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Who Makes Aroma Rice Cookers?

Aroma rice cookers have been around for decades and have become a staple in many homes. But who makes Aroma rice cookers? You will know the company with such memorable appliances as you continue reading.

The Aroma Rice Cooker is manufactured by Aroma Housewares, a family-owned company that produces affordable small appliances. The company’s products include coffee makers, slow cookers, deep fryers, and food steamers.

Like most rice cookers, Aroma Housewares makes a good product that cooks both white and brown rice, but there’s a lot more this appliance can do. You can use it for cooking quick-cooking oats (thaw frozen foods with it), baking cakes, or even making a meal for the slow cooker.


Are Aroma Rice Cookers Good Products?

who makes aroma rice cookersAroma Rice Cookers have been proven to be a great kitchen appliance that helps prepare delicious and healthy meals. They are versatile, have different sizes, and can also be used on a range of other foods.

The stainless steel rice cooker uses an improved patented technology that speeds up cooking time by 20% while retaining all flavors, nutrients, and aroma. This innovative Fuzzy Logic Technology was developed to cook rice perfectly every time. 

This perfectly programmed rice cooker features precise heating temperature controls with a press on the button, so your rice will always have that taste and texture you love. With steam-reduce technology for less mess on your countertop, this easy-to-use rice cooker does so much more than make delicious rice.

Aroma is the world’s first smart rice cooker, capable of cooking perfect rice, ensuring fluffy and separated grains, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It not only cooks rice perfectly but also offers a multilingual voice control that lets you cook your favorite rice without pressing any button.

Who Makes aroma rice cookers?

Aroma Housewares Company manufactures food steamers, rice cookers, and slow cookers for consumer use. It was founded in 1977 under Vitantonio Manufacturing Company as a producer of waffle makers and small home appliances. 

The company has a reputation for innovative designs and product development and manufactures over 150 products. They create multiple products, ranging from big and small Aroma rice cookers to slow cookers, food dehydrators, and more.

Generally, aroma provides indoor and outdoor appliances that help make cooking easier, like rice and slow cookers. 

A primary benefit of Aroma cookers is that they are designed to be both easy to use and durable, meaning you can cook amazing dishes without worries.

Where Are Aroma Rice Cookers Made?

Aroma rice cookers are made in China. These appliances are imported and shipped to the United States. Aroma housewares hold their products to high manufacturing standards and ensure the highest quality.

Although, Aroma Housewares Company is a US-based manufacturer of small appliances, including rice cookers. They work with factories worldwide, so your exact rice cooker may not have been put together in the USA. Instead, the parts were likely made in other countries and assembled here.

About The Manufacturer

Aroma Housewares was founded in 1977 to feed the growing demand for rice cookers and steamers in the United States. They’ve grown continually to become recognized as an industry leader with a diverse kitchenware and appliances product line from these humble beginnings.

However, With years of expertise in electrical cooking, Aroma Housewares Company is proud to manufacture and offer a comprehensive commercial line of Rice Cookers, Multi-Cookers, Slow Cookers/Steamers, Hot Plates/Griddles, and Electric Kettles under our Professional Series.

Aroma Rice Cooker Review

Aroma Rice Cooker ReviewStainless Steel Digital Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker

This stainless steel digital rice cooker & multi-cooker is a great solution to preparing delicious meals quickly and easily. Make anything you would normally over the stovetop or in your oven with this versatile kitchen tool. It can cook rice, slow-cooked soups and stews, and even cakes.

Additionally, this Digital Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker has many features and options, including extra modes that allow it to slow cook soup, steam vegetables, and even bake a cake. It also comes with a handy timer function that will enable you to start cooking any time of day and have the rice ready by dinnertime. 

With a large capacity for families or individuals, this high-tech cooker is an incredibly versatile addition to anyone’s kitchen.

No products found.

Aroma One-Touch Rice Cooker

This One-Touch Rice Cooker takes the guesswork of cooking rice and whole grains. Select your setting, and at the press of a button, you’ll be free to take care of other tasks while a delicious meal is automatically cooked to perfection.

There isn’t much to using this product; add your rice water and press a button. The Aroma One-Touch Rice Cooker is simple and easy to use, even for a new cook. You can make anything from white rice, brown rice, jasmine rice, or your other favorite types of rice and still have it come out perfectly every time.

Aroma Mini Rice Cooker

The Aroma Mini Rice Cooker is the perfect addition to the kitchen for busy lifestyles, enabling you to prepare delicious rice recipes with the simple press of a button. This rice cooker and food steamer offer long-grain rice consistency, cooking rice just as it should be.

The Mini Rice Cooker with the following features: 3-cup capacity. Keep-warm function. Nonstick removable inner pot. Cool-touch handles and a solid base for extra stability. Simple one-touch operation with automatic keep-warm

 However, you can take it camping, keep it at the cottage, or use it as a sidekick to your full-size rice cooker. No matter how you use the Mini Rice Cooker, you’re going to love it as the stoneware pot, and tempered glass lid forms an attractive exterior, and cleanup is a breeze.

No products found.

Aroma Select Stainless Rice Cooker & Warmer

The Aroma Select Stainless Rice Cooker & Warmer is a healthier, easier way to cook rice, quinoa, or any other whole grain. Its one-step operation and delicious results make it a must-have for any busy kitchen. You are no more waiting for water to boil or watching the pot on the stovetop. Prepare up to 20 cups of your favorite grains with the flip of a switch.

 Also, you can steam meat and vegetables while rice cooks below, saving you time and energy. This rice cooker provides all the conveniences of one-touch switching to keep rice warm when it’s done cooking and includes an indicator light that illuminates when rice is warming. 

Aroma rice cookers buying Guide

Aroma rice cookers buying GuideFind the Aroma rice cooker that will deliver the results you’re looking for. This guide explains the features of our variety of rice cookers features and which models are best for certain types of meals.

Cooking options

Aroma rice cookers provide varying forms of cooking; the easiest option for you is to get a rice cooker that includes many different cooking modes, such as brown rice, jasmine rice, and white rice. The advanced technology allows the digital circuitry to adjust when cooking any food.

Choose a small, medium, or large rice cooker based on the number of cups of cooked rice your family eats. Look for stainless steel inner pots that are durable and easy to clean.

Meanwhile, If you like to simultaneously prepare lots of different foods, a large capacity rice cooker will work best for you. These models are perfect for families and those who want to cook in large quantities. For family needs (4–12 cups uncooked), the 6-quart cooker is ideal. Those who cook regularly (2–4 cups raw) will appreciate a medium-capacity rice cooker.


Cooking rice is simple with a cooker, but buying one also means thinking about a few features. First, consider your needs when choosing the size of your new appliance. If you have an active lifestyle and often find yourself cooking for one or two people and need something that takes up minimal space on your countertop, a mini rice cooker might be best for you.

Many of these appliances are equipped with a steam tray that can hold additional foods such as meat and vegetables, making them perfect for those who want all-in-one convenience.

Meanwhile, aroma offers a wide variety of rice cookers that make it easy to quickly and reliably prepare rice for your customers. Their rice cooker holds heat for up to four hours, so the rice is ready to serve at just the right time. 

Aroma Rice Cookers are also available in 5 cups or 20 cup capacities to accommodate the needs of your high-volume establishment. Their stainless steel exteriors make them easy to clean and maintain, and their sleek profile looks great on any countertop. 

Material used

The material used in a rice cooker is an important factor to consider because it is the material that holds everything inside the appliance together. The material can also contribute to how quickly water boils and how evenly the heat is distributed.

Aroma rice cookers come from various materials, like stainless steel, nonstick, ceramic, and terra cotta. Each material has its pros and cons. 

Stainless steel offers durability and ease of cleaning. Ceramics and terra cotta have thermal properties that support temperature control for slow cooking needs.

Also, a Non-sticking coating is beneficial for making sticky dishes like oatmeal.


The size of a rice cooker indicates the cups of uncooked rice the unit can hold. Sizes vary from 1-20 cups as indicated by cooking capacity for white rice. For example, Aroma ARC-914SBD models carry an 8 cup cooked/4 cup uncooked capacity.

However, If you have a family of three or four, we recommend a five-cup capacity. If you have a larger family or entertain frequently, try something in the 10-20 cup size range. Even if you don’t need to feed a crowd, having the extra room will give you the versatility to cook a wider variety of dishes.

Sensors Technology

Sensors monitor internal conditions in a rice cooker to determine precisely when to heat and when to stop heating. 

The Sensor Logic technology in Aroma rice cookers uses a microchip to monitor pressure and temperature. Because the microchip monitors and controls temperatures precisely, it automatically adjusts cooking times for consistent results. It also adjusts pressure levels, so meals cook faster and are more flavorful. 

The automatic keep-warm function also keeps foods at the optimum temperature without overcooking.


Think of the style of kitchen you have, and opt for a rice cooker that will fit in with what you already have. There are stainless steel, white, black, and even red options if you want to add a pop of color.

The unique design of Aroma rice cookers makes them easy to use. Some models feature a durable, nonstick inner pot, which requires little to no pre-rinsing and has a quick-release steam vent for mess-free usage.

To get the most from your cooker, consider a multigrain model that can also make potatoes, soup, and desserts. Choose a steamer basket for cooking veggies alongside rice.

Delay start features

When shopping for a rice cooker, look for one of the following two features: Either a timer with a delay start that lets you set the cooking to begin anytime within 24 hours or a keep warm feature that keeps your cooked rice at serving temperature until the time you specify.

The delay starts feature lets you choose to begin preparation when it’s most convenient. It allows you to get home, wake up to ready-cooked rice or oatmeal, or even serve freshly cooked food for a party.

Moreso, the Aroma Rice Cooker steamer has a programmable digital timer that allows you to delay the cooking start up to 15 hours. It ensures your food is ready when you want it and keeps warm for up to 12 hours. 

The push-button is flexible to use and operate using one switch, allowing you to set it and forget it without worry or hassle.

Digital LCD

Most often, the simple acts of pressing “on/off” and “keep warm” are all you need to cook rice. If that’s what you’re looking for, a basic switch-operated unit is the one for you. 

However, suppose you crave even more control over the cooking process. In that case, a digital LCD makes it easy to choose from multiple cooking settings that accommodate virtually any type of food and ensures your results are always perfect.

The digital LCD aroma rice cookers and food steamers are ideal for those who want to make sure they automatically get a hot, delicious dinner on the table. With features like Delay-Timer and Automatic Keep-Warm, you can always have dinner ready when you want it to be.

Power cord

Let your rice cooker’s power cord do the talking. When evaluating a rice cooker, check that it’s equipped with a power cord at least 16 inches long. It’s always good to have some extra reach when dealing with kitchen appliances.

An Aroma rice cooker’s power cord serves many important functions. Not only is it a vital transportation link for electrical power, but the cord can also offer clues as to the temperament and personality of your rice cooker.


A warranty protects you in the event of a product malfunction. The best rice cookers are backed by a 1-year limited warranty covering repair and replacement, while lower-quality models may only be protected for 30 days or less. 

You can choose from an Aroma cooker that offers different warranty periods. One-year limited warranty, three-year limited warranty, five-year limited warranty, one-year parts and labor, three-year parts and labor, ten-year motor warranty are some of the warranty periods offered. A shorter duration means less protection. Long-term warranties are recommended if the cookers are used for commercial or professional purposes.

How to Use Aroma rice cooker

You can cook different rice in your Aroma rice cooker by following the use and care instructions. 


With each cup of rice you add to the pot, add one measuring cup of water. You can cook a combination or variety of rice such as white, brown, wild, and jasmine rice. Choose from various cooking settings for your specific kind of rice. 

Brown rice is typically cooked at medium heat for about 40 minutes, but white rice may require a lower temperature than brown, depending on the type of white rice.

However, White and brown rice will yield about three cups per one cup addition to the pot, so you will get plenty to serve your family and guests for any type you select to prepare.

Meanwhile, During cooking, the Rice Cooker will boil and then simmer the rice. Do not lift the Rice Cooker lid while cooking rice. 

Opening the lid or even peeking at the rice during the cooking cycle will release steam and make your rice mushy. Even after removing from heat, rice continues to cook with its own “carry over” heat.

Note: Wash your hands with soap and water before handling uncooked rice.

How to clean aroma rice cookers


You must clean your aroma rice cooker after every use. Leftover rice can cause the machine to burn out or fail to cook properly. Thankfully, cleaning aroma rice cookers is easy.

The best way to keep your Aroma meter rice cookers clean is to wash the removable parts – the inner pot, lid, and steam tray – in hot soapy water. Then occasionally run a pot of water with white vinegar to loosen any limescale build-up. 

For Best Performance, Clean After Each Use. Boil soapy water in the rice cooker once it is cool. Wipe the rice cooker with a sponge or soft cloth. Wash the lid and inner pot. Rinse well under running water. Dry kitchenware thoroughly before storing.

However, the Aroma Rice Cooker inner pot is engineered to make it easy to clean. With a press of a button, the inner pot can be removed. They are no more struggling with cleaning corners and grooves. And while the inner pot has been made to be effective, it is also safe. 

Common Problems and Solutions of aroma rice cookers

1. Keys Aren’t Working

If the keys on your aroma rice cooker aren’t working correctly, remove the outer plastic casing and wipe off all not working buttons. Use little rubbing alcohol to ensure keys are clean. It might be that the rice cooker has been put in “self-clean” mode. There is no off button, so you must unplug it and plug it back in.

Follow the following steps to fix it.

1. The cord may not be well connected to the Rice Cooker and a working outlet. 

2. Open and close the rice cooker lid several times to reset the rice cooker. 

3. Plug the rice cooker into a different outlet.

2. Incorrect Function Indicator Lights

If your rice cooker has power and is plugged in, but the “cook” or “warm” lights will not turn on, it could be because you are using too little food. Too little food will prevent your rice cooker from working properly. Increase the amount of food you are cooking.

3. Reheating Isn’t Working

The most common problem for the reheating function not working is when the steam valve is open. When you want to reheat rice, the steam valve should be closed on the rice cooker, but many people inadvertently leave it open and wonder why the machine doesn’t work.

Moreso, If the reheating function doesn’t work, you should know how to use it properly. Some users have problems because they didn’t switch the modes on the cooker. For example, if you have selected a function that steams and there isn’t enough water in the chamber, it isn’t going to work.

Also, you need to check the temperature. If it’s not hot enough, the rice may still be uncooked.

4. Clicking Sounds

Clicking sounds can result from either air bubbles in the Rice Cooker or water boiling, both normal occurrences. If the sound continues after cooking is complete, it means your Rice Cooker has entered Keep-Warm Mode.

Also, You may hear clicking sounds if the inner pan is not well-attached to the cooker. The rice cooker will not work properly if the inner pan is not attached correctly, affecting rice quality. It can occur due to mishandling of the product or improper storage.

The main reason for the power failure of rice cookers are as follows:

1. The temperature is too high, exceeding the safe working range.

2. Long-term overheating causes local high temperature and damage to the inner pot

3. The range between the heating plate and the cooking pot is 5mm. Some rice cookers use the magnetron, which is easily damaged due to the impact of lightning strikes in summer thunderstorms.

5. Extremely Crunchy Rice

Extremely crunchy rice can be due to old age. Older rice contains more moisture than freshly milled rice, so if you are using older rice, try adding a little water and cooking a little bit longer (e.g., adding 10cc of water in 3 cups of rice).

Also, when rice is cooked at a lower temperature, the sugars in the rice are caramelized, thus making your rice EXTREMELY crunchy. 

To stop this from happening, cook the same type of rice at the same temperature every time. Continuously stir after cooking to eliminate any hot spots inside the cooker.


This article is a good start for those unfamiliar with who makes aroma rice cookers and their various types of rice cookers. By reading this article, you may now know which company to buy makes it and the countries where they have been manufactured.

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