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How To Mirror Polish A Knife – Kitchenarry

If you want to make a knife look razor-sharp, then mirror polishing it is the way to go. It’s not difficult at all, as understanding how to mirror polish a knife yourself will give you extra confidence than sending your knives for professional polishing work that can cost you a lot more.

To have a knife that is able to keep the sharp and shiny look, sometimes you might want to consider mirror polishing your knives. This process will make your blade look even sharper and shinier than its original form. This technique also has the added benefit of reducing friction when using on food cutting.

Mirror polishing is a delicate skill that will take time to learn, but it can be accomplished with patience and practice. When you are finished with the mirror polish on your knife, you will have a knife that has a highly reflective surface that is smooth and very hard. The process also reshapes the blade and gives it a long-lasting edge.

How to mirror polish a knife

How to Mirror Polish a KnifeMirror polishing is a process that smoothes out small scratches and swirls on the surface of a knife’s blade. What will work best is you using the correct type of polish.

Method 1

A few simple steps go a long way to ensure you’re getting the best possible shine from your new knife blade. A mirror polish requires that the edge be stropped on a lubricated leather strop until it’s razor-sharp and shiny, then applied to the knife’s surface using even pressure and a slow, deliberate movement.

Method 2

Step 1: Prepare your stones and water.

Step 2:  Remove any burrs or rough spots from the steel with water and stone

Step 3: Clean the wet blade with a dry towel till it gets dry. Be careful not to get your hand hurt doing this.

Step4: Apply the stainless polish to a cloth and work it through the metal surface that you want to polish.

Step 5: After applying the solution, rub it for some seconds by making sure you touch all areas of the stainless steel

Step 6: Leave it for several minutes to dry before using

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How to Mirror Polish a Knife by Hand

A truly sharp knife is a joy to use, feels balanced in your hand, and is an absolute pleasure to behold. A razor-sharp edge will slice effortlessly, not tear its way through your food. The only true way to sharpen a knife correctly is by hand.

Follow this steps

1. Clear all debris from the surface of the steel, which may include rust, oils, salts, and other contaminants. Steel wool is effective for this, but use it with caution to avoid leaving a scratch pattern on your blade’s surface.

2. Fill a bowl with a mild abrasive compound (coarse) and abrasive stones (medium/fine). The process required will depend on the level of finish desired and the quality of the steel

3. Apply a small amount of polish compound to a piece of paper towel. 

4. Apply sandpaper to the length of the blade with light pressure, 200-240 grit sandpaper for rough surfaces, and 400-600 for smooth surfaces.

5. Continue till you achieve a shiner and bright blade

How to Polish a Knife with a Dremel

Here is a quick step on polishing your knife with a Dremel. It is also known as knife sharpening.

1. Hold the Dremel with one hand and the knife in the other.

2. Switch on the Dremel and begin polishing the blade.

3. Start from the hilt (the end near your wrist) onto the handle and then the blade edge.

4. Polish it until you’ve gone all around the blade, ending at the hilt again.

5. Turn off the Dremel and examine your work: if you want a better shine, repeat Steps 2-4. 

Tip: Keep changing to a new buffing wheel for each part of the polishing process to ensure you’re getting even results.

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Stainless steel mirror polish

How to Mirror Polish a KnifeStainless steel mirror polish makes any stainless steel shine brighter. It is used to clean up and restore the shine on stainless steel surfaces that have become dull from grime or tarnish. A stainless steel mirror polish is a straightforward product to use that can bring your stainless steel surfaces back to looking new without the need for harsh chemicals or elbow grease.

A mirror polish is a non-reactive, water-based solution that will restore the shine to your blade. Mirror polish will not dull or discolor your blade like other polish solutions.

Benefits of polishing stainless steel cookware/blades

  • The first obvious benefit of polishing stainless steel is that your cookware or utensil will sparkle
  • Polishing creates a surface that is resistant to rust and decay
  • When polished stainless steel stains less and also naturally shine brighter to looking like new for longer
  • It also removes oxidation and discoloration that may have accumulated from daily use in a kitchen over time.
  • The polish process also leaves behind no residue when finished, making it safe to use for food prep in any environment
  • Polishing stainless steel removes the dull surface layer and reveals a bright mirror finish
  •  Polishing stainless steel is a perfect way of removing tarnish, rust, smudges, and other build-ups on stainless steel.

knife polishing compound

knife polishing compound gives your fine cutlery a (nearly) professional gleam. It’s easy to use: just rub this metal polish on the metal or nonmetallic handle of your knives, then buff it off with a dry cloth.

Wright’s Silver Cleaner and Polish Cream

Wright’s Silver Cleaner and Polish Cream is a silver polish cream that shines up silver jewelry quickly and easily. It’s also great to remove tarnish from silverware, stainless steel appliances, chrome, aluminum, and gold-filled items. Just rub it on softly with a cloth or use a toothbrush for maximum shine. This polishing cream will return your silver to its original luster in no time! Cleaner and Polish.

Shine Live Forever

“Wright’s Silver Cleaner and Polish Cream” is a long-lasting shine that works for all silver. Consumers use it to clean tarnish from silver, restore luster to silver, polish silver and restore other metals.

Restore to former luster

The cleaner restores the metal’s luster and removes tarnish. The polish brings out the shine of the metal where you need it most. Wright’s Silver Cleaner and Polish Cream is a polishing cream to restore silver, gold, and other metals, to their former luster. Perfect for silver watchbands, gold jewelry, stainless steel appliances, gunmetal gray automobiles with tarnish spots on the grill, and other areas where a shine is needed.

Protective Coating

You can protect your silver with this silver cleaner and polish cream with anti-tarnish formula from Wright’s. It helps remove tarnish and rust from sterling silver, as well as harden the finish. 

Other Product Feature and Specification

  • Compatibility – Silver, stainless steel, flatware, chrome, etc
  • Dimensions – 3.67 x 3.67 x 2.63 inches
  • Weight – 7.2 Ounces


  • It’s easy to use with excellent results


  • It cant fix bleach damage

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Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit

The Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit cleans and shines stainless steel, slate, granite, tile & glass. It is a professional-grade solution made specifically to remove tarnish and restore the shine of stainless steel appliances such as range hoods, dishwashers, sinks, ice makers, and more. It is also safe for use on copper plumbing components, including faucets, handles, and drains. Just one application leaves your steely appliances looking like new.

Clean and Polish

This polish is a comprehensive cleaning kit that cleans, polishes, and protects all stainless steel appliances. Designed for the home cook, it consists of a selection of cleaning solutions, brushes, polishing cloth to get your appliance back to like new. The Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaning & Polish Kit provides everything you need to clean and polish your stainless steel appliances. 

Easy to use

This cleaning kit is the perfect duo for convenience and performance; it can be used on wide surfaces, including granite, ceramic tile, solid surface countertops, stainless steel appliances, and more. 

Protect Black Stainless Steel

It is specially formulated to clean and polish all types of Black Stainless Steel. This kit includes everything you need, the cleaning agent in this kit is made from food-grade ingredients and will not etch or discolor the stainless steel. Ideal for use on all types of cutlery, including kitchen knives and steak knives. 


It can be used on all stainless steel appliances, including stovetops, Stainless steel refrigerators, black stainless steel, sinks, microwaves, oven, stove, grill, and dishwashers.

Other Product Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions – 9.09 x 7.95 x 3.39 inches
  • Weight – 0.01 ounces


  • It comes with both spray and wipes


  • None

Frequently Asked Question

How do you polish a stainless steel pipe to a mirror finish?

Simply use Mirror Finish Polish with a cloth and water. The mirror finish polish creates an easy-to-clean, non-toxic surface that looks like glass but is hard plastic. A mirror polish is made of 100% pure polyester resin and no solvents. Its non-slip surface allows you to apply even pressure as you polish your stainless steel objects to a mirror finish.

Can You Mirror Polish Steel?

Yes, and it’s easy! Mirror polishing steel is a great way to give a piece of metal an eye-catching shine. By using the right materials, it can be inexpensive as well. There are several different ways to mirror polish steel, but it’s best to jump in and try one method until you feel comfortable with it and then try another.

Does toothpaste polish metal?

Does toothpaste polish metal? No, but it will make it look new. Toothpaste contains ingredients that bond with nickel and magnesium.

What household items can I use to shine metal?

Shining metal with household items is easy and inexpensive. Simply use a rag or soft brush and clean the area thoroughly. Use a commercial metal cleaner on stubborn tarnish spots, then dry and polish with a soft cloth. For more stubborn tarnish spots, use an old toothbrush to scrub the tarnish off the metal. Many household cleaners have ingredients that effectively remove tarnish, such as ammonia, bleach, dish soap, or vinegar.

Will baking soda clean metal?

Baking soda can indeed clean metal, and many people do use it this way. The effectiveness of this method depends on a few factors. First, you need to make sure your metal is not too dirty; otherwise, cleaning it might lead to its discoloration. Second, make sure that your baking soda does not contain any chemical compounds (like Clorox)

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The primary purpose of polishing a knife is to remove any stain-causing impurities from the steel, which will bring out the true reflective qualities of the steel. This, in turn, gives the blades strength and allows it to hold an edge longer. Following our steps on how to mirror polish a knife will help you brings out the best in every knife.

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