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2021 Best water filter for faucet – Top Reviews

People find it difficult to get pure and odorless tap water as they may not be in control of their well or municipal water quality. The faucet filter comes with internal filtration to remove water contaminants and toxic metal particles like lead and arsenic. With the best water filter for faucet, you are sure of getting sufficient fresh, safe, and odorless water from your tap.

Are you searching for the best water filter for faucet?  PUR PFM400H Faucet is one of the top water filters with great features. A good faucet filter will include a remineralizing filter that adds some amount of calcium and magnesium in other to better the taste of your tap water. This filtration system is an affordable way of getting healthy water. Electricity is not needed just as it is environmentally friendly and lasts longer between replacements. The average size gadget can be easily fixed directly to your water tap to purify water.

The faucet filter brands in this article are of high quality to deliver clean and healthy water for every household. Technology advancements have produced faucet water filters that can solve the problem of water pollutants. Read through this page for an in-depth product review and buying guide

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1. PUR PFM400H Faucet

2. Brita Basic Faucet

3. Waterdrop WD-FC-01

4. PUR RF9999 Mineral Clear Faucet

5. PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet [/su_box]

Best Faucet Water Filter

water filter for pull out faucet

1. PUR PFM400H Faucet

The product is certified by NSF and WQA certified. It is more affordable than the regular purchase of bottled and environmentally friendly as it reduced plastics on the streets.

High Filtration System

The faucet filter has a filtration system that eliminates every particle like heavy metal from going through the filter. It comes with a mineralclear filter that removes unhealthy minerals for better and refreshing water.

Remove Contaminant 

Pur faucet is built to remove up to 70 contaminants from your water. This brand is a leading brand in the industry with one of the best faucet filters that protect your water from mercury, lead, and some pesticide. A working filtration system should be a priority of every household in achieving a healthy water intake.

Save Money

It is affordable and relatively pocket-friendly compare to regular buying of water. An accumulation of this money in a year is alarming compare to a one-time purchase of a faucet filter. All you need is just maintenance and changing the filter when due.

 Easy to fix

Installing the faucet cleaner is very simple and easy. You don’t need many tools to do this. Its compatibility with most tap is a huge advantage though it doesn’t work with pull-out or hand-held faucets.


  • Highly compatible
  • Save money


  • Don’t work with pull-out/hand-held faucet

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2. Brita Basic Faucet

The special faucet filter is constructed to filter our odor and other harmful substances that can be found in tap waters. It removes 99% of water contaminants with the inbuilt layers to hold minor Water contaminants. It comes with a sensor indicator to tell when replacement is needed.

Remove 99% Contaminant.

It removes contaminants like chlorine and lead. It is easy to replace as the indicator notify you when it’s time for a replacement.

Beautiful Design

Some people are for designs and color; the faucet filter is well crafted to fit your faucet directly. It is beautiful as it comes in white and chrome colors to complement your kitchen design.

Replacement Duration

 For high performance, replace the mount water filter after every 100 gallons, estimated to be 4 months. The filter will always keep your water safe and purify with a great taste. The filter is compatible with the standard faucet only, doesn’t work with pull-out or spray faucets.

High Quality

 Its filtration system delivers a lot to better your drinking water. Your water becomes cleaner and tastes better. Easy to install and save money.


  • Beautiful design
  • Compatible with a standard faucet


  • Does not work with pull-out or spray style faucets

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3. Waterdrop WD-FC-01

Waterdrop uses Activated Carbon Block (ACF) This help in absorbing harmful substance to its surface than allowing it go through to the water to the body

NSF Certified

The product is certified by NSF international. It is approved for the perfect reduction of chlorine and any form of water odor. Remove lead substances from your water to deliver safe and healthy water to your household.

Easy to Use

The simplicity is top-notch as you don’t need any expert knowledge to use this brand. You can easily fit it into your faucet without hiring a plumber. The filter is built with leakproof technology always to keep your water safe.

Filter Longer Lifespan

You can use the filter for approximately 3 months of providing 320 gallons of water with reduced lead and chlorine and removing all kinds of water contaminants. All this is done with the faucet filter due to the upgraded filtration technology.

Faucet Compatibility

Make sure you read the product review and know the faucet you use before making a purchase. This particular product doesn’t work with hand-held, pull-out, and spray-style faucets. It will help you in making the right buying decision.

Fast Filtration

The filtration is fast without any delay. You don’t have to stay long before getting a cup filled with water. You can get 4 bottles of water in 1 minute with this lead-free innovative filter. It filters chlorine to deliver refreshing water in no time.


  • Fast filtration
  • Leakproof technology


  • Not compatible with hand pull and spray style faucet

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4. PUR RF9999 Mineral Clear Faucet

This brand guarantees a refreshing taste from your tap water. The filtration system filters contaminants in your water.

Pure Filtration

Municipal tap or water from the ground can’t be trusted, and most have some unseen microorganisms that can affect one’s health if proper care and attention is not giving to the water before intake. The water pipes release pollutant that travels through the water pipe to the faucet. This filter will do a lot by removing them all.

Innovative Technology

The inbuilt filtration comes with advanced technological making. It’s better to be safe with a faucet filter than trusting s water source you know nothing about. Getting an annual water report from your water provider is not enough, but it also protects your water yourself.

Good Flavor

Every water that passes through this PUR brand comes with a better taste and flavor. Nothing as good when drinking water without odor or any kind of smell


  • Activated carbon to reduce contaminates
  • Exclusive mineral clear


  • Compatible water replacement does not guarantee

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5. PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet

The automatic Monitor Guage is one of the features that make the product unique; it also has an inbuilt mineral clear filter to guarantee your safety.

Reduces Lead

Lead and other 70 plus contaminate are removed by this advanced filter. That’s why this particular brand is way ahead of others. You can’t afford to take unfiltered water for long as the safety of your body system is not guaranteed. Clean and healthy water keeps the body system working, active, and remain healthy all day.

Automatic Monitor Guage

 The safety monitor Guage is to tell you when the filter is still active and good. It indicates to you when the filter is weak and needed to be replaced. The Guage is 1 liter in size and vertical in shape.

Easy to fix

It is straightforward to fix it without any special tools to get the job done. It comes with a manual to help you through the installing process. It will save you the cost of inviting a plumber to fix it for you.


  • Product is certified
  • Includes MineralClear filter


  • Not compatible with hand-held faucet

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6. Waterdrop NSF Faucet

This product is technologically advanced to meet the demands for clean and odorless water.

Activated Carbon Fiber

 The filter is made with high adaptive material with activated carbon fiber to absorb contaminants with speed. This filter remains active for a good 3 months of continuous usage. You don’t have to spend extra money on bottled water.

Water Flow

The water flow comes out with speed without waiting for minutes to have a cup filled. The inbuilt 0.5GPM high flow rate makes this filter outstanding. You can fill up 4 bottles in 1 minute. This feature is very exceptional and unique.

Easy Replacement

The cartridge doesn’t need to be soaked with and substance. All you need to do is remove easily without any particular method or tools.

Ultra Clean Water

It comes with a multistage filtration the filters lead and chlorine out of your water. Other contaminants are also removed, leaving your water fresh with a good taste.


  • NSF Certified
  • Instant access to water
  • Last longer


  • None

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7. CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter

This product is specially made for people who want a quick way of filtering their water for bathing and washing purposes. It is designed to alleviate any water quality issues like microorganisms and contaminants.

Bath Ball’s Purification

The water purification process uses a fluid treatment called KDF-55 that treats the water and keeps the natural components.

Easy Filter Replacement

The filter is designed in a way that will be easy to remove and replaced. No special skills or expertise is involved. When it’s due for removal, you can do it yourself in a short time.

Improved Water

 It improves your water quality and treats issues that cause itchy body irritation. It gives an effective and pleasing bathing experience as your skin becomes smoother and softer hair.

Water Quality Issues

There are specific water quality issues that this filter can’t handle, like high iron, extreme hardness, rust, or sediment. You will need another filtering method to get this done if you are to use this filter.


  • Skin treatment
  • Compatible with all faucet and bathtub


  • Can handle serious water quality issues

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8. Culligan FM-15A Faucet

The filter fits directly onto your faucet with no tools needed. It switches automatically by just pulling the diverter valve to produce cleaner and healthy water for your household.

Filter Life Span

It is built to serve you for a certain period; if heavily used with 200 gallons of water passing through it, the 2 months is enough to change the filter for continuous refreshing water with no odor.

Eliminate Contaminant

It eliminates microorganisms from your water with elements like lindane, chlorine, and lead.


It is compatible with all kinds of regular faucet nozzles. But note that it doesn’t work with a drop-down faucet. Try to know the type of faucet you own and also read the product review to see the compatibility status of the filter you are buying and your faucet.

Well Certified 

After intensive testing, it was certified by IAPMO against ANSI Standard 42 and 53.

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9. Engdenton Faucet Water Filter

It is manufacture with japan carbon fiber know for effectively removing water contaminants. It comes with ACF that last long in producing purify water

 360 Rotation

 You can adjust it to any position you want it to be. It will be helpful during washing kitchen cookware as they are in different sizes and shapes.

High-Flow Rate

The ACF technology use in manufacturing allows water to rush where you don’t need to stay for minutes before getting your glass cup filled up.

Food-grade 304 stainless steel

The filter housing is made with food-grade 304 stainless steel for durability and sound health sustenance. No leakage of crakes compares to rubber or plastic ones.

Improves Tea flavor

Water with chlorine or water contaminants always does well in making the best out of your tea with natural flavor. The filter offers a complete filtration system for your everyday water consumption.


  • Swivel 360゜
  • Better cooking taste


  • Only suitable for standard faucet

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10. Culligan FM-25 Faucet

This faucet filter is an advanced version of this brand as it removes cryptosporidium, chlorine, and Giardia cysts from your tap water.

Water Quality

It transforms your water to become more drinkable with a clean look and great taste. It will improve your healthy lifestyle.

Independently Tested

It was tested and certified for aesthetic removal of chlorine and bad water odor. You don’t have to be worried but rest assured of good performance and functionality.

Durability and Compatibility

 The filter work on the major standard faucet. It is worth knowing that it doesn’t work with a drop-down faucet. Always get complete information about what you are getting.


  • It is certified


  • Can’t rotate at a 360 degree

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Kitchen faucet with separate filtered- Buyer’s Guide

kitchen faucet with separate filtered

Researching the kind of water filter faucet that will fit your needs is vital as needs vary from one person to another. Also, water contaminant varies by area or municipals. You will need to know the kind of contaminants affecting your water. With this, you will determine the right faucet filter with osmosis and carbon filter to buy after checking the product description.

Here are the things you should consider when buying a water faucet filter:

1. Filter Change Sensor

 Filters are one of the essential parts of a faucet. It requires regular maintenance by changing the filter before it gets blocked by filth. A filter change sensor will make the process easy for you as some models come with a sensor to notify you when the filter needs to be changed. If you don’t put this into consideration, then you might need to put down a date, which you may forget

2. Filter Longevity

Going for a filter that lasts longer will save you from a frequent change of filter. To some people, changing the filter every week or month can be very frustrating. Thought filter changing shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. If you don’t want the stress and you want to save money on replacement filters, look for products with durable or long-lasting filters that will still perform. The life span of a filter is large depends on external factors like the number of times it has been used and what’s it’s used for. If it’s just for drinking water, then it can last longer than to use it for other purposes.

3. 360-degree Swivel

It will be very inconvenient to use a faucet water filter that doesn’t swivel. When washing, you will need to change in a different position to wash different sizes of cookware. But with a swivel faucet, you can turn it to the position you like to carry out your washing seamlessly.

4. Carbon filters

Faucet filter with carbon filter removes water contaminants like pesticide and disinfection byproducts, protozoan cysts, and leads from your tap water. After discovering the contaminant you don’t want, make sure you check the faucet description to fit your need before buying. It also better the taste of your water.

5. Budget

Your budget will be a big decider of the type of faucet you will be getting. However, most faucet filters are affordable at a moderate price. With a big budget, you will get a specialized filter with many features to meet your needs, like having extra filters to it. More so, you can get some with filters that will last longer than normal ones. It is worth knowing that the most expensive faucet filter might not be the best for you; it all depends on your personal need.

Low budget ones are not very bad, all you need to do is check the product reviews to see if it meets your requirements.

6. Installation and maintenance costs

Installation is effortless and straightforward. If you are confused about going about it, get the product manual or hire someone with the knowledge to do it for you. Maintenance cost is at zero because you will have to do it yourself, only if you will have to buy a low-cost filter.

7. Certifications 

Ensure the faucet filter you intend to get is certified by NSF International or the Water Quality Association (WQA). This certification will help your curiosity or doubt on any product that works efficiently as the manufacturer claims.

WQA is an independent body that represents households and the industrial water treatment industry. A certification from this body means the product meets the water quality standard.

NSF International is a US-based product testing and inspection body. NSF product certification means the product has undergone a successful evaluation and practical lab testing

8. Your water source

Your source of water can determine the type of faucet filter you will need. You will need to determine the contaminants in your water before deciding on the faucet filter to go for. If you don’t know of this, you can request the annual water quality report from your water supplier or do a water test yourself to better understand how your home water can be better through the use of a water faucet filter.

9. Durable components

The filter is not the only component in a faucet water filter; other components’ durability is also a crucial part of your purchasing decision. A weaker component is equal to your changing faucet regularly. It is better to go for a product built with a durable component that can last long as you will need to spend less on maintenance. To make it easier for you to look out for product reviews with NSF or WQA certified and frequently asked questions on the product.

10. Quality faucet

Quality faucet filter comes with certain qualities like designs and is easy to install. Some are lead-free, which may recontaminate your water. You will get loads of qualities listed on the product description, leaving to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for in a filter.

11. Remineralization filter 

A remineralization system is to add some healthy mineral substances back to your water to improve the alkalinity and taste. The faucet filter that comes with this special inbuilt filter can be a bit costly compare to others, but it is worth the price. Though not everyone might like this feature, if you like the taste of alkaline water,

then lookout for it. Remineralization filters are sold separately in case you want to add them to your existing faucet filter.

12. Product Warranty & After Sales Support

In case your product gets damaged in a short period, you will need a warranty on your product to bring it to solve or replaced it. It will give you peace of mind in purchasing a product as some don’t look like what you see on the internet when they arrived. After-sales service should be looking out for, and you may need to ask questions relating to the product purchase and a lot more.

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The benefit of a water filter for pull out faucet

waterdrop faucet filter

A faucet filter comes with a lot of benefits to better your household water intake. The key benefits are explained below:

1. Clean and Healthier Water

A faucet filter will deliver healthier water by blocking water contaminants like lead, bacteria, rust, dirt, heavy metals, and chemicals like chlorine from finding their way into your final drinking water. Whether you have your well or municipal water, you will need a faucet filter to keep you safe and healthy.

2. Easy Installation

The faucet filter is so simple to install that you can even do it yourself without being a professional mechanical person. You don’t have to worry whether you can install it or not. It should take you 5minutes to install. The installation manual comes with most of them to put you through the process. It reaches 80% fitted, and you need to fix it to your water pipe or tap. It will save you the cost of hiring an installer.

3. No Chlorine

Most faucet filters are manufacture to remove chlorine from water. Sometimes, the municipal water filtering process has chlorine as part of it. Chlorine had been said to be harmful to human health as it’s been the originator of diseases in the past years. Try to avoid the intake by getting a filter for yourself.

4. No Foul Smell or Taste

Filter produces water with an excellent taste without any odor or weird smell. You don’t have to spend much money buying bottled water; a faucet filter will help you remove contaminate like rust and sulfur that cause water to smell.

5. Block microorganisms and heavy metals

Microorganisms like Giardia and Cryptosporidium are removed from your water with a faucet filter. These microorganisms can be very harmful to your health if ingested. Heavy metals can Leach into municipal water or from the soil.

6. Cost-effective

The initial cost of buying a faucet filter might be a bit high but buying filtered water in bottles is very high and not cost-effective compare to fitting s filter to your tap. It takes a low cost to change these filters after prolonged use.

 How to install a faucet water filter

bathroom faucet water filterFaucet filters might be manufacture by different companies, but the installation steps are the same. Make sure you have an adjustable wrench, drill and drill bits, pliers, scissors, plumber’s tape, and a bucket as you will need it in the process. Most faucet filter comes with all you need for installation but its better to be ready than being disappointed.

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Turn off the water; make sure you turn off the faucet water before starting to avoid water spilling that can mess everywhere up.
  2. Remove the faucet’s aerator. You will need to remove the aerator; it might be tight, and that is where you need an adjustable wrench to help you twist it, or better still, you can use your hand if possible.
  3. Put the removed aerator on the top of the inserts that come with the new faucet filter box for you to find the one that perfectly fits your faucet.
  4. After getting the one that fits your faucet, screw the new inset aerator on the faucet
  5. Now mount the new water filter on the new insert.
  6. fit in the filter cartridge is not factory assembled
  7. Turn on the water for 5 minutes and not take it from the water within this period.
  8. step 7 will allow the filter to activate by itself
  9. Do some check on it to see if there is any leakage. If you have non, then you are good to go.

How to Clean Faucet Aerator

Cleaning a faucet is very simple and straightforward. Make sure you remove it with care and do not end up damaging it. Also, please take a picture of it when removing it to know how to fix it back. Here are the steps to clean the faucet filter

  1. Unscrew it
  2. Rince in hot water or soak in white vinegar for 2-3 minutes
  3. scrub with a bit of brush
  4. Dry it with a clean hand towel
  5. Fix it back and continue using

Frequently Asked Questions


Do faucet water filters work?

A faucet water filter is a best and affordable system to get yourself and your household protected from contaminated water. Most filters have been improved for high performance.

Should I filter tap water?

Since you don’t have absolute control over your water source, be it municipal water or healthy water. It will be a good one to purify yourself more with a faucet filter for better taste and chlorine-free.

What is the healthiest water to drink?

Tap and underground water have been an excellent water source as it has been highly treated against any form of water contaminant.

Are faucet filters better than pitchers?

Faucet filter with features that contaminant for cleaner and healthier water is better than a pitcher filter.

Which water filter is good for health?

The UV water purifier has said to be a perfect means of getting healthy water; it has ultraviolet ray that kills water contaminant and ultimately killing microorganisms in water for safe drinking.


The faucet filter has been life-saving in terms of protecting every household from contaminated water. The best water filter for faucet models is technological with upgraded features. water filters for pull-out faucets remove microorganisms to produce water with a better taste with healthy substance. With our review and top pick, it is sure you are going to get the best out of your faucet filter choice

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