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Can Nutribullet Pro 1000 do the job? 2022 Top Review

There are several ways to make fruit drinks, smoothies, and green juice, and getting a mini blender is a bad idea. There are several portables, an affordable, and powered blender that you can get, and Nutribullet Pro 1000 top the list with an improved overall design and ergonomic upgrade. The blender is efficient with high performance in blending tough ingredients.

Nutribullet pro 1000 is an upgraded blender with 1000 motor watts; it has a single speed that is fast enough to crush puree, frozen dessert, and any other ingredient. The intuitive and simple designed blender has a 32-ounce, and 24-ounce container is big and small to satisfy you without any waste. The to-go lid will help you drink from the cup anywhere, even in public; the lid cover, container, and blender base are lightweight, making it possible to move around with it.

The motor was upgraded to 1000 watts with an extractor and ergonomically designed blade; the blade can be used to blend ingredients that can be used to prepare silky superfood and green juices. An auto shut-off function comes with the blender; this function works whenever the blender is overused beyond its recommended time.

Your drink temperature can still be maintained after preparation as the stainless-steel blender cup is insulated, letting your cold or hot food be at the same temperature.

Nutribullet 1000

nutribullet 1000

NutriBullet  Pro 1000 Personal Blender

Product specification

  • 32-ounce BPA-free cup
  • 1000-watt motor
  • Stainless-steel blade
  • Sleek design

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 Nutribullet Pro 1000 Review – Buyers’ Guide

nutribullet pro 1000 reviewThere are some features and functions to be considered whenever you are buying a series product. Nutribullet has several models that look alike, and that’s why you will need a guide to know what you are buying if it will meet your needs or not. Here are the product features and functions explained.

Juice Making

The blender is designed to make juice better compare to other models and brands. Other blenders blend fruits in a way that liquid is extracted from the fruit or vegetables but leaves the pulp untouched, while this Nutribullet blender turns the whole fruit or vegetable into a liquid form. 

Making Hot Soap

The fact that this blender does not come with a vented jar makes it dangerous to make hot soup with it or pour hot water or ingredient into it, as this can cause pressure build-up on the container and might lead to an explosion.

Trying to go against the instruction can cause some damage to the blender and at the same time pose a threat to yourself as the blender jar can explode and cause injury to you. You can buy Vitamix a3300.

Jar Size

It comes in 32 ounces and 24 jars; it’s portable enough to serve one person or two at once, depending on their consumption capacity. Both cups are dishwashers.


The fact that it’s a mini blender doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any form of noise; the mini blender makes some noise when blending. The noise level is the same from the beginning of your blending till the end, as the blender doesn’t have speed control but just a one-speed rate.


Nutribullet always has a 1-year limited warranty on their series; if the blender is faulty with this period, you are qualified for a repair or replacement. The blender can last longer, up to 5 years only if properly maintained; the frequency of use can also be a strong determinant.


The stainless steel and very sharp premium finish blade are built to crush all ingredients, but it works well with wet ingredients, put a dry ingredient into the blender’s jar to grind might not blend well the way you want it and at the same time damage the blender’s blade.

That’s why crushing ice to snow with this blender might not be 100% achievable only if you add water to it and also stop and shake the blender at an interval in other to get all the ice crushed. The sharp blade gets dull after several uses that why it has been recommended to be replaced after every 6 months.


The blender is a personal blender that can be carried around with you anywhere; it is portable with a small compact shape. You don’t have to worry about space on your cabinet as the blender jar can be removed and put separately, allowing you to store them conveniently.

Material Used

Quality materials are part of a good blender considering your health and other durability factors. The two major materials used in putting the blender together are metal and plastic; plastic materials are BPA-free to secure your health while you use the blender.

Power cord

The power cord is long to allow you to blend far from the socket point, and you can easily change the blending position. There is a compartment to rill and keep the cord after every use; this will keep the cord away from the reach of children.

Speed Control

There is no speed setting on the pulse button on the blender, it’s a personal blender, and there is a limit to what it can do. It only has one speed level from start to finish; to get the blender to start blending, you will have to twist the jar. Else the blender won’t work.


When it comes to blending a smoothie, the blender is a ‘specialist’; other drinks can be made. This blender’s performance is on the high side with its 1000-watt motor; you can do a lot more for yourself. The bigger container can also make you share some of your blended juice with 1 or 2 other persons.

With the efficiency and blending power of this blender, it has a deficiency in blending thick ingredients smoothly as you will need to always add water to get the best of it.

Dishwasher Safe

All removable components starting from the container to the blade are dishwasher safe as this safe you the stress of washing by hand after a long day of stress or exercise. 

Blending Duration

There is a certain duration limit you can blend with the blender per time; to save the blender base from overheating, you must not blend beyond 60-90 seconds per time. Blending beyond these minutes without pausing or stopping the blender to get cool before starting again can put the motor to a fault.

Stopping and letting the blender get cold after 2 minutes of non-stop blending tends to extend the life span of the blender motor.

Autocycle Feature

The blender is made with smart technology that allows the blender to speed up, slow down, and shut off all by itself due to its inbuilt preprogrammed setting that doesn’t need you to operate it before it functions.


Unlike Nutribullet 900, this blender only comes in very few colors, blue and silver. You don’t have access to different colors, but you can make do with the limited color this blender offers.


Due to the upgrade in design and function, Nutribullet 1000 is costlier than the previous model, but the value you will get from this blender can not be ignored.

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How to make apple juice with a blender

how to make apple juice with a blenderYou might have excess apples, and you are wondering what you can use them for; making juice with it is one way you can prevent the fruit from spoiling and later being a waste. Making apple juice is easy only if you have the necessary tools; you won’t spend too much time on it as 7-10mins is okay to get an apple juice ready.

Apple juice has so many benefits it can add to the body; you don’t need plenty of recipes to get this done as you only need few recipes to prepare. After your first experience making apple juice, we are sure you will make it your second drink after water.

Recipe to make apple juice

  • Fresh apples – 4 pieces.
  • Water 
  •  Sugar (optional).
  • Cinnamon/ginger root (optional).

Equipment Needed

  • Blender.
  • Knife
  •  Filter 

Procedure: Apple Juice


Wash the apples well with cold and clean water; again, make sure the water is clean to save guard your health as you will be consuming it.

Step 2

Slice the apple on a clean surface area into the different parts so you could be able to remove the seeds contain chemicals that may hurt your digestive system

Step 3

Slice the apple into a smaller size so that you will be able to put enough into the blender jar at once. The blender will also find it easy to blend the smaller sliced apple.

Step 4

Put the sliced apple into the blender’s jar, then add some water. Don’t let the water be too much.

Step 5

Get your filter ready not far from the blender; there are many filters you can use but choose the best work for you.

Step 6

Start the blender to blend the apple fruit for 20-30 seconds; if you are not pleased with the texture, you can blend further till you are satisfied.

Step 7

Pour the blended apple into the set strainer to collect the smooth apple juice,

Step 8

You can squeeze the pulp with a spoon to collect more juice the put it in a cup for drinking.

Step 9

Wash the filter and clean up the blend before you start enjoying your homemade natural apple juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put apples in a blender?

You must be using a blender with high motor power if you want to blend apple for juice. Regardless you can cut your apple into minor parts if you have a blender with low motor power. Please don’t add the seed as it can cause upset to your digestive system. 

Can we mix banana with Apple?

There are several reasons why you can’t mix the two fruit together for blending, but the primary reason is you don’t mix an acidic fruit such as an apple with a sweet fruit like a banana. It’s always better to blend acidic fruits.

Is the NutriBullet 1000 Good?

Nutribullet 1000 is one of the blenders that can be used to make smoothies and shakes; the 1000-watt motor helps the blender blend tough ingredients efficiently. Though find it difficult to blend ice cubes if you don’t add water just as a dry ingredient too.

Can you put ice in a NutriBullet?

Blending ice with a blender isn’t a problem if you add water to it, but most times, people try using it to blend ice into snow. If this is done frequently, it will affect the blender’s blade and later weaken the blender’s motor performance.

Can you use a NutriBullet without liquid?

Nutribullet blades are not built to blend ice without water; the blade is made with cyclonic action, which can only perform well with a wet substance. If the blade is used to blend ice continuously, it will later damage the blade and render the blender motor useless.


There are several Nutribullet models with different lending power, our review above on Nutribullet Pro 1000 has shown the blender upgraded motor power and design. You can get a quality delivery you will get from a bigger blender from this Nutribullet mini blender. With good maintenance, the blender will serve you beyond a 1 year limited warranty period.

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