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Nexgrill vs Char-Broil

There are hundreds of different features to consider when deciding which grill is the best option for you between Nexgrill vs Char-Broil. The most significant factors are typically durability, ease of use, budget, and taste preferences. 

It’s essential to know what you are looking for in a grill. The comparison guide in this article will help you decide which grill is the right choice for you.

These two gas grills provide you with the best combination of affordability and performance. The Nexgrill uses 100% stainless steel to protect the grill from rust and corrosion. It also provides a better cooking environment to attain charcoal-like flavor and crispy texture, while Char-Broil is more affordable and delivers the same performance and durability as Nexgrill.

 Nexgrill and Charbroil pits contain heavy-duty steel construction that is powder-coated for extra durability, and the porcelain enamel cooking grids will clean easily after every use.

However, Nexgrill comes with a 5-year residential warranty, the only grill in the industry with this. Their burners are twice as large as any other gas grill in its class; their grates are porcelain enameled cast iron and double stainless steel making it a good choice.

Nexgrill Reviews

Nexgrill ReviewsThe Nexgrill offers a revolutionary way to cook, offering fresh food more healthily, with our unique propane/wood-fired combo cooking method.

It is made up of two burner plates, each with its gas knob. The grills are easy to clean. Place the cooking plates into the dishwasher, then wipe the knobs off with a damp paper towel. 

It comes with side tables that are large enough to place your serving platters on during the grilling process.

Some come with thermometer monitors with two probes attached to the grill for monitoring food and one that attaches to the inside of the lid for watching the coals.

Moreso, they are made from steel, designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, which is a big attraction for many buyers. 

You will also find that the grills won’t rust or decay over time. In addition, most users agree that the Nexgrill product is easy to clean by rinsing them off with a hose and easy to store when not in use, even if you live in a small apartment.

Nexgrill Buyers Guide

Nexgrill grills are portable, compact, and easy to use. Its patented features, including the i-glide firebox and smooth flow gas valve. Here are other elements to look out for:


It has a unique and attractive design that is sure to compliment your outdoor dining experience. But there is more to this grill than just a great-looking exterior.

Energy consumption

You can find the energy consumption figures on the Energy label on the packaging for each model.

Nexgrill grills are 96% energy efficient; they meet the strictest energy standards in the industry.

However, Energy consumption is by the wattage of the cooking burner. Energy efficiency is in terms of therms/kWh.


It is a revolutionary grill made from a nonstick, weather-resistant resin. The cooking surface comes with a patented 3X Cooking System with an extra-long, anti-rust handle that keeps you up and away from the heat.

 A special tray catches oil drippings from food for healthy grilling.

Recent Nexgrill features a patented infrared heat system and cook’s tabletop with dual-zone burner and side sear burner.

With this, you can get the best results every time, whether you’re grilling up burgers, steak, or other favorites. 

Cooking grates

Two cooking grates are available on the Nexgrill series gas grills, Porcelain-enameled Cast Iron and Stainless Steel. 

Both options provide a durable, long-lasting cooking surface that won’t rust or corrode with care.

Some come with cast iron cooking grates to provide even heat distribution and superior heat retention. You can season the grates and clean them often to create a naturally nonstick surface and prevent food from sticking.


The grills are built to last with their heat-tolerant stainless steel burner tubes, porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, and powder-coated steel housing to protect against rust, damage, and discoloration caused by high temperatures heat.

It is sturdier and high quality built. All gas burners have been precision tested by their engineers to ensure optimal heat.

Ease of use

Nexgrill is easy to use, the infrared burners in new models are incredibly easy to light, and the knobs are user-friendly. 

Their iGrill system allows you to monitor the temperature of your meat from an app on your phone to give you control over how well done you want your food.


The Nexgrill price category will not only depend on the model, but also its quality. 

Its price points run from about $40 for their entry-level consumer models to about $300 for their most expensive fully featured grills. 

Their grills tend to attract value-conscious consumers who aren’t afraid of spending a little time on maintenance.

Note: Different features provide a wide range of grilling options, meaning exgrill can be a perfect cooking companion for any home.

Char-broil grill reviews

Char-broil has a gas grill for the patio or an infrared grill for the backyard, comes in a variety of sizes and styles. 

It has a large cooking area. The heat is even across the cooking surface, so no hot spots. 

Cleaning it is also very easy with the drip pan in place, and removing the cooking grates and wiping them out with a paper towel can be done quickly.

Char-broil buyers guide

If you can’t decide which Char-broil model is suitable for you, use this guide to help. Here are features to look out for.


Both indoor and outdoor models of Char-broil have the necessary ports to run two separate burners. 

The outdoor modes are designed with sturdy bases that can endure rough terrains and resist rusting. The indoor models offer more features and a good working surface to prevent accidental scratches and spills.

The design also offers a good ratio of output to input ventilation. You will want a grill that vents a great deal of exhaust from the unit while also being quiet at doing so

Energy consumption level

You can determine the power of the Char-Broil grill quickly enough. There are three controls to choose from High, medium, and low. 

These help determine the amount of heat spread across the grill grate. The higher the heated burner, the more heat will be applied to any food placed on it. 

Also, if you cook with charcoal, you can increase or decrease the amount of fuel used by adjusting this control. 

It will also increase or decrease the amount of heat radiating from the charcoal portion of your grill.

Level of technology

Char-Broil has designed many gas grills to meet your cooking needs, from entry-level gas grills ideal for family dinners and backyard events to high-end grills for serious grill masters. 

The technology used in these grills is designed to take the guesswork out of grilling.

However, to determine if your grill is high-tech, look at its ability to control the heat and regulate venting. Can it adjust the heat in a matter of minutes with an electric ignition? 

Does it have a built-in thermometer for accurate temperature readings? Is it easy to clean and maintain? 

The better your grill gets technology, the higher level of craftsmanship it will reflect. Many people believe that a good grilling experience is all about the right grill and great food. 

They couldn’t be more wrong. It’s all about the right grill and the right cook, whether you choose charcoal or gas, traditional or hi-tech.

Cooking grates

The cooking grates are made of cast aluminum with a porcelain coating. The cast aluminum distributes heat evenly, providing a searing surface to sear in excess fat and flavor from the food. At the same time, porcelain enamel resists chipping and cracking from years of use.

Additionally, the grate coating adds durability to your cooking grates and provides exceptional nonstick properties. Plus, porcelain enamel is easy to clean.


 All Char-Broil grills are constructed to last long. The gas grills come with a warranty of either five years or for the lifetime of the grill. 

Constructed to ensure they can stand up to the high temperatures of cooking. Their website uses heavy-gauge steel on the firebox and lid, so your grill will still be there for you after years of great grilling.


It features an easy-to-use hinged design that allows the lid to open 180 degrees so grease can drip safely onto the charcoal grate, allowing you to burn away grease thoroughly.

Some models also come with two burners with individual controls that allow you to control the heat on each side. 

It means that you can control the heat on your left and right sides independently by turning one burner up and the other down, or both up for more intense high-heat cooking.


The price of a CharBroil grill depends on the features and options you choose. Most basic models cost between $200 and $400, while more complex models are priced higher than $500.

The grill is affordable and well worth the investment. Inexpensive grills do not always last, but Char-Broil grills are not only durable, but the newest models offer the latest technology you will need.

Moreso, the least expensive option of this grill is the budget range, while the premium grills are more heavy-duty and have better value for serious grillers. 

Char broil grill vs Nexgrill – Differences 

Char broil grill vs Nexgrill - Differences The following are the difference between the two brands.

  1. Nexgrill has a 5-year warranty on their grill, which is twice that of Charbroil.
  2. Nexgrill grills are built with stainless steel burners, cooking grids, and side shelves, while Charbroil grills are stainless steel burners and porcelain-coated steel. 
  3. Nexgrit tubes are made of copper, while Charbroil’s are made of aluminum.
  4. The Nexgrill performs best in the 3600-5300 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range. Charbroil performs best in the 1800-2800 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range.
  5. The clean-up is substantially more straightforward with the Nexgrill. Just wipe down the outside. That’s it. Charbroil, you have to take off all of the side burners flare-up plate, grates, drip tray, burner tubes. 
  6. The char-broil grills are a couple of pounds lighter than Nexgrill; the Nexgrill weighs about 10 pounds less than the Charbroil. 
  7. Newest Nexgrill uses digital electronic controls which are easier to use and understand. The temp control buttons are labeled high, medium, and low. The Charbroil uses analog knobs which are very hard to tell what you’re cooking at.

Nexgrill vs charbroill – Similarities 

  1. Nexgrill vs charbroill - Similarities Both grills also have side tables for placing serving trays. 
  2. The Nexgrill has a wide cooking space, while Charbroil has the most cooking space.
  3. Both Nexgrill and Charbroil are American manufacturers of outdoor grills.
  4. The Charbroil cooking surface reaches 600 degrees, while the Nexgrill only reaches 400 degrees.

Which is better Char broil or Nexgrill?

Which is better Char broil or NexgrillIt’s tough to choose between Char-Broil and Nexgrill. These brands are among the most popular gas grill sellers, and if you set them side-by-side next to each other, they look very similar.

But still, there is no answer to which grill is better. It is all about your budget and needs, whether you want a gas or electric grill or you want a 2-1 or 3-1 functionality. Char broil and Nexgrill make 2-1, 3-1, and gas grills.

You can choose the Nexgrill stainless steel infrared grill with smart touch technology or select the Char-Broil Performance 300 square-inch charcoal grill. Both are excellent grills that will deliver years of family fun.

Are char broil grills good quality?

The Char-Broil grill is designed with high-quality materials. If you are looking to buy one of the most durable and high-quality grills on the market, then you should look into purchasing a Char-Broil grill. The good news is that Char-Broil has an excellent warranty program in place if any parts need to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nexgrill a Home Depot brand?

No, Nexgrill is a licensee of Home Depot and is not a part of the Home Depot family.

Is Nexgrill a decent brand?

The Nexgrill brand is constantly improving its cooking grills. For the past ten yea, they have been creating grills that are affordable for many different people. All of the products made are easy to use and come with a decent price tag.

How long do Nexgrills last?

The Nexgrill is a premium-quality product that has looked great in your backyard or patio for many years. It will last; it is heavy-duty, durable, and cooks great food year after year.


There are a lot of gas grills in the market today. Nexgrill vs char broil is two top-rated grills in the market. It would help if you chose the grill that will meet your need, and that’s why we have done a review on both brands in terms of their differences and similarities.

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