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Who Makes Char Broil Grills?

Dont look further if you want to know who makes char broil grills. Char-Broil is the barbecue grill industry leader and has been making grills for quite some time. In this article, we’re going to talk about how this company got started and discuss their most popular grills today.

Char-Broil grills are manufactured by W.C. Bradley Co, a privately held company located in Columbus, Georgia. For more than 170 years, the family-owned and managed business has been a global leader in the industries it serves, including outdoor cooking, camping equipment, and zippo lighters.

Initially founded in 1948 by a cooperative of Georgia stoves manufacturers, Char-Broil is now one of the world’s largest producers of this type of cooker. Their excellent reputation and grills are sold both in the US and internationally.

Are Char Broil Grills Good Products?

Who Makes Char Broil GrillsChar-Broil is considered to be one of the highest quality products. Most people prefer char broils. The quality service and warranty make it an attractive brand.

Also, Char-Broil is one of the most trusted names in grilling, and their 4-Burner Gas Grill is a classic. This grill has four burners that each deliver 20,000 BTUs of even heat, meaning you can count on crispy chicken skin and perfectly seared steaks while using all four burners for cooking at once. 

If you’re looking to kick your classic burger up a notch, this grill offers an additional side burner with 12,000 BTUs for sauce simmering or vegetable sides.

Who Makes Char Broil Grills?

Char-Broil and the Char-Broil logo are trademarks of W.C. Bradley Co. Charbroil has been a leader in American backyard grilling and is devoted to improving your barbecuing experience.

Char-Broil manufactures high-quality outdoor cooking products like gas grills, smokers, fryers, and heaters. Char-Broil carries a wide range of options for gas grills and charcoal grills. 

Additionally, they have budget-minded options as well as professional models. If you need extra space on your grill or love the fun of frying, Char-Broil has several fryers to choose from.

Where Are Char Broil Grills?

Char-Broil is the American market leader in premium outdoor grilling & barbecuing products. Their grills are manufactured in China and designed to the highest standards in the United States of America.

Like the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared grill is designed in the USA and manufactured in China. This model comes with a 10-year warranty on all parts, including the lid.

More so, the current range of Char-Broil grills is designed in the USA and made in China. Exact factory locations are currently listed on the packaging; however, the company has partnered with some of the largest grill factories in China to manufacture their products.

About The Manufacturer

CharBroil is an American manufacturer of charcoal and gas grills that produce outdoor cooking products. The brand offers a range of grills in various materials, including stainless steel and porcelain-coated steel.

Char-Broil began as a small business in Georgia that provided products and services to businesses throughout the country. The company expanded its operations by creating an e-commerce platform to sell its products directly to consumers and eventually opened a separate distribution centre in Georgia in 2015. 

Today Char-Broil is a leading family of brands that includes Char-Broil brand grills and Char-Broil-manufactured grills such as Coleman; Backyard Grill; George Foreman; and Hamilton Beach.

Types of Char Broil Grills

Gas Grills

Gas grills are built to make cooking easy by offering easy heat control and quick cleanup. Propane delivers instant heat with the simple push of a button. While natural gas is convenient as it connects through your home’s gas lines and never runs out, so you can grill as long as you want.

Gas grills range from small, portable models for grilling on the go to large, elaborate BBQ islands with many grilling options. 

Suppose you are interested in adding a luxurious, comfortable feel to your grilling experience and cooking a wide variety of foods like meats, seafood, vegetables, and more. In that case, char broil premium gas grills will be a good option.

However, Gas grills offer a variety of temperature controls and styles, but you’ll need to choose between liquid propane or natural gas models.

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Griddles are a flat cooking surface that sits directly on top of your grill. Depending on the size, they can fit on a small tabletop grill or stretch across several burners to create multiple cooking zones. Griddles are perfect for making omelets, eggs, and bacon.

A charbroil griddle is perfect for preparing a variety of dishes. From breakfast classics like pancakes and eggs to fajitas and stir fry, you can use the grill to make all your favorite foods.

 Many feature grease run-off channels to keep the work area clean while cooking and an easily removable grease tray for effortless cleanup.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are made from carbonized materials such as charcoal, peat, or coal. It’s a bit of the old-school way of grilling, about as far away from propane as you can get – but there’s simply no replacement for that smoky aroma and true flame-grilled flavor produced for many grill enthusiasts by a quality charcoal grill.

A Charcoal grilling gives food a rich, smoky flavor that can’t be achieved on a gas grill.

Charbroil charcoal grills are the perfect choice for those who crave that unmistakable smoky flavor. These models feature stainless-steel burners, porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, and electronic push-button ignition, making it super simple to enjoy a delicious meal outdoors. Available in stand-alone and cart models.

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Electric Grills

Electric Grills are easy to set up and use. Your grill heats up quickly and cooks consistently with high-quality electronic components and adjustable heat control. 

Electric grills offer high-quality components with long life expectancy and less operating costs while offering the convenience of having a portable grill. Good choice for urban dwellers or in smaller areas where gas/charcoal grills are not allowed.

With a Charbroil electric grill, you can enjoy the delicious flavor that charcoal grilling offers without the hassle of using a gas or charcoal grill. You plug it in, turn the dial to your desired heat setting, and then cook. 

The electric grills are perfect for apartments, condos, or anywhere with limitations on open-flame cooking.

Hybrid Grills

Hybrid or combination grills allow you to use charcoal materials for cooking your food, as well as internal water pans and ventilation systems. 

They have some of the unique features of both charcoal and gas grills, such as the ability to smoke meat for extra flavor, along with being able to cook larger amounts of food. 

The Char-Griller Hybrid Grill has the best of both worlds: the authentic wood fire taste and the ease of charcoal with an electronic igniter for easy lighting. 

There is a gas grill section on one side, and on the other, you have the traditional charcoal grill section, which utilizes electronic ignition.

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Portable Grills

Portable grills are what you think: small enough to bring with you wherever you go. They’re great for tailgating, camping, picnics at the park, and more.

They s are designed to fit in tight spaces like an SUV or small trunk and can easily be transported by hand. Additionally, it can be taken on camping trips and cook anything from hot dogs and burgers to steaks, multi-ingredient dinners, and even desserts.

The Char-Broil Portable Grill is designed for the griller who needs on-the-go cooking power. This grill contains TRU-Infrared technology, which cooks food evenly and locks in flavor and moisture. 

Char Broil Grills Buying Guide

Char Broil Grills Buying Guide

Reversible/Adjustable Grates

Reversible grates are typically made from cast iron. They provide higher heat retention that is great for searing and the ability to go from high heat to low heat in a matter of seconds. 

On the reverse side of the grate, there is usually a pan for cooking veggies, fish, and other foods that tend to fall through. Some of our reversible/adjustable grates also have a double lever, so you can flip one section of your grill to sear while leaving others on low to cook with indirect heat.

Grate Material and Style

Great material and style can impact your grilling experience, so it’s important to choose the right type of grate for your cooking needs. 

There are two main types of grates: wire and cast iron. The primary difference between the two is how they retain heat and how they cook your food. Wire grates are easy to clean and can be removed entirely. 

Be aware, season properly, and oil before using to prevent food from sticking. Cast-iron grates do not need the same kind of care as wire, but you should still take the time to oil them regularly.

However, look for several options, including porcelain-coated cast iron, durable and can handle high temperatures; stainless steel, which is easy to clean and offers superior heat retention; and infrared grates, which concentrate heat even more than stainless steel.

Back and Side Splashes

Back and side splashes help contain the mess and keep the area behind the grill clean. Suitable for more casual grilling and smaller spaces, splashes make it easy to clean up after dinner quickly.

Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Burners

Cast iron burners in grills are built to last and engineered to evenly distribute heat over your cooking space. However, they are more susceptible to rust if left unpainted or coated with porcelain. Stainless steel burners have a great life span and are resistant to rusting. If you notice corrosion build-up on stainless steel burners, most can be lifted out of the grill for easy cleaning.

Additionally, Choosing the right cooking system is a matter of taste. Look to stainless steel burners if you grill often and want one-time durability. Cast iron burners make sense if you don’t grill as frequently and want to spend less.


Size is essential for every great grill because you want to find a cooking surface suitable for the amount of food you plan to cook.

A grill’s size is measured by the primary cooking area, which is directly under the lid containing the burners. Total grill size includes side shelves and any other additional space that can be used for holding snacks, plates, and condiments.

However, when choosing the best grill size for you and your family, consider how many people you will cook for on average daily. Start by allocating 110 square inches per person when planning how much space you need.


Heat is the most basic cooking technique, and without it, your food will not cook.  Also, heat creates all sorts of chemical reactions that brown meat, evaporate water, and soften vegetables. All this adds up to flavor.

 Meanwhile, heat sources can be classified as Direct, Indirect, Radiant and a combination of all three depending on your cooking style and the food you are preparing. With Char-Broil grills, you have the choice to match your preferred heat source with your grilled foods.

Choose one with an output between 100 and 120 BTUs per square inch for a typical gas grill. If you are grilling more than once a week, you may want to invest in a high-end model with up to 200 BTUs per square inch. 

Choose one with at least 200 square inches of cooking surface for a typical charcoal grill. A larger charcoal grill will allow you to cook multiple items at once.

Periodic cleaning is necessary to maintain the performance and appearance of your grill, and it will help you produce excellent meals. Make sure you clean your grill after every use to remove any food or grease that might have built up inside it.

Here is a step by step guide

Step 1

Turn off the gas supply or disconnect the propane tank from the grill before cleaning. 

Step 2

Remove the cooking grates and set them aside. If the grates cannot be removed, leave them in place, and clean them around them. 

Step 3

Spray the grill grate with a degreaser to help break apart grease and gunk.

Step 4

Scrub the grilling surface and sides of the grill with a scrubby sponge. 

Step 5

Rinse off the degreaser with warm water or use a hose or pressure washer if available. You can also rinse with a cloth soaked in warm water. The hotter, the better.

Common Problems and Solutions to Char Broil Grills

Common Problems and Solutions to Char Broil Grills

Low Flame Or Temperature

Low temperatures are a typical sign that your propane tank is not providing enough fuel to the burner. It can happen if the regulator is not connected to the propane tank or the hose or propane tank valve suddenly malfunctioning.

On occasion, your grill’s burner may light with no problem, but burn low, regardless of how much you turn up the heat.

It would help if you cleaned the burner using vinegar and water. Clean all the channels of the burner, as well as its holes. In a separate container, mix half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of water. 

Use a small brush cleaning solution in all the channels by moving it from one side to the other. Once done with the cleaning solution, use clear water for rinsing and clean the burner correctly. 

If necessary, use dishwasher detergent to clean out dirt and debris from any hole on the burner using a toothbrush and then rinse it off with clean water again.

Not Receiving Gas

The most common explanation for a grill not receiving gas for combustion is that the burners are clogged with grease, rust, and insects. To clean the burners, disconnect the gas supply, empty the firebox, and use a brush or sandpaper to remove any blockages.

Also, it would help if you addressed several other things. First, check the igniter. It could be a faulty igniter preventing your grill from getting gas. You can spray the starter with charcoal lighter fluid and see if that helps it spark. If so, you know that the igniter is faulty and needs replacing.

Frozen Regulator

There are several reasons a regulator can become frozen. The primary reasons are; operating the regulator on a tank in ambient temperatures below 50°F, using too large a hose, using the wrong type of hose, or consuming all of the fuel before turning off the propane tank valve. 

When the propane tank is almost empty, and only cold liquid propane is left in the tank, this cold liquid can plug up the regulator. Plugging up a regulator causes it to freeze, which restricts gas flow and shuts down your barbeque.

However, regulators are designed to freeze at 20 degrees F. If you have a gas grill and the regulator does not put enough gas for all burners to fully light, it is most likely frozen. Leave the grill on high heat for 15-30 minutes. The regulator will thaw and begin to function normally. If this problem persists, try moving the line away from direct sunlight or a heat source.

Uneven Heating/Hot Spots

Depending on your grill’s design, you may experience uneven heating or hot spots. Uneven heating can be caused by a dirty firebox or clogged burner ports. Hot spots could result from some components not working correctly; for example, one side of your grill could reach 400ºF, while the other only remains at 350ºF.

However, Having uneven heat can be very frustrating and lead to undercooked or burnt food. However, there are steps you can do yourself before calling a professional. Before doing anything, make sure all the burners are lit, and vents are fully open. 

Also, it may just require regular maintenance by cleaning the grill grate, burner covers, and cylinder covers. These three things get dirty over time and, if clogged up, will prevent your grill from heating properly.

 Gas Grill Just Won’t Light

If you can’t get your grill to light for some reason, most likely it’s because there is no gas coming through the valves. Try turning off the propane tank first, then turning one of the burners on high. 

Word of caution: Do NOT turn the burner knob to light before turning the gas on. Usually, this will let any air bubbles out of the line, and you will still have trouble igniting your grill.

Please make sure you have proper in the grill tank (triple-check), and then try lighting it again. If the grill still won’t light, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean out any residue that may have built up around the gas port.

Grill Produces a Lot of Smoke

 One reason for a lot of smoke with your grill is that there may be a grease build-up on the cooking grates from food drippings. To fix this, coat the cooking grates with a small amount of oil before each use. 

It will help prevent foods from sticking and charbroil grills cleaning the grates will become easier after each use. Make sure to scrape the cooking grates immediately after you finish cooking so they stay clean and free of debris. 

When it is necessary to clean the grease trap or firebox, make sure your grill is turned off and cool before taking it out


I hope I have answered your question about who makes char broil grills. If you don’t have a char broil grill, you might want to consider it in the future when you do need one. It would be nice to buy from a brand that gives you more of what you want, which is what char broil grills do.

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