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2022 Vitamix Under Blade Scraper -Top Reviews

It has been discovered that some bulky and thick ingredients get stuck under the blade of the blender during and after blending. It then poses a lot of challenges when removing and cleaning the container. These challenges lead to the innovation of Vitamix under blade scraper. This page is intended to review Vitamix blade scraper features and specifications.

Are you looking for under blade scraper? Vitamix under blade scraper comes with a long stem with a unique shape that applies to all blenders. This scraper reaches all hard areas within your Vitamix container; it helps prepare batters and nut butter to get a smooth output. This scraper scoops your blender clean after each use without wasting or leaving anything behind.

Vitamix Under Blade Scraper

Vitamix blade scraper

Vitamix Blade Scraper

The blade scraper allows you to collect complete blended meals from the blender, including those stuck under the blender’s blade. It is compatible with all Vitamix blenders.

It is Lengthy

The scraber is long enough to reach deep and all corners of blender containers. It is 14.75 inches in length.

Easy to use

There is no particular method of using this scraper; all you have to do is use it your way since the goal is to scrape out all ingredients neatly.

Prevent Waste

Since the scraper collects all blended ingredients without leaving any behind, then waste has been minimized. You will be getting at least 98% of your blended ingredient.

Product Specification

  • For full-size Vitamix 
  • blender
  • Well angled to scrape container wall
  • Serve as a cleaning tool
  • Material – BPA-free Nylon
  • Better to be hand washed
  • 1-year full manufacturer’s warranty


  • Scrape thicker blends


  • None

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How to Remove a Vitamix Blade

Vitamix spatulaVitamin is a well-known brand with a reliable reputation and goodwill. They have been manufacturing good blenders with a high-capacity motor that rotates blenders’ blades to speed as tough ingredient needs a high-speed blade to get them to smoothen.

Due to the friction by the blade to prepare meals like hot soup and ice cream, you might need to deep clean the container or remove the blade for replacement. Your vitamin warranty won’t cover any damage made by removing or replacing the blender’s blade. Here is the step to take to remove the blender’s blade:

Step 1

Detach the blender container from the base; after doing this, you will need to turn the container upside down after separating the lid cover from the container.

Step 2

Take a careful look at the bottom of the blender facing up; you will find a large round silver retainer nut. The nut has a wide lip located in the lop across the two slot areas.

Step 3

Put the screwdriver across the lob slot under the container. Let the screwdriver hold firm to the nut.

Step 4

Use your second hand to hold the container firm before you start turning the screwdriver horizontally against the nut.

Step 5

Completely turn the nut until it looks worn out, then you can remove it. Now you can return the container facing up so you could be able to remove the blade, do this with a towel or cloth to avoid your hand being hurt

Now you can replace the blade with a new one and you clean the former dry and carefully fix it back in the same process you removed it 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a Vitamix scraper?

If you are the type that blend thick ingredient you will need a Vitamix scraper, with this, you will be able to collect all your blended component as it will help you have an easy cleaning.

Why is my Vitamix container cloudy?

The discoloration of your crystal clear container might be caused by several factors like minerals from greens and fruit, especially the unripe ones. You can make it turn whiter by soaking it in warm water-vinegar solution for hours, then wipe it with a clean towel.

Can you put ice in a Vitamix?

You can only put ice and get snow through a blender if the blender has a strong horsepower or at least 11-12 amps of power. This will give the blender the force it needed to crush any hard ingredient, including ice.

What can you not put in a Vitamix?

 There are certain things you can’t put into a Vitamix blender. Just as you can put anything inside your blender, things like Dried Fruit or Sun-Dried Tomatoes must not find their way into blenders as they release easily damage the blender blade and discolor the container gradually.

Can I grind spices in my Vitamix?

Vitamix blenders are designed to crush any ingredient. The ones with high horsepower have a better capacity to grind tougher ingredients. And to make what you’re blending more realistic, you can break ingredients into 2 or 3 before blending without wasting plenty.


A Vitamin blender can last you for years without changing the blade, but in the case of ingredients getting stocked under the blender’s blade, you will need Vitamix under blade scraper to remove the remnant and dirt. Regardless of the price, you can be sure of getting the value of your money.

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