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Who Makes Frigidaire Microwaves?

Frigidaire microwaves are a reliable source of convection technology, but brands also give you a wide range of models to choose from. And if you are still not sure about who makes frigidaire microwaves, this page is here to give you every detail you need.

Frigidaire appliances are produced by Electrolux, a major appliance manufacturer in the United States. The Frigidaire brand is a long-time favorite for American homeowners. Today, it still offers innovative products that combine sophisticated design with advanced technology and capabilities. 

Additionally, Electrolux is leading the way in a new era of connected home appliances. The Electrolux brand philosophy is based on our consumer insight and what consumers want from their homes and home appliances. 

Are Frigidaire Microwaves Good Products?

Who Makes Frigidaire MicrowavesFrigidaire microwaves are highly-functional and efficient kitchen appliances that are built to last. Whether preparing a favorite meal or snack, reheating leftovers, or cooking food quickly during daily rushes, these devices make it easy to eat healthily and save time. And they make defrosting meat extremely fast and straightforward, so much better than the traditional defrosting method.

Also, one of the things that makes Frigidaire microwaves great is their even heating feature. The technology used to heat food in a microwave typically has heating points spread across the microwave, making it difficult to heat evenly without burning certain parts. 

Another great feature included with some Frigidaire microwaves is an included rotisserie. With this feature, you can cook larger cuts of meat. These microwaves are suitable for commercial and home use, providing excellent functionality and outstanding value.

Who Makes Frigidaire Microwaves?

Electrolux makes frigidaire microwaves; the Swedish appliance giant is the second-largest home appliance manufacturer in the world after Whirlpool.

Microwaves by Electrolux bring the power and convenience of microwave technology right into your kitchen. In addition to their stylish designs, our microwaves are designed with convection cooking that allows you to be brown and crisp foods, just like a traditional oven.

Where Are Frigidaire Microwaves Made?

 Frigidaire microwaves are produced in several countries. United States, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Mexico are some countries where Frigidaire microwaves are made. 

Although, the company has had at least two American factories: one in Springfield, Ohio, and another in Memphis, Tennessee.

However, Depending on where they are manufactured, the company puts that country’s name as Frigidaire Microwave Made in Japan, Frigidaire Microwave Made in Mexico, Frigidaire Microwave Made in China, or made in the USA.

About The Manufacturer

Frigidaire is the name for home appliances produced by AB Electrolux. The American subsidiary of Electrolux, Electrolux Home Products Inc., is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Frigidaire microwaves are popular because of their competitive pricing, durability, and ease of use. Frigidaire microwaves are built to last, and because they offer a wide range of features, there is one to fit your needs.

Meanwhile, Frigidaire was founded as the Guardian Refrigerator Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and developed the first self-contained refrigerator in 1916. In 1918, William C. Durant, a founder of General Motors, personally invested in the company, and in 1919, it adopted the name Frigidaire

Their microwaves are built to last, and because they offer a wide range of features, there is one to fit your needs.

Frigidaire Microwave Reviews

Frigidaire over-the-Range microwave

The Frigidaire Over-the-Range microwave creates convenient cooking options. Its 1000 watts of power allow thorough and speedy cooking, while a 30-minute timer with auto shut off lets you move on to other tasks while your food cooks. A charcoal filter removes odors as it works to keep the air in your kitchen clean and fresh.

The one-touch buttons help make cooking popcorn, baked potatoes, and pizza simple. The filter air fry function uses convection heat to crisp and brown food while reducing fat content. Black exterior with brushed stainless steel accents complements your style.

However, the size of this microwave makes it a great addition to any kitchen, especially when it’s paired with an over-the-range refrigerator. The ventilation system pulls smoke and odors out of the air while cooking, so your kitchen stays fresh. 

The Perfect Clean interior also provides a smooth surface that resists dirt and odors while making cleaning easy.

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Frigidaire Built-In microwave

The Frigidaire Built-In Microwave is multifunctional with over 30 cooking options, suitable for various uses. It has a highly modern design and includes a timer that can be used for minutes or even seconds counting down, a sensor heat option to detect leftover moisture in the food, and even a grilling option for when you need something extra crisp.

It features extra space inside and preprogrammed settings that make cooking more effortless than ever. The 10 power levels let you customize food preparation, while the auto cook menus help you quickly find the right setting for your item.

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Frigidaire Microwaves Buying Guide

Frigidaire Microwaves Buying Guide

Space-wise rack

A space-wise rack makes cooking multiple dishes easy or cooking larger dishes. It folds down with just the touch of a button when it’s not in use. 

One-touch option

One-touch options, such as sensor cooking, take the guesswork out of microwaving. Select your food type and cooking time, and the microwave does the rest to give you the perfect result.

Instead of setting the temperature, timing, or type of cooking, you can press one-touch, and your microwave will automatically set everything for you.

Convection Option

Benefit from the efficiency of a convection oven when you choose a microwave with a convection option. This advanced technology circulates hot air to produce an even cooking temperature, so food cooks thoroughly and quickly – up to twice as fast as traditional heat.

Some models are built with convection technology, which uses a fan to circulate heat and air throughout the interior, cooking food quickly and evenly. Convection microwaves act as a second oven, perfect for holiday dinners or other large meals.

How to Use Frigidaire Microwaves

Microwave cooking is a great way to make quick meals, but there are some tips you should know before you heat your first dish. Here’s how to use a Frigidaire microwave.

Though the steps for using all models vary, Frigidaire’s basic microwaves are fairly similar in function. The only major differences will be in features specific to different models.

Each model has a control panel that offers cooking times and power levels. All models have similar buttons and functions. Many models of Frigidaire microwave offer a Defrost mode which allows the user to defrost frozen foods. 

Most models also feature “Melt,” “Soften,” and “Reheat” functions which function as their names imply. Most newer models of Frigidaire microwave also offer a sensor-controlled reheat mode which allows the microwave to sense how much food is in it and cook it for the perfect amount of time.

To use frigidaire microwaves:

1. Open the door by pressing the door release button. Press the door release button or stop the oven by pressing the stop/clear button to close the door.

2. Press desired cooking time button or use time cook, turn knobs to set the time required, then press the start button

3. Turn the knob on to desired power level and press start.

Frigidaire Microwave Problems and Solutions

Microwave buttons not working isn’t a problem with the buttons usually, but a problem with the control board behind them. The control board is the brain of your Frigidaire microwave. It is responsible for sending signals to different components which tell them what to do.

Microwave buttons not working

If the control board is defective, it may stop sending signals to the stove components or send an incorrect signal. You can easily replace your control board yourself or contact an expert repair service company to come and do it for you.

However, If your microwave door won’t close and you’re experiencing a weird humming sound, that could be a sign that the door switch is defective, so it’s not allowing the microwave to run.

Microwave turntable not turning

If your microwave turntable isn’t turning, it could be due to one of the following: The turntable motor is broken. To determine whether the turntable motor is defective, try turning the turntable by hand.

To repair it, first, remove the tray and clean the wheels, runners, and bearings thoroughly to remove any grease build-up. Then oil them with some vegetable oil or light silicone spray.  

Microwave shuts off after a few seconds

The most common reason this occurs is due to internal overheating. Microwaves have thermal shutdowns, so it’s likely a simple fix. 

If your microwave turns on one second and then shuts itself off, the first thing you should do is check the door latch switch located at the top of your door frame. Try powering on about 20 times to reset it – or it might need to be replaced.

Microwave light bulb not working

If your Frigidaire microwave lightbulb is not working, it’s important to address the issue quickly. Check and make sure the bulb socket is getting power. If the socket has power and the bulb still won’t work, replace the bulb socket.

The potential causes of your microwave, not heating can be categorized by the area causing the problem. For example, one of the possible causes may be a faulty diode or capacitor. You can test whether the diode or capacitor is faulty using a multimeter.

 Another possible cause for your microwave, not heating is the magnetron. A magnetron malfunction can be testified by conducting a heating test. If all else fails, you may require to replace the relay switch and contactor.

To fix, Plug in the microwave and check to see if it turns on. If so, the outlet may be controlled by a wall switch, or a fuse may have blown. If your microwave does not turn on, you can check for power to the unit by checking for voltage to the door interlock switches with a multimeter. ow if you get voltage there, your main control board may be at fault or as an added possibility; your heating element/magnetron could also be bad. 


If you plan to update your home appliances, buying a microwave is essential. So, if you are buying a microwave for the first time, This post on who makes frigidaire microwaves will help you make the right decision.

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