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Who Makes Cabelas Pellet Grills?

If a Cabela pellet grill review is what you are looking for, you are in the right placeTh. is page provides useful information about who makes Cabelas pellet grills and features to look out for when you are planning to get one.

Traeger makes Cabela’s Pellet Grills. However, Grilling pellets made from 100% hardwood give smoke flavor to your food naturally adds flavor to your food, so you don’t need to use synthetic wood pellets that are more efficient than other forms of wood for smoking, as only 10% ash content is produced.

This state-of-the-art Grill gives you the best of both worlds – the convenience of gas and the flavor of fresh hardwood pellets. It utilizes an electronically controlled combustion fan that feeds oxygen to the fire, along with an electric igniter to help start it up. 

Are Cabelas Pellet Grills Good Products?

who makes cabelas pellet grillsCabelas Pellet Grills and Smokers are good products, and they offer a variety of good features. Some models come with 3 heat zones so you can cook at different temperatures, while others have a self-feed pellet burning system. Some models even work with wood chips or give you the option of doing both. 

Meanwhile, the thing is, it is not everyone who wants to use standard charcoal or electric Grill for everything that they grill outdoors. Cabela’s pellet grills will do this for them and make them have a wonderful time inside with their friends and family grilling food instead of having to spend money buying regular charcoal briquettes to start up the fire.

Who Makes Cabelas Pellet Grills?

 Cabelas pellet grills are manufactured and distributed by Traeger. They have built a reputation as the wood-fired Grill every other Grill wants to be. Built smarter and more durable than the competition, 

Cabelas pellet grills use hardwood pellets to fuel the flame, infusing food with authentic smoked flavor. If a low-and-slow smoking session is what you crave, then Traeger grills are just what you need.

However, Cabelas is a brand of outdoor recreation merchandise, including hunting, shooting, and fishing merchandise.

Where Are Cabelas Pellet Grills Made?

Cabela’s pellet grills are engineered and manufactured in the United States of America. Cabela’s pellet grills are a great way to cook outdoors. They are versatile and powerful, and they come in various sizes. Traeger builds most of their grills in the USA but uses some components made in Asia.

These grills can be purchased in several different stores. You can also search for them on the internet to find out where they are located in your area.

About The Manufacturer

Traeger pioneered the wood-pellet grill industry by using hardwood pellets as fuel for grilling, creating a unique flavor unmatched by gas and charcoal grills.

The company has been revolutionizing the grilling industry since 1985. Traeger wood pellet grills use a patented process to circulate hardwood pellets over indirect heat for consistent, even cooking. Traeger invented the original wood-pellet Grill and continues to innovate with new models that deliver the rich, authentic flavor and juiciness of food cooked on a traditional smoker or slow cooker.

At Traeger, they build their grills to elevate the flavor of your food. Also, their patented technology delivers hardwood smoke directly from the burn pot into the Grill, ensuring evenly cooked food with more moisture. Combining that flavor with the ease and convenience of an electric grill means that you can focus on fun and not fussing over the fire.

 Cabelas Pellet Grills Products Review

Cabela’s BBQ Wood Pellets

Cabela’s BBQ Wood Pellets is made from 100% natural, virgin hardwood that comes from sustainable timberland; these all-purpose pellets burn clean and hot, adding the flavor of your favorite hardwoods to your food. No artificial flavorings or fillers. 

MeanwhileYou, only need 3 oz. to season your Grill for 1 hour of high-heat cooking – 5 lb. bag reserves you for 17 hrs of cooking time before needing a refill.

Traeger is a perfect alternative

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Cabela’s Smoke Station 24″ Pellet Grill

The Smoke Station 24″ Pellet Grill from Cabela’s® is made of durable heavy-gauge steel and designed to give you over 580 sq.. of primary cooking space, as well as 218 sq. in. of secondary cooking space so that you can feed a crowd without fail. With a porcelain-coated grate, stainless steel exterior, and easy-to-read control panel, this Grill offers everything you need to smoke or grill with ease.

 Cabela’s Smoke Station pellet grill provides built-in smoking capabilities, as well as gas searing, to create one delicious piece of equipment. The smoke tray is quickly loaded from the outside. Smoking capabilities include everything from jerky and sausage to brisket and salmon. 

Moreso, the simple-to-use controller, delivers ultimate temperature control with a meat temperature probe or fully programmable PID controller. The digital display features an automatic outdoor temperature readout to monitor the weather and a clock with a timer. Includes stainless steel grilling tray, grease pan, and cup.

If you cant find this Cabela model then go for Traeger

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 Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill

The Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill offers a big cooking area, a durable build, and versatility. This model performs well as other pellet grills twice its price, making it a great choice if your budget is more modest.

The Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill is a premium model packed with features for better convenience and performance. The Traeger Pro Series comes with D2 Direct Drive technology that ensures connectedness between the motor, auger, and variable speed fan, delivering fast startup times and consistent smoke throughout the grilling session. Easy-to-clean porcelain grates ensure optimal heat distribution.

Also, as the Traeger grills’ most popular, the Pro 575 has expanded capabilities, including a removable front shelf.

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 Cabelas Pellet Grills Buying Guide

Cabelas Pellet Grills Buying GuideAmple Cooking Area

Ample Cooking Area. For most people, the Grill’s cooking area is an important concern because it determines how much food they can cook at one time. Pellet grills generally come with a smaller cooking area than a traditional grill because the unit needs to rely on direct heat from beneath the cooking surface. 

 More surface area means more space for meats, sides, and other foods on the Grill. That’s why the cooking area is such an important number to know when shopping for a pellet grill.


The first thing to consider when shopping for a pellet grill is how it looks—and the answer to that can vary from person to person. Some folks think that size matters and bigger is better; others might scoff at that idea and seek a more compact option. 

Regardless of which camp you’re in, you need to ensure that your Grill looks good beside the Grill next door. 

Temperature Range

The temperature range is the difference between your electric smoker or Grill’s highest and lowest temperature settings. Some appliances may have 50 degrees between the highest and lowest settings, while higher-end models may have a temperature range or swing of as much as 200 degrees. That’s why having an accurate thermometer built into your smoker is so important.

However, with the ability to reach temperatures as high as 500° F, pellet grills can get plenty hot enough to sear a steak. But they also have low-temperature capabilities, allowing them to maintain temperatures below 250° F for hours at a time.


The amount of space in your pellet should be atleast 240 square inches, usually enough for 6 burgers, making it a great size for most families. Some grills, however, have a smaller capacity and can’t even fit 3 burgers at once. They are better as personal grills are more for couples or individuals.

Meanwhile, Cabela’s Pellet Grills give you the option of cooking with pellets or logs. When it comes to heat, you get about a 2-3 degree difference between the two, and you can use your smoker as a regular smoker, or with just a flick of a switch and a push of a button, you can grill both hot and fast for a steak or cook it low and slow for that pulled pork. 

The only real drawback to pellets is finding a place to store them. In some areas, pellets are easier to find than firewood.

Temperature Controls

Temperature controls enable you to set and maintain the desired temperature with an accuracy of +/-6 degrees Fahrenheit. That means beyond flavor; you can cook to your specific tastes with ease.

Using the temperature controls on your pellet grill is very different from setting a temperature on a charcoal grill or a gas grill.

However, Grills should come with one of three types of temperature controls. While the most basic grills won’t have any control panels, others will include a panel that allows you to adjust the temperature, fan speed, and other items. Temperature controls may be necessary according to how often you plan to use your Grill. 


A grill should come with advanced technology like a heavy-gauge steel lid and firepot and a durable all-weather powder coat that is rust-resistant. Features include a large capacity hopper with easy access, an integrated meat thermometer, an electronic auto-start ignition, an easy-to-clean ash management system, simple push-button temperature control, and a convenient front service door for easy access.

However, Cabelas Pellet Grills are made from steel and sometimes feature a ceramic interior. Steel is primarily used because of its durability. The steel in pellet grills is strong enough to withstand the high temperatures associated with cooking outdoors.


Perhaps the most in-demand feature on pellet grills is mobility. Large pellet grills can weigh hundreds of pounds, so look for casters or wheels to get your Grill from point A to point B.

So, look for a grill light enough to move around with relative ease. Best: Less than 200 lbs. Good: 200 to 300 lbs.

Additional Features

Pellet grills offer a vast variety of cooking options, from searing steaks to slow-roasting a juicy pork shoulder. You can even bake cookies or pizza. Also, the side shelf provides a convenient spot to keep caramelizes, sauces, and other cooking essentials.

Look for a built-in digital thermometer for easy temperature monitoring, meat probe and meat probe clips, a Drip pan for quick and easy cleanup, a Grease bucket for straightforward disposal of any grease, and a Slideout ash pan for easy disposal ash removal.


 If you want to purchase a pellet grill with various features, expect to spend $500 or less. This price range is also home to compact pellet grills, perfect for tailgating or camping.


All Cabela’s Pellet Grills come with a 5 Year Warranty on the Fire Pot and Lid 3 Year warranty on all other parts. See the individual Grill for factory warranty details.

How to Use Cabelas Pellet Grills

How to Use Cabelas Pellet GrillsCabela’s Pellet Grills are convenient because they can cook with the push of a button, but sometimes first-timers have a hard time figuring out their grills. But here is a step-by-step guide.

Start by filling the hopper with pellets. The pellets are susceptible to moisture, so they are stored dry. 

Next, reach through the grill opening and turn on the power switch located inside on the left side of the augur motor (the green light will turn on). Warm-up for 3 minutes with all burners turned to high. 

Then, adjust your preferred cooking temperature via the temperature dial on the front controller box (usually between 180°F [medium-low] and 425°F [high]). To use a probe thermometer, insert in the desired location and wait until it reads your target temperature (if using an internal meat probe, insert into the meat while being cooked and allow to remain until meat is cooked to ideal temperature). 

Also, use a dual probe thermometer to monitor both the internal temperature of meat and the air temperature inside the smoker. Remove when done cooking.’

Positive User Feedback About Cabelas Pellet Grills

Transparent windows on hopper and cooking chamber

The viewing windows of the hoppers are good, so you can see how many wood pellets are left before having to fill up again. The cooking chamber also has a window so you can check on the food.

The windows are beneficial since you can see what is going on inside, which is very useful.

Wide cooking surface

Its wide cooking surface places attractive grill grates and shields them from intense heat. The durable cast iron provides an even heat source and is easy to clean.

Eye-catching design

The attractive design of this pellet grill will accent any backyard decor. It features two durable stainless steel cooking racks that offer enough room to prepare food for the whole family. A patented ash cleanout system makes it easy to clean between uses.

Another user narrates that this pellet grill caught her eye with its campfire-inspired design. Pellet grills cook a lot like your indoor grill does-it, it uses indirectly created heat, and there are no flare-ups. She said iI was looking for a grill I could use on a camping trip, so this product has been perfect for that purpose as well!

Open-flame sear station

The Sear Station feature gives the Grill the power to sear steaks, chicken, and veggies. Stainless steel flame diffuser directs heat over the entire surface of your Sear Station for even cooking, ensuring great-tasting results every time.

Built-in meat probe

Built-in meat probe allows precise temperature control so you can concentrate on the conversation instead of your cooker.

A user said the built-in meat probe was helpful, providing real-time updates on the food as it cooked and giving me notifications when it was ready. 

Negative User Feedback About Cabelas Pellet Grills

It is expensive

On average, this product is more expensive than other products of the same type.

 Finicky control panel

A user reported that the control panel is pretty demanding, and the wood pellet feeder tube does not have fire rod protection to prevent over-feeding the fire if you let it get too empty for too long. These are all easy fixes if Cabelas wants to design better, though.

Common Problems and Solutions of Cabelas Pellet Grills

Computer/Display Does Turn On

Computer/Display Does Turn On – Make sure appliance is plugged in. Check circuit breakers if applicable. If Grill is connected to an extension cord, try plugging directly into the wall outlet.

If the display lights up, then the unit is getting power. There is likely a loose wire or problem with the display board.

Also, the indicator light may be off if the Power Switch is off. Check that the Power Switch at the back of the computer is On (light on).

Auger Jams from Pellets

Auger Jams from Pellets, Often seen when using inexpensive pellets and even some premium pellets. The solution is to make sure the auger feed wheel is seated correctly, the auger shaft is turning freely, check for obstructions in the chamber; check for an obstruction in the exhaust outlet.

The critical thing to remember is not to force anything! You can damage parts of your Grill or even yourself if you cram the pellets or do not follow proper procedure.

However, you can follow these troubleshooting steps: Check the igniter rod for visible damage and replace it if necessary. Unplug the power cord from the outlet and allow all other pellets to burn out the firepot. 

Allow the wood pellet grill to cool completely. Remove any remaining pellets from the firepot area and auger tube manually. Clean out the bottom of the firepot with a vacuum or brush. 

Try plug-in the power cord and wait 30 seconds before turning on Grill again.

Pellet Grill Not Igniting

It is one of the most common pellet grill problems. If you are experiencing issues with your smoker not igniting, the first thing to check is whether the air circulation within the Grill and at the flame zones is optimal. A properly working airflow delivers sufficient oxygen for combustion, adding a longer burn time.

However, the reasons for this can be many, but the most likely solution is either a dirty or clogged igniter. It can be easily fixed by tearing down the Grill and cleaning the igniter. If it is cracked or damaged, you will need to replace it before firing up your Grill again.

Fire Goes Out During Cook

If the fire in the pellet grill is put out during a cook, this can be for several reasons: The controller is set too low. Adjust the controller to 350ºF and see if that works. 

Also, make sure the hopper lid is seated correctly on the Grill. A stray spark escaped from the firepot and landed on something in front or behind the unit, perhaps on wood that was too close or on a plastic surface of the Grill. 

Ensure combustible materials are at least 2 feet away from either side of the unit in an outdoor location. It is always recommended that plastic surfaces not be used when placing a pellet grill because they can melt.

However, If your Grill loses most or all of its flame during cooking, make sure you have at least 25 lbs. of pellets in the hopper. If the pellets are low and the flame goes out, it can be hard to start a fire again as there won’t be enough airflow.

 If your induction fan isn’t working, check to ensure it’s connected securely and intact the fuse. Moreso, If this fails to resolve the problem, then you may have a dead motor.

 You can also check the wire from the tube to the fan. It is more of a fuse than a wire, eventually burning away. You can replace it with the same type of wire.


 Many companies make pellet grills, and that is why knowing who makes Cabelas Pellet Grills. However, they still managed a high rating for their grills.

In this article, I have provided information about the Cabelas grills so that you would be able to decide if you should invest your money in it or not. 

So, when pricing and other factors are kept in mind, then buy this Grill as it will be a good investment for you and your family. A lot of people prefer buying this Grill because of its great looks.

 And because of their expertise in the industry, the manufacturing process is done in the best way, which makes the drip tray easier to clean.

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