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Who Makes Delta Faucets?

Not all faucets are made equal; that’s why Delta focuses on quality and customer satisfaction first. Continue reading To find more about who makes delta faucets and the pro and cons of their products.

Delta faucets are manufactured by Masco, a global corporation that produces high-quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Delta Faucet manufacturer based in Indianapolis, Indiana, offers products for the kitchen, bath, shower, and commercial applications.

The brand is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of brand-name products for the home improvement and new home construction markets.

Who Makes Delta Faucets?

Delta faucets are manufactured by Delta Faucet Company, a Masco Corporation division. The company is based in Indianapolis and has been in business since 1954.

Masco’s products include faucets, kitchen and bath cabinetry, paints and stains, bath and shower units, spas, showering, and toilet partitions. In total, Masco Corporation offers more than 15 major product categories.

Additionally, The company’s Plumbing Products segment offers faucets, showerheads, handheld showers, valves, bathing units, exercise showers, toilets, and related accessories primarily under the Delta, Brizo, Peerless-branded faucets and other brand names for residential uses; and commercial systems products, including playing units for schools and recreation centers for Delta branded faucets.

Where Are Delta Faucets Made?

Delta faucets, accessories, and showerheads are made in the United States. Delta faucet is an American company with a domestic manufacturing site and regional offices in America.

However, the Delta brand of faucets is manufactured exclusively in Jackson, Tennessee. Originally the faucets were assembled in factories in Indiana and California, but as sales began to increase, all manufacturing was moved to the single facility in Tennessee.

Meanwhile, they have additional plants and offices in Canada and Mexico.

About The Manufacturer

Masco Corporation manufactures and sells home improvement in the United States, Canada, and internationally. The company’s Plumbing Products segment offers faucets, showerheads, handheld showers, valves, bathing units, exercise showers, toilets, and related accessories primarily under the Delta, Brizo, Peerless-branded faucets and other brand names for residential uses; and commercial systems products, including playing units for schools and recreation centers for Delta branded faucets.

Delta Faucet Company, part of Masco Corporation, manufactures residential and commercial plumbing products. Delta is a high-quality brand with a wide selection of faucets and fixtures, all rigorously tested to ensure the best quality and ease of use for its customers.

The slogan for Delta Faucet Company is beautifully smart. The Delta Faucets have been in the market since 1955, and they are centered on their customers and technology. The Delta Faucets come in different shapes and models, and they can be used in residential and commercial buildings.

Types of Delta Faucets


Pull-out/Pull-down models make switching from aerated stream to powerful spray. The spray head fits easily in the palm of your hand and quickly switches back and forth between spray and stream. The hose on pull-down models extends down from above, making it easy to clean awkwardly shaped items and even the bottom of pots.

Delta Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets give you more room to work by pulling down into the sink for up-close tasks, then retracting back to the Faucet base when not in use. Available for both the kitchen and bar/prep area and featuring technologies like Touch2O® and MagnaTite® Docking, these faucets allow you to complete tasks with minimal effort.

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Standard Spout

The standard spout is perfect for any utility room or laundry. It is equipped with Touch-Clean spray holes; the Faucet allows you to easily wipe away calcium and lime buildup with the touch of a finger.

Delta spouts are available in a standard configuration. They have an adjustable range from 4 to 16 inches and come in many different styles. These spouts can be used for tubs or sinks with a standard non-threaded spout hole. Give your sink or tub new life with this standard replacement spout.

Tall/­High Arc

If you’re looking for a faucet that offers style and function, then choosing a tall or high arc kitchen faucet is the way to go. A high arc kitchen faucet has a taller spout with more clearance, making filling tall stockpots and buckets easier. 

Look for models that extend the spout forward over your sink, like the Delta Trinsic Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet with Arctic Stainless finish and magnetic docking spray head.

Tall faucets also referred to as high arc kitchen faucets, measure between 15 and 25 inches from base to spout. These kitchen sink faucets are designed for larger areas with taller pan walls.

Single Handle

Single Handle faucets mix hot and cold water to adjust the temperature with a single control handle. They are sometimes called mixer faucets.

Save time and effort with a single-handle bathroom faucet from Delta. With a touch of a finger, the water is running. The single-handle lever allows you to easily adjust temperature and water pressure, making your time at the bathroom sink a more enjoyable experience.

Two Handle

Two-handle faucets come in a wide range of styles, finishes, and configurations to accommodate any bathroom. Two-handle faucets are available with lever handles, knob handles, or cross handles.

The Two Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet from Delta is built for today’s busy home with bustling bathroom activity. Rigorously tested to ensure quality performance, this Faucet withstands the rigor of everyday use, and easy installation makes updating your bathroom simple. The sleek Faucet provides a practical, hardworking solution that will stand the test of time, every time.

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Delta Faucets Buying Guide

Delta Faucets Buying Guide

Type of spout

The first you need on your Faucet is the type of spout. You will pick a sprayer or pull-out spout or keep it traditional and stick with a standard spout. The sprayer or pull-out spout is convenient and helpful when washing something like a pot over the sink. The flat end allows for more space in your sink. The standard spout comes in an arched or curvy form, which may not offer much space but make for an attractive look.

However, Delta kitchen faucets come in three spout options: standard, low-arc, and high-arc. Standard spout heights range from 4 to 10 inches (10 cm to 25 cm). Low-arc height is about 5 to 8 inches (13 cm to 20 cm), and high-arc height is usually 8 to 16 inches (20 cm to 40 cm).

Single-handle vs. two-handle

Single-handle faucets have fewer parts and a more straightforward design. A less complex design means fewer things to break. To operate a single-handle faucet, you use the single lever to turn the water on and off and adjust the temperature by moving the lever left or right. 

Two-handle designs typically require three holes (two handles and one spout). People who lean towards two-handle faucets tend to like a more classic look.

Additionally, Single handle faucets allow you to control water flow and temperature from one point. Warranties on single-handle sink faucets are usually longer than for two-handle types. Two-handle faucets allow you to turn the water flow on and off with one handle and adjust the temperature. Always check your product manual for limited warranty details.

Choice of finish 

When choosing a bathroom sink faucet, finish and style are two things to consider. Delta offers a variety of finishes, from chrome and stainless steel to Venetian bronze, so you can find the right look for your home.

Whether you choose stainless steel, matte black, champagne bronze, or a polished brass finish, your Delta kitchen faucet will be the star of your kitchen. Good Housekeeping chooses Delta kitchen faucets to be a “Best of the Test” winner based on their performance and high-quality design.


Touch2O Technology makes kitchen tasks easy: touch anywhere on the spout or handle with your wrist or forearm to start and stop the water flow. When you’re done, touch it off again. One-touch is all it takes.

With Delta Touch2O Technology and TempSense, you can turn your Faucet on and off with just a touch anywhere on the spout or handle. The temperature is displayed via an LED light indicator that changes from blue to magenta to red, allowing you to monitor the temperature of the water.


SpotShield is a coating for faucet finishes that helps to resist water spots and fingerprints. You will be able to wipe the surface clean without tedious scrubbing easily.

Delta’s SpotShield finish keeps faucets clean and spot-free, making cleaning easier than ever. SpotShield Technology provides easy-to-clean protection against everyday oil-based household marks on your beautiful Faucet. The Spot Shield finish resists water spots, fingerprints, and stains on the Faucet, so it always looks as good as new.

Common Problems and Solutions of Delta Faucets

Common Problems and Solutions of Delta Faucets

Installation Issues

Sometimes the issue can be resolved by following the instructions in the manual. If it’s still unclear, a new manual can be downloaded from our website, or a customer service agent can help walk you through the installation process over the phone.

Water Drops Back Face

Water drops back to your face when you turn off the water? The pressure vacuum breaker may cause it.

The first step is to check the spout o-rings and retainer nuts. The most common problem is a leaking spout o-ring, so replace the o-ring if it’s not seated correctly or becomes damaged. 

Also, check the retainer nut. Screwing the nut on as tight as possible can create pressure that pushes the water out of it. To solve this problem, back off the retainer nut slightly, so some water leaks out of it at all times. It allows air to replace the water and prevents pressure in the faucet tube.

Mechanism Failure

If your Faucet suddenly stops working entirely, you may have a mechanical failure. Double-check that the mechanism of the Faucet has not been damaged or overloaded. 

If the handle cannot turn properly on its axis or your Faucet is leaking around the base of its internal components, it is likely time to replace the entire unit.

However, these faucets have some plastic components; their internal mechanisms are solid, durable brass. Over time, though, the seals inside the Faucet can break down. Once this happens, water will begin to seep through the tap handles and spout. It can be corrected by disassembling the Faucet and replacing the broken seals.

Water Holes Jam

If the water holes are blocked, they will cause jammed. The water stream is weak or stops working. If this issue happens, you need to check foreign matter in the water holes and clean it.

Other water Hole Blockage Solutions:

1. Turn off the water remove the blockage. 

2. Open the Faucet to release internal pressure 

3. Turn on the water, check if it works well.

Leaks Under the Handle

The most common cause of a leak under the handle is a worn or damaged O-ring. Simply replace it to see if this solves the problem. If not, the problem could be caused by stripped threads or corrosion at the valve sleeve and seats, and you’ll need to call a Delta Faucet repair service to fix this issue.

Water Pressure Slow

Part of water pressure being slow is caused by the Faucet itself. It can happen due to blockage within the faucet aerator or even a blockage in the water supply line. You can remove the faucet aerator and make sure that it is free of calcium buildup, sediment, or even dirt. 

You may see one of these problems or none at all. Depending on what you find, you may have to purchase a new faucet aerator if there is heavy buildup or corrosion.

The Touch Technology Does Not Work

If the Touch Technology does not work, it could be because you are not holding your hand directly over the sensor to activate the touch feature. Check if your faucet model has a boost feature so that you can increase its sensitivity. If it senses motion from too far away, you can lower its sensitivity.

Also, check the batteries first. The Faucet may not function properly if the batteries are low. Remember, batteries have a limited life, typically one to two years—even with minimal use. While it is uncommon for your Touch2O Technology faucet to become deactivated after replacing batteries, this can happen if you do not follow battery replacement instructions correctly. 

Ensure that you reinstall the batteries in the correct direction and at the same angle your model requires. A few models need new batteries installed every six months.


You need to know who makes delta faucets; after all, you will be spending a lot of time with it, and you need to have confidence in what you are getting for better and longer usage. Delta makes a high-quality product. The Delta name backs every part, and if you need any service or parts, you will get it from a local Delta dealer.

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