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Best water cooler for home 2021- Top 9 reviews

A water cooler is a convenient and healthy way of getting instant refreshing water. It produces hot and cold water for homes, offices, and any public place. Water coolers dispense cold, room temperature, and hot water. The best water cooler for home is durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and comes with other excellent features.

Are you looking for the best water cooler for home? KUPPET Top Loading Water Dispenser is a perfect water cooler and a good alternative to getting drinkable water instantly at a lower cost than buying bottled water regularly. Taking water directly from the tap has been said to be unhealthy as most contain chromium-6, lead, and arsenic, which can be very dangerous to one’s health. Staying hydrated is good, but it is more beneficial to your body system if you take up to the recommended 8 glasses of a cup per day.

 A good water cooler at your disposal can motivate you to keep to that. A water dispenser is portable and a good choice for space-saving and keeping yourself hydrated all day long.  Read the full article to see other top products and buying guide.

Best water cooler for home – Buyers’ Guide

water cooler dispenser for home

1. Avalon Self Cleaning Water Cooler 

Steel bottom water loading cooler is self-cleaning with a creative and innovative stainless steel body. Another unique feature is the 3 water temperature; this allows you to collect the water that suits you at that moment, either cold, room temperature, or hot water.

3 water temperature

It is constructed to allow you to choose the best water temperature for your needs. You can get a crisp cold at approximately 47° F, cool and hot water approximately 185° F from this water cooler machine

Night Light

The inbuilt light up at night to help you see clearly when taking water at night. It also comes with an indicator that tells you when to replace the bottled water when it gets empty.

Children Safety

The safety of younger ones is highly considered, and that’s why a safety lock is provided on the water cooler to help you locate the hot water spout to avoid an accident. It also meets up with UL /Energy Star standard.

Self Cleaning

Cleaning has been automatically done simply with a self-cleaning water dispenser with a cleaning ozone function that sanitizes the water cooler. All you need to do is press a switch to inject ozone to continue enjoying your clean and healthy water.


  • Empty bottle indicator
  • Built-in night light


  • The drip tray get stiff

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2. Aoxun Countertop Water Cooler

This quality countertop water cooler gives tot water within 5mins. And if you prefer room temperature water, then you don’t need electricity to get this. The thick dual tank is constructed to prevent water leakage that might mess everywhere up.

Universal Bottle Base

The battle base and carrier are compatible with 2-5 gallon battle and bolled spring water depending on your choice. It’s easy to see through the transparent bottled water when it is running low as it also comes with a dust-proof base that keeps your water away from any form of contaminant.

Convenient Design

The design is crafted for your ease of usage. The hassle-free spouts are flexible to press also the drip removable drip tray. The body is BPA-free.

Space Saving

For those with a small countertop space of office table, this is the best deal. It’s not bulky and can be move quickly from one table to another with damage. The capacity is up to a 5-gallon bottle of water.


  • Dual water tank
  • Leakage-proof


  • None

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3. Avalon Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler

Avalon countertop water cooler is made to meet every user in terms of clean cold water and hot water. It is accessible to you without any particular method of operating it. You only need to press your cup against the paddle to get any quantity.


These water cooler bottles get their water from the existing household water line connected to it. It saves the cost of buying water. You will still get clean and healthy water through the inbuilt filtration system, plus a carbon block filter that helps you remove contaminants and other impurities from your water.

Dual filtration

The sediment filter and carbon filter serve as the 2 stages of the water filtration process in this water cooler. The filter removes chlorine, lead, rust, and bacteria from the tap water it is connected to it. These two filters will perform excellently for 6 months after filtering 1500 gallons depending on the number of users and rete of water consumption. The carbon and sediment filter are certified by NSF.


Users’ safety, especially the young ones, has been taken care of with the child safety lock on the hot water spout. You don’t have to worry every time you are not close to the water dispenser. The dispenser is UV/Energy Star Approved.


  • Compact size
  • Save hot water flow


  • None

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4. Brio Top Loading Countertop Water Cooler

Brio countertop water cool is well designed with a good and attractive look. It comes with a superior 304 stainless steel and a self-cleaning ozone feature that automatically cleans the cooler without being involved.

Access to Different Water Temperature

Your needs will be met with the tri-temp mode, which provides three water temperatures as cold, room temperature, and hot water. The delivery is instant without delay. Your hydration and domestic needs are covered.

Large Dispense Point

The significant dispense point allows you to use any cup size bottle hassle-free to collect water from the dispenser. The cup can be placed in any position as the space is large enough to accommodate it.

Removable Drop Tray

A drip tray helps you collect every drop of water that drops in taking water from the cooler. It is removable and anti-rust BPA-Free, which allows you to drain the water off as leaving it for too long might breed bacteria.

Safety Lock

You can lock the hot water spout for safety. This feature will prevent accidents and keep children using the water cooler safer, and you will have peace of mind.


  • Durable and compact
  • The design is modern


  • None

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5. Brio Top Loading Water Cooler

Brio water cooler satisfies your hydration needs by leaving you with a choice of either cold, room temperature, and hot water. You get this done with just a press of a button.

Temperature Switch

You can easily switch from cold to hot water depending on what you want at that moment. This feature is easy to use without any special skills.

Easy loading

Loading a bottle on the top of the water cooler is easy and allows you to monitor the water level as it has been used. It can accommodate a 3-5 gallon water bottle.

Innovative and Certified

The stylish design comes with an innovative design that keeps you in tune with tech developments. This product has been tested and certified for use.


  • Child lock
  • Led indicator light


  • None

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6. Safeplus Top Loading Cooler

Safeplus cooler is highly technological with an advanced compressor that helps you heat up or freeze up cold water without wasting your time. It is ideal for homes, schools, and offices.


It has a relatively low noise when working. The cooler machine can be used in a quiet environment and also save energy. Safeplus accommodates 3 or 5-gallon bottles. Don’t ever put the cooler on when replacing the water bottle; it can burn out some component.

Led Indicator Light

This led light is to automatically helps you in detecting and revealing the status of your water cooler.

Removable Drip tray 

The drip tray is removable after been filled with a water drop from a cup when filling it up. With this, you can wash it and clean it up.


  • Child lock
  • Hot and cold water Switches


  • None

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7. Avalon Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler

The bottleless is design for self-cleaning without anyone’s touch. It is NSF certified to meet your safety need.

Dual Filtration

The water cooler comes with a sediment filter and carbon block filter that will serve me for 6month. 

Light the Way

The inbuilt night light helps you see clearly at night when taking water from the cooler. The indicator alerts you when to change the filter after several usages. The filter can last for 6 months but depend on how it’s been used.


You won’t have to spend money on bottled water as it gets its water source from the existing waterline. It will still produce clean and healthy water due to the sediment and carbon block filtration system. It helps you save more money.

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Type of water dispenser

self cleaning water dispenserThere are four types of water dispenser machines: POU – Point of use, Top loading, Bottom loading, and Countertop water coolers.

1. Point of Use

This type of water cooler is connecter directly to your municipal or well water pipe. It is also called a bottleless water cooler as it does not need any bottled water to be fixed to it but rather dispenses the tap water that has been connected to it. Most of these cooler machines come with an inner filter to help you filter either your municipal or well water and at the same time produce exactly the water temperature you want, whether cold or hot. It is most preferred by many because of its access to the nonstop water supply. You will need to connect it to the main water supply line as it can be installed to the wall or just leave it standing upright on the floor. It is costlier than other types, though, because of its additional features like ozone injection or a UV light, and the filter will need to be replaced at least after every 6 months of use. It will save you more money on the long than the ones that only use bottled water to dispense. This dispenser’s selling point is its features that give convenience where you won’t need to start replacing any bottled water before you can have access to chilled and healthy water.

2. Bottom Loading

Bottom loading cooler machines get the source of the water they dispense from inserted bottled water. Loading this bottled water has been designed in a straightforward way where no heavy lifting is needed. A big enclosed compartment at the bottom of the machine has been created where you can put and remove the bottled water when it is finished. You don’t need extra strength to lift it like top-loading coolers. Another advantage to this cooler is you can dispense mineral and other liquid from the base as all you just need is to insert and connect it to the pump. The best bottom-loading water dispenser is more expensive than up-loading ones. It comes with more comfort of not lifting bottled water now and then, and the bottle water housing is enclosed and not open and transparent to everyone. Don’t just go anyhow bottom loading cooler but for the ones with water level indicator to help you know your water level at any point in time.

3. Top Loading

Top loading water coolers are the most sort after cooler machines because of their affordable price. They get their water source by inserting bottled water at the top of it. The major setback about the user’s comfort of this cooler is water loading at every point of the former finish. The transparent bottled water on top of it though some people might find it okay as it enables them to monitor the water level at just a look.

4. Countertop

A countertop water cooler is a smaller version of a standard water cooler machine. Countertop water dispensers are very moderate in size to allow you to put them on any countertop; They also come in a point use model or with a bottle water source model. Countertop water dispensers with filters are portable in size and can be used in the kitchen, personal offices, and dining.

Choosing a water cooler dispenser for home – Buyer’s Guide

water dispenser machineThere are several features and qualities to look out for when choosing a water dispenser for your household or office. A good water cooler should be able to dispense water at your preferred temperature, whether hot or cold. 


The capacity of the water cooler in terms of the size of bottle water it cant hold. This is attributed to all water coolers except point-of-use water coolers. These coolers work best with 3-5 gallons of water. If you are getting it for a large household or office, you get the one with a large capacity to avoid a frequent change of bottled water. If you are getting for small family size, it’s advisable to get the one with smaller capacity. Going for an extensive capacity water cooler when the user is very few is not the best as the bottled water will stay too long, leading to the breeding of bacteria.

Power Efficiency

The power consumption of the water cooler sometimes depends on the model. The models with a reserved tank for either cold water and hot water always need more energy to keep the reserved water cold and hot, respectively, while the ones with on-demand cold or hot water then consume lesser power. Always lookout for a water cooler that is energy star-certified as it consumes 30% less than the regular ones. This will help you in spending less on the electricity bill.

Water Filtration

Some water coolers come with a high-grade filter system to help you improve and secure your water from any water contaminant. The filter is mostly an ion exchange, activated carbon, and reverse osmosis filter. Point of use cooler mostly comes with an internal filter because they dispense directly from municipal or well water. You will have to change this filter after some month of use which can be another expense. Water coolers machines that use bottled water as their water source doesn’t usually filter as the bottled water has already been treated.

Water Temperature Setting

Water coolers are manufactured to provide cold and room temperature water; hot water is supplied through a button’s push. Sometimes you will need to check the product description or review to know the product temperature peak and its adjustability. Different people with different needs, and that’s why you will need a versatile water cooler to produce what you want at a go. Since your family and staff’s safety is paramount, so make sure you look out for a cooler that has a safety lock on its hot water unite in other to prevent accidental use of hot water tap. 

Noise Level

All coolers emit some noise when cooling or heating between usage. Considering the amount of noise from a water cooler will depend on the cooler electric elements and the kind of environment you want to put it. This machine’s electric feature generates some level of noise when trying to produce cold or hot water. Having a noisy machine in an office or conference environment might not be suitable for a serene environment. Sone water coolers are noiseless, and you can look out for them.

Ease of Use

There are different water coolers with several designs and features. Some are constructed with buttons. While some are made to be touchless, depending on the one you are going for, it is vital to go for the easy to operate by anyone without any special knowledge. Water cooler with large area bellows the spout are useful in offices and restaurant. Simplicity in their installation is also crucial; Bottom loading is simples. Other bottled water coolers are also relatively easy to install compare to the point-of-use water filter, where you will need a plumber to help you fix it.


The material used in manufacturing the water cooler will help in projecting the product longevity. Are the materials use BPA-free and food-grade material without any harmful chemicals that can leach into your water. The brand manufacturer’s details, too, will reveal their past product to check their credibility.


Maintenance culture for your water cooler is necessary for others to preserve all components to continue performing high performance. You will need to drain the system regularly and scrub the interior to remove and contaminant or dirt. The drip tray catches any water that misses your glass or container; the tray should be removed after several cleaning uses. Water coolers that come with filters need to be replaced after 6 months of regular use to fervent the flow rate being affected and keep your water clean and healthy.

Light-up control panel

The need for water can be at any time, even at night. The light-up panel will help you see clearly when getting water from the machine without turn on the general light.

 The benefit of water dispenser machine

best bottom loading water dispenserWater coolers are designed to produce cold and hot water at your preferred temperature instantly without any trouble trying to add ice block to water to make it cold or boiling water on the stovetop to get hot water. There are other benefits which are stated below:

 1. Convenient

It gives every user the opportunity of having access or cold or room temperature water. It also makes hot water available on the spot within seconds. You won’t need to load your fridge with water bottles because you want to get cold water.

2. Easy access

It gives people in an area where municipal water is bad access to clean and healthy water. It also provides both employees, guests, and all members of the family immediate access to good water at a go. This will improve the body system if water is taken at the interval by hydrating the body.

3. Durable

It can be used for a longer period without any issues if adequately maintained. It will save you more money in the long run as you won’t need to buy single bottled water frequently.

4. Extra Features

Extra features like night lights, safety locks water level notifications. All these features make water coolers more accessible and safe to use either by adults or children.

5. Environmentally Friendly

It helps in the are of eradicating plastic bottles. The support efforts in reducing the use of plastics for the sake of a cleaner and healthy environment. You won’t need to stock up a single water bottle as water cooler gives the same water quality.

6. Ease of Refill

You won’t need to bother about refilling if you purchase a point-of-use water cooler as it will be connected to the central water supply in your home or office to get constant water to dispense. The top and bottom loading water cooler contains a big water bottle of up to 3-5 gallons, which can go a long way before changing it.

7. Saves Cost

It saves you from spending money on buying a single bottle of water every day. The initial cost of purchasing a water dispenser might huge but still cost-effective in the long run if compared to regular buying of small bottled water from time to time.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Do self-cleaning water coolers work?

The best way to clean a water cooler is by self-cleaning with hot water; it cleans perfectly and kills bacteria, fungus, and any form of viruses. Some people chose to use a UV disinfection bulb, but it’s not as effective and accurate as manual hot water cleaning.

Are water dispensers worth it?

Water dispensers give more convenience in getting clean and healthy water. It is cost-effective and durable for long time use. It’s a good alternative for households and offices with poor water supply.

Is it cheaper to buy a water dispenser?

It can be costlier at the initial purchase, but it is money-saving in the long run as you won’t need to buy single bottles frequently take more of your money.

Do water dispensers have filters?

Water dispensers are designed to dispense water from the bottled water inserted in it. This water has been treated and filtered. Its only point of use water dispenser uses filter due to its direct water supply source from municipal water supplier or well water.

What is a Bottleless water cooler?

Bottleless water cooler is made to dispense water without a bottle, unlike the regular water cooler that uses bottled water as a water source to be dispensed. Bottleless water coolers are connected to any home or office’s waterline to take water to be dispensed directly.


The choice of picking a particular type of water cooler solely depends on what you want, the numbers of intending users, the environment, and your budget. The best water cooler for home also comes with additional features like UV light, a night light, an empty bottle alert or even POU inline water filters, Safety lock, and water temperature settings.

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