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2022 Pocket Knife Can Opener – The Latest Review

A pocket knife is one of the must-have tools when using your survival knife. It is mainly used for opening canned food, and in most cases, you can have a canned meal for dinner. Some people even use their pocket knife can opener for opening lids on jars. With the right size of a pocket knife blade, it can also be an excellent screwdriver and pry bar.

Many manual pocket knife users complain that their Swiss Army Knife is an overpriced can opener. Not only will we help you find a new can opener for your pocket knife, but we’ll also look at ways to improve and expand your offerings.

Whether you’re in the wilderness or stuck in a job that you don’t like, having a pocket knife can help with a number of different things. Not only can you use it for cutting wood to build a shelter, but it can also be used for protection. A pocket knife can opener can quickly break glass, allowing you to escape from an unsafe situation. 

Pocket Knife Can Opener – The most functional pocket knives

pocket knife can openerVictorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

The Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife is one of the most popular multitools around. This Fieldmaster version offers all the most important tools with a sleek, durable design. The Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster Pocket Knife is a full-size utility knife in a convenient mini-sized package. 

It comes with scissors, a nail file with a screwdriver tip, and a multi-purpose hook; this small multitool is the ideal everyday carry item for your keychain or pocket. With a sporty, aluminum finish and embossed Victorinox logo, the Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster Pocket Knife is an heirloom-quality item that you can carry with pride.

The Victorinox Fieldmaster pocket knife is ruggedly engineered with extremely sharp precision implements. With the pocket knife’s compact size, it fits easily in any purse or pocket.

Product Specifications

  • Stainless steel blade
  • 2.45 Inches blade length
  • Weight- 3.5 Ounces
  • Multi-purpose hook


  • It is portable and lightweight


  • It is not dishwasher safe

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KINGMAX Pocket Knife

KINGMAX Pocket Knife was designed as a handy multi-function tool that cuts through most materials effortlessly. A set of five integrated tools, including the bottle opener, flintstone, hook disgorger, flat screwdriver, and a hex wrench, helps you to face unexpected situations wherever you are. This pocket knife will become a companion you carry with delight.

KINGMAX Pocket Knife accepts the challenge for the best combination of functionality and price. The ergonomically designed stainless steel handle is full of texture, comfortable to hold, and easy to operate. It opens smoothly with a press of your thumb on the liner lock. 

The KINGMAX Pocket Knife features a decorative patterned blade edge and ensures a durable cutting experience as well as a secure grip for the user. Every KINGMAX Pocket Knife comes with a 30-day warranty and numbers each unit for quality assurance. It is designed in the United States of America and crafted in China; this product is built to last.

Products specifications

  • Dimensions – 4.72 x 1.18 x 0.98 inches
  • Weight – 0.82 Pounds
  • Heavy-duty blade
  • Built-in protection
  • 9-in-1 screwdriver set


  • It can be used for multiple needs


  • None

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RoverTac Pocket Knife 

RoverTac Pocket Knife is a revolutionary, compact outdoor equipment organizer designed to fit into almost any pocket or handbag. The world’s only knife and multitool house an entire survival kit into one small yet smart package. This pocket knife becomes the key element for basic outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and more.

The RoverTac Pocket Knife has a durable rubber handle for a comfortable and secure grip. It features a cutting blade, a nail file with a screwdriver tip, and an integrated lighter in one handy pocket knife.

The RoverTac Pocket Knife has a durable rubber handle for a comfortable and secure grip. It features a genuine satin finished 2.91″ 154CM steel blade with a drop point shape along with a sandblasted decorative aluminum handle, nail file with screwdriver tip, and an integrated lighter all in one handy pocket knife.

Product specifications

  • Spey Point blade shape
  • Dimensions – 4.34 x 1.3 x 1 inches
  • Weight – 0.49 Pounds
  • Nylon Belt Pouch


  • It has a safeguard locking mechanism
  • It includes a screwdriver set


Types of pocket knives

 pocket knife can openerPocket knives are favored for their compact size, versatile function, and minimalist aesthetic. Today there is an evolved knife market with knives designed for any particular use, whether you are using a bottle opener or a Swiss Army knife. Here is a list of the 3 common types of pocket knives

Switchblade pocket knives

The type of pocket knife you are looking for is a switchblade. A switchblade knife also called an automatic knife, is a folding knife with a blade that opens automatically by just pressing a button or other mechanism in the handle’s grip. Toggle-action gravity knives differ from switchblades in having a locked blade into position by a spring mechanism. 

In countries like the United Kingdom or Hong Kong, switchblade knives are illegal to carry outside the home (except if you’re an armed forces soldier), while in countries like the US or Canada, it’s completely legal.

Spring-assisted pocket knives

A spring-assisted lock blade pocket knife is a handy tool to own. Spring-assisted pocket knives are convenient, useful, and practical. This style of knife typically includes a mechanism that opens the blade quickly using minimal effort.

They are available in numerous different sizes and materials, depending on your needs and preferences. Some even have features such as automatic opening or locks on the blade.

Automatic pocket knives

Automatic knives are one of the most practical and convenient types of pocket knives available. A manual knife requires the user to open and close it with every use, thereby extending usage time as well. But an automatic knife is ready for use at a moment’s notice. 

It is legal to carry in every state but Hawaii, and semi-automatic knives are legal to possess in all states and localities. Automatic knives offer a little more, too, including a higher price point and super appealing designs.

 Pocket knife can opener – buyers guide

 pocket knife can openerCompact and Portable 

A pocket knife is compact and portable to keep in a tackle box, desk drawer, or purse. It should feature a blade that easily cuts through the plastic; it can even be used as a pry bar for lifting floorboards. There is no point in carrying heavy tools; with a portable designed pocket knife can opener, it’s convenient to carry along with you anywhere you go.

Fathead Screwdriver

A Can Opener has everything you need to take care of daily tasks; this handy accessory features a pop-out knife, corkscrew, measuring tape, file, and fathead screwdriver, so you don’t have to carry around a separate knife or utility tool. It’s perfect for your road trip.

 Phillips Screwdriver

The pocket knife can opener is compact with a Phillips screwdriver. It’s simple, easy to use, and effective. You only need to place it directly on top of the can, press down, and it will cut a perfect circle around the can.

Durable Stainless Steel

Can opener stainless steel designed blade is ideal for outdoor and emergency preparedness? The cutting-edge technology allows you to open cans without sharp edges easily.

Spring Assist System 

A spring assist knife is a pocket knife with a folding blade that provides convenience in opening the blade. It contains a portion of the blade separated from the handle by an axis pin and connected as such when closed. 

When the operator presses against the end of the handle, a spring mechanism pulls back on the axis pin, which pushes the blade into place. This system adds extra safety, so the blade will not open accidentally.

How to use a pocket knife can opener

 pocket knife can openerPocket knives have been around for hundreds of years. There are many different ways to use a pocket knife can opener. You could use brute strength to open a can, but it’s probably not the best choice. Here is the best method in using your pocket knife can opener.

Method 1 [Manual Can Opener]

First, find the place where the blade meets the handle, and pinch it with your thumb and forefinger. 

Press the blade gently down against the lip of an open can. The sharp edge of the blade will slice through the metal of a can, leaving you free to open both ends.

 After cutting through on both sides, carefully lift one end of the can; then, you can use this newfound piece of plastic as a drinking straw or discard it to drink from your canned beverage.

Method 2 [using a pocket knife can opener]

  • First, you use the plain edge side of the blade.
  • Hold the knife in a vertical or upright position, and place the tip of the blade underneath the lid of the can. 
  • Pinching the thumb latch and blade together, apply downward pressure while turning your wrist clockwise to expose a small portion of the lid. 
  • You then run your free hand’s index finger over this area to break any remaining seal holding it to the body of the can.
  • Once this is done, you should easily pry up on the lid with your other hand to remove it completely. 
  • Turn the knife handle down to its compartment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use a knife to open a can?

You can use the Pocket Knife Can Opener to open many different size cans, up to 2-3/4 inches in diameter – and most importantly, it’s safe. It is designed to prevent the blade from getting too close to the edge of the can. You can safely open a standard 1, 2, or 3 inches can and cut through the side at any point with the knife as long as you don’t go down on the lid. 

Can you open a tin without a tin opener?

You can but not easy. A tin opener makes getting into a can effortless. Its slim, ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, while its integrated bottle opener makes a cracking party piece.

Why do my Can openers keep breaking?

If you’re tired of buying can openers that break after a few uses, take a closer look at the shape and weight. What may be missing is the patented cutting technology that makes sure can openers don’t just cut open cans but can stand up to the challenge of opening all your cans for years and years to come.

How long should a can opener last?

Manual can last anywhere from a few years to a lifetime. Depending on the manufacturer and the can opener model you are buying, the quality of the material used in making the can opener and how often it’s been used can also determine its lifespan.

Can opener Safe?

A can opener is safe, but the key to safely using your can opener is the cutting lever. It must be positioned immediately above the lid.


A pocket knife can opener comes easily to handle and is perfectly suited to cleanly and safely open a can of food or beverage. A pocket knife can opener features include Compact size, a built-in blade can opener, slim profile to fit perfectly into your bag, pocket, or purse. It’s very simple to use with 100% safety.

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