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Best Heat Diffuser for Glass Cooktop in 2022-Top Reviews

A glass top- stove is a beautiful item in every home with a modern look; it adds to kitchen design, so many love it because of its aesthetics. With all these attributes to glass top stove, it can get damaged through heavy pots; this now made the use of the best heat diffuser for glass cooktop inevitable.

Are you looking for the best heat diffuser for a glass cooktop? Double Thickening Heat Diffuser is a good option for you as it will help you to protect your glass top stove/gas from any form of damage from flames and at the same time protect your utensil from being burnt; it ends uneven distribution of the heat by making sure heat is spread across pot and pan base. Heat diffuser will make your cookware remain neat without smoke stain making it easy to clean.

 A heat diffuser is needed most, especially when you use cast iron and keep the glass’s beautiful look. It is not advisable to use cast iron cookware on a glass stove/gas top if you don’t want the glass surface to be disfigured with scratches. The material used in constructing the heat diffuser is heat resistant and lasts longer.

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1. Double Thickening Heat Diffuser

2. Stainless Steel Induction Diffuser Plate

3. Norpro Heat Diffuser

4. Heat Diffuser Stainless Steel Induction Adapter

5. Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plate  [/su_box]

What Is a Heat Diffuser for a Glass Top Stove?

A heat diffuser is a small device placed on top of a glass top stove. The device has a metal base and a ceramic surface that can conduct heat more evenly than a glass stove. In order to achieve this, the heat diffuser prevents hot spots and transfers the heat throughout the ceramic surface. This creates a higher and safer cooking temperature on top of the stove.

It also distributes heat evenly and protects the surface of the stove from getting hot enough to burn the food or mess with the accuracy of your electric or gas range. 

More so, it prevents any food particles attached to the flat surface from being scattered, allowing for more mess-free cooking.

Best Heat Diffuser for Gas Stove Top

the best heat diffuser for gas stove top

1. Double Thickening Heat Diffuser – 2 Pack

The double thickening heat diffuser is designed to spread heat across the pot base without scorching your food; it is easy to use as the surface is flat to balance any cookware placed on it. It is lightweight for you to be able to move it around quickly.

Stainless Material

The heat diffuser is constructed with one of the best materials when it comes to heat conductivity. It is made with stainless steel material. The material can withstand heat without it being melty or burns.

Flat Surface

The flat surface of this heat diffuser gives balance to any cookware placed upon it. Your pot won’t have any part higher than the other, which will give your cooking a good outcome. It also evenly spread heat by eliminating hot zones and also neutralizing the heat.

Plastic handle

You don’t have to worry about whether your hand will burn or not as the plastic handle will save your hand. Always use plastic or a towel on the diffuser wing. In case you want to hang it for storage, the plastic handle will help you do that.


Suitable for gas and electric stoves

Other Feature and Specification

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Size measurement – 8.25 x 15.75 – inches
  •  lightweight and sturdy
  • It is durable
  • stay-cool handle
  • Cooks coffee at even temperatures
  •  Double-walled stainless steel


  • prevent any damages from overheating


  • It is recommended to handwash the item

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2. Stainless Steel Induction Diffuser Plate

The significant advantage of this heat diffuser is the usability of the induction burner. You don’t have to worry about using your cookware on an induction stove, as this heat diffuser will protect the cookware from any form of damage. With this, your cookware can safely be used on an induction stove.

Heat Distribution

It is designed to distribute heat over its surface and across the cookware base. There is no hot zone with this heat diffuser as all characters are heated the same. This will guarantee you burnt-free cooking while sustaining the real taste of your food.


You can use this heat diffuser with cookware like aluminum pot and pan, ceramic cookware, stainless steel cookware, cast iron/ enamel cookware. It works perfectly on an induction burner cooker; the thermal conductivity is very high, making it suitable for cooking foods that take a longer time. To get the best of the diffuser, you are to heat it first before placing your pot or pan on it.

Saves Money

The product saves you from spending the extra money to get an induction pan. You don’t have to go for these expensive pans when you can easily get and use this heat diffuser for any kind of cookware you have at your hand. You won’t have to change cookware now and then as this heat diffuser protects and preserve your cookware life.

Energy Saving

The diffuser saves more energy by using less energy. with the energy-saving technology, you won’t have to spend extra money on gas. After several uses, you can start experiencing discoloration on the surface of the heat diffuser, but you don’t have to worry as its efficiency will remain the same.

Other Features and Specification

  • It consists of three layers of bottom layers consisting of stainless steel, while the middle is made with aluminum.
  • The upper and the bottom layers are stainless steel, whereas the middle is aluminum for excellent heat distribution. Suitable for gas stove


  • It can be used for a long stew cooking
  • Suitable for gas stove
  • Lightweight and durable


  • It cant be used with food directly.
  • Cat be used for boiling water or ultra-high temperature cooking
  • It uses ten minutes before getting cold

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3. Norpro Heat Diffuser

Norpro heat diffuser is versatile and can be used for multipurpose; It is specially designed to regulate it by preventing scorching of your cookware. It moderates heat coming out of the burner and also spread it across the cookware bottom. This is just to regulate the heat from high to normal to prevent your food from burning.

Wooden Handle

It comes with a wooden handle to make the use of the diffuser flexible and risk-free. You don’t have to worry whether your hand will be burnt; it also has a leather hand band that can be used to hang it after every use.

Perforation that works

The heat diffuser is perforated to heat the bottom of your cookware directly. With that, the heat has been tamed, preventing it from overheating and burning your food. It also protects the stovetop glass from overheating, resulting in cracking of the glass in the long run.

Cook sensitive food

The heat diffuser is best in preparing sensitive food like milk and oatmeal. The heat intensity makes it easy to melt caramel and chocolate.

Other Features and Specification

  • Wooden handle
  • Leather hang band


  • It is durable


  • It doesn’t work well with stove pot

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4. Heat Diffuser Stainless Steel Induction Adapter

This plate can heat cast iron cookware by placing it on the stove burner before putting the cookware on it. Whenever you think of a long stew, cooking using a heat diffuser will do much good to both the cookware and the stove burner itself. The surface might turn yellow after a couple of usages, but that doesn’t determine the efficiency.

Heat Transfer

This diffuser is specially designed to transfer heat from the stove burner to the pot or pan base without any drop in the plate temperature. Its primary function is to distribute heat across the plate surface and transfer it to the pot bottom for even cooking—no special hot zone with this heat diffuser.

3 layers disc

This heat diffuser consists of three layers where the upper and base layers are constructed with stainless steel and the middle of the plate is made with aluminum. This material makes it easy for the diffuser to transfer heat without any form of delay.

Compatible with induction

You can use all your cookware in induction, provided that you are using them with this heat diffuser. You don’t have to spend excess money on buying expensive induction cookware as you can still use your existing cookware together with this heat diffuser.

Removable Handle

It comes with a removable handle to be able to use it conveniently. The long removable handle prevents scalding and will make the diffuser to be more storable without occupying space.

Compatibility: It can only be used with gas and electric stove

Other Feature and Specification

  • Heat insulating handle
  • Compatible with all cookware
  • Thickness: 0.25 inch
  • 3 disc layers
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • It is convenient to use


  • None

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5. Cast Iron Heat Diffuser Plate

This heat diffuser is made with a cast iron material, and that’s why it is strong and durable. The look is beautiful and complements your kitchen art. It is compatible with gas and electric stovetops.

Keeps cookware Clean

This plate protects the pot and pans from any form of smoke or stain; you don’t have to go through another round of stress by trying to clean the cookware. There is no hot spot as the plate distributes heat evenly.

Removable Handles

Hit includes a handle that will help you move it from one point to another. Whenever you want to handle it after cooking, do make sure you use a towel, so you won’t get your hands burnt. It is also removable whenever you want to store it.

Compatibility: Not compatible with induction stove

Other Features and Specification

  • Includes 2 stainless steel
  • Prevent scorched food 
  • Black enamel coating


  • It makes simmering sauces easy and fast
  • Suitable for propane gas stove


  • Coating Flakes Off
  • Not dishwasher safe

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6. Lazy K Induction Cooktop Mat

This is a unique heat diffuser that delivers well. Let the usage be within 1-10 heat levels. If it goes beyond that, there is the tendency of it been burnt.

Maximum Protection

The diffuser protects the glass stove top from any form of scratches. It prevents cookware from having direct contact with the stovetop surface.

Multipurpose Use

It can be used for another purpose like using it with microwave and refrigerator. It can withstand high temperatures up to 480℉ without it burnt or weak.

Dishwasher Safe

You can put it in a dishwasher to ease your stress. It is easy to clean if you are to wash it by hand.

Compatibility: Only use it with an induction stove and cooking with a stove or cooker that uses a power setting. It is not compatible with electric glass and ceramic cooktops.

Other Features and Specifications

  • 100% silicone and fiberglass
  • Heat resistant design
  • Diffuse heat when cooking


  • Prevent any form of damage to the cooktop


  • Get burnt if burner setting is above 10

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7. Heat Diffuser Simmer Ring Plate

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The induction converter hob is so unique that it can work with any kind of cookware.

Heat Distribution. 

It spread heat over the surface of the diffuser, keeping the cookware on it heated. There is no hoit zone when you use this heat diffuser. It’s best you use it to prepare a meal that will stay long on the glass stovetop.


The stove burner lasts long when using with a heat diffuser. It’s a dual function as it also preserves the cookware and making it last longer. Your existing cookware will serve you if used with a heat diffuser, as you won’t have to keep buying cookware replacement now and then.


It is compatible with different kinds of cookware like cast ire and ceramic cookware etc. It can also be used with gas, induction electric burner. Make sure you heat the diffuser before placing any object on it.

Other Feature and Specification

  • Premium stainless steel
  • Material: Stainless steel


  • Suitable for long time stewing and simmering
  • Easy to Clean


  • Don’t put it on the magnetic oven
  • You cant use cold water to wash the plate when it’s hot
  • It stays hot for 10 minutes after use
  • Its base turn yellow after several uses

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Flame Tamer for Gas Stove – Buyer’s Guide

flame tamer for gas stove

You might have encountered different challenges by adjusting the stove/gas flame but ending up with no flame due to the over minimized nob. Many factors are considered while buying a heat diffuser for your glass stove or gas for many who want to protect their investment from scorching.

The weight

We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing between a light or heavy object. For a heat diffuser, it is better to be light as it tends to get cold fast after use and easy to move in the case of cleaning up. An overweight heat diffuser will be thick and cause a scratch on the stove gas surface.

Material Used

The material used is a major determinant of how effective and durable a heat diffuser will be. The material must be thinner and light to be able to lose heat quickly after use. It might be very difficult to know the material used by mere look as they look alike, but if you go further by reading the product details, you will discover the kind of material used as it is best to have a heat diffuser constructed with a copper or stainless steel material. Check the materials used to know how beneficial it is to your cooking process.

Heat Conductivity

Diffusers are meant to give you even heating and prevent your food from overheating or scorching; the heat diffuser you will be getting should be able to conduct any form of heat efficiently. While conducting heat, it should distribute heat evenly at the pot bottom.

It will conduct heat and not get burnt or change color. A good heat diffuser will have all these qualities and specifications.


The durability strength is an essential factor as you can’t continue to buy a heat diffuser every month. A good product will resist melting even with a high temperature. Check the product if it is damage resistant, protective coating, and has high thermal conductivity.

Compatibility with kitchen design

Every kitchen has its art design and dominant color; you might want a heat diffuser that complements your kitchen’s existing design. You will need to color your next heat diffuser to know if it goes with your kitchen art. It is also confirmed if the diffuser doesn’t stain the cooktop; these details can be gotten from product reviews and comments.

The Heat Diffuser Size

The cooktop comes in different sizes, just as a heat diffuser, too, so it’s essential you try and measure the diameter of your cooktop so you could get the heat diffuser that will perfectly fit onto it.

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How to Use Simmer Plate for Gas Stove

simmer plate for gas stoveThere are practical ways to use a simmer plate for a gas stove that will be effective and result-oriented. The following are the step to take:

Step 1

The first thing to do is light up your stove through the top burner and immediately place your heat diffuser on it. Please make sure you properly position the diffuser on the burner, then leave it for some min for all the heat to spread across the whole diffuser surface after you had reduced the flame to the lowest rate.

Step 2

Observe the flame for some minutes to get the reaction of the heat diffuser to fire. Note that it might change color after high heat or even get burnt if your heat diffuser is not of high quality.

Step 3

After ascertaining some things through your observation:

  • Place your desired pot or pan on it for the cooking to commence.
  • Start from the minimum heat level to a high one depending on what to are cooking.
  • If the cooking requires a low flame, don’t put the burner on the high side.

Step 4

After the cooking process, the next step is to turn off the burner and leave the heat diffuser for some minutes till it gets cold. Get a towel to remove the diffuser to avoid your hand being burnt.

Step 5

After the whole cooking process, the next thing is to clean the stovetop and the heat diffuser. All you have to do is put the diffuser under running water and then use a soft cloth to wipe off food spillage. Dry it up with a dry and clean tower before you store it. This last and straightforward step will help you and preserve it for more prolonged use.

How to Protect Glass Top Stove from Cast Iron?

copper heat diffuserGlass top stoves are sought after by many because of their elegance and modern look. It comes with a unique feature that distinguishes it from traditional stove stops; it has a smooth surface that makes it easy to clean after cooking. Using a cast-iron pot or pan on a heat diffuser might be very delicate because of some cons that come with it, but it can be well managed if some measures can be put in place.

For you to protect your glass top stove from damages cast iron can cause, then you will need to always carry out some safety act like

1. The use of a heat diffuser

The first thing to do is get a heat diffuser for your glass top stove. With this, you won’t have to put the cast iron directly on this stove. Cast iron bases are always rough and can cause scratches on the glass or break it if placed on it directly and heavily. With a heat diffuser, there won’t be any scratch on the glass.

2.  Don’t drag the cast iron on it.

Your glass stovetop won’t last if you keep dragging cast iron on it. It will start with a small scratch till it gets worse. It’s best you always lift cast iron cookware at every point in time.

 3. Always wash the cast iron bottom.

Cast Iron is always known to attract food particles to its base, so to avoid it causing scratches and damage to the stove surface, it is better you wash the cast iron pot after every use, especially the bottom.

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How to Clean Glass Stove Top

electric cast iron waffle maker Cleaning your glass stovetop after every use is one of the best practices that could sustain the life span of the stove. In carrying out this measure, you will need to know some do and don’t like cleaning it whiles it’s hot. The following are what to do to make sure that your glass stovetop remain clean and beautiful

Materials needed are microfiber cloth and a bottle of vinegar

1. After cooking, leave the stovetop to get cool; this is needed not to get your hand burnt.

2. Spray the stovetop surface with water or vinegar solution. Leave it for some seconds so the dirt can get soaked

3. Use the microfiber cloth you already prepared to wipe the liquid and the dirt off. Use a dry cloth to wipe and dry the stove surface by preparing it 

 If you can keep to this cleanup process at the end of every cooking

What to Use Instead of Gas Stovetop Heat Diffuser

There are quite a few possible solutions for replacing the heat diffuser in your cooking. The easiest option is to simply cook with the lid closed. You can also use a flame tamer, which fits snugly around your cooktop and keeps the heat at the bottom of your pan where it belongs. 

If you don’t like either of those options, there are also mesh baskets that fit onto the burners on most stoves and which tilt if they start to overheat.

However, stovetop heat diffusers are used to prevent the direct heat from reaching the bottom of a pan or pot when cooking on an electric stove or range. The heat diffuser creates turbulence in the air passing through, allowing for better heat distribution throughout your pan and food.

 Frequently Asked Question

What can I use to protect my glass top stove?

Glass top stove can be very delicate and prone to scratches. You will a heat diffuser to protect the surface. It is designed to protect your glass stove surface from any object that can damage the surface. A heat diffuser is what can protect your stove surface from rough cookware bottom.

What is a stovetop heat diffuser?

A heat diffuser is a modern means of protecting a glass stovetop; it is round and flat most time to make it able to fix the gas burner well. The job of the heat diffuser is to neutralize the heat that will be evenly distributed at the bottom. It will keep the pot from any form of smoke and at the same time keep the glass top in good condition.

What pans should not be used on a glass top stove?

Some pans should be avoided when you are using a glass top stove, especially when you are using it without a heat diffuser. Stay away from cookware made from stone, cast iron, local ceramic. If care is not taken, the use of this cookware directly with the glass top stove will scratch and break the glass due to their weight.

Do glass cooktops scratch easily?

The glass surface has been known to be prone to scratches. If you own a glass cooktop, you should take precautionary measures like getting a heat diffuser to keep the glass in good shape and scratch-free.

Are heat diffusers necessary?

It all depends on what you want for your glass top stove; if you want it to remain scratch-free and last longer, then a heat diffuser is needed at the top of the burner. The value of every investment is to keep it for a more extended period, and this can only be done through proper maintenance.


After investing a huge sum of amount in buying a stove/gas with a glass top, you will need every required to keep it in good condition, and that’s why we have put together this review on the best heat diffuser for a glass cooktop. Using a glass stove top with a heat diffuser protects your cookware and glass tops from damage, smoke, and burns. Any of the products that have been reviewed above are up to standard and serve you well.

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