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Who Makes Moen Faucets?

If faucets are important to you, I will do everything to ensure you get what you want. And that’s is why I have created this page about who makes Moen faucets with things such as creating your dream kitchen and how you can install a new faucet yourself.

Moen faucets are manufactured by Moen Inc., which Fortune Brands Inc. Moen owns makes a variety of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, including sinks, faucets, showers, bathtubs, and accessories.

The company has made several advances in faucets technology, including the single-hand mixing valve and the cartridge valve that makes changing a washer unnecessary.

Are Moen Faucets Good Products?

Who Makes Moen FaucetsMoen faucets are typically considered high-end faucets, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are better than other brands. Faucets from Moen are often mid-priced, costing a few hundred dollars.

They are top-of-the-line brand fixtures when it comes to lavatory faucets. Moen manufactures a broad spectrum of designer bathroom and kitchen fixtures in various styles, finishes, and designs. 

Additionally, most Moen products come with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can shop with confidence. You’ll also find that many Moen faucet parts are easy to find online and inexpensive. 

Who Makes Moen Faucets?

Moen faucets are designed, engineered, and assembled by Moen Incorporated, part of Fortune Brands Home & Security. 

Moen is the number one selling brand of kitchen and bath faucets in North America and is a top faucet brand in Canada.

The company has been manufacturing the MOEN line of kitchen faucets for more than half a century and has delivered millions of faucets and accessories to customers across the globe in more than 80 countries.

MOEN provides a diverse selection of thoughtfully designed kitchen, bath faucets, showerheads, accessories, bath safety products, and kitchen sinks for residential applications. Each delivers the best possible combination of meaningful innovation, useful features, on-trend styling, and lasting value.

Where Are Moen Faucets Made?

Even though Moen is a brand name, their faucets are made by several different companies. Moen does make some of their faucets themselves, but some are made for them by other companies. 

Most Moen faucets are made in North America, although some are also manufactured in China. Most of their manufacturing takes place in the USA. However, Moen manufactures a large share of their products in one of three locations – Tennessee, Georgia, and California. Moen makes most of the parts for their faucets at these factories, and they assemble the finished products there as well.

They also outsource production to three different companies: Masco Faucet Company (who make American Standard faucets), Challenge Machinery (who make many high-end commercial kitchen appliances and pulldown spray faucet heads), and Stericycle (who specialize in healthcare products)

About The Manufacturer

Fortune Brands Home & Security Company was formed when Fortune Brands, Inc. spun off its full-home, security products, and master-keyed locks businesses into a separate company. Fortune Brands’ businesses were leaders in the industries they operated, with some of the most recognized and respected brands and loyal customers in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Moreso, Fortune Brands Home & Security Company also offers residential security products, including video security systems, security equipment, and utility room safes to protect homes and families. In addition to the home security market, 

Fortune Brands also creates products for commercial enterprises, including the Fortune Brands personal protection line, which includes products such as the most trusted self-defense, the nite vision that offers day or night lighting, handheld radios, and other safety gear.

Category of Moen Faucets


Moen kitchen faucets are a proven and reliable, top choice for home professionals and remodel. The classic collection from Moen offers a timeless design with the durability expected from Moen products. Beautifully designed faucets increase the beauty of any home.

 The Moen kitchen faucet has a pulldown spout. Its magnetic docking system allows the sprayer head to stay firmly in place when not in use. Moen’s Power Clean spray technology helps clean up the kitchen mess easier while conserving water. A three-function toggle on the sprayer head lets you select stream, boost and sweep with just one touch.

Bar and Prep faucets

Bar and Prep faucets are designed for drink prep, bar, and entertainment areas. They feature a compact spout design that maximizes the working space of your sink areas.

Also, Bar and prep faucets have a long, tall neck with a spout that extends far from the base. These faucets allow increased flexibility when preparing food, drinking, and cleaning. With features such as docking, water filtration, and pulldown sprayer options, these faucets are sure to add convenience to any kitchen.


Moen Faucets dispense beverages of all types – not just water. You can fill up your goblet with iced tea, champagne, or beer without ever having to lift a faucet.

The beverage faucet range is designed for modern kitchens and contemporary living. With a wide choice of styles, Moen’s collection offers the stylish elegance of polished chrome with clean lines and enhanced functionality. 

Matching pulldown spray handles help to blend and accentuate your kitchen’s design, while metal mounting brackets allow adjustment for different thicknesses of countertops. All are available with pullout sprayer handles, ceramic disc cartridges that are 1/2″, or cartridge valves that are 3/8th”.

Laundry and Utility

Laundry and Utility faucets are used in laundry rooms, mudrooms, utility rooms, and even garages. These utilitarian faucets with tall spouts are convenient in tight spaces without sacrificing function and design. 

All Laundry and Utility Moen kitchen faucets meet NSF 61/9 standards, making them safe for potable water applications.

However, laundry faucets can be installed in various ways, from wall-mount to deck mount, so that you can utilize and customize your space as much as possible.

Types of Moen Faucets


The one-handle lever makes it easy to adjust the water. The faucet is built with a long-lasting drip-free ceramic disk valve for longevity.

One-handle faucets allow you to change the water temperature and flow with just one hand.

No products found.


Two-handle faucets use separate handles for hot and cold water. Most have 8″ centers and can be installed in 3-hole sinks or countertops. Some styles are incompatible with all sink types, such as thick wall mounts or vessel sinks.

However, Moen faucets come in a variety of styles. Two-handle and Pull-out kitchen faucets are among the most popular styles. A two-handle kitchen faucet comes with a separate handle for cold and hot water flow. 

If you’re looking for a classic look, opt for a two-handle wall mount, which allows you to pull down on the spout to rinse dishes or fill pots and then return it into place. A two-handle can be paired with different sink types – all you need are matching holes drilled next to the sink to accommodate it.

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Pull-out kitchen faucets provide a great deal of flexibility. They can be used for washing dishes, rinsing produce, and many other functions. All pullout kitchen faucets feature a hose and spray head that moves in all directions to allow you to easily clean, wash and rinse.

Also, a pullout faucet has a hose that pulls out toward you, allowing you to do everything from hand-washing dishes in the sink to filling vases with water. They are ideal for double sinks, dishwashers, and tasks like washing vegetables.


Pulldown faucets feature a smaller spout and a pulldown spray wand with an adjustable spray head that allows you to direct the stream of water exactly where you need it. These faucets can be used in all kitchen tasks, from filling pots with water or rinsing fruit at the sink to assisting cleaning on the countertop or in the sink basin itself.

You can give your kitchen a classic look with a MOEN pulldown faucet. It features a single-handle operation for ease of use and 1- or 3-hole installation to suit your needs. 

This faucet also has a high-arc spout and retractable hose, which provides extended reach. This MOEN pulldown faucet comes with a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

No products found.


The bar faucet is the ultimate in chic style because it works with every décor and goes with every decor. It has been the standard since its first appearance, back in 1927. This timeless design is perfect for homes and modern restaurants. 

Moen offers a wide range of bar faucets and accessories to match your barware and kitchen decor. Kindly choose from the traditional oil-rubbed bronze and chrome finishes or our new Luxury Collection designed for contemporary kitchens. 


An advanced Moen faucet has two functions. Water passes through the spout, and anything that hits the back of the filter shuts off the flow. It is called a Butler Filter.  Also, it keeps any sediment or other impurities from getting into your drinking water and making you sick. 

It also stops small insects from falling into your sink and potentially starting an infestation.

Moen Faucets Buying Guide

Moen Faucets Buying Guide

 Traditional, Modern or Transitional designs

Whether traditional, modern or transitional, faucet we offer a full line of faucets to transform the heart of your home. Moen has faucet options to match your kitchen, bath, laundry room, or garage needs.

Consider whether you want a traditional, modern, or transitional design for your kitchen, bathroom, or shower faucet and shop accordingly.

However, traditional faucets feature a classic color palette of polished chrome and brushed nickel along with decorative finishes like oil-rubbed bronze, brushed bronze, and tumbled bronze to create an elegant bathroom.

Single handle or Two-handle faucet

Single-handle faucets use a single handle to control the water temperature and flow. A single-handle faucet is an excellent choice for a kitchen sink, where the user will presumably be using one hand to hold food or dishes that need cleaning.

Two-handle has a sleek, modern design and is available in various colors to match any decor. Ideal for washing dishes, cleaning counters, or filling your bathtub with water, this faucet comes with a sprayer head to make it even easier to use.

M-PACT system

Moen faucets have revolutionized the way people choose their bathroom fixtures. Not only can you trust them to provide every time, but they also have all of your comfort and safety needs in mind, with M-PACT technology that promotes constant pressure control, right down to the last drop of water. 

The Moen faucet’s M-PACT system consists of the two-piece valve and cartridge, controlling water pressure and flow rates. A patented ceramic magnetics technology fuels the M-PACT head. It’s nearly impossible for an older or cracked faucet cartridge to create leaks because it shuts off. The improved water-saving feature comes from the dual water supply ports in the M-PACT head, which connect to the hot and cold lines, respectively. 

High arc spouts 

Compared to many other faucets, high arc spout faucets are easier to wash dirty dishes because they typically provide more room for you to move the sink. It makes it possible for large and small pots and pans to fit comfortably in the sink.

If you need to fill up a large vessel, or if you have a double-sided sink, a high-arc spout allows you to wash or rinse your hands and dishes with greater ease.

Aerated vs. non-aerated sprays 

Aeration is a process that mixes air with the water flow to create more efficient use of water while retaining the forceful stream you desire. The Moen Magnetix™ showerhead is an example of an aerated showerhead.

How to Clean Moen Faucets

How to Clean Moen FaucetsTraditionally, cleaning Moen faucets is a matter of simply running water through the faucet and letting it run until the water stops coming out of the faucet, but that can be very time-consuming and sometimes ineffective. 

Also, if you do not flush out the system with clean water, you risk clogging your pipes, leading to more expensive repairs. Clean Moen kitchen faucets with the proper techniques and extend their life by avoiding long-term damage from mineral buildup.

I recommend cleaning your Moen bathroom faucet as follows: Use a soft cloth dampened with warm water and mild hand dishwashing soap. 

To help protect the finish, avoid using abrasive cleaners; acetone, paint thinner, strong household cleaners, and acids; chemicals that contain ammonia or alcohol; cleaners explicitly made for stainless steel fences, railings, and posts; cleansers with harsh alkaline or acidic ingredients.

Common Problems and Solutions to Moen Faucets

Faucet Won’t Stay On

If your faucet won’t stay on and the water continues to run without you having to hold down on the handle, it may be one of a few issues. Often, debris will become lodged inside the cartridge, causing it not to close completely. Check the diverter valve or handle adapter assemblies if that doesn’t sound right.

 In some models, this breaker can be adjusted. Other models have a fixed position for the breaker and may require replacing the cartridge assembly.

Water Leaking 

The cartridge is the primary controlling element of any faucet. If there is water leaking on your two-handle faucet, it’s possible there could be something wrong with the cartridge. 

It often happens over time and involves the deterioration of seals and springs that regulate the flow through the cartridge. The most common solution to a troubled cartridge is to replace it.

However, To determine the correct cartridge: 

1. Remove the cartridge for inspection and comparison by unthreading the retaining nut and pulling upward on the cartridge stem.

 2. Check the inside of the valve body for identifying marks or shields, then compare that with your existing cartridge. Once you find a match, use a Torque Wrench to tighten a new replacement cartridge.

3. After installing the Cartridge nut, be sure to run Hot & Cold water to flush out any debris that may have formed in lines while the faucet was inoperable.

Water Leaking Due to Worn O- Ring

Water may be leaking around the spout if the O-ring is worn, loose, or missing. O-rings naturally wear out over time, causing water to drip from the faucet when it is turned off. Remove and replace an old O-ring following these steps: 

1. Use a flat screwdriver to turn the cap counterclockwise, then pull it straight up to remove it. 

2. Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew and remove the bonnet nut from the top of the cartridge stem. 

3). Pull out the cartridge stem and replace its O-ring

Handle does not move easily

 If your handle does not move quickly, you may need to lube your Moen faucet. Remove the screw cap on the top of the handle (if it has one). 

Reach into the opening and remove the set screw. Then pull up on the handle to remove it. Run a bead of plumber’s grade silicone faucet grease around all of the parts where they come in contact with each other and then reassemble. 

It should help repair the loosening and stiffening of a handle’s operation.

Cannot connect your Smart Faucet to Wi-Fi

Dont get too worried; there is nothing wrong with your faucet. If you just received a new product and cannot connect it to Wi-Fi, wait a few minutes for it to register. It will allow the faucet to be searched and found. Also, check that your Wi-Fi router and Smart Hub are connected to your Wi-Fi network, as well as your FaucetHub.


Moen faucets are not that different from all the other kitchen utility fixtures. What sets them apart is how they handle the problems you’ll encounter in your home bathroom. Moen faucets will continue to handle them easily and restore their original looks. Thanks to who makes Moen faucets for such wonderful products.


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