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Is Vitamix a3300 a Digitized Blender? 2022 Modern Blender

You can make your kitchen activities much easier with a commercial-grade blender; it will make your blending process fast and convenient for you. You can perfectly use commercial-grade blenders like Vitamix a3300  in your home, especially when you make a different kind of food with a different ingredient; the sophisticated blender price won’t break your pocket.

Are you looking for a blender with a more preset setting? We recommend Vitamix a3300 to you; it’s a well-built blender with preset options(when connected to Vitamix Perfect Blend app through its Bluetooth) and 19 incremental speed settings. It has a self-detect technology that makes the blender base identify a new container and adjust to it immediately.

The base button area has a timer and a start/stop button for your convenience. This ascent series blender functions make makes up a high-performing and efficient blender. A3300 comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor, 1,380 Watts, and the 4-inch Laser-cut stainless-steel cutting blades are strong enough to blend frozen desserts and prepare hot soup for your household.

 It also comes with a vortex that that push ingredient back to the blade for a thorough blending and at the same time retains the ingredient/fruit’s vital nutrient. The blender is rich in smart system features and functions, making it a popular blender in its category.

Vitamix Ascent a3300

Vitamix a3300 review

Vitamix A3300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

Product Specification

  • 64-ounce Low-Profile Container
  • S2 Low-Profile Tamper
  • Touch interface
  • Built-in digital timer
  • Built-in wireless connectivity.
  • Self-Detect Technology

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 Vitamix A3300 Review – Buyer’s Guide

Vitamix ascent a3300Versatility

When it comes to a blender being multi-purpose and versatile, we will choose Vitamix a3300. You can do a lot with this blender; its container is larger to blend your ingredients like almond butter and fruits and make hot soup at once or in batches.

Sturdy Container

Regardless of what you are putting into the 17-inch (64 oz capacity) low-profile blender’s container, it is strong enough to resist any hit on it as it won’t crake nor break due to the BPA-free Tritan Plastic that is used in producing the jar.

It is dishwasher safe and won’t change color or get blurred after several uses. The container can also withstand high temperatures when preparing hot soup. 


This blender has a blade that is fixed permanently to the container and shouldn’t be removed. You don’t have to remove it for washing or replacement as any damage incurred in the process will not be covered by the warranty policy. Both the blade and the container are dishwasher safe and resistant to rust.

Lid Cover

The lid cover comes with another small removable lid in the middle; the one in the middle can be removed to add an ingredient and can use a tamper through to push down ingredients when blending.

Lengthy Cord

The cord is 1.2 meters long, giving you the chance to use your blender a bit far from the socket and at your favorite position. The blender base also comes with a stowaway compartment where you can roll and store the blender cord after every use.

Programs, mode, and Wireless connectivity

When it comes to preset mote, this blender doesn’t have any button for it but can be connected to the Vitamix app to access any recipe you want to blend like hot soups, frozen desserts, nut butter, dressings, and baby food. There is an inbuilt Bluetooth function on the blender that makes the connection with the phone app possible. 

The app has 17 programs and 500+ recipes readily available for you at any point. The app will always save your preset setting in case of subsequent time usage.

Digital Timer

The digital timer is another unique function of this blender. It has a set built-in programmable timer for processing your recipes with a plus and minus button on the blender surface to increase and lower the set blending time.

 The blender timer will show how long you have been blending a particular ingredient and stop after counting down the set time. It also has a start and stops button. The blender has a fully digital touch screen interface for users’ convenience.


The a3300 blender comes with a 2.2 horsepower capacity that works well with the blade to produce a well-blended ingredient. These two parts of the blender make it possible for you to prepare hot soup without any challenges.

 The blender can be used as long as you want without it being overheated; it has a cooling fan and a thermal protection system that makes the blender base cool.

Variable Speed Controls 

You can choose between the 1-10 variable speed setting. Since all ingredients are not the same, different speed levels are required to blend according to ingredient texture. 

You can use the lowest speed level when you want to chop the ingredient and can use the highest speed level to blend ingredients to a very smooth level. The pulse function creates quick bursts to blend your items within seconds delivering the mike of texture you want.

Design & Aesthetics

The blender’s appearance looks beautiful and modern in design; both the container and lid cover is clear which you can see when you are blending clearly. The blender is highly digitized with the timer, pulse, and on and off switch are all touchpads and can be touched with a wet finger. 

The touch interface makes it a sleek and beautiful machine that meets up with today’s art design.


The Vitamix a3300 blender has a 10 years full warranty from the first day of purchase. This shows how durable the blender is as it can be used for 10 years and beyond with proper maintenance.

Uses of a Blender

Vitamix a3300Every decision to buy a blending machine for one reason or the other, but it has been discovered that some blenders are not used to their full potential because of a lack of information on the user’s part on how to use a blender in its full capacity. There are many ways you can use a blender beyond the regular smoothie and soup, and that’s why we have put this list together

Chopping Vegetables

You can chop dry and wet vegetables with your blender. Put your blender on the lowest speed, then put the veggies little by little; this is if you want a larger piece of it but if you want the veggies in smaller pieces, turn the blender speed up to get the texture you want

Making dairy milk

You can easily make your dairy milk from the comfort of your home. All you need is to your ingredient together. Get a nut, add water, and put your blend on a high-speed boom. You have a deliciously creamy smoothie. Create your experience and do that mix you have wanted to do with a blender.

Grind your flour

You can grind your flour with your home blender; this single act will save you money and reduce waste. All you need to do is carefully putting your grains and start grinding from the lowest speed level to the highest till you get your desired texture.

Process your food with a blender

You can process pesto or salsa with your blender; the high-performing blend with a powerful motor will deliver the chunkiness, smooth and silky texture you want.

Pancakes and Muffins

Your blender can do an excellent job mixing your batter; it will be well mixed and come out fine.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is Vitamix A3300 worth it?

 It has so many outstanding features that are worth more than just a blender. The powerful motor can crush but ice and tough nut. All components are dishwasher-safe with an easy-to-use interface. The shape is excellent with a beautiful look.

What can you not put in a Vitamix?

You should be careful about putting dried fruit and sundried tomatoes in your blender to blend, especially if it’s of low power. With a strong blender, all ingredients can be blended with any form of restriction.

Why does my Vitamix smell?

After some use blender motor can start smelling, which can be the cause of curing metal which might be released like a burning smell. After some time with heavy usage, it will stop.

Can you put an avocado pit in a Vitamix?

Suppose the bitterness of avocado is not a problem for you as you can put avocado seed into the blender’s container. It blends avocado with speed.

How do I get rid of the smell in my Vitamix?

If your blender smells this persistently, you will need to get vinegar and warm water into the container, leave it for hours before you pour it out before you dry it, and then rinse the container under running water.


There is no better way to get your ingredient crushed than to get a blender with a superpower. You must have been tired of searching for a blender that suits your needs, and that is why we put together a review on Vitamix a3300 to help you make the best purchasing decision. Nothing came close to a digitized blender with a friendly interface.

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