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Can You Freeze Egg Salad

Can You Freeze Egg Salad?

  • 11 min read

Egg salad is a big part of picnic and party menus in the summertime. If you have too many ears to feed, you won’t have time to prepare fresh egg salads each time. During this busy time, can you freeze egg salad? This article will reveal everything you need to know.

How to Tell If Sausage Casing Is Edible

How To Tell If Sausage Casing Is Edible – The Signs To Look Out For

  • 15 min read

When you’re buying sausage, you need to be careful that the casing has not been made from animal byproducts or previous off-cuts of meat. Unfortunately, it is a problem many people run into when buying across borders, as food standards can vary from country to country. In this post on how to tell if sausage casing is edible, you will learn the edibility signs.