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Is Ninja BL660 Worth Your Money? Top high-end blender

Getting a blender to settle with might be very challenging considering the numerous brands and products we have. Choosing a Ninja product is full of innovation as they come with affordable and efficient blenders like Ninja BL660, which belongs to the brand’s professional blender series. let’s take you through its functionality and why you need it.

Are you wondering how powerful is BL660? Ninja BL660 is a high-end blender powered by an 1100-watt motor capable of crushing tough nuts and ice. It can be used for other purposes with its 72 oz jar for blending fruits and veggies for your household, also comes with 2 16 oz cups that can be used for your blending without any waste.

Its unique design looks very modern with a rod-like feature with 3 set blades on the removable stem at the bottom, middle, and close to the top instead of the regular stainless blade in other blenders. This special feature gives it serve gives two benefits for blending and processing food.

The blender is versatile, powerful with variable speed, and has a sharp blade to crush everything you put into it. With this blender, you are sure of getting high performance with a touch of convenience. It is affordable and pocket-friendly.

Ninja Professional Blender 1100 Watts

ninja bl660 blender

Ninja BL660 Blender

Product Specification

  • 1100 watts
  • 3 speeds level
  • 72-ounce container
  • Include two 16 ounces Nutri
  • Total Crushing Pitcher

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Ninja BL660 Review – Features 

ninja bl660 reviewWhen you intend to make different food, you will need different ingredients, and that’s why some features have to be on your blender to get your blending smooth. Here are the features on Ninja BL660 explained:

Large Container

Blending an ingredient that will serve the whole family needs a large jar to pour out a blended ingredient. This blender with a 72 oz container will serve you as the container has a pouring spout and blade mechanism. The container is BPA-free co-polyester material that is perfectly safe for foods and drinks and can also be put into a dishwasher machine for cleaning.

The material used in designing the container is resistant to force/pressure that can be caused on its wall by certain ingredients like ice.

Easy to Use and Clean

The blender comes with simplicity in its interface design; you can easily choose the operating mode you want by just pressing a button.

You can easily clean the blender by just putting water halfway to the container and adding a drop of dishwasher soap, putting the blender on speed for a few seconds before pouring the way to the sink, and cleaning with a clean towel.

Server Cup

You can prepare a personal drink or smoothie for yourself with the 16 oz cups that come with the blender. It is portable and can be carried around; it also eliminated was as you only blend what you can finish.


The blender is one with a low price that anyone can afford without breaking the bank. The price has nothing to do with its top features and functions, and that’s why it’s a perfect blender for those who want affordability and efficiency.

Hot soap

Using BL660 for hot soup can damage the blender, and you won’t still get your hot soup prepared; it is not designed for such blending. If you want a blender with the power to make hot soup, you will need a blender like Vitamix a2300.

Digital Control

The interface is digitized, making it easy for the user to operate the blender with just a touch of the blender’s button. This made this blender easier to use compared to other brands.

Cord Compartment

The blender has a stuffing box behind the blender base to roll and store the blender’s cord after every use.

Variable Speed

The blender has a 3-speed of 35,000 RPM that can be used for mixing, blending, and pureeing. The fourth is a pulse control for burst power. You can pulverize your fruits and vegetables with this function. The blender is flexible and versatile to be used for different purposes due to its functions. 

Motor Power

Ninja BL660 has 1100 watts motor capacity; you can pulverize tough ingredients like a nut and frozen food with this. You can get your blended ingredient ready within 30 seconds to 1 minute 

Thermal Protection

The inbuilt thermal protective function shut down the blender whenever it is overused, and it is about overheating. When the blender shuts itself off, you will need to wait until the blender base gets cold before you can put it on to process with another round of blending.


The blade is unique as it is attached to a plastic pylon erected in the middle of the container. The blades on this rod are made with stainless steel making it very strong to crush tough ingredients. The blade is very sharp, and that’s why you will need to be very careful when hand washing it.


It’s important to measure where you want to store your next blender so you could look out for a blender that can fit into the measured space. This blender has 8″ length x 6″ width x 17″ height with a compact base that can be placed on any surface and still have its balance because of its 7.60 pounds weight.

Noise Level

This blender put out a loud noise when in use, especially when placed on the highest speed level. This noise can be a result of the blending power of the blender. You can have a lesser noise if you blend at a low speed, or you try putting the blender base on a folded dishtowel before you start blending.


Ninja blender has also come with a 1-year warranty; this one-year warranty still does not cover wear and tear plus the cost of shipping. But what we realized is that the 1-year warranty does not undermine the blender’s durability. With proper maintenance, the blender can last and serve you far beyond the single-year warranty placed on it.

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How to Use Ninja Professional Blender

ninja professional blender 1100 wattsKnowing to use your Ninja blender will only make your experience with the blender fun and produce what you want; there are no skills for this. All you just need is how to do the right thing. The following are the steps to take to get the best out of your Ninja blender.

1. Use your blender’s manual

After purchasing your Ninja blender, you will need to pick up and go through your blender’s manual so you could be able to assemble your newly purchased blender. You could also check for a warranty and how to clean it.

2. Plug the blender into the electric source

After assembling, your blender will not work until you plug it into an electric socket; let the socket be one you can easily remove your blender’s cord.

3. Open the lid

At this stage, you must have gotten your ingredient ready; open the lid cover by pressing a button

4. Put in Your Ingredient

After opening the lid cover, pour in your ingredient be it. There is no limit to the kind of ingredient you can use. You can combine different ingredients/fruit to get a single blending result, as ninja blenders are designed to blend any kind of ingredient.

There is a measuring line on the container to help you with your ingredient application. Don’t forget to fit the lid cover tight after putting in all your ingredients before starting the blender.

5. Choose your preferred setting

The blend setting you will be choosing will be determined by how hard or soft your ingredient is. The blender has a three-speed setting. One is to mix ingredients; two is to properly blend your ingredient, while three is to blend harder ingredients like ice.

The 4th setting is a pulse function to supply a speed burst with a very high speed and stop after you release the button.

6. Use the personal cup

Some Ninja blender comes with some smaller personal cup to blend for yourself. The blender container might be too big to blend small ingredients meant for personal consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ninja Professional Blender any good?

Ninja professional blenders are made with reliable material and a modern look. You can make your favorite fruit juice and smoothie within seconds. It is powerful with the capacity to blend your ingredient, including ice-cube

How long should a Ninja Blender last?

Based on the ninja warranty policy, ninja blenders are covered with a 1-year warranty that doesn’t cover shipping costs. 1 year looks short for a blender warranty, but the blender tends to function beyond a year if properly maintained

Does Ninja Blender cause cancer?

Ninja has done so well to protect users’ health, especially against cancer; all plastic materials used are BPA-free, a chemical material that causes cancer. You can prepare your food with the use of a Ninja blender without any health negativity.

Do Ninja blenders contain lead?

They use products from PVC and a small amount of lead to produce their blender’s power cord. This doesn’t have any health implications as it does not directly contact with content in the blender’s container.

Can you blend hot liquids in a Nutri ninja?

Blending or putting a hot substance into a Nutri ninja is totally not advisable as the blender is not built for such. Doing this tends to damage and cause a crack in its container, making it unhealthy to use.


Having a blender that can crush ice cubes and any tough ingredient will make you’re blending fast and give you a perfect texture based on your choice of speed level. Ninja BL660 can blend large ingredients and, at the same time, blend little for personal consumption through the use of the small personal cup that comes with it. You are sure of getting the value for your money without regret.

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