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Who Makes Oster Microwaves?

Who makes Oster microwaves? Oster is a small kitchen appliance company focusing on high-quality manufacturing products that many people love. And if you want to know who makes Oster microwaves, you are in the right place.

Newell Brands makes Oster microwaves and other household appliances such as blenders, coffee makers, bread machines, and stand mixers, as well as larger household appliances such as room air conditioners, portable heaters, and dehumidifiers.

Oster makes microwaves in different shapes and sizes for different people. Some of the microwaves that Oster makes are microwave toaster oven combo, and some are more countertop microwaves.

Are Oster Microwaves Products Good?

Are Oster Microwaves Products GoodOster microwave ovens are generally reliable and offer a good value for the money. However, poor quality construction and poor customer service in some cases have meant a few headaches for users of Oster microwaves. 

According to Consumer Reports, Oster microwave ovens are the most energy-efficient ones you can buy. In addition, they’ve been rated highly for performance and durability. But in general, Oster microwaves appear to be decent products that perform well.

Additionally, Oster makes some of the most reliable and easy-to-use microwaves on the market today. The microwaves cook it evenly using enclosed heating elements that don’t interfere with cooking, whether cooking, thawing, or heating your food. Oster microwaves offer great value and are available at various price points so that everyone can benefit from having one in their home.

Who Makes Oster Microwaves

Newell Brands is the manufacturer of Oster microwaves. The microwave is perfect for home, dorm, hotel, and office use; the Sunbeam microwave provides the convenience and functionality ideal in any kitchen. With its contemporary style and compact design, this microwave is suited to serving up snacks at home as heating leftovers at work. 

Moreso, Newell Brands is committed to environmental sustainability and product safety, including microwaves that meet or exceed government and manufacturer standards for power and emissions.

Where Are Oster Microwaves Made

Utility, countertop, and under-cabinet microwaves are all made in China, while wall ovens, cooktop ranges, and convection microwaves carry the Made in USA sticker. Their orifice tubes are made in the USA and most of the labor to make these components is American. 

However, all major microwave manufacturers outsource the development of their products and manufacturing to China.

About The Manufacturer

Oster Manufacturing Corporation, founded in 1973, is a leading manufacturer of equipment and accessories for the foodservice industry. By staying on top of culinary trends, listening to customers needs, and developing innovative products based on the latest technology

They meet the demands of today’s foodservice professionals, from commercial convection ovens to handheld corn poppers, water filtration systems, and espresso machines.

Today, Oster remains the leading manufacturer of small appliances with the widest range of products sold under one brand name. The company’s strategy has never changed: constant product development, a focus on quality, and a dedication to make consumers’ lives easier.

Types of Oster Microwaves

Types of Oster MicrowavesOster Microwave Stainless Steel

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The Oster Large Capacity microwave ovens use state-of-the-art technology in cooking technology. It has a digital control panel that offers one-touch control for all the basic functions. It has three power levels, a child safety lock, and a childproof door latch. The interior is made up of dependable stainless steel.

Also, it is a powerful 1200-watt countertop appliance. The Oster Stainless Steel microwave has many useful features, including a rotating carousel, 1-touch digital clock and timer, and a concealed control panel. It also has ten power levels that will allow you to cook your food to perfection and defrost easily.

Oster Microwave Convection Oven

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The Oster microwave convection oven helps you prepare meals faster than ever, using the touch of a button. The convection oven uses a combination of microwaves and hot air to cook food up to 50% faster than traditional microwave ovens. 

With features like 10 power levels, it is easy to create delicious meals for your family with a rotatable glass carousel and a removable nonstick cooking plate.

Also, the Convection Microwave Oven is a microwave oven with an internal fan that cooks food evenly by circulating hot air for faster, better-tasting results. With 1150 watt power output and a convection fan, you can roast veggies and cook whole meals in this item. Because it uses so much less energy than a conventional oven, this microwave is great for cooking healthy meals. 

Oster Microwaves Purchasing Guide

Oster Microwaves Purchasing GuideLocation

When choosing which microwave to buy, the location that it will be used will be very important. Microwaves work differently depending on their area and may not even work if they are not in optimal conditions. 

Consider the following: Safe to use–use caution when selecting a location near sink, appliances, or children. The venting system should be unobstructed by your microwave location. The microwave should be located where it is easily accessible.

However, dont forget to determine where you want the microwave to go. Then check the measurements of the unit you want to buy and compare them to the measurements of the space in which it will be installed.


There are three standard sizes: small, medium, and large microwaves. The small microwaves measure 13.5x13x10 inches and generally cook food in 750 watts. It has a grill function as well as a timer keypad. Medium-sized microwave models have a measurement of 16x14x11 inches and have 1000 watts of internal power. Large microwaves measure 19x15x14 inches and have 1200 watts of internal power, indicating more efficient than smaller ones.

Meanwhile, microwaves over this range can be larger than built-in units, but they have greater functionality. Built-in microwaves are very popular space-saving choices. Countertop microwaves are perfect for smaller spaces.


Wattage is a measurement of electrical power. It tells you how much energy your appliance uses, and the more you have, the quicker it will heat. Oster microwaves’ wattage range from 700 watts to 1,500 watts.

However, wattage is one of the most misunderstood aspects of microwave oven power. It is a rating that the manufacturer provides but has little to do with his oven’s performance. Also, it is an indication of how much electrical power the oven uses. It is NOT a guarantee of how well it cooks.

So before selecting a microwave’s wattage, you first need to determine how much space you have and how much food you will be cooking in the microwave. You may be cooking small portions as single-servings or large servings for up to four people.


Oster microwave ovens come in two convenient sizes for all your food-heating needs. Both offer Variable power (high and low) and several cooking functions, including popcorn and reheat, as well as a kitchen timer to monitor cooking times.

However, Oster Digital Microwave is an excellent option for the home cook who longs for the restaurant-quality meals found in many larger cities. This microwave features ten power levels to meet your individual cooking needs within its die-cast metal housing, allowing you to prepare various dishes in a single appliance. 

Also, the rotary dial controls make it easy to select settings, a practical feature if you have trouble using touch screens. It’s easy to enjoy restaurant-quality meals with three different power levels and two auto reheat options anytime you feel like a special treat.

Default settings

The Oster microwave offers many options that can be tailored to your liking. There is a preset time available on each cooking button which you can use as a starting placeholder. The first setting says, “Popcorn.” This setting goes for 2 minutes and 30 seconds; it pauses for 30 seconds, then cooks for 2 minutes. 

These settings allow you to cook food in less time than it would take to set the time and power manually. While the microwave offers a large number of presets, some simple exceptions will change the way your microwave operates.

How to Maintain Oster Microwaves

How to Maintain Oster MicrowavesKeep It Clean

Keeping your microwave clean is not a chore but a necessity. A dirty microwave can be damaging to the food you place inside it. Bacteria can thrive in a moist environment, and food leftover from previous meals can lead to odors that will taint any future food you cook.

Also, regular cleaning can help prevent food smells and mold from growing inside your microwave and avoid costly repairs. Likewise, cooking hot dogs, popcorn, or bacon can splatter grease inside the oven, leading to odor and stain buildup. You can reduce or eliminate odors by running a cleaning cycle with hot water on the Heavy cycle.

Prevent Door Damage

The Oster microwave door is susceptible to damage when the microwave is moved around too much. Doughy food that has dried onto the door can cause cracking and peeling, inviting more damage. The best way to keep this type of damage from happening is to put a piece of wax paper or any other type of plastic to cover your dishes.

Dont Run it Empty

Dont run it empty. You’ve probably seen people in your office running their microwave for about 15 to 20 seconds to get rid of the leftover food smell. It’s not only a waste of time and energy, as youre probably still smell some remnants of that leftover food even after you turn off your microwave, but it can also damage the appliance. 

Think about it. There’s food inside, which means there’s moisture. When food is heated up beyond what is safe for consumption, it releases moisture into the air in steam. Now, if you leave all that moisture inside the microwave when youre not using it, it will ruin the machine by causing a buildup of internal rust and shortening the life span of its heating element and other parts. 

Dont overweight

Many people overload their microwaves. If you have a microwave that is portable enough to move around (works on countertops or can stand on end), put it in an area of your home where it will be undisturbed, particularly if it has a turntable. 

Oster microwaves should be allowed to cool upright in the room used. It is advisable to leave them alone for a few minutes so that parts can come to a full stop. And never pick up an Oster microwave by its cord or touch the inside of the microwave while it is hot, even when you might think the microwave has cooled down completely.

Avoid Surges

Surging happens when the microwave’s filter gets clogged up with dust, lint, and other particles. It can affect the performance of your appliance and cause heating unevenly. 

There are two ways to avoid surges: High altitude users (above 3,000 feet) should always use the “high-altitude” setting on their microwave’s control panel within 2 minutes of cooking, or they will likely experience inconsistent heating. 

Also, cleaning the outside is a great way to prevent surges because it allows your microwave cleaner to more effectively reach into the minute internal crevices where dust can gather.

Is Oster a good brand of microwave?

Oster is a brand of microwave that provides good quality and economical microwaves to customers. This brand is popular because of its good reliability and service. Most of these Oster micro ovens are easy to use, durable, and have many useful features.

Also, whether you need a compact microwave to save counter space or a large microwave from reheating multiple portions, Oster should be able to meet your needs.

How long should a Oster Microwave last?

How long should a Oster Microwave lastHow long an Oster microwave should last depends on the product owner. If you are a homeowner, the microwave will probably be used once a day at the most. If you are cooking for a large family or serving many guests throughout the day, you might find yourself using it more frequently.

In general, microwaves will have a longer lifespan if used at least once a day. As of 2010, seven out of 10 microwaves sold were over four years old at installation time. Microwaves are often used daily, so expect seven to eight years out of one. However, this figure can vary depending on the model and how frequently it is used. 

What usually goes wrong with microwaves?

Several issues can cause your microwave to stop functioning correctly, ranging from the power supply being faulty to failure by the microwave itself. Common problems include no power or a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, overheating or burning, various smells inside the oven, food or water leaking into the microwave area, or other functions not working properly.

The door is another issue; if you open an oven door repeatedly during the cooking process, the efficiency of your microwave will be affected. Once it performs less effectively, you may notice that food doesn’t cook as quickly or uniformly.

Also, a microwave goes bad because of extreme overuse. It short circuits, or the magnetron malfunctions.


In this article, we’ve examined the various Oster microwave models and taken a look at who makes Oster microwaves. It’s important to note that these microwaves will vary in speed and power, depending on the model you choose. In short, there are several great options with Oster if you’re looking for a powerful microwave at an affordable price.

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