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Who Makes Kraus Faucets?

Many people have questions such as who makes Kraus faucets? This post will address those questions, give you tips on the best buying guide to help your buying decision, and provide more information.

Founded in New York City, Kraus is proud to be a part of the Masco Corporation family. As a world-class manufacturer and distributor of quality plumbing products, Masco provides tremendous value and innovation while leveraging a legacy of commercial excellence. 

Together, Kraus and Masco are dedicated to providing the plumbing industry’s highest quality products and customer service.

Are Kraus Faucets Good Products?

Are Kraus Faucets Good ProductsKraus Faucets is a new line of luxury and high-quality faucets for the bathroom. From the faucet to the stylish chrome handle and the handsome solid brass valve mechanism. Everything about these faucets is made of premium materials, with solid brass, solid glass, and premium flexibility in the spout design and angle.

For over eighty-five years, Kraus has been an enduring name in the industry. Many of our customers are still using the same counters they purchased years ago. Theis designed to withstand daily use and will provide many years of service.

Additionally, The KRAUS faucet line offers high-quality, innovative faucets. Flawless design, continuous construction, water conservation, and leak-proof technology are just some of the features offered in the KRAUS line. If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art faucet that will last for years to come, you’ve come to the right place.

Who Makes Magic Kraus Faucets?

Masco Corporation produces the Kraus line of faucets. They are known for their durability and accuracy and a great warranty and repairs. The Kraus brand is American-made by Masco Corporation. They design, manufacture, and market superior quality kitchen products in North America.

With the smart design of Kraus faucets, it’s easy to turn a single handle into the perfect tool for delivering water where you need it. Redesigned features like the three-position spray bars allow participants to personalize their spray pattern, even from across a room.

Where Are Kraus Faucets Made?

Kraus in the United States designs Kraus faucets manufactured in China. Kraus was founded in 2007, and they were one of the first to offer stylish yet affordable faucets to meet the needs of households across North America. At Kraus, they believe that customers deserve fashionable and functional designs.

About The Manufacturer

Kraus faucets are a small, designer-brand home faucet and sink fixture manufacturer. Kraus has been family-owned and operated since its inception in 1929; the company is one of the oldest brands of its caliber. 

Kraus has been honing its skills for over 90 years in designing, manufacturing, and distributing faucets and sinks. Kraus maintains a focus on product design, craftsmanship, and quality, emphasizing client satisfaction.

In addition to the styles, sizes, and customization options, we have experienced engineers who maintain the highest quality standards and ensure that every one of our faucets is manufactured with meticulous precision.

Types of Kraus Faucets

Commercial Style

Commercial-style kitchen faucets come in all shapes, sizes, styles and offer intuitive controls; these durable units are ready to be installed in any commercial or industrial kitchen environment. 

Equipped with a single handle sprayer, an aerator that helps water flow through the spout, and other amenities such as overflow valves and swing-out basins.

However, the main difference is the stem length. A standard (18-actual) single-handle pulldown faucet has a stem that is 18 inches long. Commercial style draws are 24 inches long (18 inches plus the 2 inches on the valve). So if you have an 18-inch drop, you need the 24-inch commercial draw.

Pull-down kitchen faucets are both fashionable and highly functional. With a sleek, modern look and high-powered functionality, it has never been easier to transform the culinary experience into an extension of your unique pool of personal style.

 Kraus pulldown kitchen faucets feature a comfortable level of spray with several attractive finishes that make it easy to fit any kitchen or bathroom decor. 

Additionally, Pull down kitchen faucets are an excellent choice for a contemporary kitchen. Many pulldown faucets have a butterfly spout with a 360-degree range of motion, making filling large pots and pitchers easy.

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Bridge, the K-Series Professional faucet, was created to be accessible to both the contractor and the homeowner. The same faucet is used in both commercial and residential applications. Bridge handles include:

  • A patented right-angle and adjustable stream angle.
  • Three spout sizes (21, 22, 23).
  • An aerosol sprayer that assists in cleaning the interior of your sink.

Meanwhile, the Krause Bridge faucet is designed for bathing shower installation to accept side spray heads. Beige finished in all-brass construction includes a chrome lever, rectangular spout, and dual handle. The front-mounted Gooseneck Pull-Out Spout inspects the flow, while a swivel pole easily removes backing plates.

However, the simplest Kraus unit is a straight-in-the-middle, push-pull spigot. These faucets pull up to a handle on the side rather than reaching in with a grab bar. The handles are more versatile and make feeding easy while keeping the customer connected to the water source.

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The fashionable and stylish Kraus Touch faucet offers style, utility, and touches of class to any kitchen or bathroom. Design features include a polished brass lever handle that connects 5 spray settings, Pullout spray body, Stainless steel finish, chrome accents that complement any decor, Faucet height: 4 1/4, and Handle length: 18.

Shop for a touch faucet to make cleaning and organizing easier, or opt for a family of smart sensors for hands-free operation on or off. Decide on an integrated motion sensor, which allows the faucet to stay running after you stop moving, and then fill up the sink with all the gentle force of your favorite brand.

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 Kraus Faucets Buying Guide

Kraus Faucets Buying GuideFunctionality is the dress code for your kitchen, giving it a stylish and customized look with a wide array of faucets. Choose from hand-sculpted lines for clear elegance and loads of style, or find contemporary designs with sleek styles and matte finishes. 

Also, oil-rubbed bronze is popular, as it gives off a rustic feel, while stainless steel adds a refined look. Try out Matte Black finishes if a black kitchen accent piece is what you’re after.

Kraus faucets offer a wide selection of high-quality, durable faucets that can be used in traditional and contemporary settings. With five different series (Duravit, Bella-Vita, Simple, Signature, and Environment), you’ll find the perfect faucet for your bathroom remodel, kitchen sink, or laundry room project.

Handle Type 

Faucet comes with three different handle types: Standard Lever HandleStandard Anti-Scald Lever Faucets are most commonly used in kitchens and bars where hot water is not dispensed. Standard Anti-Scald handles heat water to 140°F for 5-10 seconds and allows the user to handle cold water without the fear of scalding burns.

Kraus handles are designed to complement your kitchen style and finish and come in various materials to help you match your existing cabinetry. The faucet is made using quality brass construction with durable ceramic valves. They include European-style handles that offer comfort, a more traditional appearance, and unique architectural handle designs for a truly stylish look.

Sprayer Function

Most faucets, including kitchen and bathroom faucets, come with two-hand sprayers. The spray type comes from the coarse or fine adjustment on each spout. The dial usually is on the collar at the front of the spout, near the handle.

Spray Right faucet from Kraus adds a powerful new function to Kraus basic sprayer faucet allowing you to adjust the spray. Sprayer Right attaches to any standard faucet and controls both the full stream and the fine mist on this easy-to-use extra spray (a must for hand washing dishes, cleaning pots, and pans).

The most important part of the faucet for installation or replacement is the height and spout. These measurements can be found on the package that it came in. I would recommend checking to see if your new faucet is anywhere from 2-3 inches taller than the old one, so if you’re installing over a sink, make sure it’s not too close to the sink. 

Height and Spout 

Some faucets come with long hose attachments or hoses designed for easy installation into an existing faucet standard. However, it is important to remember to get two separate adapters for the hose: connect it to your water supply line in your house and connect it to your faucet. 

Also, keep in mind that some of these faucets are bulky and may not fit in a small space (kitchen pantry, etc.) The overall length can be found by measuring from the top mount underneath your waterfall fixture to where its unique valve assembly sits (usually where your old tap would sit).

How to Use Kraus Faucets

To properly use a Kraus faucet, you must first know how it works.

 First, you have to be able to turn the water on and off. You do this by pushing the handle of the hot water handle. The lever goes down and then up and should hold the water.

Next, you need to determine whether or not your faucet has a standard hot-cold toggle button or a lever with a hole in it. You will want the button version if you want to control the temperature of your hot water and your cold. The lever version will only control cold.

How to Clean Kraus Faucets

How to Clean Kraus FaucetsKraus kitchen faucets are easy to keep clean and maintain. The Kraus Drain Touch faucets have a simple on/off function and water-on-demand valves, allowing users to watch the amount of water they are using easily. 

Turn the handle to turn off the water. Then turn the handle up to turn on the water again after one minute is up. These faucets also have an included soap dispenser that cleans and lubricates the faucet with each use. 

When simply wiping down your Kraus kitchen faucet with a wet cloth won’t cut it, we recommend using one of the recommended products for cleaning Kraus.

Common Problems and Solutions to Kraus Faucets

Pull out faucet not Retracting

If the faucet or shower is not retracting and you are sure that it’s properly installed, you may be able to fix it by using some moderate force. 

Open the faucet and spray WD-40 into the handle and screw nut area.

Let sit for about an hour or until the solution has hardened(may take longer for smaller faucets)5 Use a small screwdriver to turn the screws outwards from their normal direction.

Turn the handle clockwise (towards the user) while loosening it with your fingers until it falls apart, then removes all the screws.

Place new washers, nuts, and screws on top of each other in inverse order.

 Reassemble and test what you have done

Low Water Pressure

The low water pressure can be caused by the faucet, cartridge, shut-off valve, or faucet handle. These are easy to replace and will increase your water pressure with no side effects. 

To fix your low-pressure problem: Turn off the water at the main shut-off valve in your house. If you have a booster pump, then turn off that as well. Turn on your cold water faucets located furthest from the valves. 

Turn on any hot water faucets further from the valves. If one of these is not working after you turn it on, check to see if there is a warranty on it from your manufacturer and contact them with your problem and they will refer you to our company to fix it for free. 

A Clogged Diverter Valve

The diverter valve controls what happens to the water that comes out of your faucet, when hot and when cold. Here are some tips for getting it working correctly again: Unscrew the caps that cover the valves and see if you can see the interior parts of the valve using a flashlight or by holding your hand under the spout and looking up from below. 

If you can see the parts inside without taking the caps off, you have a clogged diverter valve that needs cleaning out. First, take off all these caps and try and sight into the spout. If there is no debris, put some dish soap in the spout and run cold water into it. Shut off the water supply to all kitchen faucets and let the water run until it begins to drain at one end of the sink. 

Now, turn on the water supply again briefly on bypass so you can see if any sediment comes out of the spout, then turn off again until the next step. Using warm soapy water, rinse all parts inside, especially where they meet.

Sticking Water Handle

Sometimes the water handle can become stuck and is not easily turned. It is caused by mineral build-up at the faucet. To solve it, turn off the water to the valve under the sink, add one-quarter cup of vinegar to a gallon of hot water, and let it sit for five minutes before turning on water again. If that doesn’t work, try replacing the handle assembly. 


Kraus is known to take a different route in terms of faucet design. Its original faucets were a bit more dramatic than what many were familiar with at the time. However, knowing who makes Kraus faucets have made you understand the quality standards they’ve developed through those early years and have been forging ahead ever since in terms of design and style.

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