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Who Makes Danby Dishwashers?

There are so many features and benefits of owning a Danby dishwasher that one can easily get carried away just rambling about the virtues and features of these machines. However, there is one important question about who makes Danby dishwashers? Continue reading for answers.

Danby Appliances Inc. makes Danby dishwashers, and they’re headquartered in Canada. Danby creates quality dishwashers and laundry machines designed to bring you pure satisfaction. Their line of new, innovative, energy-efficient dishwashers offers you the ability to be in complete control of your home’s cleaning abilities.

Danby Appliances looks back on a rich history of providing exceptional kitchen appliances that are truly built to last. We have been building the finest dishwashers and refrigerators in North America since 1932, specializing in small-appliance brands with a passionate commitment to modern conveniences and quality.

Are Danby Dishwashers Good Products?

Who Makes Danby DishwashersDanby dishwashers are very good products with lots of quality and sustainable life span. No matter if you’re on a budget or simply looking for stainless appliances, Danby dishwashers deliver reliable performance in a variety of ways. Whether you choose a compact design or a larger model, all Danby dishwashers offer great energy efficiency and innovative advancements.

They are among the top-rated dishwashers in the home appliances category, often beating their expensive brand-name counterparts hands down. The Danby dishwasher comes with a host of special features, including A Stainless Steel quiet multi-level rack to hold and wash tall bottles, pans, and pots with ease, A Door Air Dryer that removes moisture and condensation in the door chamber, so your dishes dry faster, 2 Speedy 30 Place Settings for easy loading, and a Top Rack Drying System with airflow holes.

Who Makes Danby Dishwashers?

Danby dishwashers are the products of the Danby division of Electrolux North America Ltd. (USA), a company committed to providing the best in quality and design for more than 80 years. Throughout its illustrious history, Danby has designed kitchen solutions that bring delight to consumers every day, helping to create the ultimate cooking experience for thousands. 

Danby constantly strives to deliver innovative solutions and real value from premium dishes, ovens, and kitchen devices from today’s leading appliances to state-of-the-art research and development.

Danby stainless steel dishwashers feature little-to-no gap between the front and the door to make cleaning a breeze. 

Where Are Danby Dishwashers Made?

Danby dishwashers are proudly made in the USA by Danby, a Chicago-based American company founded in 1929. Danby was originally the name of two different companies that merged in 1996 to form Danby Industries. Authorized dealers of Danby products carry in-stock selections. 

Danby dishwashers are made in the United States in a facility that the EPA has recognized as a “Tier One Environmentally Superior Factory.” The factory is located on Danby Road in Canandaigua, N.Y.

About The Manufacturer

Danby Appliances Inc. is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1916 in the beautiful state of Maine – and has been making products for almost 100 years. Their products are trusted worldwide because of their high quality, durable design, and safety features.

Since the early 1980s, the company has been committed to manufacturing high-quality kitchen appliances with superior design and attractive style. The company’s products include refrigerators, ovens, cookware, and dishwashers. In addition to selling its appliances, Danby has also become one of the leading vendors of kitchen appliances across North America.

Types of Danby Dishwashers

Countertop dishwasher

A countertop dishwasher gives you more options, versatility, and convenience. It can be used on any counter surface, besides any sink, and in any kitchen area.

The Danby Countertop dishwasher has all the solutions to meet your most challenging dishes, with a wide selection of wave spray and steam cycles, including Quick Wash, Waterfall, and Anti-Scalp Sealing. The programmable options are upgraded with Silverware Jets, which provide exceptionally clean and fresh hand washing. In contrast, Silverware Jets II provides even better performance with the extremely hygienic wave spray.

However, All Danby dishwashers come standard with an automatic shut-off feature that conveniently turns the dishwasher on before it is time to collect dishes, therefore decreasing energy costs. And if you have young children at home, there is no operation needed during collection because our units cycle to a no-heat dry, which keeps water use to a minimum.

Portable dishwasher

Choose the right portable dishwasher for your needs with various features to suit every home. Whether you want to wash in your model’s portable basket or want a front-loading machine that places large items in the bottom rack, there is an option for you.

The Danby Acclaimx 12′ Portable Dishwasher is portable and compact. It has a capacity of 12 place settings, 5 silverware racks, and 2 non-stick racks. It also includes a removable scrubber for easy cleaning, pushes start buttons on the door, soft-touch handles for extra comfort and hygiene, two auto-shutoff on/off switch options, a child safety lock system, and not overfilling indicator that comes with a handy measuring cup to assist in converting from gallons to pitchers. 

Also, the Acclaimx’s stylish and compact design enables easy installation on countertops in small kitchens or apartments. 

Built-in dishwasher

Built-in dishwashers are more efficient than bottom mount dishwashers, so fewer dishes need to be washed. However, you will save space above your sink without a built-in dishwasher and clean more dishes.

 This dishwasher from Danby is a perfect combo of features. It has energy-efficient features such as an energy star rating, Quiet operation, and Reverse feature. One other thing that I would like to highlight about this dishwasher is that it only occupies one or two square feet when it’s not being used in the washing part. When it’s being used, another essential feature of this dishwasher is that it gets warm water under hot pressure, which guarantees each dish will be clean and odor-free. 

The main feature of this machine would most likely be the Jets automatic function which uses jets to help wash dishes with a more precise performance at less time consuming with the little noise level in use. The only thing that I could think of that may give you some chances on what type of model to pick is if you have kids and they tend to have an issue with putting dishes on top racks as they are probably also unable to reach higher places on their own. 

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Danby Dishwashers Buying Guide

Danby Dishwashers Buying GuideIt may be an issue of accessibility in some cases but do keep in mind that all models offered by Danby should offer some upper rack storage option for added safety and convenience for the kids. 


Most dishwashers come in capacities ranging from 9 to 15 place settings; an 18 place setting is about the limit. The more plates at one time, the slower, and thus more energy-wasting, the machine will be.

However, Most people will wash at least 3 dishes a day, and the average family of 4 carries a dishwasher in their kitchen. When considering either a full-size or compact countertop appliance, make sure you choose one that has enough room to accommodate your dishes and glasses. 

The Danby Ultra dishwasher’s total capacity is more than 17.8 gallons, almost double most other dishwashers’ capacity of slightly under 10.9 gallons. Models in this range are usually much more expensive and rated much lower on the lists, making them a good choice for someone who needs a lot of dishes to wash every day.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re shopping for a new dishwasher, one of the last things you should consider is how many energy-saving features your dishwasher has installed. The best dishwashers are made with as few energy-wasting components as possible. The principal reason to look at these products is that they help save you money in the long run. They will also reduce your carbon footprint and use less water, which helps protect our environment.

Danby dishwashers are ideal for saving you water and electricity with our specially designed, energy-efficient options. High-Efficiency models feature a rapid heat-up time and an impressive wash performance that lasts longer than a traditional dishwasher. 

Dishwasher Cycles

By choosing a dishwasher with the right cycles, you’ll find that your dishes are clean and sanitized before they even touch the water. Whichever one you choose will come with a PowerDry cycle that will keep your glasses crystal-clear and a Heat-Free cycle to help evaporate any bacteria from the water, leaving your dishes and silverware beautifully sparkling.

The Danby Dishwasher’s wi-fi-enabled app, along with its intuitive interface, allows users to customize the program to their needs and preferences. When running a full load, it is especially important since the dishwasher adjusts its cycles to keep dishes fresh. As the cycle ends and ware washing starts, the door locks to prevent any accidental spilling for extra leak protection. 


Dishwashers come in two basic types: standard top-load and bottom-load. Top load dishwashers provide an option for washing larger loads without needing a second appliance. You pay a little extra for the convenience of not having to top or lower the load after it has been loaded into the dishwasher. 

The other choice is a bottom load dishwasher in which you put all the dishes at once on their tray and then push the buttons that correspond with the cycle you have chosen: one hand wash,1/2 load, heavy load, or food cycle.

Dishwasher Filtration

Whether it’s the only dishwasher you own or you, have more than one in your home, knowing which dishwasher filter fits your needs is crucial to ensuring the best performance possible.

The Danby dishwashers use a Spinclear 9900 Eco Filter, which, unlike standard filters, are 99.9% efficient. Most people choose to use the Spinclear 9900 because it features a unique mesh system that is easy to clean, saving you time and money on maintenance paired with 99% filtration efficiency.

Dishwasher Finish

Your dishwasher is a key component of your appliance. It’s a friend that takes care of all those messy countertop chores while you go ahead and make your breakfast. Choosing the right finish will involve balancing performance, looks, and budget.

There are two different choices for the finish of your Danby dishwasher: satin or matte. Satin is more expensive, but it has a higher luster and can be used in kitchens with wood cabinets. Matte options are less expensive and will go well with any kitchen, but you should choose matte for dishwashers that will be placed in a bathroom. Choose the finish that works best with your kitchen’s design, painting, and budget.

How to Use Danby Dishwashers

 Here’s how to load your dishwasher, adjust your settings, and identify the parts of your dishwasher: 

1. Load your dishwasher. Wash all of your dishes carefully before loading them into the dishwasher. Some dishes will likely take longer than others; use our chart on this page to help choose the right amount of time for each type of dinnerware. 

If you don’t want to wear out your hands while loading the dishwasher, place an empty cardboard tub or bin at the bottom of each load so that the dirty dishes fall directly into that container. Once your dishes are in the dishwasher, go through them one by one and remove any leftover food from their containers. 

2. Access the Clean Light and Dark Light panel. When you open your dishwasher for the first time, there is usually a light on both the clean light and dark light panels. It is an indicator that you should run a cycle with these settings. 

In general, To use the dishwasher, put all of your dishes, utensils, and silverware in place. Then close the door, and you will follow the instructions on display on the buttons. The display will tell you what to do next, such as how many minutes to run the dishwashers, how to use each appliance, or when to clean them. 

How to Clean Danby Dishwashers

How to Clean Danby DishwashersWhether you’re an occasional or frequent dishwasher, you need to know how to clean your dishwasher and properly maintain it for the best performance.

The first thing you need to do is to run the dishwasher for about five minutes and allow it to get the heat inside. Many people consider unloading the dishwasher by hand instead of using the prewash, and we’ve heard from many people who insist that their dishes come out noticeably cleaner this way. However, washing them by hand may leave behind telltale marks. 

Next, remove your food scraps with a spatula or wooden spoon. Scraps should often go directly into the trash.

To simplify the cleaning of your dishwasher:

  1. Use a soft-bristle brush to wipe off any leftover food particles that remain on the interior parts of your dishwasher.
  2. Use a dishwashing liquid to remove any fingerprints and other stains on your glassware and ceramic dishes.
  3. Remove food residue from the interior of your dishwasher by running it empty with the machine turned off for about 30 minutes.
  4. Once you’ve finished this step, run the cycle once more to continue cleaning and heating during this final rinse phase.

Common Problems and Solutions to Danby Dishwashers

Dishwasher not cleaning

Your dishwasher doesn’t clean. Here are some common problems and solutions to help get your dishwasher cleaned again. A dirty filter is preventing your dishwasher from getting clean dishes clean. Clean the filter with a soft bristle brush or a soft brush of your choice periodically to remove small particles and dirt that get stuck in the filter.

Dishwasher not draining

If your dishwasher is not draining, you can take some easy steps to solve the problem on your own. First, check the temperature dial on the front of your dishwasher and make sure you’re set to the appropriate temperature for that model. Check that the water has reached a high enough level in the tub of your dishwasher. 

Finally, remove any pieces of food or other obstructions from the bottom of your dishwasher before adding water and checking off all checklist items.

Dishwasher buttons not working

If your dishwasher buttons do not work, you may be experiencing several issues. The first thing to check is that the small fuses are working and the appliance remains plugged in. 

Next, we highly recommend that you check the fuse box located inside the back panel of the appliance, on the left underside corner. If this fuse blows out with no power to the machine, you will need to contact a local appliance repair professional to identify the exact cause. 

Dishwasher leaking from motor area

If your dishwasher has a leak in the motor area, replacing the water pump can solve the problem. There are three choices for the part; a rebuilt part, a new water pump, or a new motor and washer tub.


It might be relatively new, but Danby has made serious headway with its wide variety of affordable and feature-packed air conditioners. They have models that run on electricity and gas, with an average rating of about four stars. What’s more, those who makes Danby dishwashers are of high experience in the industry, which leads to the Danby brand being durable and efficient.

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