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Do you need a Ninja bl770 mega kitchen system? 2022 Top Review

Having a blender that you can use to makes different kinds of drinks and meals like dessert frozen, and a smoothie can be very challenging as few blenders are multipurpose in functionality by having a food processor and a blender in the machine. One of the very few blenders with these functions is Ninja bl770; It’s a mega kitchen system that works.

Do you want a blender that also serves as a food processor? Ninja bl770, with a stylish and sleek designhas a large container and two smaller jars for personal use, and a food processor for processing your food. With a 1500-Watt motor, the blender blade is sharp and strong with total Crushing Technology to blend tough ingredients, easy to use, and clean as all components are dishwasher safe.

Getting a blender like this will save you some cost as you will reduce your spending on three items to just one with a combination of the 72-ounce pitcher, an 8-cup food processor bowl, and two 16-ounce Nutri-ninja cups. This is a complete blending tool made with BPA-free material. 

The blender is not a perfect machine to make hot soup, but even at that, it’s still a great addition to your kitchen.

ninja bl770 mega kitchen system

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Ninja BL770 Review – Buyer’s Guide

ninja bl770 review

Container and Additional Jar

The main container is large with a liquid capacity of 64 oz; the jar has a spout where you can pour out content without spilling off. It has an Auto-IQ function that makes the container fit for fo all speed levels. These two 16oz jars can be detected by the blender’s base for a singular serve speed to blend your ingredients.


The blade does so well in crushing and pulverizes anything you put into the container without leaving any part untouched, like turning ice to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies.

 It is removable and also dishwasher safe. The extra cups and food processor container with the blender has a separate blade attached to them. You can also hand wash the blade in warm water with soap with a lot of care which touching its edge to avoid your hand being cut.

Lid cover

You don’t have to worry when blending as the lid cover remains tight to the container; it has an arrow attached to it that hooks the arrow on the container edge. The lid design is different from the regular ones you see on other brands as you will have to raise the serving beak to add any extra ingredient when blending. The locking lids are for safety and to prevent waste.

Blinding Speed

There are five preset settings on the blender’s base high, medium, low, pulse, and single-serve button. The dough is what you use if you are to smash ingredients, crush setting is what you use when you want a smooth and refined blending.

Easy to clean

To clean the blender comes with ease as all removable components are dishwasher safe. You can wash the blade separately as all you have to do is to remove it.

Motor Power

When it comes to motor power, this blender is one of Ninja blender the highest motor power with 2.2 horsepower, making the blender so strong to crush any ingredient to your desire text in seconds.

 As a result, it releases a loud noise between 95-97 decibels when blending on its highest speed level. You can reduce the noise by placing the blender on a rubber mat or a folded towel to reduce the blender vibration contributing to its noise.


The blender on it is a multifunctional machine with the capacity to grind ingredients and be converted into a food processor. This is made possible with the included 62 oz food processor bowl alongside the blender jar.

 Two single-serve cups come with a blender, which can be used to prepare personal drinks and smoothies. You can make pizza and smoothies with the same blender, though with a different processing container.

Easy to Use

Nothing is complicated about using BL770; it has a simple control panel with clearly indicated touch buttons for users’ convenience. There is no special skill needed to put the blender to work.

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Ninja BL770 Parts

Ninja bl770Many parts of this blender can be replaced, ranging from the blender’s jar to the blade.

Joyparts Replacement Parts Blade

This blade is only designed to work with Ninja bl770. The blade is made with hardened stainless steel with plastic housing. It works explicitly best with a 16 oz sing cup.

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Frequently Asked Question

Are Ninja blender parts interchangeable?

Ninja blenders can be similar in terms of design and functionality, which are very few differences. Still, when it comes to their part being interchangeable, one has to be sure if the model parts are compatible.

Does the Ninja Blender have a lifetime warranty?

Ninja is known for its one-year warranty for its blenders; the warranty doesn’t cover a live time but just for a single year. Ninja blenders can last for years if properly maintained.

Do ninja blades get dull?

If you use your Ninja blender frequently, the blade can get dull. There are several ways to get the blade back to its original state, but two are common: sharpening by hand and buying a replacement.

How many watts is the Ninja BL770?

Ninja bl770 is one of the brand blenders with a powered base for blending tough ingredients. Its comes with two horsepower motor with 1500 watt. You can blend ingredients and make your favorite smoothie and juice with this blender.

Are Ninja blenders good?

Ninja blenders come with functional features and durable components. Its designs are modern with innovations to meet the needs of users. The blender base is strong with a powered motor that speeds up its blade.


There is no need to worry about getting a blender for yourself as everything you need is available on the internet. Just identify what you need a blender for, then look for a perfect blender to meet those needs. If you need a blender that can also serve as a food processor, then Ninja bl770 mega kitchen system is an ideal match for you, with additional single served cups to meet your personal needs.

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