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Who Makes Glucerna?

Are you looking for Glucerna products reviews and testimonials, or do you want to know who makes Glucerna and what to expect from the various products that Glucerna currently makes? Then you are in the right place at the right time. Continue reading for the information you need.

Glucerna is made by Abbott Laboratories, a Fortune 500 American healthcare company. Abbott labs specialize in nutrition, medical products, and prescription medications. It contains ingredients vitamins such as calcium and vitamin D, probiotics that aid in digestion support, and an enteric coating that helps to prevent stomach discomfort. 

Additionally, Abbott makes products designed to help you lead a healthier life, from protein-packed foods to vitamins and supplements that keep you active and alert to allergy medications and cold and flu remedies.

The shakes are considered one of the tastiest drinks on the market. 

Are Glucerna Good Products?

who makes glucernaGlucerna products are good product as it is a source for meeting your personal nutrition needs. It is a supplement line that features products in convenient packets to be taken on the go. Easy and convenient, the products provide a 15-30% Daily Value of 100+ vitamins and minerals, particularly important to the elderly and those with limited diets.

Glucerna has more protein than most muffins and a satisfying fiber count to help you feel full longer. It has a balanced mix of sugars for sustained energy, which your body can freely metabolize as it works, so there is no need to worry about unwanted crashes later on. 

Glucerna will also fuel your active lifestyle with its welcome blend of wholesome grains and complex carbs. Whatever your activity level is, Glucerna will take up the slack when you need it most.

Who Makes Glucerna?

Glucerna, the leader in weight loss products, is proud to be made by Abbott. The company has more than a century of experience in diabetes care and has become the leading nutritional food and beverage company in America.

Whether you are looking for weight loss or muscle gain, it is designed with real food ingredients to deliver the nutrition you need. Abbott’s emphasis on research means you can expect only the best ingredients in every serving.

Where Are Glucerna Made?

Glucerna is made in the U.S.A. at a facility in Spring, Texas. The American-owned company is dedicated to providing nutritious and balanced products to consumers.

The company produces delicious, nutrition-minded low carbohydrate products made by people who believe the best way to combat the ravages of diabetes, obesity, and other hormonal imbalances is through a healthy diet rich in wholesome ingredients like whole grain, fruit, and vegetables.

It means your Glucerna will be sweetened with cane sugar rather than the high fructose corn syrup used by many competitors. Other non-high fructose sweeteners like sorbitol and xylitol are also found in the company’s products.

About The Manufacturer

Abbott is a leading provider of medical instruments, testing supplies, and pharmaceutical products. For more than 150 years, we have been committed to advancing medicine by transforming clinical diagnostic tests into accurately measuring and managing patient health.

Moreso, They are a manufacturer dedicated to quality, innovation, and integrity. Abbott strives to bring advanced technology and breakthrough treatments to patients with serious diseases for better health outcomes. Abbott’s innovative technologies include the pivotal role of our advanced pharmaceuticals in improving patients’ quality of life.

Today, Abbott develops, manufactures, and commercializes medical products through three business units: Medical Products & Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Diagnostics.

Glucerna Shakes Review

Glucerna Shakes ReviewGlucerna Shakes are a nutritious, gluten-free meal replacement shake and nutrition bar. They are low in sugar carbs, rich in protein and fiber, and do not contain artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Made from the finest natural raw ingredients, it gives you the nutrients you need to keep up your energy and health. With 30 grams of whole food protein per serving, it keeps you full and satisfied so that you can stay energized all day long.

Glucerna Hunger Smart Shake


Glucerna Hunger Smart Shakes provide the high protein and calorie density you need to fight excess weight and maintain a healthy appetite in times of natural or diet-induced hunger. Now available in over 300 delicious flavors, these drinks help support immune health, metabolism, and healthy blood sugar levels (no artificial colors or flavors).

The great taste of ingredients like whey protein and glucagon-like peptide-1 means that you only need to sip the shake instead of chug it.  

Note: Glucerna hunger smart shake is an enhanced nourishing, appetite-satisfying protein shake made to help control appetite and support stabilized blood sugar.

No products found.

Glucerna Snack Shake

The Shake is an ultra-premium meal replacement shake that is fun to mix, great-tasting, and has added benefits.

It is a good delicious shake in a convenient, single-serving package that lets you experience more of our healthy, ready-to-drink protein shake. It’s also the company’s most economical ready-to-drink low carbohydrate shake, with more than twice as many carbohydrates as other meal replacement shakes.

Additionally, Glucerna High Protein Shakes are proven to help you lose weight. And they taste great. They are low in calories–about 150 a day–but high in protein, which helps keep you full longer and feel less hungry. 

Glucerna Advance Shake

Glucerna Advance shakes are specially designed to use a high protein concentration for maximum absorption, along with the natural sugars found in crushed fruit or whole fruit. 

There is no need to add a carb source like milk or fruit like strawberries or other berries because these shakes do not contain any added carbs. Glucerna’s unique formula has been developed using the latest research and clinical results.

 The FDA-approved clinical studies show a rapid absorption rate compared with other supplements. 

Glucerna Crispy Delights Bars

However, the Whey Protein Isolate in this delicious snack bar is 70% protein, 25% of which come from the milk component. The Whey Protein Isolate is an excellent source of calcium, and essential amino acids, including the immune-supporting Lactoferrin found directly in whey proteins. 

The 80% lactose-Free flavor tastes like a chocolate chip cookie, with a smooth and creamy texture.

Glucerna Mini Snacks Bars

Glucerna Mini Snacks Bars are a fun, low-calorie snack with simple seasonings and no artificial ingredients. Each pack contains 24 natural-chocolate-coated, calorie-conscious bars in the familiar Glucerna shape. 

They made a simple sugar-free recipe that causes the body to release stored sugar (glucose); these bars are low-glycemic and perfect for diabetics, weight watchers, and those wanting to maintain their ideal weight. They’re also great for anyone who loves chocolate.

Meanwhile, with over 25 grams of protein per serving, this snack is perfect for anyone on a diet or just keeping weight down. For instance, we have partnered with a manufacturer to create a delicious offering of value-added products that can be used to supplement your diet. These include muscle-building shakes and bars and drinks.

No products found.

Glucerna comes in the following different flavors:

  • Classic butter pecan.
  • Rich chocolate.
  • Homemade vanilla.
  • Creamy strawberry.
  • Chocolate caramel.

Positive User Feedback About Glucerna

Positive User Feedback About GlucernaGood source of protein

Glucerna is a whey protein derived from whey rich in the amino acids found in nature. One of the best-selling brands does not have artificial flavors or colors. Single source, 100% natural protein, Glucerna’s whey protein contains all 9 essential amino acids that your body needs to maintain and build muscle mass.

To help anyone feel energized, Glucerna provides an enhanced protein and carbohydrate blend. It provides a complete, balanced meal and keeps your blood sugar levels steady after a meal. If you struggle to lose weight or have difficulty eating healthy foods, this product will help you achieve your goals. 

Low-glycemic food

Glucerna is a low-glycemic carb drink that tastes great without adding sugar or fillers. Patients with Type II Diabetes who drank half a bottle of Glucerna a day lost an average of 8 pounds in the first 6 months. And those who had diabetes but did not take any diabetes medications saw similar results.

Satisfy cravings

Glucerna helps reduce hunger cravings and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels so you can feel full between meals. This once-daily vegan probiotic supplement contains 40 billion active live cultures that support the healthy functioning of your digestive tract. It also contains prebiotic ingredients that help promote the growth of healthy bacteria.


You will benefit from the convenience of controlling your insulin regimen with Glucerna easily. It is an easy-to-take-along meal with delicious flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate, and Banana. The shakes come in pre-portioned mixing containers, easy to pour and use. 

Negative User Feedback About Glucerna

Contains fructose

Glucerna is a high fructose beverage; it contains 40 units per 40 ounces container. In 1997, a study published in a peer-reviewed science journal entitled Effect of Glucerna on Fasting, Fructokinase, and Glycosylated Hb Levels was released. 

Fructose is a highly resistant carbohydrate and can affect key metabolic pathways. People with diabetes, cardiac disease, or insulin sensitivity are most at risk.

Which Glucerna Is Best for Diabetics?

Glucerna is a complete multivitamin and multi-mineral formula designed specifically for type 1 diabetics. It’s full of nutrients such as chromium and lysine that are particularly important when taking insulin, helping your unhealthy diet become more balanced and healthier.

However, consult your physician to properly monitor your blood sugar levels and treat hypoglycemia and hypoglycemia. People with diabetes have higher blood sugars, which can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Medications prescribed to type II (non-insulin-dependent) diabetics include tablets, syrups, shots, inhalers, or continuous use of an implanted insulin pump that delivers the insulin directly into the body’s bloodstream through tiny needles inserted by a healthcare professional.

What is the difference between Glucerna and Glucerna Hunger Smart?

Glucerna and Glucerna Hunger Smart are two very different products. Glucerna is a type of glucose solution delivered in a drink form. It is used to treat people with diabetes. 

While Glucerna Hunger Smart is a reduced-calorie bar made from whole grains and protein that helps you manage hunger between meals.

Meanwhile, Glucerna and Glucerna Hunger Smart contain two types of carbohydrates: complex and simple. They both reduce hunger and increase the feeling of fullness, but their effect on blood sugar is different.

Does Glucerna Raise Blood Sugar?

Glucerna is a high-protein, sugar-free meal replacement shake that helps people with diabetes keep stable blood sugar levels. But unlike other meal replacement shakes, It contains no simple sugars and no high glycemic carbs, which may increase blood sugar.

However, Glucerna is a meal replacement shake that can help lower blood sugar and bring your metabolism back to normal. Instead of going low during a low-carb diet, it helps you maintain your weight by controlling your appetite and keeping you feeling full.

Who Should Not Drink Glucerna?

To start with, if you are trying to lose weight, eat a healthier diet, or have healthy eating habits, Glucerna may not be for you. If someone chooses a drink like Coca-Cola or Pepsi over something that tastes as good or better, it sounds like it. 

Also, as a pregnant or trying to become pregnant and need to stick to a healthy diet during your pregnancy, this product might not be right for you either. And maybe these folks do know something that other folks do not.

This product contains milk which means it cannot be considered vegan. It is not for individuals with allergies to milk or other dairy products unless discussed with your doctor.

Is Glucerna Good for Weight Loss?

Glucerna makes it easy to lose weight and easier to keep it off. Unlike prescription products that people take for years to lose only a few pounds, Glucerna is a natural food supplement made from herbs and fruits that work with your body to support weight management.

It is clinically proven to be one of the most effective diet pills available. This low-calorie supplement helps you get into shape while enjoying diet food, and it helps you fight hunger and cravings with appetite suppressants.

How Many Glucerna Can I Drink a Day?

The best way to know is to look at your normal weight before and after. If you lost more than 3 pounds, it’s five or more per day. If you lost less than 3 pounds, it’s less than three per day. You can continue up to six per day as long as your doctor approves. 

To support weight loss. Each serving (1 can) of Glucerna contains: Calories: 186; Calories from fat: 0g


Glucerna is made by Abbott Laboratories, which counts diabetes patients among its many customers. The company offers a full line of nutritional supplementation and medical solutions for diabetes patients. Now that you know who makes Glucerna, it should give you more confidence in using this product.

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