jägermeister cold brew
  • A sweet and sour peach jägermeister cold brew
  • A mango and coconut jägermeister cold brew with a fresh coconut garnish

Is there a specific type of glassware recommended for serving a Jägermeister Cold Brew?

While it’s important to keep the drink out of direct sunlight, there are no specific requirements when it comes to glassware.

A standard 16-ounce coffee cup will work just fine.

Jägermeister Cold Brew Recipe

Jägermeister Cold Brew

Jägermeister's 56 botanicals beautifully complement the rich and bitter flavors of coffee, whether hot or cold brew.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: German
Keyword: Jägermeister Cold Brew
Servings: 1


  • 1 l water
  • 125 g ground coffee beans
  • 1 CL Jägermeister


  • Prepare your cold brew coffee. Infuse 1l of water with 125g of ground coffee beans, cool it for 10-16h and filter it like your junk mail.
  • Pour one part Jägermeister and one part cold brew coffee into a shaker. If siphon available, load with one bullet of nitrogen (NCO2).
  • Give it a proper shake.
  • Squeeze it gently into a transparent espresso cup (just so you can admire it).
  • Sprinkle some ground coffee over it to top off your perfect creation.
  • Get ready to party all night long.



Sodium: 50mg | Calcium: 30mg
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