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How To Sharpen A Vegetable Peeler – 2022 Reviews

VEGETABLE PEELER is perfect for peeling apples, potatoes, carrots, and other fruits or vegetables. It can be easily inserted into potatoes to remove eyes–making the potatoes look like new ones. It can be used to decorate foods with various patterns when peeling fruits and vegetables. If the peeler blade gets blunt this page on How to sharpen a vegetable peeler will help you get your vegetable peeler working again.

Vegetable peelers are also known as swivel peelers. They can be found in most kitchens and are the tool used to prepare vegetables and fruits. How to sharpen a vegetable peeler is a skill every cook should know; it will keep cooking simple and easy by allowing you to slice things without the need to spend extra money quickly.

Whenever you prepare dinner, you use a peeler to peel vegetables. Unfortunately, after just a few months of use, the vegetable peeler becomes dull, and it becomes much more challenging to peel vegetables. For you to avoid this problem from happening, it is important to learn how to sharpen a vegetable peeler.

Guide to sharpening and maintaining VEGETABLE PEELER

Here is your guide to sharpening and maintaining one of your most-used kitchen tools. Sharp vegetable peelers cut better and are safer to use than dull ones. Though a peeler is disposable, like all things, there are ways to lengthen its life by sharpening it properly.

Most vegetable peelers are made of inexpensive, mass-produced steel that dulls quickly. But this seemingly unimportant kitchen tool is actually something you use quite often when cooking, and this can be very frustrating not to have a working one. But don’t worry! There is an easy way to sharpen even the cheapest of metal peelers. It’s easy to do and only costs pennies, so check out the full instructions below.

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How to sharpen a vegetable peeler

How to peel with a vegetable peelerYou can use different methods to sharpen a vegetable peeler; you can use the machine method by getting shops that use machines to sharpen metal objects. But it can be very easy with the right method and step to do it yourself manually. We will be giving you the different methods you can use.

Method 1

This seems to be the simplest method but depends on the kind of vegetable peeler that you are using. If you use a peeler with a systematic blade, it can be very easy to do; with a double side blade, you can only use one side till it gets dull, and if you want to sharpen the dull side, all you have to do is to turn the blade around for you to start using the sharp side as you will need to leaving the dull side to sharpen itself after some time.

No special or advanced tool needs to do this, especially when the peeler is of two sides, and you only used one side of it. And also, removing the blade and turning it around can be possible if there is a removable arch over the blade.

Method 2

You can simply use a metal nail file to sharpen the dull vegetable peeler; you just have to be very careful when doing this. To sharpen the whole length of the blade, you will move the file from one end of the dull blade to the other. This is how you will continue moving the file till you get the desired result.

Method 3

Another method you can be used is by using a flat stone on the blade. Just get a flat stone and a slip stone; move the flat to over the edge of the dull blade you want to sharpen, then do that for some minute before you use the slip stone to remove the burr in the peeler.

This looks very convenient and easy with any meatal tools or special skills. The stones you need can be gotten around you if you can take your time to search around.

Method 4

This method looks technical but simple if you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Use a marker to color the side of the blade you want to sharpen

Step 2: Place a perper directly under the blade

Step 3: Get a flat diamond file and place it on the cutting edge of the blade; move it from one end to the other end of the blade cutting edge 10 times.

Step 4: Turn the peeler over to the other side of it for you to be able to sharpen the other blade by using the same process from steps 1 – 3.

Step5: Test what you have done by using the peeler to peel fruit; if it’s doesn’t the way you want it to, then you will need to repeat the steps till you get what you want.

Method 5:

This is one of the easiest methods as you only need a Kitchen knife to get the job done. Put the knife in your right hand as you have the vegetable peeler in your left hand. Move the knife-edge over the edge of the vegetable peeler blade. Do this a couple of times before you do the same to the second blade.

You can test what you have done by trying to peel a fruit if it works well good and if not, you will still need to repeat the process.

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Types of Peelers 

Swivel Peeler

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The Swivel Peeler has a rounded tip that is perfect for peeling fruit and vegetables. It is made from stainless steel; this clever kitchen tool features a unique rotating blade that makes peeling a breeze – twist to rotate the blade in the opposite direction, then peel to your heart’s content.

The peeler can be used left or right-handed. It features a soft-touch handle for a comfortable grip and has a blade that will not discolor or absorb odors.

Lancashire Peeler

The Lancashire Peeler is distinguished by its fixed blade and rounded potato-peeling blade. The blade swivels 360° to provide clearance while peeling wide root vegetables. Each knife is handmade in England with a traditional beechwood handle that requires no special treatment or maintenance.

The Lancashire Peeler can peel carrots, potatoes, apples, and other things. In the past, the Lancashire was used to peel potatoes for potato chips, and now your grandchildren are enjoying chips that their Lancashire Peelers have peeled.

Y Peeler

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Y Peeler features a sharp carbon steel blade that cuts on medium to light pressure. It is easy to control and maneuver while peeling with an ambidextrous grip, and with its one-of-a-kind raised spherical handle; it is easy to maintain and operate while peeling.

The handle is comfortable and has a soft grip so that you can work for hours without hand fatigue. Each type of YY’-shaped peeler is made from a single piece of stainless steel and is heat resistant up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit

Julienne Peeler

You’ll never want to peel with any peeler other than this once you get your hands on the Julienne Peeler. This classic design lets you strip vegetables, make garnishes, and easily create fun garnishes for drinks.

 It features a sturdy handle and a razor-sharp blade to remove thin strips of skin from fruits and vegetables that are perfect for garnishing salads or serving with drinks. It can also be used as a vegetable peeler, perfect for peeling carrots, potatoes, and apples.

It’s sharp enough to cut through carrots, potatoes, and other root vegetables yet won’t cut your fingers.

Speed Peeler

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Speed Peelers are the fastest, safest, and most effective way to peel a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. It’s that easy! Our patented design lets you peel a tomato in 10 seconds, an apple in 20 seconds, or 5 potatoes in less than 1 minute. 

It works equally well on both the right and left-handed you can turn vegetables into tasty dishes for family and friends with virtually no waste.

The product is designed with a protective box guard, which prevents you from cutting yourself while using it.

Serrated Peeler

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The serrated peeler brings speed and eases to your kitchen experience, with a wide and smooth blade that easily pulls fruits and vegetables from their skins.

It has a blade that can be sharpened for years of use. It works well for peeling carrots, potatoes, or other root vegetables.

Finger / Hand Peeler

A finger peeler is ideal for peeling as you go and peeling small quantities. Changing the blade is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

The simplest and most ancient way of peeling fruit and vegetables is with your fingers. Despite the decline in popularity, it is still widely used in many countries worldwide. 

Vegetable Peeler Uses

how to sharpen a vegetable peelerUsing a vegetable peeler is an ideal way to quickly remove the skin of various vegetables and fruits without damaging the flesh. Our vegetable peelers can be used on their own or in conjunction with other kitchen utensils for more intricate tasks. Some recipes even recommend that you peel your carrots before slicing them into your desired shape.

How to Use Vegetable Peeler 

How to peel with a vegetable peelerThe only thing steps you need to take are by just holding the vegetable peeler on the food/fruit with one hand and pull the trigger with your other hand. And thanks to some vegetable peeler that comes with a compact and space-saving design, You can store this vegetable peeler anywhere after use.

You can also follow these simple steps:

If you want a thin slice of peeling, you will need to apply little pressure when peeling off the vegetable skin. The more pressure you put into this, the thicker the sliced skin will be. 

After every use does make sure you clean the vegetable peeler; it not advisable to wash through the dishwasher machine, and it can damage it and make the blade get blunt quickly.

Allow the peeler to dry before storing it, and don’t store it in a wet place to prevent the blade from rusting.

Do Vegetable Peelers Get Dull

Yes, the sharpness of the blade diminishes over time due to the high friction between the blade and the peeler. 

However, all peelers have sharp edges which become dull with repeated use. The secret to a long life for any vegetable peeler is to keep it clean and sharp by carefully using a sharpening rod. This simple tool will help you extend the life of your cutting edge and ensure that you are safe while you do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can potato peels be sharpened?

Yes, potato peels can be sharpened, but it takes a very unconventional sharpener to do so. It revives the same knife that chopped potatoes by making it possible to shave the even thicker food skin off.

Do peelers get dull?

The peeler’s blade runs on precision bearings and is sharpened to a fine edge. As you use the peeler, it will lose its ability to grip the item you are peeling and may become dull faster. Occasionally you’ll notice that it doesn’t glide effortlessly as when it was new. That’s when you will need to sharpen the blade of the peeler. 

How long should a vegetable peeler last?

Vegetable peelers are designed to last for years, but eventually, they do break. Typical vegetable peelers can be subject to the wear and tear of heavy use year after year. Those same peelers could also be sharpened, or the blades interchanged for different peeling tasks.

How do you sharpen a dull peeler?

Just sharpen the peeler blade with a standard metal file. This will restore the original sharpness and make peeling easier. You can use a nail file, stone, or knife. All you need to do is to try getting and use the above-mentioned tools against the dull blade edge till it gets sharpened.

Can you sharpen coated knives?

Coated knives are a great investment for those who lack the time and motivation to maintain their beloved wooden-handled knives. If your coated knives get dull, Yes, you can sharpen them. We recommend using a diamond sharpening stone or a ceramic sharpening rod.


A dull vegetable peeler is annoying. A sharp one is so much easier to use. If you’re not sure how to sharpen a vegetable peeler, it’s easier than you think. We created the above steps on how to sharpen a vegetable peeler without going through the hard way. Get that dull peeler working like new, and turn those veggies into beautiful thin slices again with less effort and time.

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