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Smoked Salt Recipe

Smoked salt recipes are an easy way to add a delicious smoky flavor to your favorite dishes.

The smokiness of the salt pairs perfectly with a variety of proteins, vegetables, and even desserts, making it the perfect way to add a unique flavor to any meal.

While most smoked salts are created using a single technique, there are plenty of variations on how to make smoked salt.

Some are smoked for several hours, while others may take just a few minutes.

There is no right or wrong method; it’s all dependent upon the type of wood chips you use, the cooking time, and the number of hours you smoke the salt.

What ingredients do you need for a smoked salt recipe ?

The exact ingredients required for a smoked salt recipe are dependent upon the flavor you choose to create.

Here are the basic ingredients you’ll need:

  • Smoked Salt Seasoning, or a base salt that has been smoked at low temperature and dried out.
  • Wood Chips, which can be purchased in bulk through many hardware stores, spice vendors, and online smoke shops.
  • Aluminum Foil to line the smoker and to catch the drippings and condensation.
  • Hot Plate, or a heating source you can use to hold the wood chips over the aluminum foil
  • Aluminum Foil for lining your smoker (optional)

There are also other ingredients that can be used to enhance your smoked salt recipe.

Here are some of the main ones:

  • Water: Water is essential to smoking anything, even salt.
  • It’s important to make sure it’s water that is not too hot, as it can ruin the salt.
  • The easiest way to accomplish this is by using an ice bath.
  • Allow your water to cool down before putting it in your smoker and using it for any smoked salt recipes.
  • Brown Sugar: Brown sugar is another ingredient that is crucial to any smoked salt recipe.
  • It is essential to adding more brown sugar into a recipe if you want a stronger smoke flavor.
  • Apple Wood Chips: Apple wood chips come from burning apples in your smoker.
  • While they lend a nice smokey flavor, they also impart a sweet taste.
  • Apple wood chips can also be found online, in smoke shops, and in bulk at many hardware stores.
Smoked Salt Recipe1

How long does it take to smoke salt ?

The first thing you will want to do when making smoked salt is figure out the size of smoker that you have access to.

While there are a few different methods for smoking, most smoked salts are made in a smaller electric smoker.

The size of the smoker will determine how long it takes to smoke the salt.

For instance, if you have a small electric smoker that holds less than an eighth of a barrel of wood chips, it will take longer to smoke the salt.

If you plan on smoking your salt for a significant amount of time, you will want to look into investing in a larger smoker.

Most smokers hold about 10 quarts of wood chips, which means that it can hold enough wood chips to smoke your salt for several hours.

If you purchase a larger smoker, then you will be able to smoke your salt for several days.

Once you have purchased your smoker, you’ll need to make sure that it’s fully functional and ready to smoke.

It’s best to clean the smoker completely before using it.

When buying a new smoker, make sure that it has been fully inspected and cleaned by a professional technician before use.

This will ensure that your smoker is safe for use.

Smoked Salt Recipe2

What type of smoking method is best for making smoked salt ?

Smoked salts are all the rage these days.

In fact, if you Google “smoked food,” you’ll find several websites offering their own concoctions of smoked salt.

Whether you’re looking to add a delicious new flavor to your food, or wanting to explore new flavors, smoked salt has plenty of uses.

Thanks to the popularity of smoked salts, finding methods to smoke condiments and other foods is easier than ever.

In fact, there are several ways to smoke food.

Each method requires different supplies and a different set of guidelines.

So how do you know which method is best for your smoked salt ?

How much smoked salt can be produced from a single batch ?

There are two different types of smoked salts you can make: smoked salt and flavored salt.

The type of smoking process you use will determine how long the salt takes to smoke, as well as the flavor profile you can create.

If you’re going for a simple, dry brined flavor, you may only need a few hours to complete the process.

If you’re going for a more complex smoked salt with a deep smoky flavor, you may want to let your salt cure for several days.

The longer your salt cures, the deeper the flavors become and the more complex the taste will be.

The recipes in this article all include smoked salt, so if you’re trying to duplicate some of the recipes here, it’s best to check out the article on Smoked Salt Recipes before continuing.

Smoked Salt Recipe

This recipe calls for a few different types of wood chips that are easy to find at any grocery store.

You’ll also need a smoker (or smoker box), water, and charcoal.

If you don’t have a smoker, you can use any box or container that has enough room to hold at least six wood chips.

What types of wood chips are best for smoking salt ?

The type of wood chips you use for smoking salt can make a big difference in the flavor.

The recipe you choose is up to you, but most smoked salts use a mixture of two or more types of wood chips.

Hickory chips

Hickory chips are one of the most popular smoking salt options, with a smoky flavor that goes well with nearly any protein, vegetable, or food.

They’re also delicious on their own, and can be used to create a great barbecue seasoning.

The pleasant fruity taste of hickory chips is perfect for adding a smokey flavor to your favorite recipes.

To use hickory chips, first soak the chips in water for several hours or overnight.

Then place them in a smoker at 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71.1 degrees Celsius).

After they’ve cooked for several hours, remove the hickory chips and allow them to cool completely before storing them in an airtight container.

Smoked Salt Recipe3

Apple wood chips

Apple wood chips are another popular smokier option; they’re great for adding a milder, sweeter smoke flavor to your smoked salt.

While they’re not as smoky as hickory chips, apple wood chips do give off a slight hint of apple flavor, which is pleasant if you’re looking for something more fruity.

Apple wood chips are available in many different varieties and sizes, from small pieces to whole logs.

Use apple wood chips at temperatures around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) and only for a short period of time, about 30 minutes.

They should be soaked for about 10 minutes prior to being added to the smoker.

Pecan wood chips

Pecan wood chips are high in fat content and sometimes have a slightly nutty taste to them.

They’re great on their own, but also work well with other smoked salts by adding an extra layer of flavor and aroma.

The nice thing about pecan wood chips is that they provide a lot of moisture, so they’re easy to dry out if you don’t need much smoke.

To use pecan wood chips, begin by soaking them in water overnight or at least 6 hours.

Next, place the pecan wood chips in the smoker at 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74.3 degrees Celsius), which will take about 4 hours.

The pecan wood chips can then be stored in an airtight container until ready to use.

How can you adjust the smokiness of a smoked salt recipe ?

Depending on how long you smoke the salt, you can adjust the amount of smokiness.

If you’re creating a smoked salt recipe that will be used on a regular basis, you may want to experiment with different types of wood chips and cooking techniques to find what you like best.

If a smoky flavor is desired, then you’ll want to use a hardwood such as oak or hickory.

Natural hardwoods contain tannins, which is what gives smoky flavors.

If you’d like more of a fruit-y flavor, then you might try using fruit wood chips.

Fruit woods are more acidic than hardwoods, so they provide a lighter smoky flavor.

If you’d rather create a smoky brine for your smoked salt recipe, then you’ll want to use harder woods.

These types of woods include apple and cherry.

Smoked salt made from these woods will have a stronger green onion flavor than other types of smoked salt.

How long can smoked salt be stored before it loses flavor ?

In the United States, smoked salt is generally considered to be safe to eat up to a year after it’s made.

However, if you plan on storing your smoked salt for long periods of time, you should make sure that it’s kept in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and sunlight-sensitizing surfaces.

This can help prevent the salt from becoming rancid.

What are some creative ways to use smoked salt in recipes ?

Smoked salt is great by itself, but it can also be used in a variety of recipes.

You can add it to soups, salads, and even pastas.

Some smoked salts have been smoked for hours, giving them a more complex flavor than others that may have only been smoked for a few minutes.

These types of smoked salts are called slow-smoked salts.

If you want to make some amazing sandwiches, try adding some smoked salt to your favorite pate.

Smoked salt also makes an excellent flavoring for meats, especially game meats like venison and wild turkey.

It can also be used to season vegetables and salads, bringing out the natural flavors of the vegetables.

However you use it, smoked salt is a flavorful way to add some variety to your dinner table.

Are there any health benefits of using smoked salt ?

While the smoky taste is the most popular benefit of smoking foods, smoked salt may actually have some additional health benefits.

This is because smoked foods are often thought to provide health benefits, such as a boost in immune system and reduced risk of heart disease.

Smoking has been used for centuries to preserve food by adding flavor and preserving the food.

Smoked salt is no different, as it can help preserve your smoked food for a prolonged period of time — just like it does with meats and fish.

This is especially useful if you find yourself traveling with your smoked salt recipes or are buying them on the road.

Because smoking food inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, it has been found to reduce the risk of food-borne illness.

It can also help to prevent boosting pathogens that may cause sickness.

While smoking food might seem like an unnecessary step, it can actually be very beneficial in many situations.

Smoking any type of meat or fish helps to tenderize it, preserving its nutrients and keeping it from drying out while cooking.

Smoked herbs and spices add a great flavor to your foods as well.

How can you ensure the smoked salt recipe has a consistent flavor ?

Carefully following the directions in the recipe will ensure that you get a consistent and delicious smoke flavor each time.

Keep in mind that different woods produce different flavors, so it’s best to experiment with a few different types of wood to see what you like best.

Smoked Salt Recipe1

Smoked Salt Recipe

Smoked salt recipes are an easy way to add a delicious smoky flavor to your favorite dishes .
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 4 minutes
Total Time: 4 hours 10 minutes
Course: Seasoning
Cuisine: American
Servings: 4


  • 1 Pan
  • 1 Bowl


  • 2 cups sea salt


  • Get your smoker ready for cold smoking. Your goal temperature should be less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Spread the salt on a rimmed baking sheet, or construct your own by folding up the edges of aluminum foil.
  • Place the salt in the smoker’s pan, cover, and smoke for at least 4 hours. I recommend stirring the salt every hour to agitate it and ensure that all of the salt is uniformly exposed to the smoke.
  • When the salt has attained the proper color and flavor, remove it from the smoker. After 4 hours, the salt will start to yellow with a wonderful faint smoke taste, 6 hours the salt will start to brown, and 12 hours you will notice a substantial color change and a more pronounced smoky flavor.



Sodium: 56587mg | Potassium: 12mg | Calcium: 35mg | Iron: 0.5mg
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