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White Bass Recipe

White bass is a fish that has a mild, delicate flavor and firm flesh.

It is also often referred to as white sea bass, which is the name given to it in the United States.

While white bass looks similar to other fish like red snapper, tuna and salmon, it can be distinguished by its color, which is lighter than other fish.

White bass is also known as the “silver king” or “silver perch ,” due to its pale color.

This fish is relatively easy to prepare with just a few simple ingredients, making it a great choice for any meal.

The recipe below combines simple ingredients that bring out the natural flavor of the fish, creating a delicious dish that is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

If you are looking for an easy white bass recipe to try , this one’s for you!

What ingredients are needed for a white bass recipe ?

The ingredients needed for a white bass recipe are:

  • White Bass
  • Steak Seasoning Mix
  • Cornmeal

Other ingredients used in this recipe are:

How long does it take to prepare a white bass recipe ?

White bass is extremely quick to prepare.

This recipe requires only a few ingredients , so you can get it on the table in just a few minutes.

The preparation for this white bass recipe is very easy; you simply need to carefully remove the skin from the fillet , season it with salt and pepper, and then sear it in a shallow skillet over medium heat.

The entire process should take just five minutes.

Place the skillet into the oven, and allow it to cook until the fish is cooked through.

For more information on how to prepare white bass, see our complete guide on cooking this delicious fish.

If you are looking to learn more about preparing other types of fish, we have plenty of recipes that will help you with cooking salmon , halibut and much more.

What type of cooking technique is used when making a white bass recipe ?

White bass recipe .

This white bass recipe is sure to tantalize your taste buds! With its mild , delicate flavor and firm flesh, white bass is the perfect choice for any meal.

White bass is a fish that is rich in potassium, which can help to reduce blood pressure and improve heart health .

It also contains vitamin B12, which aids in the production of red blood cells.

This fish is also low in cholesterol and has roughly 160 calories per pound , making it a healthy choice on any diet.

It is often the base ingredient in many fish recipes, including shrimp boil and scallops.

When cooking white bass, it is essential to use a high quality oil because this type of oil is suitable for frying.

The easiest way to cook white bass, apart from steaming or grilling , is to fry it.

Check out our simple recipe for fried white bass if you’re interested in trying it out.

Is a white bass recipe suitable for a particular diet ?

White bass is a fresh, white fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are known for their ability to lower cholesterol, so eating fish such as white bass is an excellent way to increase your intake in this essential nutrient.

Due to its delicate nature, the white bass recipe below is suitable for vegetarians who follow a plant-based diet.

As this recipe does not include any meat or fish products, it’s also suitable for those who follow a vegan or pescatarian diet.

How much white bass is needed for a recipe ?

White bass is typically sold fresh.

However , if you catch a large fish, it may be possible to buy frozen white bass.

When purchasing frozen white bass, make sure the fish is of consistent quality and never bought near its expiration date.

Quick-frozen white bass is commonly sold in 10-pound bags.

While this may seem like a lot , you can cook up to ten 10-pound bags of white bass for one meal.

That’s about 100 portions of fish!

If you are planning on cooking a larger quantity of white bass , you will want to purchase the “roll-and-stack” style of packages.

You can buy these packages in 50-pound or 25-pound bags.

These sizes allow you to cook up to 500 pounds of fish for one meal.

How do you ensure a white bass recipe is cooked properly ?

The best way to ensure that a white bass recipe is cooked properly is to follow the directions on the packaging.

Some fish, like white bass , can be prepared with less water or less cooking time than other fish recipes.

This allows you to cook your fish in less time and reduce the amount of water that is added to the dish.

However, if you are not sure whether your white bass recipe is cooked properly, there are a few things that you can do to check for doneness.

When cooking white bass , it is important to remember that white bass cooks quickly and blends flavors well .

As a result, you should always cook white bass to at least medium-rare, which is 165 degrees Fahrenheit (75 degrees Celsius).

If your white bass is still raw after cooking according to the package directions, then it may not be done yet.

If you cut into the fish and it remains slightly pink in the middle, then it is still not quite done.

While some white bass recipes may call for over-cooking your fish , it should always be cooked as directed so that there is no risk of foodborne illness.

You can also try testing the temperature of your white bass recipe by piercing the meat with a fork.

If it feels warm when pierced , then it is ready to eat; if it feels cool, then it needs more time in the oven.

What type of side dishes pair well with a white bass recipe ?

White bass is a light fish, so you will want to serve it with either a starch or a sauce.

This dish pairs best with plain rice or potatoes.

You may also want to serve this dish with asparagus, spinach , broccoli and cauliflower.

A simple green salad would also be an excellent choice.

Once you have decided on the side dishes you would like to pair with your white bass recipe, you can move forward to cooking this fish.

What are some tips for making a white bass recipe ?

Here are some tips for making a white bass recipe. If you’re looking to make this dish at home , here are some things you can do:

  • Buy fresh fish instead of frozen and thaw it at room temperature. White bass is sold in fillets , which can be found in the fresh seafood section of your grocery store .
  • If the fish you buy is not labeled as “white bass ,” it is probably red snapper or another fish like salmon. The fillet might not have the same color as a white bass .
  • The fillet should look opaque and have a shiny appearance , and should also smell like the ocean when you take it out of its packaging. White bass looks very similar to other fish, but it has a slightly different smell and color .

Are there any variations to a white bass recipe ?

There are few variations to this white bass recipe, but each of the recipes below has a few key ingredients that you can use to make your dish more flavorful.

For example , you may choose to add scallops or shrimp in this recipe instead of the fish.

You may also choose to add vegetables depending on your preference .

Are there any health benefits to eating a white bass recipe ?

A white bass recipe can be rich in health benefits , with many containing more omega-3 fatty acids than other fish such as salmon .

It’s also a great source of protein and contains plenty of iron, which is essential for red blood cell formation.

While most people know that white bass is a low calorie food, it can also be a rich source of vitamin B12 , which many people are lacking due to the daily routine of getting their B12 supplements .

This deficiency can cause fatigue and depression, as well as anemia.

It is also an excellent source of selenium and zinc, both which are important for the production of red blood cells and immune function.

White bass is a good source of phosphorus, too, which helps to develop strong bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis .

White bass is also a very good source of iodine, which is crucial for brain development and proper nerve function.

White Bass Recipe

White bass is a fish that has a mild, delicate flavor and firm flesh. It is also often referred to as white sea bass, which is the name given to it in the United States.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Keyword: White Bass Recipe
Servings: 4
Calories: 112kcal


  • Bowl
  • Pan


  • PurePac White Bass
  • 1 Cup Paprika
  • 1/4 Cup Chili Spice
  • 1 TBSP Cumin
  • 2 TSP Curry Powder
  • 1 TSP Black Pepper
  • 1 TSP Salt
  • 1 TSP Garlic Powder
  • 1 Pinch Thyme
  • 1 Pinch Dill Weed
  • 1 TSP Brown Sugar
  • Vegetable Oil


  • In a bowl, combine all ingredients.
  • White Bass should be rinsed and dried with paper towels.
  • Place fish into the mixture and coat it on both sides.
  • Pan with 10 ounces of vegetable oil
  • medium-high heat (oil should almost be smoking)
  • Fish should be cooked for a few minutes in a pan.
  • After turning, cook for an additional 5–6 minutes.



Calories: 112kcal | Carbohydrates: 21g | Protein: 5g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 608mg | Potassium: 831mg | Fiber: 12g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 16675IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 101mg | Iron: 9mg
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