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2022 Under Counter Ice Maker- Top Reviews

For those looking for convenient ice-making machines with a compact freezing process within 6-10mins, under counter ice maker is an excellent choice for you. It is portable to fit into your kitchen space and installed at the home, canteen, cold drink shop, and company breaks rooms. It provides higher capacity output with a larger amount of ice production, and it can be installed directly into your kitchen cabinet by occupying little space.

Do you need an Under-Counter Ice Maker? Whynter Built-In Ice Maker will save you the stress of stocking up a bag of ice that will occupy the whole space in your freezer, preventing you from stocking other food items. A good ice maker filters your water before transforming it into a clear cube and saves it for a longer period without melting. The ice production speed is determined by the shape and size of the ice cubes.

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1. Whynter Built-In Ice Maker

2. Sunpentown Under-counter Ice Maker

3. SMETA Undercounter Ice Machine

4. Euhomy Commercial under counter ice machine

5. Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Machine  [/su_box]

Undercounter Ice Maker Reviews

undercounter ice maker reviews

1. Whynter Built-In Ice Maker

Whynter ice maker is designed with a standard professional innovation for every household, restaurant, bar, and coffee shop. It Produces 12ibs and can only store 6lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours. It comes with a modern design that can fit any Kitchen settings.

Features and Functions

  • Powerful compressor cooling with CFC- free compressor
  • Easy to use with one-button operation
  • Can be Built-in or freestanding
  • It includes a 9 foot 1/4 food-grade water line 
  • 12lbs ice cube production capacity
  • Store up to 6lbs in the ice maker within 24hours
  • Produce crescent-shaped ice cubes
  • It consumes 120 Watt of energy


  • Auto shut-off when ice bin is full
  • A built-in freezer 


  • None

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2. Sunpentown Under-counter Ice Maker

This under-counter ice maker fits under most counters because of its 32.8 height. It has a capacity of 50 lbs to produce ice. It comes with an auto shut of when the ice bin is full. This ice maker is not a freezer which means ice not pack out from it will melt after the machine shut down due to a full ice bin. Sunpentown ice maker comes with a comprehensive range of added value.

 Features and Functions

  • Inner lighting
  • Sanitary
  • Refrigeration
  • Full handle
  • Stainless steel door
  • Gourmet ice cubes
  • Digitize control point
  • Removable ice bin
  • Supply hose
  • Built-in or freestanding application


  • Stores up to 25 lbs
  • Save energy
  • Improve the taste and odour of ice cubes


  • None

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3. SMETA Undercounter Ice Machine

Smeta Undercounter ice machine is 15 inches wide with a stainless steel body. It makes 12lbs and can store 6 pounds of ice as it serves as a freezer too.

Features and Functions

  • Operate as a freezer
  • It makes 12lbs within 40-50 minutes
  • Auto shut off when the ice bin is full
  • Save up to 6 pounds of ice for a later use
  • Make Crescent shape ice cubes
  • Requires no drain
  • Includes ice scoop and a removable ice bin
  • Can be Built-in or Freestanding


  • Easy installation


  • None

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4. Euhomy Commercial under counter ice machine 

This commercial freestanding ice maker has a very high capacity of producing 100 lbs daily with a container that can save up to 33lbs of ice. The inbuilt automatic overflow prevention helps to avoid a messy floor with ice cubes. This machine can meet all your domestic and commercial needs at home, in restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Multiple Control Panel

You can use this ice machine regardless of where you are using it as it is quiet when operating. No noise could disrupt other activities in the house or any working environment. It is built to consume less energy to save you from a higher electricity bill.


Proper maintenance of this machine will extend the life span by constantly draining the ice maker once a day after the day use. The draining can do the draining by pulling out the small hose on the side of the machine tank.

Adjustable Feet

Depending on how high you want the ice maker to be. You can adjust the foot to give the machine the particular height you want. The feet also provide balance to the machine during operation.


  • Curved lip cover design
  • Produce crystal clear ice cube
  • Quick to make ice


  • None

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5. Manitowoc Undercounter Ice Machine 

This ice maker’s Production Capacity is 53 lb. It also comes with a factory-installed filter to produce a high-quality ice cube.

Features and Functions

  • In-built filter for water filtration before making ice
  • Large ice bin
  • Inner light
  • Can fit into a cabinet or stand-alone
  • Drain pump


  • It makes plenty beautiful shaped ice


  • Not NSF certified

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6. WATOOR Commercial Ice Maker Machine

This ice machine is designed for durability. The stainless steel body is rust-resistant as it serves for home and commercial use. With a solid and efficient compressor, you are sure of getting an immediate cooling effect for plenty of ice production.

Self Cleaning

The self-cleaning feature saves you the stress of regular cleaning and prolongs the machine’s life span, it has been built with an automatic self-cleaning function with human impart.

Freestanding Design

It can be installed standing alone; this makes it easy to be installed at any open space that you like in your home, offices, restaurant and bars

 Control Panel

The control panel is digitized with a LED indicator that displays all function within the ice maker with just a press on the button

 Other Features and Functions

  • Produce 100 lbs clear ice cube
  • Ice cube size is 0.9
  • Storage bins hold 33lbs per production
  • Make ice with 12-18mins


  • Household and commercial use
  • Automatic overflow prevention


  • None

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7. Manitowoc Undercounter Half Dice Cube Ice Machine 

This commercial under-counter ice machine is moderate in size with a dispenser and storage bin. It is less expensive and less technical to operate. The ice maker uses less water and energy to produce crystal clear ice cubes. The delay function can also help you pause production if you don’t need it. The design makes cleaning easy.

Features and Functions

  • Production capacity up to 132 lbS within 24 hours
  • Ice maker: 3 Years Parts and Labor
  • Evaporator: 5 Years Parts and Labor
  • Compressor: 5 Year Parts, 3 Year Labor
  • NSF and Energy Star certified


  • Produce ice quicky


  • Not freezer support for ice storage in the bin 

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8. Whynter Undercounter Automatic Ice Maker

This ice maker is specifically designed for yachts, RVs and big boats. It is very mobile to meet your ice need anywhere at any time. It comes with a full stainless body with marines grade components for your safety and easy maintenance. Also with UV and corrosion-resistant hardware component that has higher durability in harsh environment.

Features and Functions

  • Keeps ice frozen
  • It can be built-in or stand-alone
  • No drain is needed
  • Produce 23 lbs ice cube within 24 hours
  • Store up to 12 lbs ice cubes
  • Make crescent-shaped ice cubes 
  • Auto shut-off
  • CFC-free compressor
  •  A latch-lock that securely close the door
  • Uses 3 gallons of water to produce 23 lbs ice cubes


  • It is mobile
  • Melted
  • ice can be recycled into a new one


  • No internal light

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 9. DUURA Ice Cube Maker Machine 

Duura Ice maker machine certified by NSF for home and commercial usage. This machine comes with a 25lbs storage capacity and a production capacity of 65lbs. It can fit into your counter and stand-alone, depending on your choice and space availability. A water filter is advisable for a clean and crystal clear ice cube when installing to a waterline. Gravity drain is also required.

High Production Capacity

The production capacity is up to 65 pounds of ice per day. The storage bin can also accommodate 25 pounds of ice as the storage bin is removable for cleaning and emptying purposes. Stylish design with an internal bright blue light couple with a full lend handle on the stainless steel door makes it fit your modern styles of design. An additional internal scoop holder is fitted inside on the sidewall.

Flexible Usage

Using this ice maker is so easy without any part been difficult to operate. The push-button only requires a press for production, then leave it as the automatic overflow prevention will do its work by stop the ice from fallen of when the bin is full of an ice cube.

Other features and functions

  • Automatic cleaning mode
  • Produces full dice cubes
  • It is Energy Star rated


  • Comes with a Digital controller
  • Automatic overflow prevention


  • None

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Residential Undercounter Ice Maker – Buyers Guide

residential undercounter ice makerThere are certain factors you need to consider are you intend to purchase under counter ice maker machine 

1. Production Capacity

The machine capacity you intend to get should commensurate with the amount of ice you want at one time. It should be able to produce a certain amount of ice to need your demand for any use. If you are buying for home use, you will need one with 12-20 pounds production capacity, and if you are purchasing for commercial purposes, you will need one with at least 26 pounds production capacity. Ice machines perform well if installed in a ventilated space, and the temperature around the machine is kept at approximately 70°F. If otherwise, the performance of the machine won’t be as expected.

 2. Storage Capacity

Storing ice after production is very key. After production, the ice usually goes to some insulated tray, where it is kept nice and chilled. It should have enough space to store many ice cubes for a longer period without melting.

3. Types of Ice

Consider the type of ice the machine can produce with the kind of shape you want; though some people do not bother about the ice shape so far, it satisfies them. The ice machine can freeze water in a different kind of shape as designed by the manufacturer. Shapes like bullet and dice shape with some other shapes like crescent ice, cube ice and nugget ice.

 4. Placement

Before you purchase this machine, make sure you know the particular place you want to install it. You will measure the space, which you will use to choose the right machine to fit into the available space. You need to note that it is bulky with a heavyweight machine. Considering all this, it will help you in finding the ice machine that meets your criteria and needs.

 5. Size

Always look out for ice machines with sizes that fit perfectly in the available space you have. Though the more it sizes, the more the storage capacity. If you want a larger storage capacity, you should be ready to get one bigger size.

 6. Cost

The cost of an under-counter ice maker depends on functionality and extra feature. Storage capacity is one major factor that sets the prices for these machines. The ones with high production rates are costlier than the ones with low storage and production rate. Brands that have become household names always have a higher price because of the high demand for the product. Do consider your budget before concluding on the ice machine you want to buy.

7. Drain Options

You should look out for two draining options in Ice machine: gravity drains and drains pumps. Gravity drains can be used if you have a drain closer to where the ice machine is placed. Gravity will take the machine condensate as far as where the drain is to empty the ice machine. It can only be possible if your drain spot is closer to where the ice machine is located. If your kitchen drain is in no way close to where the machine is, then what you need is a drain pump. It will move water in the machine to a nearby drain. The drain pump can come with the ice machine, and if it doesn’t, you will have to buy it separately.

 8. Installation

Undercounter ice machines can be a bit easy to install if you are DIY-savvy. But it can be extremely difficult if you are not. The installation process is in stages and will take a lot of effort and energy plus time before you successfully install it yourself. It is wiser and time-saving to call an installation expert to help you out. It is better to spend little on an installer than to get some parts damaged during the installation process.

 9. Look and Design

Undercounter ice maker comes in different colors and styles. If you are the type that loves art and design you might want to go with the ice machine that complements your kitchen design pattern like the type of color.

 10. Energy Efficiency

Ice maker machine consumes more energy in delivery ice per time. If your energy bill is affected by an increase at the end of the month, you need to find an ice maker machine that consumes less electricity. Going for icemakers that are certified by Energy Star will be a better option. Buying an ice maker with a moderate production and storage capacity will help reduce the energy consumption rate

11. Water Filter

The quality of ice depends on the quality of water and the ice maker machine you are using in producing it. Ice machines with an inbuilt water filter remove water sediments and contaminants before transforming the water into ice. It will make your ice cube to be healthier for consumption without any worry.

 12. Warranty

This is very important when purchasing any machine. You cant be sure of any fault or defect even on the first day of use. Manufacture do this to build the trusted consumer will have in them. It allows you to return and get a better one in case of any issue. Meanwhile, always read the warranty policy on any product 

13. Cooling System

There are two main systems used in getting the coolant to work at optimal, which are air and water-based systems? The air-cooled condenser uses temperature around it to get cooler than the condenser hot coil. That’s why you will see a fan blowing the condenser in other to keep it cool. For top performance, try to keep anything that will block or stop the fan from work to not affect the coolant from working well.

The water-based system comes with an extra water line to run through in other to cool down the condenser coil. This system is getting out of use as most ice machine manufacturers go with air-cooled condensers for their brands. 

14. Water Supply

Water is one of the most important parts of an ice maker as you cant do without it. You will need a water line to connect the machine to. Most Ice maker machine comes with a tube you can use to connect it to your home water line or better still get a professional plumber to do it for you. Your water line pressure should be within 15PSI -30PSI, depending on the machine. Don’t let the water pressure be too high; your safety is paramount.

 How to clean a small commercial ice maker

, small commercial ice makerMaintenance is very key when using an ice maker as it keeps your produced ice to be clean without bacteria and also keeps the machine running well. The condenser and its grill need to stay clean from dust, grease, and anything else that can hinder it from performing.

 1. Get All You Need Ready

You will need warm water with a soft and dry cloth plus a dishwasher soap. Getting a toothbrush with a medium spoon won’t be a bad idea

 2. Unplug the Machine

Your safety is first, unplug the machine from the electric socket. Then drain all the water in the reservoir and also make sure there is no ice in the machine tray

 3. Remove removable interior part

You will need to remove the ones that are removable so it will be easy to clean

 4. Clean the removed parts

Get your towel and dip it inside an already prepared water with dishwasher soap in it. Wipe all parts to remove rough and scale with toothbrushes, especially the stubborn ones built upon it. You can add little vinegar to your cleaning water for a better result

 5. Clean the machine Interior

Just use the soft towel that has been soak in the prepared cleaning solution to clean the Interior thoroughly. Be mindful of the object you use in removing stubborn scale as it can damage the sensitive part if too sharp.

 6. Allow every part to dry 

Allow every cleaned object to get dry before fixing them back. And also, leave the interior to get dry before plugging it back to the socket.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Who makes the best undercounter ice maker?

The best under-counter ice maker is the one with a large storage capacity and high production rate. Energy consumption rate and the king of material used in manufacturing it. 

 Why are under-counter ice makers so expensive?

Undercounter ice makers can be expensive depending on their capacity, inbuilt water filter, and ability to produce different ice shapes. A Brand with a very high reputation can also influence the machine’s price because of the high demand for the product. 

How long do undercounter ice makers last?

Ice maker performs efficiently at approximately 4-5 years or more depending on the kind of brand you are getting. Regular maintenance will prolong the life span of the machine. 

 Do portable ice makers need a water line?

 A portable ice maker gets its source of water from a permanent water line installed with it. This machine is small but very efficient in ice production for both home and office use. The water line pressure should be moderate and from a clean source.

 Should you turn off your ice maker?

Switching off your ice maker whenever it is not in use or ice is not need. It is to prevent it from consuming energy it’s not using. More so, leaving it on when no water is flowing into it can damage the machine components, which can be another cost in try to fix it.


Ice maker machine doesn’t need to be as big as a factory machine anymore as we now have under counter ice maker that comes with a large capacity and more efficient production rate. There are many benefits attached to under counter ice-making machines ranging from portability to convenience in making ice for your household, bars, restaurants, outdoor and indoor parties. Our product review and buyers guide are to equip you with the information needed as you find the ice-making machine that suits you.

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