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Who Makes Kenmore Microwaves?

Who Makes Kenmore Microwaves? Kenmore is a well-known household brand. It has been operational for over 100 years, and it specializes in making a quality range of products for the home. Continue reading to get all the information you need regarding this brand.

Kenmore microwaves are made by various manufacturers, including Whirlpool, Panasonic, and General Electric. Kenmore is a Sears brand that manufactures household appliances in various models and price points, with many products manufactured by other companies. Whirlpool manufactures high-end Kenmore microwaves for its Elite line and lower middle-range models for its Pro line.

However, You can determine the manufacturer of your particular Kenmore major home appliance by comparing the model number prefix.

Are Kenmore Microwaves Good Products?

Who makes Kenmore microwavesKenmore microwaves are good products. They are very affordable, are easy to use, and clean. They come with many features like wide interior cooking space, sensor heating options, steam clean function.

Furthermore, even if you do not need to use them for the usual purpose. It is good for small kitchens and will fit on a counter without taking over the whole space. This brand’s functionality and design choices ensure that you will have your favorite foods ready whenever you are in the mood, from pizza to bread and everything in between.

Additionally, the Kenmore microwave is a great product for the price and small to regular-sized families. Kenmore microwaves come in many different styles and with lots of different options. These include over-the-range microwaves, countertop microwaves, and built-in models. All microwaves are generally affordable, with several different price tiers depending on your budget.

Who Makes Kenmore Microwaves?

Several manufacturers produce Kenmore microwaves. The Sears Kenmore Elite line is made by LG, while Whirlpool makes their core Kenmore line of products. Kenmore itself became a brand owned by Sears in 1927, but its roots go further back to 1913 with the founding of the Kenmore Appliance Company.

Meanwhile, the brand’s current owner is Sears Holding Corporation, which purchased it as part of a package with other retailers that included Kmart in 2005.

Where Are Kenmore microwaves?

Some Kenmore microwaves are made in China and some in the United States. These products brandish a “Made in China” label. Other products made by the same company for this brand are manufactured in Mexico, South Korea, and Thailand.

However, Kenmore microwaves are made at the same plant as LG and Samsung microwaves. A Kenmore plant is located in Mexico and produces millions of products annually.

About The Manufacturer

Kenmore Appliances are made by many different manufacturers and include Whirlpool, LG, Frigidaire, GE, Electrolux, Bosch, and Fisher & Paykel. You’ll also find kitchen and laundry appliances from Jenn-Air, Amana, KitchenAid, Maytag, and Eureka as part of the Kenmore family.

Sears is the exclusive retailer of Kenmore-branded products, and they’re known for making high-quality items that last. The downside to this arrangement is that it’s hard to get a straight answer when looking for more information about specific items, like which company manufactures them. 

Kenmore only lists product specifications on their website and does not provide contact information for customer service or warranty issues. Brands with these agreements often specify that all inquiries must go through their partner store to avoid confusing consumers by giving out two names – one being the brand itself. At the same time, the other doesn’t exist anymore (in this case, it would be Electrolux).

Types of Kenmore Microwaves

Over the range microwaves

Over the range, microwaves are installed above your stove, freeing up counter space and allowing for easy access whether you’re cooking or cleaning. Most models feature venting fans to help keep your cooktop clear of smoke and steam, while others include a built-in exhaust fan to eliminate odorous smells from things like fish or onions.

A Kenmore over the range microwave frees up countertop space by replacing your current hood vent above your range. It does triple duty: A ventilation fan to remove smoke and cooking fumes, lighting for your stovetop, and above all else, a microwave for quickly cooking or heating meals.

Countertop microwaves

Countertop microwaves are a common type of microwave oven. They are popular because they are so convenient and easy to use. The newest models offer features that make heating your food more accessible than ever.

Kenmore Countertop Microwaves maximize the efficiency of your cooking by using a variety of presets and features. The Rapid Defrost feature quickly defrosts food in a fraction of the time it would take to use a traditional thawing method. At the same time, Safety Lock prevents children from accidentally starting your microwave. Quickly boil water or cook popcorn with specific cooking options designed for these functions. 

With up to 1.6 cubic feet of space, there’s room to fit large bowls and serving trays inside these units, making them perfect for preparing family meals or side dishes at get-togethers. Each Kenmore countertop microwave comes with a turntable that turns as it cooks to ensure even heating on every inch of your food.

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Built-in microwaves

Built-in microwaves are great for a more seamless look in the kitchen. They install easily into your cabinets and can save you counter space. Many built-in microwaves also have convection or warming options.

However, Built-in microwaves from Kenmore are great for serious cooks who want options. These microwaves can be built into your kitchen area, either under the counter or over the range. Built-in microwaves are stylish, strong, and come in several colors and finishes to match your kitchen style.

 Kenmore Microwaves Buying Guide

 Kenmore Microwaves Buying GuideStyle 

You can find microwaves in various styles to seamlessly add this appliance to any existing kitchen. Microwaves built into the cabinet walls offer a more seamless look that blends perfectly with other cabinet finishes. 

If you have a smaller space like an apartment, condo, or dorm room, countertop microwaves are easy to move around and out of the way when not in use. 

And also, if you need to cook large amounts of food at once, over-the-range microwaves (also called microwave hoods) offer a sleek design that combines both a microwave and vent hood all in one.

Kenmore microwaves are available in countertop or over-the-range styles, so consider which best suits your cooking needs. Countertop models conserve valuable cabinet and counter space while providing basic and advanced food prep operations. 

Meanwhile, Over-the-range models boast a powerful ventilation system and streamlined housing to complement any kitchen décor beautifully. Also available are combination microwaves with a built-in broiler.


The size of your microwave should be dictated by how many people you’re cooking for. A smaller microwave is great for 1-2 people, while a mid-size or full-size microwave can easily take on 3-4 servings. Larger microwaves fit full plates of food, large bowls, and casseroles with no problem. 

Also, choosing the right size microwave for your home involves considering factors such as space in your kitchen and the items you need to heat and cook. For the smallest kitchens, consider a countertop microwave.  

However, you can find these models in full-size and mid-size options, up to 1.2 cubic feet of cooking space. Full-size models are great if you want more power or need more room to cook family-sized meals, while mid-size options fit better on a kitchen countertop.


If you’re only using the microwave to supplement your oven and primarily to cook popcorns or reheat foods, then a smaller microwave will probably suit your needs. If you want to replace or augment your range or wall oven and plan on doing a lot of cooking in it, be sure to select the right size so you can fit more oversized items like casseroles and baking dishes. 

The bigger the capacity—and therefore the size/weight of the microwave—the more power you’ll need to rotate the food inside, which means more energy usage.

Meanwhile, a smaller microwave is great for a dorm room, or you can use it to heat and reheat small items. A larger microwave or combination microwave-toaster oven can handle your everyday cooking, baking and reheating needs.


The wattage number indicates the power of the microwaves being emitted. The higher the wattage, the more influential the microwave, and the quicker and more evenly your food will cook. Most people settle for 750-1000 watts, which is sufficient for reheating leftovers or cooking a quick meal for one or two people.

Although 1000 watts is usually sufficient for most cooking needs, some microwaves offer up to 1500 watts of power levels.

How to Use Kenmore Microwaves

Here is how to effectively and safely use your Kenmore microwave:

1. Place the food on a microwave-safe dish. 

2. Plug in the power cord. 

3. Press the POWER button to set the power level to 100%. 

4. Press the START/ENTER button once or twice, depending on how long you want it to cook (in 30-second increments). 

5. The microwave will start cooking immediately after pressing START/ENTER. 

6. After cooking, press CLEAR/OFF to stop the microwave from running and reset it for another use.

How to Clean Kenmore Microwaves

How to Clean Kenmore MicrowavesKenmore microwaves can be cleaned with various household cleaners, but the best way to make the microwave shine is by removing the turntable and dish and wiping out the debris with warm water.

Here is a step by step guide:

Put a cup of water and a few lemon slices or a tablespoon of white vinegar in your microwave. 

Then, heat until boiling for about 3 minutes. The steam will make it easy to wipe away grease and grime and leave your appliance smelling citrus fresh.

Common Problems and Solutions of  Kenmore Microwaves – Troubleshooting

Microwave not heating

If the microwave isn’t heating, it’s probably a result of a power failure. Check the outlet to make sure it’s still working. Ensure that the appliances are plugged in properly to the outlet and not overloaded by other devices.

Many Kenmore microwave ovens have a fuse inside the oven cavity that blows to prevent the magnetron from heating. It would be best to replace the fuse to get your microwave heating properly again.

If your Kenmore microwave has electrical problems, it may be because the control board isn’t working correctly. The computer control board keeps time and runs the programming options on your microwave. If this board fails, the microwave won’t work, so you will need to replace the circuit board.

Microwave not working

Your microwave is humming, but it won’t heat, no matter what buttons you push or dials you turn. If your microwave doesn’t heat, you’ll want to start by checking the thermal fuse. A blown thermal fuse can shut down all power to the microwave oven, and testing it involves disassembling and accessing the control area of the microwave.

If Kenmore microwave completely stops working. You may need a new fuse, thermal or ceramic fuse to get the microwave working again.

Microwave light bulb not working

If your Kenmore microwave oven light bulb is not working, you will need to replace it. The best way to do this is by replacing the entire lamp and the two connecting wires since it is easy and inexpensive. 

You can turn off the electricity from the breaker box and then twist off the retaining ring that holds the lamp in place. Place the lamp onto the socket base, then replace and secure the retaining ring by twisting it back into place.

However, A bulb that illuminates the inside of your microwave when it is in use will eventually burn out after years of repeated use. You can easily replace it yourself; simply pop off the old one and screw in a new bulb.

The microwave shuts off after a few seconds

 If you press the start button of your microwave again, it appears to run for a few seconds before shutting off again. It is a time delay relay designed to wait for the magnetron to heat up before the timer starts and runs. If there are other problems with the microwave and this part becomes faulty, the microwave may continue to turn on and off, resulting in no cooking time at all.

Another possible cause could be a blown fuse in the outlet. Also, make sure you check the home’s circuit breaker or fuse box if you’re unsure about how to proceed. If you still have the fault, then it’s better to get in touch with an expert who can provide you with a quick solution to your problem.

Microwave turntable not turning

If the microwave plate is not turning, check that it is not attached to the glass tray. If the plate is stuck to the glass tray (caused by food or liquids spilling between them), carefully separate them. 

The microwave will operate properly with the glass tray removed, but for safety and convenience, use a microwave-safe glass dish to hold foods and liquids when cooking in a microwave.

Microwave buttons not working

The primary possibility when the buttons on your microwave aren’t working is that the control board has gone out. If this is the case, you will want to replace it with a new one.

Another way to fix it is to unplug the microwave for 10 seconds, plug it back in, and use it again. If the buttons still don’t work, then you’ll want to schedule a repair through Sears Home Services.


Overall, we can conclude that Kenmore microwaves are made by Whirlpool, Panasonic, and General Electric. Which answered the question of who makes Kenmore microwaves. Although Whirlpool manufactures current Kenmore microwaves, they used to be sold under the Sears Hardware and Appliance brand. J.C. Penney used to sell Kenmore microwaves, as well as appliances like washers and dryers

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