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Who Makes Dyna Glo Gas Grills?

Who makes Dyna glo gas grills have been well reviewed on this page. Cooking outdoors can be challenging if you don’t have the right grill. Dyna Glo gas grills are made to serve and last longer.

GHP Group Inc. GHP Group Inc. manufactures Dyna-Glo Gas grills and produces outdoor appliances and fireplace furnishings. The company has been in the business for over 30 years, while Dyna-Glo gas grills are known for their consistent performance and high-quality design.

Dyna-Glo is a company that makes gas grills. There are 2 different styles and 2 types of materials used to make the burners. The first one has 5 and the second one has 6. These options are great if you need something that will fit your needs without being too big or small. 

They sell them at most major stores, so finding them should not be difficult either. All of these grills are made with premium materials that ensure they last longer than any other type of grill on the market today.

Are Dyna Glo Gas Grills Good Products?

who makes dyna glo gas grillsDyna Glo Gas Grills are a good choice if you need a portable grill that can do a fast turnaround or if you want to grill and cook different foods at once. They offer fast cooking times, even heat, and easy clean-up.

Dyna-Glo is among the most reliable and affordable grill brands in the market. They provide 5-burners, 3-burners, and 4-burners grills of a small, medium, and large size.

The product has lots of great things going for them, including plenty of size options, even heat distribution, and an appealing design, but it’s the grill’s grease trap and fat collection system that steals the show. The result is a remarkably clean grilling experience that begins before you even turn on your Dyna-Glo grill.

Who Makes Dyna Glo Gas Grills?

Dyna glo is made by GHP Group, Inc., a family-owned business specializing in manufacturing electric fireplaces, outdoor grills, and heating products. The company was founded in 1998 to bring innovative market designs that provide the everyday consumer with premium heating solutions.

The Dyna-Glo DGE Series Propane Grill delivers more than 90,000 BTUs of heat across its four stainless steel burners, distributing even heat and eliminating hot and cold spots on the 745 sq in the primary cooking area. The stainless steel side burner has a 12,000 BTU output to help you make the sides and sauces go right along with your main course. 

Additionally, the Dyna-Glo DGE Series Propane Gas Grill also has a porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate that provides 548 sq in of secondary cooking area below the lid. The grates are easy to clean while holding heat well to provide even cooking temperatures. This propane gas grill is made from powder-coated steel to help resist corrosion because you want something that will stand up to the elements.

Where Are Dyna Glo Gas Grills?

Dyna-Glo grills are manufactured in China and shipped to the United States. Once it arrives, it is packed and packaged in a warehouse in Ohio, then shipped across the United States through a third-party shipping company in truck and train containers.

However, don’t turn your nose up at Chinese-made products. Today, products made in China are considered to be of very high quality, especially compared to Chinese goods from the past. When you buy a Dyna-Glo grill, you can rest assured you’re getting one of the best.

They provide consumers with a wide range of products, including fireplaces, grills, propane heaters, and more.

About The Manufacturer

GHP Group Inc. is a producer of outdoor appliances and fireplace furnishings. The company has been in the business for over 30 years, while Dyna-Glo gas grills are known for their consistent performance and high-quality design.

With years of experience and close attention to detail, their goal is to provide their customers top quality products with innovative and cutting-edge features. Their product offerings continue to grow as they expand from fireplaces to include other heating products and lawn and garden items.

Types of Dyna Glo Gas Grills

Natural gas grill

Natural gas is a smart and convenient way to grill. Just hook up the grill to your natural gas line, and you will never have to fill a propane tank again. With a natural gas connection, you can grill as much as you want, whenever you want – without worrying about running out of fuel.

Dyna-Glo 5 Burner Natural Gas Grill features a total cooking area of 1,048 square inches. This grill offers you multiple options for cooking, allowing you to sear, bake and smoke on either charcoal or traditional gas grills. Built for use with natural gas, but includes propane conversion kit for added convenience

No products found.

Charcoal grill

Charcoal grills are a traditional type of grill that heats the food by burning charcoal, wood, or briquettes from the fire pit. The meat is then grilled above a metal grate or cast iron plate above the flames.

These types of the grill are powered by charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal. They deliver a classic flavor that makes any summer cookout or barbecue more delicious. However, cooking with charcoal is more hands-on than other types of grills. This grill is great for having a big group for special events like a birthday, a group party, and other occasions.

With the Dyna-Glo Charcoal Grill, you can barbecue using your favorite charcoal or wood. This charcoal grill is built for heavy-duty grilling with 686 sq inches of cooking space, four (4) exterior-mounted height-adjustable stainless steel cooking grates, and a convenient slide-out stainless steel warming/smoking rack. 

The unique charcoal access door allows for adding charcoals during cooking without opening the lid. The powder-coated finish on heat resistant black steel body makes this charcoal grill a durable option for every backyard chef.

Signature series grill

Signature Series grill. It is an innovative lid design and fire bowl formwork seamlessly to create the ultimate grilling machine.

The Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D Heavy-Duty Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker features a premium charcoal smoking experience with 576 square inches of cooking space. The porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates retain even heat better than thin metal grates to provide you with perfectly cooked food. The heavy-duty steel construction and 45-degree offset design mean there’s plenty of space for poultry, ribs, and fish. 

A handy temperature gauge lets you monitor progress without opening the smoker cover. The unique firebox chimney features two smokestack damper vents that allow you to precisely control the amount of airflow for the perfect amount of smoke. And when your dishes are finished, this charcoal grill is easy to clean thanks to an ash pan and slide-out chrome grease tray.

Dyna Glo Gas Grills Buying Guide

Dyna Glo Gas Grills Buying GuideCooking surface area is the most important spec for your grill. If you have too small a space, it will be difficult to spread out the food and use indirect cooking techniques.


Type of grill: Choosing a charcoal or gas grill will depend on your grilling needs. Charcoal grills provide a traditional method for grilling, with an added smoky flavor. If convenience is what you are looking for, you may want to consider a gas grill.

Additionally, Gas grills are the most common outdoor grills on the market and are usually much larger than other types of grills. They use either propane gas, which is stored in a tank or natural gas, which is hooked up to your home’s gas line. Each type of gas grill comes in various shapes and sizes and can be made of steel, cast iron, or ceramic.

Cooking surface area

The cooking surface area is the most important spec for your grill. If you have too small a space, it will be difficult to spread out the food and use indirect cooking techniques.

The cooking surface area is usually measured in square inches. Bigger areas will allow you to cook more food at once and accommodate large roasts, but you want to make sure it fits on the grill properly. 

How much total cooking surface (size of the grates) you need depends on how many items you often cook. Figure out your grilling style—Is quantity the name of the game, or are you more a quality-over-quantity person.

Larger models offer a wide area for cooking and hold larger foods like roasts and whole chickens. Smaller grills often have less space to spread the food to cook quickly and may require more time for bulk amounts of food.


Dimensions vary on every grill based on brand and model number. Consider a large-walled grill with several burners if you have plenty of space. A smaller grill will put less strain on your wallet and is easy to install in a small area, but you may need to buy an additional burner or shelf, depending on the size. 

Compact grills typically range from 18- to 26-inches wide, and they can be anywhere from 12- to 24-inches deep when the side trays are pulled in. 

Numbers of burners

Count the number of burners to determine the cooking area of your gas grill. Burners are usually made of cast iron or stainless steel. Cast iron burners disperse heat evenly, while stainless steel burners resist heat and corrosion better. Some high-end models have a combination of both types of burners.

Keep this in mind when buying a gas grill: 2 Burners: Perfect for small spaces, these grills fit on most patios. 3 Burners: Great for larger backyards and larger groups of people. 4 Burners: This is the most popular size for seasoned grillmasters.


There are several grill weights, considering both the exterior body and interior components. The weight greatly impacts the grill’s durability and where the grill can be placed.

If you plan to move your grill around, look for a lightweight model. If your grill is permanently located, weight may not be an issue, but keep in mind that it may make cleaning and maintenance more difficult.

However, Avoid a lightweight grill that may not handle the heat conditions. The larger and more expensive grills are generally constructed from durable materials, but portability and budget might also influence your choice.


Warranty needs to be considered when purchasing any item for your home, but it is especially important when looking for a gas grill. Gas grills will be an investment you plan to use frequently and hope to use for many years. It’s useful to know what kind of warranty is available before buying a grill.

How to Clean Dyna Glo Gas Grills

How to Clean Dyna Glo Gas GrillsAll warranties are subject to limitations and exclusions as provided in the documentation for the product. However, if the product has a warranty of 10 years or more, it’s built to last.

It is important to clean your gas Grill regularly to keep it working efficiently and with minimum problems. Cleaning should be done seasonally, and depending on how often the grill is used as Dyna glo grills are used for residential purposes. 

Step 1: 

Turn off the grill’s gas supply and burners before you do anything. Be sure to wait (at least) 15 minutes for the grill to cool down completely. 

Step 2: 

The easiest way to clean your grates is to pop them into your dishwasher and select normal wash when the cycle starts. However, if you don’t own a dishwasher, there are other easy ways to clean barbecue grills. 

Step 3:

You can also use a wire bristle cleaning brush to scrub the grates while they’re still warm – make sure you dip them in water first. It will help loosen up stuck-on food.

Step 4:

Remove grease pan and place in sink to soak if very dirty. Use a grill brush to scrape the inside of the grill clean. Use a wire brush specifically designed for grills to keep from getting wire bristles stuck to your food. Scrape off any remaining buildup on the inside of the grill. 

Rinse thoroughly and allow excess water to drip into the sink while cleaning other areas. All it to air dry after cleaning, or you use a dry towel to dry it up.

Another way is to start by turning all of the controls to the OFF position, then close both lids. Using a firm bristle brush, brush the grill grates with vegetable oil. Remove the cooking grates from the grill and take them to a safe area to clean. 

Cleaning the grates may be done in several ways, including a wire bristle brush, soap water, hot water, and wet rags. Your Select Model has Aluminum Castings, which should be cleaned only with water, DO NOT use soap. The control knobs can be removed and cleaned with warm soapy water or air dry.

However, always check the owner’s handbook before beginning any cleaning type.

Positive User Feedback About Dyna Glo Gas Grills

 It’s a decent grill

It’s a decent grill. It was easy to assemble, but some of the screw holes were stripped, and I had to get new screws and replace them. The heat isn’t distributed like they claim it is, you have to move/ shift the food, so it cooks evenly not that big of a deal though 

 Grills beef, pork & chicken nicely

According to a user, it holds heat well, has a fairly large cooking surface, heats up quickly, and grills beef, pork, and chicken nicely (we have only grilled these things so far). The side tables are helpful on this grill, and we like the rolling wheels.

Negative User Feedback About Dyna Glo Gas Grills

Poor customer service

Three months ago, a customer ordered an item, has had multiple problems, and still no grill. First, when it was delivered, the door had dents on the top and bottom of one panel, which was not visible until opened. 

Then once unpacked and partially assembled, the inside panel has huge gouge marks in the metal. The internal components are cheap and look poor. I called customer service to report these issues and was told a replacement would be sent within 3-4 business days. 4 weeks later, I received a partial replacement of an internal panel with huge gouge marks in it as well. I again called customer service and was told a door would be sent within 3-4 days.

Grill caught fire

According to a user, she had the grill for one year, and then the igniter stopped working, so I had purchased the replacement, but that was not it. Her son in law changed the igniter again, but it still did not work right, and then a spark hit an igniter in her grill pad, which put a hole in it and started a fire to melt her cover, and the grill sits below her deck, so she was very lucky that she did not burn her deck up.

Firebox Rusted After Two Years

After two years of use, the grill firebox started rusting. The only areas that rusted were on the bottom and sides underneath the grill portion, where I keep my extra tank and utensils, so there is not much rain or dirt on that area.

Common Problems and Solutions of Dyna Glo Gas Grills

Dyna Glo Grill Won’t Light

If your Dyna Glo Grill doesn’t light, you likely have a heat induction system failure. The heat induction system is the portion of your grill that includes a gas manifold and ignition components. To solve this issue, check if the ignitor button is working. If there is no spark, the ignition button will need to be replaced. If there is a spark, the ignitor for your burner may be faulty and will need to be replaced or repaired.

 Also, if you are using a small container, confirm that it has sufficient propane. If your grill is connected to a larger tank, assess whether the tank has sufficient fuel. Always make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when changing over the fuel or refilling your gas tank.

Damaged Ignition Module

A damaged ignition module can be identified if the dials light up and heat the burners, but there is no spark. A damaged ignition module must be replaced to function correctly.

However, the problem with your igniter module is that it has a faulty connection. If the wires in your igniter module are rusty or frayed, or if the electrode is deformed and not making proper contact, this can also cause an ignition failure. If either condition exists, try replacing the igniter module with a new one.

 Blocked Gas Grill Burners

Blocked burners are the most common problem people have with their barbecue grills. A blockage is mostly caused by spider webs or other dirt and debris in the burner tubes. The remedy is to remove and clean all of the parts of the tube.

Over time, debris can build up inside of the burner, which causes it not to function properly. It can result from food and grease dripping down into the open-grate style burners. If there are blockages in your gas grill burners, they will need to be cleared out as they prevent gas from flowing through, causing an orange and yellow flame.

Propane Leaking or Low Gas Flow

It is not uncommon to have propane leaking or low gas flow issues in your gas grill. Most of the time, when you start to experience these problems right after a refill or exchange, it is caused by the tank not being filled properly. First, try disconnecting your hose and hooking it up again. If this does not solve the problem, something may be blocking the pressure regulator or hose, causing a restriction inflow.

To test for a leak, mix soap and water at a ratio of about 1 part dish soap to 10 parts water. Apply the mixture to all connections on your propane tank and grill, being sure to get hose connections, flare fittings, and various fittings. If there is a leak anywhere on the line, bubbles will form in the leak area.

Clogged Igniter Electrode

It is important to check the igniter electrode regularly to ensure there is no buildup of rust and dirt that may result in a clogged electrode. If clogged, you can try cleaning it with sandpaper or a wire brush.

While this is typically caused by dirt and grease buildup around the electrode itself, it can happen if the grates haven’t been cleaned regularly.

Dead Battery

A common problem with Dyna-Glo grills is a dead battery due to a lack of use. The grill is equipped with a battery-powered ignitor to start the burners. If the battery had died during the winter when you had the grill covered, remove the battery and replace it.

The battery should be stored in a cool, dry place like your refrigerator when you do not intend to use the grill. If you do not use your grill often, replace the batteries with brand new ones before the end of winter each year.


Now that you know who makes Dyna glo gas grills, you will also need to understand that the product is famous for its grill marks, the interior temperature that is easy to control, and the durability of its burners. The grill’s rust metal parts are covered by a porcelain coating that is much more resistant to rust than you would find on many types of grills. 

Dyna glo makes four different basic models of this grill, designed in various front-to-back and side-to-side. They also make several other models with accessories, including a side burner, rotisserie kit, cart, or cabinet handles.

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