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Vitamix Blade – Top Product Review

Blending is fun when you have a sharp and hard blade, most especially if it’s built with stainless steel material; you can blend a lot of ingredients if you have a good blender blade, though your blender capacity will only give the blade power to speed but left to how sharp the blade is to do the job. Continue reading to the end to see the best Vitamix blade to replace in your blender.

Are you looking for a Vitamix blade? Vitamix Wet Blade is manufacture with hardened stainless steel material and at the same time sharp to hopped, cut, or smashed ingredients into finer particles to your desired texture. It is durable and works perfectly with the Vitamix blender. The two types of Vitamix blender blades are dry and wet blades.

The wet blade is designed to blend wet ingredients or meals, while the dry blade is constructed to grind dry ingredients to a smooth texture. A sharp, strong blade with high motor horsepower is what makes a good blending process. You can blend in food like soups, salad dressings, salsas, and other sauces. 

Vitamix Blade

blender blade

Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly

Vitamix wet blade is made of hardened stainless steel. It is strong and durable to crush any put into it and make it smooth. There is no special method to fixing it as it is straightforward to replace it with an existing blade in a 64,48, 32-ounce standard container. It lasts longer without sharpening it as it also enhances the blender to work efficiently without making a loud noise.

The lacer-cut blade can be used in preparing sauces, soups, and sorbets. You don’t have to abandon or dispose of your weak container as you can just change the blade to revive it back to work.


  • It works well with standard 64, 32 oz containers
  • It is compatible with standard commercial 64,48,32 oz blender container
  • Not compatible with house low profile 46 and 48-ounce container
  • Don’t use with commercial MP, XP XL container


  • Easy and quick to be replaced
  • Very versatile 
  • Last longer


  • It’s Pricey

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Vitamix Wet Blade Replacement Part

This blade is a premium stainless steel blade specifically constructed to work with Vitamix 5200 series. It is specially designed to blend wet ingredients into a smooth texture.


It is compatible with Vitamix 5200 series

Features and Specifications 

  • Meet OEM standards
  • Direct replacement 
  • Food Grade Material
  • 3-month warranty


  • It is affordable


  • None

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How to Sharpen Blender Blades

Vitamix dry blade After using a blender for a long time, the blade is dull and not as sharp as when you bought it new, especially when you use it almost every day. You may not want to buy a new blender or container for financial reasons; you can easily sharpen the blade to return it to its former state. Here are the steps to take in sharpening your blender’s blade.

Step 1 – Disassemble the blender

Make sure you unplug the blender from the electric source as your safety comes first to avoid been electrocuted. Separate the container from the blender base and remove the lid cover

Step 2 – Clean the container be done is was

After putting the blender’s component apart, the next thing is to wash the container to remove any particles. Use warm water with a dishwasher soup to wash it; use a sponge to scrub it to make it easier. Allow it to get dry, or you use a tower to dry it.

Step 3 –Remove the Blade

Look at the bottom of the blender, where you will find a blade housed. Use a small towel to twist it counterclockwise to remove it. Now that you have the former blade in your hand make sure you put the container in a safer place, especially if it’s a glass jar. Put the blade ring and seal close to the container in order not to misplace them.

Step 4 – Clean the blade.

Wash the blade in warm soapy water to remove any food attached to it. Ensure you put on a hand glove or use a towel to hold the blade to prevent your hand from being cut.

Step 5 – Sharpen the Blade

Get a sharpening stone first, then proceed with running it on the edges of the blade. When you are done with the first side, turn to the other side of the blade to do the same, be mindful of how you handle the blade in the sharpening process. Continue running the stone on the edges of the blade till you get satisfied with the level of the sharpness.

Step 6 – Assemble the blender.

At this point, you are about to reassemble all the blender parts you have separated. You will have to do it carefully so that you won’t miss fix it. Clean all the parts and start setting. Plug it into a power source to test it when you are done

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ice cubes sharpen blender blades?

Blade breakdown ice and crush it to snow but not sharpen the blade in return. Ice kills the blade gradually by dulling the edges as you continue blending Ice in a blender till the blade gets dull, but if you can manually sharpen it, the blade will be better.

Can you sharpen blender blades with salt?

This is another method used in sharpening blender blades; all you have to do is add rock salt to the container the switch on the blender from the lowest speed to the highest. Do that for some minutes to get an accurate result.

Do eggshells sharpen blender blades?

This blade is one of the unpopular methods used in sharpening blade edges. Get eggshell, then put it inside the blender container; switch on the blender to spin the eggshell for some minutes so you could achieve the sharpness you want

Can you use Vitamix wet blade for dry ingredients?

Blades are designed for specific functions, and that’s why we have dry and wet blades separately. In this case, a blade meant for a wet ingredient can also be used for dry ingredients; a dry blade will be more effective.

Can we dry grind in Vitamix?

You can grind wet and dry ingredients in a Vitamix blender. The only thing that should separate the two is the blender’s blade. Vitamix has a separate wet blade from the dry one, so it is left to you to chose the right blade for the right ingredient for effective and a better out.

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Replacing the blade of your blender shouldn’t be challenging when you know the right blade to get which will fit your blender. Our review of the Vitamix blade will make your buying decision easy. It’s also very possible to sharpen your dull blender blade if you want to, as you can follow our guide on how to sharpen blender blades.

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