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Who Makes Smeta Refrigerator?

Smeta Refrigerators are luxurious living essentials for modern kitchens that allow you to control your cooling units by drawing directly on their surface. It is a superb option to refresh your kitchen. Who makes Smeta refrigerator? Continue reading to get an answer.

SMETA refrigerator is a good and convenient refrigerator for you. The refrigerator’s appearance is elegant, where the white and blue contrast brings it a nice sense of atmosphere. It is pure, quiet in its interior, and safe in its design. So SMETA refrigerator can meet all the demands of the user.

Smeta refrigerator is made by Qingdao Smeta Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. An expert refrigerator manufacturer in China, we provide a wide range of products, including Reach-In Refrigerator, Countertop Refrigerator, Freezer, Ice Maker, and Air Conditioner. Their production capacity is more than 1000 sets of refrigeration equipment each month. 

They have authorized certificates served by the world-famous CCC, GS, and ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. With a wealth of professional experience and advanced technology, Smeta has gained a high reputation from users worldwide.

Smeta was founded in 1994. Now is a domestic leader of deep-freezing machinery manufacturing and exporting, with an annual output value of 35000000 USD. A manufactures refrigerators, freezers, display cabinets, and wine coolers and has more than 200 patent rights.

Is Smeta Refrigerator Good Products?

Who Makes Smeta RefrigeratorSmeta offers a wide range of single, double, and built-in frost-free refrigerators. When choosing a refrigerator, there are a lot of different things to consider, but among the most important are energy efficiency and the number of compartments in which to keep food. 

Smeta refrigerators have many useful compartments, and they can be set at different temperatures. The materials used in manufacturing the refrigerators are durable and look great in any kitchen. It is an energy-efficient appliance that helps you save money and improve your life.

Additionally, they come with shiny finishes, long-lasting life, innovative design, and phenomenal color contrasts to suit everyone’s taste. Most importantly, they have been built on the philosophy of delivering productivity and gaining consumer trust by keeping the future interests of the customers in mind.

Where Is Smeta Refrigerator Made?

Smeta refrigerators come from Qingdao Smeta, a high-tech enterprise specializing in developing and manufacturing refrigerators and freezers in China. With more than 35 years of background and technology development, Smeta offers you the most advanced cooling system and the best experience for cold storage.

As a family-owned company that started with a single appliance store in 1992, Smeta has become one of China’s largest sellers of home appliances—built on a passion for helping customers save money and energy with breakthrough technology and quality products.

Furthermore, with a newly developed, modernized production base, The company has provided superior quality products with competitive prices, OEM service, excellent technical support, on-time delivery, and after-sale services to our customers worldwide.

About The Manufacturer

Smeta Electric Appliances Co., Ltd is a group enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing, sale, and services. The foreign advanced technology and design are especially engaged in TV, microwave oven, refrigerator, and washing machine. 

The company is located in Qingdao City with a beautiful beach, which has a pretty good natural environment, convenient transportation, and an outstanding human resources team.

Smeta Refrigerator Wattage Requirements

Smeta Refrigerator Wattage RequirementsRefrigerator wattage requirements vary greatly according to customer needs and usage patterns. The wattage requirements vary with the degree of refrigeration it provides, the cooling capacity, and how long you run it each day.

A Smeta refrigerator needs about 650 watts. Connect the plugs up and down if your home has a 220-volt line. If you have a 110 line, connect all the plugs down. If you have some microwaves, lamps, or other small appliances in your home, add up their watts and use that number as a starting point for how much wattage you should buy. They are less exact than microwaves and lamps, so you will want to go up by at least 50 watts if the total of the other items is less than 150 watts.         

However, Your Smeta refrigerator should be installed by a professional. Most small (12-inch wide models) of this size can use a 100-200W voltage: 120v ~ 60Hz 15A or a 200-300W voltage: 220v ~ 50Hz 10.5A.

About smeta propane refrigerator

Smeta propane refrigerator is a gas refrigerator with a cooling capacity of 500 watts. It is composed of a material that can resist extreme heat up to 80°C without affecting its structure. It stands out for its features and benefits such as capacity, lightweight, durability, and low power consumption.

The outer body has four color options (black, white, green, and rust), with two doors for left-and-right installation, and it can be opened up to 180º (about 90º at each side) and equipped with a frost-free system; energy efficiency by way of the refrigerant R32, the energy star program label, and an inside temperature indicator.

Additionally, it is ideal for places with no access to electricity. Powered by propane gas, it is extremely efficient and economical. The Smeta refrigerator combines the convenience of a refrigerator with the durability found in freezers designed for outdoor use. It stores food, medical items, temperature-sensitive materials, including vaccines and dialysis fluid, and packaged or high-temperature hazardous materials such as explosives, solvents, and lubricants.

It also comes with an inverter kit for those who wish to install it in an RV or boat, and an internal jumper can switch from AC to DC power supply.

How to Use and Maintain a Smeta Refrigerator


1. Regular clean

Whether a new fridge or an old fridge, the inside and outside of it must be cleaned regularly, smeta fridges have an easy cleaning function, and a stainless steel surface makes it’s easy to be cleaned. Kindly soak the smeta fridge with hot water for 1 hour during the spring and summer to wash off its dirt. 

2. Regular check

Kindly check the water tank and pipes in the refrigerator regularly to ensure there is no leakage of food oil or water inside Smeta fridges; if there is, you should contact them for repair. 

3. Use ventilation

 If possible, please open the door of your Smeta fridges for ventilation for 20 minutes after using meat or fish to avoid a strong smell during a long period of refrigeration.

However, Maintaining your refrigerator is very important to keep it in good working condition. You need to clean the refrigerator once a week because if the refrigerator is not cleaned regularly, bacteria growth chances. Thus, we should clean the refrigerator with vinegar at least once a month to not get spoiled.

Is Smeta Refrigerator Truly Resistant to Fingerprints?

Smeta refrigerators are resistant to prints. The products are specially developed with a fingerprint-proof coating that can withstand all kinds of abuse, including grease and spatter from cooking, and are designed to stay fingerprint-free.

The entire stainless steel surface of the Smeta fridge is treated with a special coating that is smudge, fingerprint, scratch, and bacteria-resistant.

Additionally, fingerprint resistance is key if you have kids since it’s virtually guaranteed to make your appliance look cleaner longer. It helps maintain that nice new appliance look that you want.

However, depending on where and how many fingers are pressed against the smooth stainless steel surface, Smeta fingerprints take longer to be completely visible. According to Smeta, the fingerprint resistance of their appliances is made possible by a specialized coating they use in conjunction with naturally based oils instead of detrimental and toxic chemical coatings used by other manufacturers. 

The key here is to have a consistent and clean natural layer of oil across the entire surface to work properly and look good. So if you get too many fingerprints on the door or around the buttons within a short period (say less than 24 hours), it may appear as if they weren’t cleaned off at all until they dry up and start looking like part of the stainless steel surface instead of being dark spots on top of it.

How to Prevent the Smeta Refrigerator Ice Cube Box from Cracking?

Smeta refrigerator ice cube box suffers from cracking, but it can be solved by following these simple steps. When the ice cube box is new and flawless, it is common to suffer from freezing damage during the process of freezing to prevent the Smeta refrigerator ice cube box from cracking.

One solution to prevent the Smeta refrigerator ice cube box from cracking is placing a few plastic bags between the icebox door and the freezer body before closing the fasteners. It will prevent air from going from the freezer into the icebox.

Additionally, clean the Smeta ice cube box after every use, and clean it with a wet towel. Then make the Smeta ice cube box dry naturally. And then leave it in a ventilated place to dry.

Also, try not to put ice cubes in a single layer on the bottom of the ice cube box; do not put too much food in the freezer at one time; try to drain excess water from food before putting it into the freezer.

Is There Filter Water Available Inside Smeta Fridge

There is filter water available inside Smeta fridges, but it is not available in all the models. Check with your Smeta fridge product description to know more about the availability of this feature in the refrigerators you are planning to buy.

The water purification systems are built into the water dispenser in Smeta refrigerators. It makes very clean and safe drinking water available to you at all times.

Do Magnets Stick to Smeta Refrigerator Doors?

Do Magnets Stick to Smeta Refrigerator DoorsIt depends on how strong the magnet is, but magnets will stick to the door of any Smeta refrigerator.

Smeta refrigerator doors are created using smart materials. They are flexible, moldable, and work great for holding magnets. They can serve another purpose for arts and crafts, home decorations, or workshops to hold metal tools like scissors. 

However, the fridge does not need to be cleaned before placing magnets on the surface. If you place paperclips or pins in the crevices of the fridge, they will also stick.

What Is the Quality of Smeta Refrigerator?

The Smeta refrigerator is the most durable product globally; this refrigerator is light, compact, and very easy to use. 

Smeta refrigerator is equipped with LED light and electronic control. These refrigerators have a strong cooling capacity. It can keep food in good condition for a long time in a low-temperature area. As long as it is well-made, these refrigerators can be used for years to come.

Moreso, the series of these refrigerators is easy to operate, and the clean refrigerating effect is good. However, the construction of the refrigerator is scientific with a combination of constant temperature and quick cooling. It keeps the fresh taste of the cold beer and food, with great reliability and low running cost. It won’t let you down.

How Do You Fill Smeta Ice Maker with Water?

To allow these steps to fill smeta ice maker with water

First, you need to reach the electrical cord provided by the machine and plug it into the socket. 

Second, switch on the main button to keep your device ready for work. 

Third, open the model’s reservoir and plug its end into your bottom hole on the machine. 

Fourth, fill water in it until it reaches maximum point as given in manual and filters cool water, which will freeze down into ice cubes.

Does the Mini-Fridge Have Light Inside?

Smeta mini fridge does not contain light inside. It comes in small and large sizes. Small is 2.9 cubic feet, and large is 4 cubic feet capacity.

However, you can get a LED light outside the fridge, light when opening the door. With this, you can find it easy to use at night. And will be more convenient to provide an outside light.

Smeta Refrigerator Reviews

These reviews can help you select the best fridge for you.

SMETA 12V Volt Refrigerator

No products found.

Features and Specifications

This Refrigerator keeps your food and drinks cool while traveling. This fridge uses less energy than a microwave and is powered by your vehicle’s cigarette lighter plug. Perfect for office and home use.

It is perfect for campers, RVs, and the RV’er that lives in their RV because it doesn’t run up your precious electric bill at home. Weigh less than 15 pounds, easy to transport, and simple to use.

You dont have to be burning fuel or lugging around a big gas or propane-fueled appliance. The fridge with 12V Volt Refrigerator works in virtually any vehicle with a 12-volt outlet. It is self-contained and portable, and no special installation is needed.

It also has a digital control panel, stainless steel door, and removable basket that stores up to 6 bottles or cans. This mini-fridge is covered in durable, high-quality carpeting and features 7 cu—ft of storage space to keep your food safe and fresh.

Furthermore, Its thermoelectric cooling system does not consume valuable energy during operation, so the unit is useful for places where the electricity supply is limited or costly.

The refrigerator comes with a 12 volt, 150-watt power inverter. The condenser fan is mounted on the back surface of the refrigerator, while the compressor and cooling plate are mounted internally on top of the refrigerator.

It has an LED light integrated into the power indicator to give power status.

SMETA 36 Inch French Door Refrigerator

This model features a 5°C faster-freezing technology which significantly reduces the freezing process, and the fresh food keeps its original texture, taste, and nutrition for longer periods. Other advantages include an increased storage capacity and a new refrigerant system that allows for more even cooling of the products.

No products found.

Features and Specifications

It is tall and sleek; the 36-inch French Door Refrigerator looks bigger than it is. The dual climate zones give you room for delicate produce and frozen treats. Plus, there’s a handy covered dairy compartment for your milk and cheese. 

The fridge handles are designed to avoid spills. Its dual evaporators provide even cooling without frost buildup. A three-zone configuration allows you to store vegetables, fruits, and meats at optimal temperatures. It comes in both black and stainless steel finishes complementing any kitchen decor.

Meanwhile, the tall left door leads to the easy-access storage compartment, transparent vegetable, and fruit containers. 

However, the SMETA refrigerator is more than a mere refrigeration unit. It’s a culinary artist with the following functionalities: LED light and reversible door hinges. It also comes with insulated glass, 3 clear freezer drawers, water, and an ice dispenser. It allows you to monitor its settings with the LED temperature controls easily. 

SMETA 36 Inch 22.5 Cu.Ft Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

No products found.

Features and Specifications

It comes with a 10-degree opening door, water and ice dispenser, two humidity-adjustable crispers, a sensor that tells you when you’re low on inventory, and intuitive lighting that shines right where you need it.

Perfect for smaller spaces as you refrigerate up to 13 standard 12 oz cans with the adjustable-width can dispenser and 2 full-width adjustable spillproof glass shelves. With an Energy Star rating, there is the lower power consumption of 167 kWh annually.

It comes with a hidden counter depth storage unit that is just 13 inches deep to provide the extra space you need and the elegant look you want.

Additionally, the pull-out drawers in the refrigerator provide easy access to daily essentials, while large capacity storage on the door keeps frequently used items close at hand. Plus, the LED display is accented by a modern LED light band that lights up your refrigerator when you open the door.

SMETA 12V Compact Fridge Camper Refrigerator

SMETA 12V Compact Fridge Camper Refrigerator is a perfect fridge for cars, trucks, boats, RV, and camping. Whether on a short trip or an outdoor adventure.

No products found.

Features and Specifications

This fridge has the feature of a dual thermoelectric cooling system, multiple power connection outlets, a removable inner basket, and a removable freezer compartment. It is a good choice for boat owners, car owners, truck owners, or anyone who wants to use it.

The lower compartment holds up to 9 cans, and the upper one has sufficient space for drinks and food. It is a 2.5 cubic feet refrigerator with 3 power levels, 200-watt capacity, cool temperature, and interior light. 

Furthermore, it can keep items at a temperature between -18°C to 43°C and has an adjustable thermostat and an on/off switch. This camper refrigerator uses DC12V, 150AH Lead battery system, or 12V power adapter. The fridge has a durable polyurethane finish and brushed stainless steel handles.

It holds up to 24 cans and 14 bottles, with an automatic defrost feature that keeps food cold on hot days, plus a light comes on when you open the door, even in the dark.

SMETA Propane Freezer Gas/Electric Propane Chest Freezer

No electricity is required to run this awesome freezer, so it’s ready to go regardless of your location.

No products found.

Features and Specifications

This freezer can hold up to 20 cubic feet of food and comes with a defrost drain along the back, as well as heat-resistant insulated walls to help keep your food colder for longer.

Its durable double-wall construction keeps temperatures inside stable and ice-free, even in hot weather. 

Also, it features 3 glass doors; an interior LED lighting system, an adjustable thermostat, adjustable shelf brackets, and a removable basket. 

Featuring a thermoelectric cooling system, it runs on either electricity or Propane, making it safer and quieter than other freestanding chest freezers. With an automatic natural defrost system to prevent ice buildup, you don’t have to worry about manually defrosting the unit.

This unit has a full-width glass lid so you can easily see what’s inside without opening the doors, which makes it more energy efficient. This model meets Energy Star standards, so it can help reduce your energy costs while saving you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are propane fridges worth it?

Propane fridges are great since they use gas cartridges instead of electricity to power the fridges, which is a lot more convenient, and some even state that the food tastes fresher. Many people like using a propane fridge since it’s cheaper, more eco-friendly, and you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet since you can use them anywhere.

Is a propane refrigerator cheaper than an electric?

It depends upon the location of your refrigerator and the price of electricity in your area. If you currently have an electric refrigerator, then yes, it’s likely that a propane refrigerator would save you money.

Propane tanks are relatively inexpensive and can be refilled at Home Depot or other big-box stores rather than being thrown away. Energy Star estimates that a propane fridge costs about $0.02 per kilowatt-hour compared with $0.03 per kilowatt-hour for an electric model.

In general, Propane is an alternative to electricity. And still less expensive than an electric refrigerator.

Do all propane refrigerators need to be vented?

Not all propane refrigerators need to be vented. It depends on the make and model, as propane refrigerators are becoming more and more popular today. Typically, if the refrigerator has a large enough vent, it will not need to be vented. Unfortunately, there aren’t many specific rules that can be followed when deciding if your refrigerator needs to be vented or not.


Your question on who makes Smeta refrigerator has been well answered as the brand offers a simple and easy to use control panel refrigerator, giving you and your family precisely what you want when you want it and meeting your indoor and outdoor cooling needs


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