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Vitamix 5300 – The Latest Emulsifying Blender

Vitamix is a leading brand for making highly powered emulsifying blenders; this blender was released seven years ago and might look pretty much outdated but still gets the job done. The classic Vitamix 5300 is another super versatile blender from Vitamix to meet the blending needs of every user. The blender comes with several outstanding features and functions to make your blending experience worthwhile.

Are you looking for a good blender? Vitamix 5300 will be a perfect match for your needs as the hybrid Vitamix blender comes with an extremely powerful 2.2 horsepower motor to break down anything you throw into it. The 10 variable speed, pulse option, and pre-programmed setting are other features that put the blend above other brands’ blenders.

 It can be used to blend tough ingredients like batters, nut butter, and smoothies with its aircraft-grade stainless steel blade. The blender container is large enough with 64 oz to prepare a family meal. Vitamix 5300 is an upgrade of Vitamix 5200; the major differences are motor, pulse, and container.

Vitamix 5300 blender

Vitamix 5300 blender

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Vitamix 5300 review 

Vitamix 5300 review

Features and Specification

1. Powerful Motor

The blender bases carry a 2.2 horsepower motor making it one of the strongest blenders in the market. The motor speed up the blade to crush tough ingredient and make your desired texture

2. Low Profile Container

It is perfect for those with small cabinet space, the 64 -low profile container is large enough to blend your ingredient at once and at the same time fit into your cabinet because of the somewhat stout shape.

If you are short of space and need a blender with a large space and a shorter height, this blender is just for you. The container is made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan material

3. Variable Speed Control

You can adjust the blender speed to suit the ingredient you put into it as it has the same control as Vitamix 7500. A tough ingredient will require a high speed to get a smoother output. Whether for vegetable purees or chunkiest salsas.

You can change the speed level by using the dial without turning off the blending machine; it also has a toggle to start and stop the blender and a toggle for the pulse mode. This feature makes you in total control of the blending process.

4. Self-Cleaning

Self-cleaning of this blender is another feature that makes the blender stand out. To do this, you need warm water and a drop of dishwasher soap. Put it into the container and put the blender on its highest speed for some seconds, then pour the water into the sink and rinse the container under running water before you clean it with a clean, dry towel. This self-cleaning mode of this blender makes cleaning your blender just about as easy as possible.

5. Thermal Protection System

It has a radial cooling fan that blows the motor with a cool breeze. Throughout, The thermal protection of this blender is to protect the blender from overheating. When a blender work continuously nonstop, it tends to start getting hot from the base if it doesn’t have a thermal protection system. 

6. Warranty

The warranty for this blender covers all parts for 7 years. The warranty years are enough to indicate how durable the blender part is. You won’t replace or replace any part throughout the duration year. If any fault comes up within 7 years, you are fully covered with no cost to you.

7. Material Used

The material used is one is part of the outstanding quality of this blender. It is made with metal and BPA-free plastic material, and that’s why the blender’s component lasts longer, even beyond the warranty years.

8. Lid Cover

The lid cover is designed to fit the container without removing it. It uses friction and two hooks on the two sides to stay firm with the container. The small lid at the center of the lid cover can be removed to add an extra ingredient or use a tamper through it to push down the ingredient. It is not advisable to wash the lid cover in a dishwasher machine as its better you hand wash it

9. Not Dishwasher Safe 

The blender parts are not dishwasher safe, the blade should not be removed, but you can clean it by hand with the container.

10. The Blade

The blade is strong to blend tougher ingredient that looks impossible with other blenders—ingredients like Salsa, spaghetti sauce, onions, and garlic. The blade is made of thick stainless steel.

11. Easy to Use

The blender doesn’t have plenty of buttons but delivers as the variable speed dial control system is easy to operate without special skills. You can make all the changes you want to make to the blender during use by stopping the blender.

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Vitamix 64 oz low profile container 

Vitamix 5300 container

The blender container is one of the blender parts that are very important. It is a BPA-free plastic container with a rubber lid. The container is compatible with Vitamix 5300 blender and can conveniently fit under most cabinets.

Feature and Specifications

Soft Grip Handle

The handle has been designed in a way that will be easy and firm to handle. You can easily hold it tight when pouring blended ingredients.

Measurement Line

There is a measurement line marked on the container; you can measure your ingredient without any guesswork.

Fast Blade

You can prepare hot soup with this container as the blade speed is enough to create friction that will generate heat that can turn cold ingredients into steaming ones within minutes. The blade is 4-inch in diameter.


It can be used with all Vitamix G-Series blenders like 5300. Not compatible with any Vitamix Ascent series blender

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Vitamix low profile mean?

 Low-profile containers are designed to be shorter; they could fit under any cabinet. Its main aim is to contain large ingredients and, at the same time, be portable enough to fit into storage cabinets.

Is Vitamix 5300 a good blender?

Vitamix is a leading brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. Vitamix 5300 is one of their G series blender that comes with high blending power. It doesn’t have plenty of digitized features, but you can be sure of getting the exact smooth texture you want from your blended ingredient.

Does anything compare to Vitamix?

Depending on the features and specifications you are looking out for, Vitamix has a lot to give you in that regard, but if you want to put a blender side by side with Vitamix, then it will be Blendtec. They both come with high powered blender base with a hardened stainless steel blade. You can make soap and smoothies conveniently with them.

What is the difference between Vitamix 5300 and 7500?

There is no sharp difference between the two; the only major difference between both blenders is the motor power. They both come with a 2.2 horsepower motor, but Vitamix 5300 uses a classic motor while 7500 uses a more advanced next-generation engine.

What is the difference between Vitamix 5300 and E320?

The two models are close in terms of similarities; the single difference between the two is that 5300 makes lesser noise compared to Vitamix E320, though both blenders are quiet with an output of 91 decibels on a low setting of noise.


We have been able to help you out in terms of your buying decision after this review. Nothing stops you from going with Vitamix 5300 if all you need is a powerful blender that will crush anything put into it. It will give you value for your money and last longer as it is highly durable.

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