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Ninja BL494 – Is it an Auto-IQ kitchen system?

Ninja has been known for years to be a brand that produces blenders with high technological features and functions. With their blenders, you can customize your drinks to a fulfilling blending experience. One of Ninja blenders with an Auto-IQ compact system is Ninja BL494, as it can extract nutrients like vitamins from your fruits and veggies.

Do you need a blender with a 1200 watt motor? If yes, Ninja BL494 comes with a 1200 watt motor and more blending settings like a timer to help you do away with guesswork when blending. It also has a puree button that can be used for your ingredient. A high-end kitchen system blender with an Auto-IQ boost to make your blended ingredient come out exactly how you want it.

It comes with Personal extra cups and a food processor container; the blender’s pitcher is 72-ounce size with a 62-ounce maximum liquid capacity. The blender’s versatility is second to none with the combination of the Auto-IQ and a powerful motor.

 Ninja 1200w

Ninja 1200w

Ninja BL494 – Blender and Food Processor System

Product Specification

  • 40 ounce Blend & prep bowl
  • chopping blade
  • Two 24 ounce Tritan Nutri Ninja cups
  • Pro Extractor blades assembly
  • SIP and seal lids
  • 30-Recipe inspiration
  • Instruction book

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Ninja BL494 Review – Buyer’s Guide

ninja bl494 reviewAuto-IQ

The blender has an Auto-IQ function that can be used to design the kind of blending process that you want. With this blender, you can always have a consistent blending. You don’t need to start looking for dial buttons to select; the blend setting has been labeled separately for different recipes like frozen drinks, purees, dough, extract, smoothie, and pulse settings.

Extractor Blade

Having the blender’s blade be an extractor blade is a plus; it has the capacity to blend, extract and retain fruits and veggies’ nutrients. You are sure of getting your vitamin nutrient extracted at 100% by the blade breaking down whole fruits and grains to produce full-bodied nutrient juice.          

The blender blade is also designed to reach the top middle of the pitcher; with this, it can touch every part of the ingredient in the container without being stuck to the container’s bottom like other blenders. You don’t even need to use the tamper to push down ingredients, as the blade will do it all itself.

Top Performance

The motor power plus the extractor blade will put the blender on top performance by efficiently crushing every ingredient, including the ice cube. You can conveniently prepare shakes and drinks with this blender without taking much out of your time.

Crushing Technology

The blender’s 72-ounce container is made with a crushing technology that can crush tough ingredients, especially Ice. You can crush ice cube to snow within seconds with this blender; the container only has 64 ounces max liquid capacity.

The large container helps you worry less about serving large numbers of people. You can have a family or friends reunion, and you will need a blender like this to serve them all at once or in a few batches.

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Food Processing Bowl

Food Processing BowlHaving a food processing bowl with the blender is part of its versatility as you have access to more blending options than the regular ones. You can do a lot beyond blending, like mixing dough. You can pour out your blended content through the built-in pour spouts without messing up your countertop surface.

Most blenders with pour spouts mess everywhere around the blender as blended ingredients escape through every side of the container when pouring our blended ingredient. 

How to Use Ninja Food Processor

Trying to prepare your favorite food manually can be very stressful and time-consuming. Owning a Ninja food processor or a ninja blender with an attached food processor will save you a lot from this stress.

It is big enough to contain all your food at once or with limited batches. You can use the Ninja food processor for several reasons, like chopping veggies, sauces, and mixing cookie dough.

A ninja food processor can help you execute the most straightforward kitchen function, and at the same time, the hardest can be made simple with minutes. You can use your food processor to blend salsa, sauce, and soup. Food processors save you the time of doing one thing before another; the machine or container can do it all at once.

Step 1

Assemble the food processor before plugging it into a power source, but the blade is attached to the blender. If you are using a food processor container with a blender, twist the food processor bowl by making sure it is tightly fitted.

Step 2

At their stage, you must have gotten your ingredients ready, wash all the ones that need to be cleaned, and put them into a small bowl. If your recipe requires you to blend all the ingredients at once, you will need to pour them into the processor container and close it with the lid cover.

It is always better to chop tough ingredients first with a blender before putting them into a food processor container; you will need to take note of the maximum liquid level of the container in case you are adding water to your ingredient.

Don’t put hot water into the container; instead, you should wait and let it get cool. The blender or food processor machine be damaged if hot water finds its way in.

Step 3

Start proc4essing your food by pressing the assigned button for different food, and for nth buttons not labeled, you will have a pulse button to run the food. There are several ways to process food, you can either chop or blend the food, and you can liquefy it depending on the recipe and what you want to make out of the food ingredients.

You might get confused in cases where the food processor machine or blender has many buttons on its surface; at this point, you will need to pick up your blender’s manual to read through.

Step 4

Depending on your recipe, you might need to add some extra ingredients; you can add the ingredient through the top lid cover with the blender/processing machine working. If the container has a tube on it, make it easier, but if not, you will need to stop the machine, open it and add the ingredient to the container before continuing the process.

Step 5

Pour out your processed food from the processor bowl after the whole process. Make sure the dish or plate you are using is clean. After this, you will need to clean all washable parts used, especially the blade and the container.

Use soapy water with a soft sponge to wash the container and blade, be mindful of your hand not to cut by the blade when washing. Rinse all under running water, then leave it to dry

You can’t wash the food processor/ blender base with soap or water, but you can use a damp cloth to clean the base and wipe the cord that might have been stained with food smear and liquid. Assemble it after it dried up and store it in a cabinet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put dry ingredients in a ninja?

You can add an ingredient to your ninja blender or food processor when it’s in you if the model has a smaller lid cover that can be used. Otherwise, you will need to stop the blender before adding an extra ingredient to the already blending or processing food ingredient.

Is there a food processor attachment for ninja?

Almost all ninja kitchen system blender comes with a food processor attachment. Blenders like Ninja BL494 come with a food processor container separated from the blender’s pitcher. 

Can I use the Ninja blender as a food processor?

Most ninja blenders, especially the kitchen system ones, comes with a food processor container making them a multifunctional machine as a blender and a food processor. It also has touch button preset programs for processing on its surface.

Can I ground coffee in my ninja?

Ninja blenders with at least 600-watt motor power can perfectly grind your coffee to a smooth texture. Generally, ninja blenders are designed to blend tough ingredients like nut and ice cube with a blending power strong enough.

What does the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ do?

Nutri Auto IQ functions help eliminate error and guesswork as the blender with this function comes with auto preset settings. You only need to put your ingredient and press your preferred preset button, then leave the blender to do just what you wanted. You get a perfect blended food ingredient and get time to attend to other kitchen activities during the blending time.


If you are the type that blends and processes food simultaneously, you might not need to buy a separate food processor machine as the Ninja bl494 kitchen system is what you need. The blender performs two functions with an Auto IQ Feature to help with accuracy in blending; the two personal cups can also be used to blend little fruit and veggies for your consumption.

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