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9 Best shower filter for hard water in 2022

Hard water is high in limestone and chalk substance. It causes itching and dry skin due to water minerals like heavy metals, chlorine, byproducts, bacterial, and the pesticide that react with soup to cause scum that results in dry skin. Hard water causes skin with eczema to worsen due to skin dryness; that’s why you need to install the best shower filter for hard water to improve, treat, and soften your water for new life to your skin and hair.

Looking for the best shower filter for hard water? Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Filter will improve your skin surface to become healthier and younger. A shower filter softens your water and eliminates skin and hair irritations. A whole-home filtering system might not be needed as a Shower filter can serve for months depending on the hard water level and water usage. For the sake of your skin and hair, you should get a shower filter.

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1. Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Filter

2. PureAction Vitamin C Shower Head Filter

3. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head

4. AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

5. Bwam 15-Stage Shower Filter [/su_box]

Best shower filter for hard water

shower filter reviews

1. Aqua Earth 15 Stage Shower Filter

Aqua Earth Shower Filter reduces fluoride and removes chlorine from your water and making it softer. It saves your skin from eczema and dry skin. This water becomes more purified for your family consumption.

Water Purity

Water contaminants like heavy meatal particles and chlorine are removed through the filter. Eliminate dry, itchy skin and dandruff from the hair, plus revitalize nails. It gives yourself, your children, and your pets a refreshing experience during and after a bath.

Water pressure

The filtration system won’t reduce your water pressure in any form. IT maintains the already existing pressure coming through your shower pipe. No delay in getting yourself cleaned up as it moisturizes your body and its sensational feeling.


It is generally compatible with a standard showerhead; all you need to do is placed it overhead and handheld. Very compact and versatile in protecting your house from impurity that may affect a good living.

Hair and Skin Protection

The shower filter protects your skin from becoming dry, no skin irritating that may cause a bad day at work or home. Your damaging hair receives vitality through the filter KDF-55 inbuilt system.


  • Odor-free
  • Easy installation


  • None

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2. PureAction Vitamin C Shower Head Filter

Pureaction filtration system is one of the best, it removes chlorine, Chloramine, fluoride, and other harmful minerals in your water to improve your hair and nail condition. Made with abs plastic with 3 filter cartridges.

Multi-Stage Filter

The multi-stage filter is designed to remove sediments and chlorine. Chrome, rust, and heavy metal particles are filtered out. The showerhead contains some beneficial substances like Vitamin C and a universal mineral blend of tourmaline for the best spa shower feelings.

Body Rejuvenation

The skin returns to its natural state, Gives you’re a clear and smooth skin, helps hair loss and dandruff, and prevents itchy skin and hair. Your water is being treated to remove all harmful substances that can hurt your skin and hair. It surprisingly reduces stress and improves sleeping quality.

Easy to Install

There is no particular procedure for installing this shower filter; you can fix it to all standard showers. Compatible with a handheld, combo, and dual spray shower. It allows you to decide your style of bathing for your comfort.

Added Value

Some other filter components come with this package, like a replacement cartridge filter, a 60-inch shower nozzle, and a luxury gift box. All is for your satisfaction.


  • Work for both high and low-pressure water


  • None

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3. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head

The filter comes with a SPA for your satisfaction. It’s a good choice for a household that wants quality and filtered water to bathe.

Healthy Power System

The high technology shower filter consists of an internal filter cartridge with a 15-stage filter Including Vitamin C+E. It is performance enhanced by the premium metal it’s designed with. Clean and odorless water is guaranty

Smooth Body

With KDF-55 and ceramic balls, your water gets absolute purification without delay. Other materials like activated carbon and calcium sulphite revitalize your body for everyday shining.

Easy and fast Connection

You don’t need extra effort or skills to fix this filter to your shower. The filter can be used with any standard shower, be it wall-mounted or handheld. No unique tool is needed to carry out this installation.

Extra Bonuses

It comes with a stylish box containing a rain shower head plus a 5 shower cap with Teflon tape. A cartridge containing Vitamin C+E is included to better your experience while using the product.


  • Combination of vitamin C and E
  • Has a replacable catridge


  • None

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4. AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter

AquaHomeGroup is carefully made for the safety of you and your family with the 15-stage water filtration system. Removing all forms of water impurity from your hard water.


The shower filters remove Heavy metals particles and other sediments that may come through with water. Skin issues like eczema and dry skin are cleared with Vitamin C solution. You can rest assured of healthy skin and hair for your children and pet.

Maximum Care

A healthy lifestyle starts from what gets to our body through our skin pores. All forms of harmful chemicals should be done away with. This filter 15-stage filtration makes your water softer, cleaner, and contaminants-free.

Continues Pressure

The filter doesn’t get weakened after several uses. The pressure rate remains top-notch so far. The water speed coming through the shower pipe is not slow. It can deliver under a slow water rate too. The pressure prevents soap saturation on the skin. The filter moisturized your skin and hair.

Long-lasting Good Health

The effect of this excellent shower filter is not just immediate. It’s going to last long enough to actively guarantee cells and the presence of oxygen in your blood. Your skin gets smoother without a wrinkle.


  • Stimulation of immune system
  • Saturates water oxygen


  • None

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5. Bwam 15-Stage Shower Filter

It’s all you need to soften your water for smooth skin. Every stage of the 15-stage filtration process is to remove impurity of any kind.

Vitamin C Active

It contributes mainly to the purification process or removal of contaminants, leaving your water refreshed and clean. It’s a vital ingredient for skin nourishment and strengthens hair. It works well with hot or cold water.

High Water Flow

The inbuilt filter does not reduce the flow of water at any rate. Thought it all depends on the water force coming from your water pipe. It’s flow at a standard rate to ensure you rinse yourself well. After 12000 water usage with the filter, it will be needful you to change the cartridge.

Easy Installation

Installation is easy and requires no special skills or hiring a plumber. Just lose the former and replace it with the new one. Leave the water to run through it for 5-10 minutes to remove any carbon dust on the filter surface.

Generally Compatibility

It is comparable to all standard showers. You can rotate it to any position you want to set it


  • Improve water quality


  • None

6. PureAction SH388 Water Softener Shower Head

Pure action SH388 is specially designed to filter heavy metals and 99% of chlorine from your hard water. This Filtration system is to prevent skin dryness and hair loss.

3 setting power switch

This feature is unique, and it’s different from any other shower filter. You can switch your shower mode from rain to massage and rain plus massage combined. It leaves you with a choice to fit your bathing style.

Micro-Nozzel Technology

The technology serves two purposes. It’s is made to maintain high-pressure water with efficient filtration. And also for water-saving

2 Stage Filter Cartridge

It is to remove chlorine and fluoride. Your skin is revitalized as dryness, dandruff, and itching are removed. The2 stage filtration is to filter all forms of contaminants without leaving anyone untouched.

Added Values

Bonuses are added to the product. It comes. A lovely gift box with 2 free replacement cartridges and Teflon tape.


  • Easy filter replacement
  • 2 stage filter system


  • None

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7. KAIREY Vitamin C Shower Head

The shower filter is constructed of stainless steel and plastic. It consists of a Vitamin C filter cartridge and a blend of tourmaline stone to upgrade your bathing quality and rejuvenate your skin for a shiner and glowing look.

 Friendly Material

 The material used in producing the filter is body-friendly, just as it is environmentally friendly. The material used compromises of top ABS non-toxic material.

Quality Vitamin C

Optimum Vitamin C is guaranteed. The citrus smell awakens the senses and improved sleeping quality. The vitamin C alone is enough, though it gives your skin surface a smooth and wrinkle-free look.

Water-Saving Design

Water-saving is crucial to many in areas with insufferable water tanks or reservoirs. It comes with tiny holes that release water moderately with high pressure. No wasting of water but with a total delivery

Handheld shower

The handheld design is so convenient to use. It’s crafted in with a pattern you will love using.


  • It is refillable
  • With should bracket to hang


  • None

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8. ADOVEL High Output Shower Head

Manufactured with superior KDF with calcium sulfites ceramic balls and activated carbon. This 15-stage filter removes residual chlorine and all other impurities.

Rain Shower Design

The top tray is 6 inches wide with 90 nozzles to release water with full coverage and a rain experience. Water is spread all over your body from head to toe with moderate pressure.

Provide Safety

It can be used for children and pets with no side effects. When pregnancy is won, it saves her from any impurity of contaminants that may tamper with the pregnancy.

Easy Cartridge Replacement

It is easy to set up without any form of delay as no unique tool is needed. After prolonged use and you want to replace it with another cartridge and face any challenges, just revisit the manual guide to help you through.


  • ABS ball connection
  • High-pressure output


  • None

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9. PureAction Replacement Filter

This replacement filter material is made up of Vitamin C to remove 99% of chlorine, fluorine, heavy hair loss, and skin dryness. Showerhead purifier metal particles in hard water. It is to refresh your skin and revitalize your hair.

Multi-stage filtration

The replacement pigments come with different mineral clear to benefit your skin and hair. It can be used by adults, children, and even pets.

Easy to fix 

Immediately you know the former is due for replacement, it advisable you do that with immediate effect. It is easy to replace if you follow the instructions that come with it.

Special features

Features like 4 scented filter sets, mineral needs, and 1 mineral ball set all come as a bonus with the product.


  • Easy to fix
  • Compatible with pureaction shower head


  • None

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Shower Filter Reviews – Buyers Guide

shower filter

Information about the product before making a purchase decision is very crucial. Here are the things you should consider before purchasing your next shower head filter for hard water.


The showerhead comes in different forms and materials like plastic and metal. The plastic ones are easily gotten because of their low cost. Most of it contains BPA (bisphenol-A), which might cause skin issues, especially in kids, due to the accumulation of estrogen hormones from BPA. Plastic shower filters after several usages get craked with leakages.

Metal shower filters are constructed to be rust-free and corrosion-resistant. But it all depends on the quality of metals and most time pay more for high quality.


All shower filter has a lifespan; The cartridge majorly determines the longevity of any filter. Whenever you discover any malfunctioning in the cartridge, it’s better to change it with immediate effect as leaving it can cause contaminants and sediments to find their way through, which is very dangerous to your skin and health. For adequate satisfaction, make sure you lookout for the following product review or description before buying.

  • Must be able to filter at least 100 gallons of water
  • Hard water- You will need to know water mineral content in your area to know the kind of shower filter to buy as too much hard water content weaken the shower filter after several usages.
  • The numbers of your household, the more a filter is used, the more it will start malfunctioning and calls for replacement after a while.


You will need this feature to control the water rate that comes out of the shower, and you can use this to control the rate of water consumption to extend the shower filter’s efficiency. Be mindful of the shower head filter you are buying if it will fit your shower specification. Measure if possible so you could be perfect in choosing the right shower filter for your shower.


This aspect might be the difference to different households depending on one factor to another. If your pipe is not too strong, it is advisable to go for a lighter shower filter because it will add more weight when water gets into it and might break it or pull it out. For maintenance purposes, too, it will be more convenient to handle a lighter filter than a massive tone-heavy filter.

Water Purification Abilities

To get value for your money, the shower filter must filter out contaminants you want out of your water. Always look out for the impurity you want to solve in what you are getting; if hard water is your issue, do check the product review to be sure it can treat hard water contaminants like chlorine and rust.

Filtration Measures

Different brands do have some unique features added to their shower head filter, do take your time to check all that comes with the filter to know what will remove what you want from the water.

Filter Replacement

To avoid stress and disappointment, check the cartridge’s availability, or if it’s is one-time usage, you will need to buy another one if the filter is faulty.

Practise Use

Try to check customers’ reviews to know if the product does what the manufacturer said it does. From user comments, you can get feedback that will enhance your buying decision for any product.


Price is a significant factor here. The higher the price, the higher its quality, though the most expensive product sometimes might not offer the best of service. Several shower filters are moderately priced and serve pretty well.

Benefits of shower filter

Best shower filter for hard water

  1. Reduce Chlorine
  2. Eliminate itching hair
  3. Better respiratory health
  4. Healthier Skin
  5. Protect children
  6. lower risk of cancer
  7. Good mental health
  8. Lower expenses
  9. Fresh and clear house

Do shower filters work? Myths and facts

Shower filters that are designed to remove water purity do work. It reduces minerals like chlorine and Chloramine from your tap water through a filtration system called KDF. This system is a process where electrons are exchanged with water contaminants. Carbon filters also remove chlorine from water, but it is not consistent due to water temperature increases and decreases. It is best for cold drinking water as carbon works better in that condition. It won’t work with a hot shower. Unlike Carbon filters, KDF filtration systems work well in both hot and cold water temperatures.

Can shower filters remove Chloramine?

It looks more difficult for an ordinary filter to reduce Chloramine in water due to the speed rate. Their water quickly releases due to pressure. Filters that are capable of removing chloramine Vitamin C filters. This vitamin C resolve as water passes through it, and as a result of this 90% chloramine. Filter with Vitamins C tends to be more costly than carbon and KDF filters. Vitamin C filters are built in a clear container for you to monitor until they finally dissolved.

Will a shower filter reduce water pressure? 

Shower filters maintain a normal water pressure between 40-80psi without any reduction in the water pressure. The force that comes out of your filter will most often depend on the water pressure coming through your shower pipe. Low-pressure water pomp will have slower water pressure from the filter. Some manufacturers have specifically designed some filters for slow-pressure water and another for high-pressure ones.

How long does a shower filter last?

It all depends on the model and how it has been constructed. Generally, a shower filter should use 6month before you think of changing it. The longevity of these filters can also depend on the usage level plus the inbuilt water capacity that can go through it. If you’re a low water user, 10,000 gallons will sustain you for nothing less than 6-7 months. But a family of 3-5 will use double of what an individual will use, which will decrease the lifespan of the shower filter. If you keep noticing that your skin starts to get dry and your hair begins to kiss vitality, then it’s time to change your shower filter.

Do shower filters remove all water chlorine?

No filter can remove 100 % chlorine from water, but some good shower filters can remove 90% or more. Look out for filters that are certified by NSF. Always check product reviews for an independent test by the manufacturer before buying.

DO KDF filter remove chlorine?

When it comes to removing chlorine effectively, the first thing that comes to mind is the KDF filter. It is far better than a carbon filter in removing chlorine that has not been combined with other impurities.

Is Vitamin C filter better for skin?

Vitamin C comes with plenty of benefits to the skin; it will smoothen your skin and protect it against UV damages. Regular bathing with a filter with Vitamins C will improve the skin’s wrinkle surface and make it healthier.

Do shower head filter necessary?

It all depends on your priority; if you care about your skin and hair, a shower filter will be on your top list, especially if your home water comes with one impurity or the other.

What Is A KDF Water Filter?

KDF means Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. This filtration system is targeted to remove chlorine and taste/odor, and other water contaminants by exploiting the oxidation.

Causes Of Hard Water On Your Body

Hard water is known to contain calcium, magnesium, and Iron. These minerals are the determinant of your hard water. You will know if your water is hard if you start seeing water stains on your dishes and other surfaces you use the water on. After the water dry on any surface, a white mark stain will be left behind.

Hard water causes your skin and hair to start becoming dry. This mineral reacts with soap to cause scum that builds up on your skin and hair. Magnesium and calcium are naturally found in the water anywhere. Still, they are not 100% removed during the municipal filtering or any water supplier process because they’re not sensitive to chlorination. Getting a shower filter is one of the best decisions to better your health and purify your water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do shower filters work for hard water?

Shower filters only work on hard water if the shower filer comes with minerals like vitamin C to remove chlorine and other heavy metal particles in the water. 

How can I Soften my Shower Water?

A simple step you can take to do this is by getter a 15-stage shower filter. The filtration system works perfectly in softens your water and making it healthy on your skin and hair.

Does hard water ruin your hair?

Calcium and magnesium are not suitable for your hair, and they can be found in hard water. The mineral causes your hair to break without moisturizing. More reason why you will need a water filtration system

How can I filter my shower water?

A simple and affordable way of getting your hard water softened and contaminant-free is by getting a shower head filter. The filter does a. lot with Vitamin C and other inbuilt minerals.

Will Epsom salt soften water?

You will make your water harder by adding Epsom salt. It contains a mineral that is found in hard water. Minerals like magnesium and calcium.


All the filters we have talked about above are designed to handle hard water. The best shower filter for hard water shortlisted above helps remove water impurity and all other water contaminants. Also, make sure you determine the kind of contaminant in your water for you to be well equipped with information before purchasing it. Regular use of these filters will improve your skin and health.


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