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Who Makes Kitchenaid Grills?

Most people who love to cook and want a quality kitchen appliance do ask who makes KitchenAid grills. KitchenAid has been in the kitchen appliance game for years, and their products are well known for both performance and durability. Continue reading to get the information you need.

Nexgrill makes and sells KitchenAid grills. Nexgrill is a subsidiary of the Whirlpool Corporation and has been making grills since 1983. Many of their grills are known as Kitchen Aid. The company is an American lifestyle brand that helps do cooking, from grilling & toasting to baking & warming, faster, easier, and more fun.

It is a top leader in the domestic manufacturing industry. Due to its high-quality products and reasonable price, it earns a considerable share of the cooking appliance market.

Are Kitchenaid Grills Good Products?

Are Kitchenaid Grills Good ProductsKitchenaid grills are good products. It’s cheaper than other products selling the same feature. It is efficient and trustworthy. Also, It has some cool features compared to others.

KitchenAid is a trusted brand when it comes to household products and appliances. They pride themselves on quality products truly created for the people who use them. Their commitment to design & innovation has been recognized throughout their 20+ years of success. Creating a series of grills just made sense to them, seeing as grilling is a huge part of many families’ traditions

The KitchenAid line of barbecue grills features electronic ignition for consistent results, even in inclement weather. With the use of high-quality materials, including porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates and the largest capacity propane tank among your grilling peers group, this grill offers you the performance you need to navigate this culinary terrain.

Who Makes Kitchenaid Grills?

Nexgrill is the maker of KitchenAid grills and other outdoor appliances. KitchenAid combines the best of two worlds: the quality, craftsmanship, and performance of an established manufacturer with the design aesthetics, premium materials, and innovative thinking of a trendsetting chef. 

This pr results from our efforts to develop an American-made grill that works as hard as you do and keeps on looking great through all your outdoor adventures.

Where Are Kitchenaid Grills Made?

KitchenAid grills are proudly made in the USA. They’re designed, engineered, and assembled here in the USA using American parts and labor.

Each grill goes through a rigorous inspection to ensure it meets our high standards.

As a member of the Greenville, Ohio community since 1987, we have an ongoing commitment to building quality products and making your outdoor living experiences more enjoyable.

About The Manufacturer

Nexgrill is an innovative charcoal and gas grills, accessories, grilling tools, and cookware industry leader. The company is committed to building a lifestyle brand through products that capture our customers’ passion for the outdoors. Nexgrill products are produced under the strictest safety standards in the industry.

The company is born from a passion for innovation and quality; their current grill models are powered by a patented “clean burn” natural gas burner that outperforms propane uniformity while providing hot grilling temperatures up to 700 degrees Farenheight on two stainless steel cooking zones that make grilling simple, fun and healthy.

Types of Kitchenaid Grills 

Types of Kitchenaid Grills 

Freestanding grills

This KitchenAid Grill freestanding design is durable stainless steel and aluminum, while its cast-iron grill grates can be prepared to sear meat and veggies and accommodate a full pizza.

If you’re looking for complete grilling convenience, a freestanding grill is a right choice. Our portable freestanding charcoal and gas grills are just right for the average family cookout and the serious barbecue chef alike.

Each one has a sleek, smooth black finish that resists rust and corrosion. Available with your choice of easy-to-use push-button ignition or instant-start electronic ignition, each grill features a stainless steel handle, charcoal pan, warming rack, and drip tray. 

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Built-in grills

A built-in grill is ideal for ground beef, chicken, and sausages. These grills usually have two burners and come in either gas or electric models. If you use your grill every day, investing in a high-quality model makes sense, as they typically last more than 10 years.

A built-in grill is considered the most expensive type of hob, but this is because it affects the appearance of your kitchen and it makes your kitchen look more stylish. Usually, built-in grills are used on larger kitchen units with enough room to fit a standard-sized gas or built-in electric grill.

Island grills

KitchenAid grills are designed for outdoor chefs who live for a great barbecue. Whether you’re an expert griller or just getting started, KitchenAid has the grill for you. You can choose from the company’s most popular grills, which are perfect for both large get-togethers and intimate dinners, or choose one of the island grills or quick touch and go E-Cook grills.

Natural Gas or Propane

Gas grills are great for nearly every application, but there are some things you should know. Propane grills typically have a stronger flame better suited for searing and caramelizing food. Natural gas grills have a lower BTU output and are better suited for long cook times at lower temperatures. KitchenAid offers propane and natural gas grills with our basic or premium features.

KitchenAid Natural Gas or Propane Gas Grill Systems offer perfect, precise heat control for exceptional outdoor cooking. The revolutionary iGrill accessory allows you to monitor the temperatures of your grill and food from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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KitchenAid grills buying Guide

The most important decision in buying a grill involves the type of fuel it uses. The two most common fuel sources are natural gas and propane (LP).

Propane grills have a long history with backyard cooking and have been the staple grill model for many years. Propane burners tend to produce more direct heat, making them ideal for searing items like steaks and burgers or even quick-cooking foods like hot dogs, bacon, or fish fillets. 

Fuel type

Natural gas grills utilize the same fuel lines that run into your home to provide a steady flow of natural gas to the burner assembly. Since natural gas burns more cleanly than propane, it is often considered a cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuel source. 

These characteristics make natural gas grills great for slow-and-low barbecue and high-heat cooking situations where searing is desirable. 

Cooking capacity

 As a general rule, the more space you have in your outdoor kitchen, the more room you’ll want to grill. That’s why there are different cooking capacities. 

The grilling capacity is measured in the number of burgers cooked on a single cooking grate surface. The capacity directly relates to the number of grill zone cooking burners. Typically a two-burner grill will have a grilling capacity of about 1/2 pound per minute or 120 burgers per hour. 

However, choose a size that reflects the amount of food you will likely cook during peak usage periods. Select a 575 Series gas grill with a higher cooking capacity if you typically grill for six or more people. If you typically grill for smaller gatherings, choose a 325 Series gas grill with a lower cooking capacity.

Secondary cooking space

The secondary cooking space takes full advantage of the versatility of both the primary and secondary cooking plates, making it perfect for grilling steaks while keeping vegetables, poultry, fish, or desserts warm and at the ready. 

A secondary plate also features a full-width adjustable shelf that provides easy access to stored food items, plus a temperature controller that senses heat loss and adjusts the level of heat accordingly. The table surface features an open-grid design, so overcooked food easily directs airflow.


When choosing one of the gas grills, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the number and placement of burners. 

A KitchenAid grill has a total of six burners: three on the front and three on the back. The front and back grates each have two dedicated burners. The left and right side tables, also known as “wings,” can be used for either cooking or table space.

Although, some gas grills feature two burners, and others feature three to four burners. The main benefit of having two or three burners is that you can cook multiple things at once, including vegetables, proteins, and pizzas.


Grates have always been a simple but essential part of any grill. They hold the food above the fire to create delicious flavor and keep everything from falling into ashes. 

All KitchenAid grills can be kitted with two grates: cast aluminum or cast iron. With this grilling option, each one relies on different heat-conducting methods allowing food to grill quickly or slowly, depending on your preference.

Shelves and Storage

Sturdy shelves are a valuable storage convenience on any grill. They make it easy to prepare ingredients and keep condiments and carving tools close at hand.

Whether you’re taking it to another room or another country, the grills storage system keeps everything together and secure so that nothing gets lost or damaged.


Wheeled grills are easier to move and less expensive than stationary models. Most come with the option of either wheels or legs. 

So your first consideration is wheels. They’re the most convenient way to move a grill around your backyard, so they’re essential if you need to do that during an evening cookout or on a seasonal basis.


 There are accessories for every cooking style, like drain cups for soggy fries and grease shields for easy cleanup. From replacement cooking grids to holders to lock your lid in place, KitchenAid has the grill accessories that you need to get more enjoyment from your grill. 

How to Maintain Kitchenaid Grills


How to Maintain Kitchenaid GrillsMaintaining your Kitchenaid grills is an essential step to make sure that your KitchenAid grills will give you many years of service and operate as their best. Here are some tips on maintaining your KitchenAid grills so they will last longer.

After cooking, allow the grill to cool at least 2 hours before completely covering, locking, or attaching any cover to your grill. It will allow for ignition and prevent trapped heat from building up on the inside.

How to Clean Kitchenaid Grills

There are numerous steps to clean KitchenAid grills. Following proper cleaning techniques will prevent damage to these delicate appliances.

The easiest way to clean the KitchenAid grills is to remove the grates and wipe them down with hot water and dishwashing soap. You can also use a grill brush to scrub off the gunk if you have particularly tough burnt-on food. 

Be sure you have a dry cloth or paper towel nearby to wipe away excess water after washing. The remaining grease will keep your grates from rusting and make cooking on them easier!

Here is a step by step guide:

1. Make sure the grill is cool to the touch and carefully remove the grates. 

2. Wash the grates and rack by hand with a sponge or soft brush and warm, soapy water. 3. On the side of your sink, place a pan at least as deep as your sink to keep dirty water from spilling onto your countertops. Fill the pan with hot water, adding a small amount (1/4 cup) of bleach. 

4. With a clean sponge, sponge off some surfaces first (such as the flat parts of the grill grate or cast iron). 

5. Then, using a soft cloth, wipe an entire surface, keeping in mind that grease may discolor your towel; unfortunately, you can’t avoid this totally, but if you’re careful, you can minimize it. 

6. Using a brass-bristled brush will help loosen cooked-on food particles more easily but be careful not to use aggressive motions that damage stainless steel. 

7. Clean each metal part separately and rinse thoroughly before putting them back on the grid

Positive User Feedback About Kitchenaid Grills 

Attractive design and appearance

This grill has a great look. The stainless steel hood dresses this grill up. I purchased this over the ‘special’ for several reasons; it had the stainless steel hood, stainless steel is stronger than painted metal and easier to clean, a better airflow control, better burners.

Full-featured and easy to use

The KitchenAid was easy to set up and use. It runs quieter than my other gas grill, has a good heat source, nice features, and a very attractive outdoor look.

Another customer narrated that she and her family have been able to cook easily since she got her first KitchenAid grills. The grill cooks great food and cleans up in a matter of minutes. Their design allows for safe cooking with kids around. I would highly recommend KitchenAid grills.

Versatile accessories 

KitchenAid presents a versatile collection of products, including 4- and 6-burner gas grills with side burners, 3-burner gas grills with side burners, gas griddles, electric griddles, grill pans, sandwich makers, and cooktops. 

Offering stylish and functional designs, professionals handcrafted KitchenAid accessories to ensure looks and performance you can count on. Accessories designed to complement the KitchenAid grill give more cooking options, style, and even more fun.

Excellent warranty on burners

When it comes to grilling, KitchenAid knows a thing or two, and they have created many innovative grills in a large number of sizes and styles. They are not all made for travel but some models tested are very useful in a camper. KitchenAid’s travel portable grill came with a 30-day warranty on burners and a 3-year warranty on everything else included

Affordable price

KitchenAid Gas Grills Makes Your Outdoor Cooking Easy, Convenient and Affordable. KitchenAid has the right appliance at an affordable price for every space in your home. And every KitchenAid appliance delivers something amazing: two locking casters that let you slide your grills-of any size-out of the way when not in use. This convenient cord wrap keeps you organized and ready to cook anytime.

Negative User Feedback About KitchenAid grills

Poor customer service  

A customer said they have the worst customer service ever; she bought a new dishwasher from this company. The techs down there (for the repair) were disrespectful, even asking for my permission. Also, the chief complaint of this review company is that the Big Green Egg Grill Product Support lacked empathy for their customers.

The all-metal heating elements inside this product are prone to rust, and if you live in an area with moist air, you might find that the “misting” noise of the water dripping from the drip tray into your drip oil can be annoying.

Even heating

Another customer had a KitchenAid grill for only two years before it rusted. It has no porcelain enamel covering, just cast iron and porcelain cast-iron grates; after 2 yrs of use, the cooking surfaces rusted. Kindly do not buy a KitchenAid product without the casting iron over plate coverings and protection from rust.

A customer said she liked the grills, but when you order them new, the ones with even heating tend to go bad fairly quickly. However, it’s not a big deal because they are easy to clean and cost nothing.

Weight loss of the grill

The latest grill is not as heavy as the old ones from the same brand.

Frequently Asked Question

Are KitchenAid grills good quality

KitchenAid Grills are good quality grills but are more expensive than entry-level grills. They use the same parts and technology as our other grills, which are of the same quality. The grilling surface is the biggest difference. The KitchenAid’s thinner and less dense steel gives it a better burn and faster heat-up time, in most cases twice as fast as other brands or models.

How are KitchenAid gas grills?

KitchenAid gas grills are built to make whatever you’re cooking taste even better. From sizzling steak and steaming vegetables to flipping pancakes and laying out paper plates, our grills do it all with the performance of a professional-grade appliance. In fact, in an independent test by Consumer Reports, gas grills performed as well or better than charcoal grills on just about every feature.


After knowing who makes KitchenAid grills, you will see that KitchenAid grills are among the nicest made by the company, meaning they are meant for those who want a high-end product. With their product impressive grilling power and stunning appearance, you can’t go wrong with choosing this brand for your outdoor and indoor cooking needs.

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