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Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter – 2022 Product Update

Vitamix has made it easy for every individual to make their smoothies and fruit juice at home and in the office. Blender containers might be too big to carry around. That is why Vitamix came up with a Vitamix personal cup adapter that you can move around with after making your favorite drinks without the need to wash the container and extra dishes. Though the complete accessories might be available together, you can get the components separately.

Vitamix blending cup is designed to help you make your concoction without any waste as you will only prepare what you can finish with the cup. It is made with BPA-free plastic and insulating material to prevent leakage and leave your drink cold for a while. It is lightweight, convenient to use, and with a good design for mobility and usage in public places.

This Vitamix blending bowls starter kit is better for blending for yourself without anyone sharing a cup with you. The design fits easily into car cup holders and the fridge door as these accessories only work with Vitamix, the Ascent Series, and Venturist Series. This cup adapter is designed with self-detect technology as it automatically adjusts to the lender base. 

Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

Vitamix blending cup

Vitamix Self-Detect Blending Cup, 20 oz

Going for a distance trip and work is a barrier to having your favorite drink like a smoothie as you can take it along with you anywhere you go. It is with a beautiful design and is constructed to be durable and serve you for a long time. 

It comes with a self-detect technology that allows the blender base to recognize it and adjust accordingly to fit it. The cup is made with BPA-free Eastman Tritan for your health and an insulated interior to keep the meal in it cold for some time. The blending cup can prepare meals like smoothies, fruit and green juice, and salad dressings. 

The tamper design is to allow the cup to fit perfectly into vehicle cup holders and refrigerator doors.


It can only be used with Ascent or Venturist Series blender

Features and Specification

  • 20-ounce Blending Cup
  • Spill-proof lid
  • The cup and lid are dishwasher-safe.


  • It makes the blender adjust blend settings automatically


  • No blending blade base

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Vitamix Ascent Series Blending Bowls

This blender accessory is another innovative accessory from Vitamix; it is meant for people who only need to blend a little. The size is 8-ounce making it a perfect tool to blend tiny ingredients. It is preferable to big containers, especially when you want to blend little garlic or onions quickly.

It comes with 2 blending bowls to make it serve two purposes blending and storing dry ingredients. The blade is designed to redirect ingredients back to the center for a quick and smooth blending. The bowl container also automatically adjusts the blend setting. The container is made with BPA-free material and, at the same time, strong enough to last longer.

It can be used to prepare baby food and make a dip.


It can only be used with Ascent or Venturist Series blenders

Features and Specifications

  • Two 8-ounce Blending Bowls 
  • Two stackable lids
  • It comes with a SELF-DETECT technology
  • The container is dishwasher safe


  • Serve two purpose: blend and store ingredient


  • None

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Vitamix Tamper Holder

Tamper hold is to help you pin your tamper to your blender. Most times, the tamper gets misplaced or falls off in the dirt. With this holder, you can put your tamper where you will find it for your next blending.


Compatible with C-series and G-Series Blenders

Feature and Specification

  •  BPA-Free Plastic
  •  It is Dishwasher safe


  • Give access to both blender and tamper at the same time


  • For household use only

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Advantages of Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

Vitamix blending bowls Beautiful Design

The cup design is beautiful and good-looking when you have content in it. You don’t have to worry about using it in public places or moving around with it. The combination of white and black color makes it neutral to fit any outfit.

Space-saving design

The design is specifically made for individuals with limited cabinet space. With a small space, you can blend and store the cup. Big blender containers always be a nightmare for some people when it’s time to store them.

Small Capacity

It is on the advantage side for those who blend for only themselves alone without waste. With this, you won’t have to wash extra dishes and also you will prevent waste as you won’t blend more than what you can drink.


The cups serve two different purposes as you blend with them and can also serve as travel cups.

Durable Blade

Vitamix doesn’t take a chance with its blade; the cup blade is made with a hardened stainless steel blade. This contributes to the effectiveness of the blade in blending your fruit, ingredient, and greens.

Waste Reduction

Most time, it’s either you over-blend with a big blender’s container, or you blend what won’t be enough for you. This cup is designed to satisfy individual persons on the go. 

Easy to Use

There is no special skill that is needed to operate this cup as it is very easy. All you need to do is fix it with the blender base and start blending. The cup is dishwasher safer to reduce the stress of washing by hand.

The disadvantage of the Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

Vitamix blending bowls starter kit A single size

Users are not given the opportunity to choose from different options as every individual has a different consumption rate, but the user is stuck to just one cup size. It could have been cool if there were several sizes, so buyers could pick the perfect size for themselves.

You prepare the ingredient first.

Due to the fact that you won’t t be able to sort blended drinks but rather for direct consumption, you will need to prepare the ingredient by removing things like seeds before putting them into the cup before blending.

No measurement lines

You will have to get a separate measuring cup to put an ingredient into the cup for measurement’s sake. Measurement labels like the one in the bigger blender container are missing in this Portable blending cup.

Can’t Make Soup

You can’t make Soup with this cup for so many reasons. First, the interior is not vented to the level of withstanding high temperature. It is just not designed for soup making.

Vitamix blending bowl recipes

We may not have plenty of time to prepare a standard meal in the morning before moving out. We have discovered some recipes that you can quickly use with the cup to land your drink/meal without using the stovetop. Below is the listed recipe to use with a vitamin blender cup.

Breakfast Smoothie

You can make a breakfast smoothie of your choice with this cup, and for you to deliver this delicious meal for your self you will need to blend: coconut milk, frozen raspberries, collagen powder, and Hazelnut spread 

Banana Cinnamon Roll Smoothie

You can make this traditional meal as dessert when you add oat to a banana cinnamon roll. The combination of the two delivers quality and rich meals.

Peanut butter banana smoothie

All you need to make this great smoothie is blending oat, banana, protein powder, and nut butter. This meal will keep you fit and energetic for your daily activities.

Creamy green smoothie

This meal not only fulls you but add natural nutrient to your body. Put coconut, mango, and ginger plus avocado and almond milk with a touch of spinach leaves. You will do it all over and over again after the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vitamix have single-serve cups?

Not all Vitamix blenders come with the serving cup, but you will need to buy it as an accessory separately. Single-serve cups only work with the Vitamix ascent series. It is a BPA-free portable size cup with a 20-ounce size. 

Does Vitamix make single-serve blenders?

Vitamix has a model blender that is portable and can serve an individual. It also makes it possible for those with bigger ascent series to be able to use a portable cup with their blended wherever they want to make a personal meal. This cup delivers the same efficiency a bigger container will give.

Is the Vitamix personal cup adapter dishwasher-safe?

The Vitamix cup is dishwasher safe as you can put it into a dishwasher machine rather than going through the hand washing process. This makes the usage easy and stress-free and leaves the cup clean from bacteria and other micro-organisms that may threaten our health.

Can you put the Vitamix container in the fridge?

This singular act is not advisable. You don’t have to use the blender’s container to store food items in the fridge. This singular act will affect the bearing of the blade because of the intense temperature. It’s better to use a different container to store items in the fridge instead of a blender container.

Why does my Vitamix not blend well?

The blender motor horsepower is the first thing to consider before putting ingredients into the container; a blender with small motor power will not blend well, especially when you overload it with the ingredient. The higher the blender’s horsepower, the stronger the blender will crush anything you put into it.


The blender accessories come with a lot of comforts, knowing fully well that you are blending for yourself alone. You must be aware that the Vitamix personal cup adapter only woke best with Vitamix ascent series blenders like A2300, A2500, A3300, and Vitamix venturist blenders. The above review has highlighted major pros and cons that will guide in make a purchase decision

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