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Can Oster pro 1200 be interchange with a food processor container?

Oster has been a household name in the kitchen world since they started producing Osterizer in the ’90s; their blenders are known for their versatility and high performance in blending. Out of their hundreds of products, Oster Pro 1200 is another blender that stands out with Advance technology and affordability.

Are you looking for a pre-programmed blender?Oster Pro 1200 comes with smart features like a 7-speed setting that includes 3 smart programmed settings; it is powered with a 1200 watt motor with a double-directional technology with an extra-wide 3.5-inch blade capable of crushing tough ingredients like salsa, nut, greens, and ice. The blender’s reverse motion function makes it possible to blend ingredients faster and smoothly to your desired texture.

Then blender blade grinds ingredient with precision and also draw ingredients to itself for perfect blending. It can be used with an Oster food processor attachment making it a multipurpose blender; the 48-ounce glass jar makes it looks very modern and good for glass lovers. The glass container doesn’t react or leach into food like some other plastic container.

Cleaning the blender after every use is easy as the blender jar is dishwasher safe, though because the container is glass, it’s advisable to wash it with hand. The blender blade is removable, making it easier to clean the blender. The blender also includes a 24-ounce blending cup that you can take along with you anywhere, which is dishwasher safe too.

oster pro 1200 blender

Oster Pro 1200 Blender

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Oster Pro 1200 Blender Reviews

oster pro 1200 blender reviewsPerformance

Oster pro-1200 comes with 3 pre-programmed settings that can be used in making salsa, smoothie, and milkshakes. All you need to do is put your ingredient into the blender container, press the programmed setting you want, and leave the blender to do its job. Its double direction gives more efficiency and smoother blending as no part will be left untouched.

The blender might not be able to prepare hot soap, but you can pour hot ingredients into the glass jar for blending, make sure you open the lid cover at an interval to avoid pressure build-up.


There is no difficulty in using this blender as anyone with basic knowledge can operate it; the button is already clearly marked and simple to understand and use to avoid guesswork. You can prepare salsa or milkshake using any blending guide.

To put the blender to work, you will have to fix the blade to the jar before putting it on the blender base, be careful when putting the blende apart after usage, so you won’t cut your hand when trying to remove the blade.

Base power

The base is designed to be sturdy with a 1200 watt for blending and 900w for icebreaking; it is not too heavy and can be pushed around on the countertop. You can’t wash the blae under running water, but you can clean it easily with a towel. To prolong the life span of the motor, always add water to your ingredient, as it will make it easier to blend instead of blending with force.


The container is made with temperature-resistant glass that can withstand heat and pressure. The boro glass sturdy and doesn’t leach any chemical substance into food; after blending, washing is as easy as just rinsing it with clean water. The other cup that comes with the blender is made with a BPA- free plastic material.


The 6 point blade is also made with stainless steel material; it is very sharp and cuts through fruits and other ingredients with ease. The blade is designed with a dual-direction technology that allows the blade to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise every 10 seconds when blending.

Speed Control

The blender has a three-speed button aside from the pulse button that can be used to blend. The speed levels are low, medium, and high; the ingredient you are blending and how you want it to come out after blending will determine the speed level you will place the blender on. 

The pulse button creates a burst speed power with more control and precision; only press the pulse button for just 30 seconds. The blender will continue with that speed on till you stop pressing the button.


If you have an assigned space, you want to store the blender, then knowing the dimension of the blender before buying will help you. The blender height is 14 inches while the base size is around 7 by 8 inches make the blender a moderate size to fit into modern cabinets. It can be used at the home, kitchen, and in restaurants.

You may always blend cloze to electric source due to the blender short cord; It is not too long for you to be changing blending position at every use`.


The blender base comes with a brushed nickel coating making it beautiful at sight. The boro glass adds to it design as not all blender have a glass jar. The sleek design makes the blender attractive.

Noise Level

If you want a high blending powered blender, you should expect a blender with an average noise level; this is due to the blender’s motor power and speed rate. You can put the blender on a folded towel to reduce the vibration and noise.

Interchangeable Technology

Having a blender that can perform two functions is a plus; this blender can also serve as a food processor. If you get an Oster food processor container, you can easily interchange it with the blender’s jar. The food processor container works perfectly with the blender base.


The blender is manufacture to perform efficiently without fault. The manufacturer places a three-year warranty on the blender plus 10 years limited warranty on all the blender’s metal drive; this doesn’t mean the blender will stop working after these three years. If taken care of, the blender can last beyond five years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 1200 watt blender good?

Any blender that has 1200 watt motor power is capable of blending most ingredients. The motor power is their selling point, and you can be sure of getting value for your money. They are not just good but excellent in terms of blending power.

Are Oster blenders good?

Oster blenders are good, especially the latest models; they come with technological functions like pre-programmed and double rotation blades. Their motor comes with high horsepower to blend tough ingredients; it is built with durable materials.

How many watts should a good blender be?

If you intend to blend different ingredients, the least blender to buy is 600 watts; any blender below will not perform to your expectations. This will save you the stress of wasting money on a blender with low blending power.

Is Oster blender BPA free?

Most Oster jars are made with glass, and the ones with plastic jars are produced with BPA-free materials. Oster is a company that puts its blender users’ health first and won’t sell anything harmful to them.

Can a 700-watt blender crush ice?

The truth is it is practically not possible for a blender with 700 watts to crush ice to snow; the motor power is too small for that. It can be possible with some blender if you add water to it else, the pressure will be too much on the motor, and if it continues like that, it can damage the blender base in the long run.


We have explained everything you need to aid your buying decision above; Oster pro 1200 has a pre-programmed setting with a glass jar. The blender can also serve as a food processor by interchanging the blender’s jar with a food processor container—a highly powered base with a double rotating blade. THE material used in constructing the blender is durable and can last longer than the warranty years if properly maintained.

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