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Who Makes Whynter Freezers?

Whynter freezers are amazing, so you want to buy one. But which one should you buy? I’m going to tell you about who makes Whynter freezers that I’veI’ve tested and reviewed so you’ll be able to make an informed purchase decision.

The Whyte Corporation makes Whynter freezers. The Whyte Corporation was founded in 1938 under American Refrigerator and Mechanical, Incorporated – eventually shortened to AMRI. From 1972 until 1985, AMRI was a part of American Standard Companies, Inc., and then became an independent company once again.

They are a leading manufacturer of high-performance freestanding, under-counter, and built-in refrigeration equipment. 

Are Whynter Freezers Good?

Are Whynter Freezers GoodWhynter freezers are suitable as they have excellent quality. They produce almost no noise refrigerators, and their design is efficient and optimum. They are not easily damaged, and repair work is not expensive.

Their premium quality products combine the latest technology with solid construction and flawless finishes. The combination of advanced door hinge technology, convective airflow, and cutting-edge insulation designs offer refrigerators makes their freezer among the most energy-efficient refrigerator in the market.

Furthermore, Whynter freezers are an excellent solution for storing and transporting fish, seafood, and meat product on game-day. The deli-style design also allows food to be easily accessed and arranged in trays or containers of your choosing.

Their high-quality, double-walled construction provides effective insulation from the outdoors, and their frost-free operation saves on defrosting costs.

Who Makes Whynter Freezers?

Whynter is a full-service company with the ability to design and build customized solutions that fit your needs. They produce three lines of freezers, including insulated, regular, and commercial.

They also specialized in the design and development of high-performance freezers to store vaccines, blood products, and other biologics. 

Whynter manufactures its line of technologically advanced freezers. These are optimized for life preservation while minimizing space requirements and energy consumption.

Where are Whynter freezers Made?

Whynter is a US brand of deep freezers first manufactured in 1979, but you may know them for their black color. The company was formed by two cousins, David and Dan Whynter, originally from Nebraska. 

Today, Whynter manufactures a range of upright and chest freezers, including the CF-180E upright freezer.

The company operates in a modern facility located in California that has been certified to comply with the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard. They also comply with strict FDA and USDA food safety guidelines. Whynter freezers meet all local and national electrical, fire protection standards & do not use any hazardous ingredients or materials within their products.

More so, the company proudly upholds its motto: “Built to last forever.” Their kitchen appliances come in different colors, styles, and sizes that meet a personalized need for every kitchen. They provide various residential freezer models such as chest freezers, upright freezers, under-counter freezers, and more. Each model has distinguishing features that determine how short or long it can last for you.

However, Whynter realizes its dream of “bringing happiness to customers worldwide” with a professionally skilled workforce and advanced technology.

About The Manufacturer

Whynter has one of the best quality freezers available. Each unit is built with impeccable attention to detail and is designed for maximum energy efficiency. 

The company can provide affordable and dependable products that outlast other brands by using innovative technology and superior construction methods.

Whynter Freezers Wattage Requirements

Whynter Freezers Wattage RequirementsThe power is affected by the size and the model. You can take something between 50 watts and 400 watts as a general index, but this is not very accurate. In reality, you need at least 100 watts for a medium-sized freezer.

But generally, when selecting a Whynter freezer, it is essential to consider the size of the freezer you need and the frequency of usage. The wattage needed is determined by the size of the unit and the amount of time that it will be used. 

Types of Whynter Freezers

Deep Freezers

Whynter Deep Freezers come in different models and are available in various sizes. They are designed to make storage easy, with features such as; an extra-large capacity for storing lots of food, removable shelves for washing up, handy storage compartments on the door, and plenty of space inside to fit tall containers.

Their energy efficiency is such that it could save up to 40% on electricity cost and are known for their durability and standard features. Every Whynter freezer comes with an electronic thermostat, fast freeze plugs, and stainless steel hinges. Whynter deep freezers provide you with more room to store foods safely than a regular frost-free refrigerator.

Mini Freezers

Whynter mini freezers are ideal for storing frozen food samples and keeping laboratory specimens at a constant temperature. It provides commercial and home users with a large selection of high-quality mini freezers.

The mini freezers can be easily placed in dorms, labs, and classrooms. Their compact size (7″” H x 15 1/2″” W x 10 5/8″” D) fits easily into small spaces. Three double-sided shelves and handles on the lids of all Whynter models make it easy to organize your foods and other items, while their sealed construction prevents cross-contamination.

However, these mini fridge freezers are great alternatives to ice boxes and coolers whether you need a freezer for your boat, camper, RV, or just as extra freezer storage at home; Whynter mini fridge freezers are cost-effective and efficient.

Upright Freezers

Whynter Upright Freezers are economical and efficient for storing large amounts of frozen goods. They can also be used as a cold storage unit. Cold storage temperatures range from -1°F to 24°F. Polyurethane insulation provides you with energy efficiency, proven durability, and reliability.

All models feature the latest in energy-saving design and components. Each upright is designed to meet your needs with available cubic foot capacities ranging from 6.5 to 300+. 

Additionally, every Whynter upright freezer is constructed of 26 gauge cold rolled steel with 18 gauge recessed top and bottom edges. They are insulated with a 95% reusable, high-density polyurethane foam that has been pressure tested for frost retention at minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 24 hours. 

Also, the line is equipped with a multi-stage refrigeration system and heat strip model, meaning that the cold in the freezers will last longer.

Portable Freezers

Whynter’sWhynter’s line of portable chest freezers is designed to help you organize your home and prepare nutritious meals for your family. Whynter freezers are available in various sizes so that you can choose the model best suited for your needs. 

Every Whynter freezer includes an automatic defrost system that ensures efficient performance and long-term durability, adjustable air vents to control the interior temperature, interior light to illuminate stored items, and many other convenient features.

How to Use and Maintain Whynter Freezers

1. Plug the freezer into a grounded electrical outlet that is easily accessible. 

2. Run water through the water line and refrigerator lines at least twice a month to ensure the smooth operation of the icemaker. 

3. Be sure the ice cubes are clean by filtering regularly or scraping off any gunk around it.

However, To maintain your freezer, you should wash it out with a solution of water and vinegar. It will get rid of any odors and mineral or lime deposits. 

Do not use harsh chemicals, and do not scrub the inside of your freezer as you may scratch the finish and dull the appearance of your freezer. 

It is also essential to ensure that all seams are sealed to prevent moisture from getting into your freezer.

Whynter Freezers Reviews

Whynter has a wide array of options sure to suit your needs. Here is their top product review.

Whynter FM-45G 45 Quart Portable Refrigerator

No products found.

Features and Specifications

The Whynter FM-45G is a compact, portable, propane-powered refrigerator that holds 45-quarts of food or beverages.

The Whynter FM-45G features a 45-quart capacity that’s perfect for chilling drinks and food. The thermoelectric cooling system requires no compressor. Just plug it in for an instant cool. 

It includes a low power indicator, a temperature range of 20°F – 39°F, three-level glass shelves which can slide out, a removable plastic cover that makes cleaning easier, and comes with removable plastic cover.

It also features two full-width adjustable wire shelves and comes complete with a convenient carry handle that makes transport, retrieval, and lifting a breeze.

The freezer runs at six amps draws .8 kilowatts of power. It is perfect for tailgating and dorms.

Other convenient features include a temperature range of 32°F to 54°F, stainless steel wire shelves, and a built-in can rack that provides space for cans, bottles, and jars.

Whynter Black CUF-301BK

No products found.

The Whynter CUF-301BK is an energy-efficient cooler with impressive cooling capabilities. You can use the refrigerator as a stand-alone unit or as an addition to your existing wine cellar.

Features and Specifications

It features a built-in handle and wheels on the back, allowing you to move it from room to room quickly.

Energy star rated to save energy and money with removable wire baskets.

It comes with an adjustable thermostat that lets you dial the exact temperature you want.

It features a durable stainless steel interior, LCD digital control panel, door alarm, auto defrost system, and larger capacity for holding more food than an average 32-inch refrigerator.

The freeze drawer can hold up to 40 pounds of frozen food, and the durable polyurethane insulation will maintain a consistent temperature for years to come.

In addition to the refrigirator’s sleek and modern design, the stainless steel wire shelves allow for easy clean-up.

Whynter FM-901DZ Refrigerator

No products found.

Features and Specifications

With an adjustable temperature range of 32 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the Whynter FM-901DZ refrigerator is at home inside your RV or boat or your dorm room and kitchen. 

The durable door is both water and dust-resistant and will open 180 degrees to keep things organized, while the castors on the bottom allow you to roll it out at any time.

Its refrigeration system can hold up to 23 bottles, while the bottom freezer compartment gives easy access to ice and chilled beverages.

The fully adjustable thermostat allows you to set your temperature between 32°F-68°F, making it perfect for all foods. It also comes with interior light, removable racks, a 2-liter bottle holder, and universal casters for easy mobility during in-between use.

A fully-insulated lid and walls are designed to maintain ideal temperatures even when it’s sitting open for extended periods.

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

No products found.

Features and Specifications

This compact top mount refrigerator comes in Stainless Steel, making it a stylish addition to your patio or office, while its removable 2-gallon water reservoir makes it easy to replenish.

It can hold up to 50 – 60 cans and a removable shelf for allowing tall bottles, friendly controls that let you know when it’s time to chill the unit, and all the suitable options for chilling beer, soda, water, or wine.

It has an adjustable thermostat as the freezer runs at 25 degrees F to keep beverages and frozen snacks cool.

The fridge can keep your drink at the perfect temperature with its reversible door, spacious shelves, and adjustable shelves. 

Whynter BOR-326FS Refrigerator

No products found.

The Whynter BOR-326FS is one of the most powerful mini-refrigerators on the market, capable of fast chill cycles and an exact temperature range. An entirely stainless steel body keeps everything inside cool and fresh.

It is a 2.6 cubic ft built-in or freestanding, all-refrigerator that can be used for many applications, including a countertop backup refrigerator, recirculating medical refrigeration unit, keg cooling unit, and more. 

This versatile and user-friendly refrigerator has dual heavy-duty hinges and easy-to-clean stainless steel shelves. A wide range of temperatures from the -8F to 32F allows you to use the Whynter Refrigerator in any situation.

You can save energy with this Energy Star certified refrigerator, which features automatic defrost. The large capacity interior can hold up to 24 12-oz cans, and the compact design fits easily into smaller spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Whynter wine cooler not cooling?

If your Whynter wine cooler is not cooling, first check the float switch to see if it’s intact. The float switch will stop the cooling process if there is enough water in the chiller. If it is intact, remove the top panel, and using a wet towel, wipe down the condenser (the round part on the back of the unit) for 15 to 20 minutes. Reset the fridge before putting items back inside and check for any air leaks. To ensure that your wine cooler will maintain a consistent temperature, try turning it up one notch on the thermostat, and check back in 24 hours.

Whynter wine cooler temperature flashing?

Your wine cooler is working properly. The flashing temperature light is a reminder to set the correct temperature. This flashing light will not turn off until the unit is at the correct setting.


To help you out with your decision, I have helped you out with who makes Whynter freezers and their freezers on the market right now. Choose whichever suits best and let yourself be happy once you decide to buy a freezer.


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